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About us

Once you stop Learning, you start Dying (Albert Einstein)

I consider myself no more than a Scholar in the School of life, life itself is a constant learning process. I have patterned my Life by learning from other people’s mistakes in life. I believe that if mankind had Learned from the first  people who walked this Earth, we would be far more advanced than where we are now. The way we interact with God, in our Relationships with our Mates, our Neighbors and the World as a whole.

I am not the most Religious Person in the World I don’t go to Church every Sunday, (the Temple is within you) but my Faith is stronger than many who do. Why? Because I believe in the fundamental Laws of the Ten Commandments and that Jesus is the Greatest Man who have

walked this Earth. My least favorite people in the World are Confrontational People who can take a simple discussion or altercation to the next level.( Never argue with stupid People, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience- Mark Twain)

The same Bellicose Nature have ended many Marriages, many Friendships and broken many Families. Life is so short and unpredictable with Diseases and early Death, that’s why I live every moment as if it were my last, (Live as if you were to die tomorrow- Learn as if you’re to live forever. Mahatma Ghandi) Each Day I awake I give thanks.

Each day I get behind the wheel and make it back home to my Bed, I say thank you Lord, and say a little Prayer for those who didn’t. That’s why I write about Safe Driving. I write about Parenting because I was a Parent worse Nightmare, I don’t think that anyone should go through what I put my Mother through as an Adolescent and a Teenager. There is no doubt in my mind that if my Teenage Life had continued into Adulthood the outcomes would have been of Catastrophic.

That is why I put my Life on these pages, to avoid Catastrophe in just one young Life. I am a firm Believer that if you have lived long enough to get Old and you have nothing in the way of Learning and Teaching to pass on to the next Generation. Then you truly have not Lived, only existed. I truly believe that your past do not determine who you are, but instead prepared you for who you are to become. Also that it is easier to build strong Children than to repair broken Men. Finally, Wisdom is not a Product of Schooling, but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.( Albert Einstein)

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Life hack refers to any trick, shortcut, skill, or novelty method that increases productivity and efficiency, in all walks of life.