Over Tampa

Once again Perilous Times are with us, so I thought it was Appropriate to Re-Blog this one. Once again I ask the Lord to keep me Safe and warm from the Storm.

Over Tampa

Over Tampa

It is seven AM the day after Irma visited the tranquility of my Sanctuary called Home. The appearance of daybreak was bleak as late Dusk. Nonetheless I said a silent Prayer, giving God thanks for doing his thing of man-handling and controlling his atmosphere. The damage done in the southern hemisphere was catastrophic for many Islanders, the lost of lives due to the Havoc laid by a category five monster Hurricane was condolencing. For many days I was apprehensive as to wheather I made a mistake of not evacuating further North to safer ground. On the other hand the  me of years ago who lived the life of Tom Sawyer didn’t have the slightest intent of leaving and missing the greatest adventure of my life.

Moving from the Sanctuary of the Pocono mountains to the Flatlands of Florida was a willing choice four years ago. I could hear Tom’s voice as he Rafted the mighty Mississippi “you have lived all these years and have never experienced the life and death Rush of a Hurricane, now you are going to evacuate ” the twelve year old in me said you are in it for the Ride. My only concern was that of my Wife, I would not have made the decision to ride out the Storm if she wanted to leave. She had no intention of leaving, her reason far aloft of mine. Her reason  was you can’t circumnavigate the will of God. Her unshakable Faith was a Revelation for me

In my Community all the Homes are twenty two years old built to storm specifications, which gave most of my neighbors a feeling of false security, their preparation was miniscule. Not me , after following their lead for days, I finally decided to at least take minimal precautions. I spent an hour travelling to all the fair weather big names  Commercial outlets to find them all closed the day before the event. Lowes was the only one open to assist their faithful customers in their hour of need. Supplies had dwindled,  what was left was only of use to someone with MacGyver’s mentality, I took what was left,  went home and put my neighbors to shame with ingenuity. I prepared for the worst making the House airtight and waterproof.

When  Irma  made landfall one hundred and fifty miles from me it had sustained winds of one hundred and twenty MPH and a category four. Not the same as it was over Cuba, nonetheless enough to vanquish trees and Buildings. Before the crest the wind was fierce with sheeting Rain. Something I witnessed, with lasting memory, Lightening turning the Sky a perfect Turquoise Hue. I can still hear the song my wife kept singing all day long, God will take care of you. by the time it got to Tampa which was lined up to the Eye, it had withered to a category two. The song had given tranquility to my adventurous anticipation, I slept like a Baby when it passed over Tampa. my wife kept vigil.


I may have taken my first Hurricane lightly and delt with it in a Gregarious manner. However the Storm of the Cov19 is more Deadly than any Hurricane. I am not taking this Storm lightly or slighting it’s Dangers in the least. Four Months ago the Bacteria from Ptomaine Poisoning ran Ravaging through my Bloodstream and took me down like a fallen Tree. I know what its like to be knocking on Heaven’s Door. One Month later I had a Flu with Symptoms pretty much like the Corona. Never before have I ever experienced a Flu like that. While the Fever ran it’s course, I was changing there or four T-Shirts a Night. The way Governments operate by Divulging Information on a need to know basis makes me wonder. This was three Months ago, makes me wonder did I dodged the Bullet once again.

As I have said this time around I am not leaving anything up to chance. The Day the News broke about this Contagion, I immediately started to take defensive measures. Working in a Courthouse where Affluent People who Traveled frequently, to People who did Time in Prison made me extremely Cautious. In one of my many Jobs during my work Life, I worked closely with Hygienists. I learned how to Handle everything from Mercury, Bacteria and Blood Pathogens. So once the News broke I immediately started my own Sterilization Program at the Courthouse. Very few People there developed a routine to protect themselves, by wiping down Phones, Door knobs, Faucet Handles, Elevator Buttons and everything other People touched. Even tho it wasn’t my job, I did all the above, two and a half weeks later the Housekeeping Department caught up to my Bumper. Isn’t it a Shame that the Public have Emptied the Shelves, yet very few travel with a Bleach Wipe wiping down anywhere others have Touched. It wasn’t my Job to Sanitize the Building where I work, I did it to protect myself. Once again, keep me Safe and warm.

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The Black Plague

Sanitization / The Black Plague

When we were small Children my Mother told us, if you ever had an Accident, clean yourself up with your Drawers and throw it away. Do not go around stinking and un -Sanitary, also wash your Hands many times during the Day. So if my Mother can Indoctrinate us about Sanitary Practices at eight years old, why is the World so Nasty. People who don’t wash hands continuously and Properly. People who don’t know how to cover up when they Sneeze and Cough, some refuse to cover up at all. This Blog should be called, Strictly out of the Woods, or Maybe Still in the Caves. Because some People are just That. While working in Construction doing Interior Demolition on a College Dormitory. We were short Handed so we Hired some Immigrants from a Land I won’t name, not even mention their Geographical Proximity. If I did you would be Prejudicial to all People from this Hemisphere.

