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Cowboy Mentality





Cowboy Country

That was the answer that a South Dakota Resident gave, when asked why are People in South Dakota so up against wearing Mask. He further explained, that’s how Cowboy Mentality works, whatever you tell them to do, they are going to do the opposite. That’s not Cowboy Mentality, that’s a Dumb Kid attitude. I ought to know that attitude very well. From eight years old to fourteen years old I lived that. My Mother was a Single Mom, I had that Bitch Attitude that no Woman is going to Rule me. Whatever she told me to do, I did the opposite regardless of Consequence. One simple request she made, that I choose not to comply, cost me several Ass-whipping. She said that she was the one working and there should be no reason for her to make it home before I did.

She said School was out at two thirty, that gave me four Hours to be in the House when she pushed the Door. I got a Beating just about every Day for my Cowboy Attitude. The Governor of South Dakota don’t believe in Imposing a Mask Mandate. Even though The State has, if not the greatest amount of Covid19 Deaths in the the World for  a whole Country, then close. Now that’s a Cowgirl’s Attitude, She reminds me of me of yesteryears. No Doubt that she will get her Spanking at the next Election. That Attitude looks more to me like Pigheadednes, than a Rotten Kid with a Chauvinist attitude.

From Day One that I heard about the Cruise Ship Anchored off the Coast of Florida with all those sick People Aboard, I knew that this was big. I also know how Governments operate, a lot was left unsaid in order not to create a Panic. Having worked in Hazmat for many years, without knowing if you could contract the Disease by Inhilation. Three Months before the CDC came out with Guidelines, I was wearing a Mask in the Courthouse where I work. They all thought that I was Hypo Something, they snickered behind my Back and in front of my Face. One of my Coworkers who gave me the Stupid Grin came down with the Virus. I think it took six or seven Test before she was cleared to come back to work. When she was finally Cleared to come back to work, her Job was taken.

She got transferred to a more demanding Job farther away from Home. Who is Snickering now, I haven’t missed one Day of work since March. There have to be at least fifty cases since Her’s, but I know how Government works, “Need to know”, but the fact that I see People come in there with a Tank on their Backs and a long Wand, spraying several times per Week, I know that it’s bad. Why would I listen to Cowboys, Cowboys are Dense People, who Talks with thei’r Gun. A Cowboy could make it to the Top of the World and barely able to Formulate a Sentence, Smile when you say that Partner. I know that as of lately I have taken many hardline Stances, guess what someone has to speak up against the Pied Piper Mentality. My biggest Beef with the Cowboy Mentality is, you could leave your House eight A.m. healthier than your 🐎 Horse, Twelve Noon eating Lunch at your favorite Watering Hole, You are now exposed to the Virus. Within a couple of Hours Incubation, you are now the Carrier and the Spreader. Hello! Put a Mask on your Horse and one on yourself, or ride  out of Town, Partner. I spent an entire Summer in Texas, I know what’s under that Ten Gallon, they also don’t Cotton to no Masks wearing.

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