All the Electric and Water was turned off in the Building. Whatever Electricity we used came from our Generators, water we used we brought with us. Everyone was told that the Bathrooms were out of Service, including in their Native Language. In Disregard for Public Safety, these People found a Corner in one Bathroom and Piled it up. My English Literature Teacher Thought me how to Read what the Author is not Saying, I don’t like Guessing, they Evacuated in a Corner on the Bathroom Floor. My God this was 2006 not 1347, the year the Black Plague broke out, the Epidemic broke out in early July of that year. The Epidemic was caused by unsanitary Conditions caused by the same situation these Temporary Workers Perpetrated on that Bathroom in that College Dormitory.

The Epidemic ran For seven years killing fifty Million People, 60% of Europe’s entire Population back then. Kids probably returned  to School and Couldn’t understand why everyone in that Dormitory had a Wicked Virus that lasted Winter into Summer. That is the Motivation for this Blog. Unsanitary People, the Dorm was a Rare Occurrence. But guess what there is a large number of People around us that have poor Hand washing Etiquette, or none at all. You wonder where do I come up with all these Fantastic Occurrences. Well at sixty seven years old there is very little in this World that I haven’t done or Experienced. Also good Hygiene have kept me here So sit up and pay Attention. While Working for a Major Distribution Chain, with Products coming to your very Home, or you going to their World Wide outlet Stores.

Here I am in the Bathroom washing my Hands, when an Employee exited the Stall, Flushed behind himself, walked right past the Sinks and me. He proceeded to the Break Room where he began to eat his Sandwich with those Filthy Hands. He also never heard of the Black Plague. Sanitization is everyone’s Business, if as a Result of your Nastiness you come down with Berry Berry( joke) you put the General Public at Risk. Another time while working on Wall St One more time at the Sinks washing my Hands. I heard splashing in one of the Stalls, another Foreigner who worked for the same Company was using the Water from the Commode to wash his Behind. And you wonder why I stopped shaking Hands with People from his Hemisphere of the World forty years ago. Interacting with the Public is a Dangerous Venture. When I started working in the Food Industry while going to High School. I learned that washing your Hands 100 times per Day wasn’t enough. So ending this Loathsome Conversation I leave you with this. When I worked in a Nursing Home we were told that if we failed to ensure the Residents Health and a Virus or Bacteria broke out. Eventually the Staff would contract it. So there you have it what goes around comes right back at you. In Conclusion Please Wash your Hands as often as Possible. I hope you Guys appreciate my Technique of giving it to you fast and Furious without the Panoramic Painting. One Day I hope to write a Book on one Sheet of Paper, Ha, Ha.

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It’s A Wonderful Life

The Life you save

It’s a Wonderful Life

Don’t Blow it

Approaching the Winter of my Life I realize that it could have been  my Autumn Harvest of Longevity, my Mother lived to be ninety seven. Instead I am dreading the approaching years of my Life. One year ago my Doctor told me that she wished all Her Parents were as healthy as my Wife and myself,  Six Months ago on my Biannual Physical she told me that I had Emphysema. What a kick in the Pants sixty seven years old, Healthy as a Horse that needs Lasex to win the Race of my Life. God forgive me for throwing away a perfect Specimen of Life and Health by sucking on Cancer Sticks since I was fourteen. It’s no wonder that when my Doctor gave me the bad News I didn’t twitch a muscle.

I had been expecting it for fifty three years and never once tried to quit. My Wife got up one Day decided that she wasn’t going to continue killing herself anymore, cold Turkey,  that was thirty years ago, she stuck to her Guns. Just around the same time my Brother woke up one morning couldn’t breathe,  that was the last Day he smoked a Cigarette. Who me? Stupid is written on my Forehead, thirty years ago a chest X-ray revealed spots on my Lungs. My Doctor inquired what Brand of Cigarettes  I 🚬 smoked, I told him the most popular Menthol on the Market. He advised me to throw them away and never smoke another or the Spots would turn to Holes, the Chemical they used to make them so smooth were deadly.

I took his advice and the Spots went away, you would have Thought that I would have taken such a close call at thirty and quit smoking period. Sad to say that the Letters on my Forehead dominated the next thirty six years. Now from where I stand Idiot is carved on the back of my Head. When my Doctor gave me the bad News I could hear her unspoken Words ” I have been trying to tell you for years, if you play with fire you will get Burn” in other words I told you so. For years every time she saw me she asked me if I was still smoking, I started smoking at the early age of Fourteen,   authorities in the Medical Field states that smoking at such a young age causes the most Damage due to the delicate under developed Organs.

I have told you many times that my secret weapon for dealing with Life was to always learn from other People’s mistake, not this time around. What’s your excuse? Being the vigilant one always looking at other people’s life and always steering away from Hazardous Lifestyles have kept me from certain Death and Prisons. For instance at nineteen my Best Friend in High School inherited a decent amount of money which he invested the whole amount in Illegal Drugs. Setting up Shop in an Expensive luxury High Rise Apartment Building supplying the Rich and Famous. One Day he returned to NY and searched me out with the offer of running his Business for him and becoming a Kingpin.

I thought it out thoroughly and turned him down flat. The last time I saw him twenty years ago he was running from the FBI. If I was always capable of making good Judgement calls how come I could not make the call of my Life to quit smoking Cigarettes. I’ll tell you why I became addicted to all the Chemicals they put in each Cigarette and didn’t recognize that I had developed a chemical dependency. Bad enough being addicted to Nicotine but Amonia,  Arsenic,  and a host of other deadly Chemicals, now who is the Stupid one for not running out there and getting the Patch after I have told you that your Body after a while develops a liking to all the  poison they use to make them burn smoothly longer and evenly.

Me I am a Dead Man Walking you do not have to walk in my Footprints the time to change the Course of your Death is now. Not waiting to get where I am now and is struggling with a huge withdrawal Dilemma of quitting for twelve Hours and running out the next day and buying a pack because it’s in my Blood and Organs. Of all the times I read the Surgeon General’s warnings on just about every Pack of Cigarettes before I opened them, I always equated them to Just Advertisements. To say the least I should have quit five years ago maybe I would have dodge the Bullet, My Mother died of Respiratory Failure. She never smoke, couldn’t afford to, she suffered with Asthma most her Life.

They removed her from the Respirator,  medicated her with Morphine and put her in a Room to Expire. When you are in Respiratory Failure the Machine becomes you, there is no quality of Life. I was the one who spent the night with her on Death Watch. She had told me many times not to let her Die alone so I obligated Her Wish. That one Night should have made me quit. Watching her gasping for one Breath then count to ten to Grasp the next, that was a Revelation to the Fragility of Life, yet after one hour sleep I went to work at the Nursing Home where I worked daily looking at People, returning the next Day to find their Doors closed, many of them Smokers. Today I am telling you my Door is closing slowly yet I still smoke. Thursday January tenth 2019 a new Survey revealed that Nicotine  is the third most addictive substance behind Heorine and Cocaine. I realize that the Addiction is bigger than I am so next month when I see my Doctor I am asking for the Patch. Life is Wonderful don’t Blow it smoking Cigarettes.

P.S.  Now I understand what they tried  to say to me,  I was not listening then, they are still not Listening now.( Don McLean)

You are Dead right I am trying to Scare you to Live.

To say the least it’s bad for your Skin
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A Junkie’s Poem

Substance abuse

A Junkie’s Poem

As the saying goes Fool me once is never enough, over the years observing the Monkey on my back. makes me wonder how many times must I be fooled  to get the message, this isn’t Kansas and haven’t  been  for a long time. The Monkey picks you up and lay you down over and again but he is still your friend.

Mother always told us be careful who you choose for friends because if you walk in filth you will stink. Can’t you tell everyone around is backing away, they treat you like a vagrant and all, you are an outcast from Society, your family and friends, but you still hang tight with your monkey for a friend. You are in and out of the System, it’s now your permanent address even though your dual Residence is the Streets.

I look in the Mirror I see a face but who is it, certainly not the me of fifteen, a smart ambitious kid who wanted to be a pharmacist not the Junkie at the other end of a needle or a stem, not the Geek with a mouthful of Oxi, it’s early afternoon and I’ve lost count. I can hear Billy echoing Eyes without a face, while Janis wails about her Ball and Chain. Who is that man in the mirror, I look further and deeper  and all I see is a skull, the skull has been my moniker science hearing of Casey Jones.

Grateful Dead/forever

Not realizing how wasted I am and will not find my way home until I ask for help. Sitting in a Room of despair striking the fire one more time

trying to get back to the elusive initial high that is never going to come, because that is just the way Crack is, she is a Temptress that will never satisfy the crave. Deep down the shell of the old me the kid that was good with Math that yearns for his old self, I am lost in a fog of Meth vapors and can’t count the step backwards to where it all began.

A Fool is too proud to ask for help while a wise Man knows to come in from the Rain. My life is one big storm taking me further from  reality, while the monkey is taking me to the Cliff.

When I am broke I feel it’s wrath shaking me to find a fix even though what I do for my friend I wouldn’t do for myself. When I hear the Steel Doors slam I now realize that I am lost because here at Home there is no friend only rejection from my Monkey who I left in a cold dark Alley.

P.S. The Lord help those that help themselves