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The following is a quote from Alex Haley, “Racism is taught in our society, it is not automatic. It is learned behavior toward persons with dissimilar physical characteristics.” Once again, one of the people who reviewed the first Edition of this Book said that everything that I wrote about Racism is my own personal opinion. Not only does being Biased cloud your Judgment, it makes you stupid. This is my own personal recollection of fifty three years of Observing the way it is in America. Racism is an accepted Behavior in America. That just goes to show, They are everywhere. When you have a Racist person reviewing a Book about Hate, what can you expect? Same goes for a Racist Judge meeting out Justice on a Black person, a Juror not privy to the Published content of a Case but is tainted by Hate is a Guilty Vote for an Innocent Black Man. A Racist Cop arresting a Black person circumvents the Rules of Law. My Algebra Teacher was Racist she didn’t give Flying Horse Feather if I understood the Subject. When Hate is the Engine, your Opinions, your Decisions and Social consciousness are Corrupted. Let’s not forget that Intolerance is the Backbone of a Jackass, We are who we choose to be. Most astonishingly, is that most Racist People always professed that they are not Racist. Believe it or not, I do respect those who own up to their Biased beliefs. “Show me my Enemies and I will be victorious” it’s the ones who call me Brother that I’m afraid of, be they Black or White.
The Environment in Taft was Toxic enough for me to have dropped out in my first Semester. It was like going Home to a Spouse that you hated, going to a Job that you hated. A lot of people who were put in a position like that, snapped. Look at all the Mass Murders in Schools today, if I wasn’t focused on the brighter side of Life, I could have been a Shooter. There were many Brawls after School, I was a fierce Fighter, yet I never joined in any of their Fracases. Though Racial Injustice ruled my School, the Neighborhood and the rest of the Country. If I saw a White Kid being pummeled by a Group of Blacks, or vice versa, I would have jumped in and saved the Kid. I just don’t care for Injustice, no matter who is dishing it out, or who the Recipient is. The Stress was insurmountable, smoking weed helped me with coping with it. It was there that I learned Stress Management, I had no choice but to deal with it or go off the deep end. The seating arrangements in the Classrooms flaunted Racism, there was never a Black Kid sitting in the first five Rows. That was a short while after the time when a Pregnant Woman or an Old Black Woman had to give up their seats to a young and healthy White Man. Cesspool Mentality is what I call that. Yet no one dares to call out these Cruds. Taft as well as the rest of America was bad for the Nerves, trying to keep it together, and not to snap. It’s not only Adults who snap, kids also lose it. Look at Nicholas Cruz, he killed seventeen people in his School. Kids are just kids and they don’t know that if you keep poking someone with a stick, one day the Recipient will break it over your head. Many cold Mornings I chose to walk the two and a half miles to School, so that I could smoke a Joint. By the time I got to Math Class I was still stoned, dealing with that Evil Woman who taught Algebra was a test of Strength. So I chose to stay Medicated when I was in her Class. That was the only way I could keep from snatching her bald. I found it astonishing how she favored light skinned Negros like my friend and hated my dark Skin. Through all this, I did meet some Great White Kids in my Drama Class. But then again you have to remember that Artists are very different People. I even had the Leading Role with a White Girl playing Emily, in our Little Town. We interacted well in School, but we never hung out on the Weekends. In the Movie The Bronx Tale, a Black Kid was Murdered within walking distance from my School. This was once an all white School in an all white Neighborhood, before we came there looking for a better place to live. My grandfather always said, “that’s just the way it is, leave it alone”. Sad to say that Haters have the same mindset, ” leave it alone ” they don’t like it when someone like me brings up the Subject, having the mindset of, the less said the better, creates a roadblock to the Solution. As the saying goes, ” Nothing grows in a comfort zone”. There can’t be a solution to a problem without having a Discussion. Many of my Teachers were of the same Mindset as my Classmates. It was here that I Learned the meaning of Nepotism and Bigotry. They took the Time to explain to White Idiots, but they didn’t care if Black Idiots understood the Subjects. When I struggled with Algebra, it seemed like my Teacher gloated, as if to say ” I told you that Niggers were stupid “. She was an awful Redneck who spoke down to me, I will never forget that Witch.

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Human Kindness

Human Kindness

I have not posted anything in a while, I’ve been busy overhauling my first Book, ” Through her Eyes” so that I can publish the second Edition in a Professional manner. I was getting Leary about the Subject Matter I chose, Racism. In the Book I focused on the Problem of Racism in America. Then I learned yesterday that the Problem goes beyond the Proverbial Pond, and is alive and well in the rest of this Cesspool we call Earth. Growing up in the Seventies I became a Staunch anti-War Advocate. The fact that America was in Vietnam fighting an Illegal War and had just survived a Nuclear Confrontation with Russia. I have always had a bad taste in my Mouth for Communism, where Creativity is discouraged. So naturally I have been anti-Russia for a long time. A Friend of mine Vacationed in Russia two years ago. When he told me that there were Black People in Russia, I Thought that was cool and that the World, except America, was resigned to the fact that Black People have a Right to live also. Considering that we’ve been here a long time, enough to have had Great Empires, and was self-automated, until the Supremacists of Europe Dismantled Africa. It’s six Hundred years later and they are still giving us Hell. Now the Medusa has raised her Head and Bad Heart in The Ukraine. Here are Excerpts from the New York Times..
Africans who had been living in Ukraine say they were stuck for days at crossings into neighboring European Union countries, huddling in the cold without food or shelter, held up by Ukrainian authorities who pushed them to the ends of long lines and even beat them, while letting Ukrainians through. Now I ask you, ” How’s that for living in the past, present and future” That is where we are in Race Relations, World wide. One step forward, two steps backwards.

I have always known that choosing this Topic for my Book was of it’s Time. I grew up in the Hippies Culture, so I Hate no one. But after Observing this inherited and Transcendence of this Culture of Hate for fifty five years. This has made me a Flag bearer for Inequality, and been a Victim many times. Haters need to wake up and realize that no matter what their preoccupation for hating Black People are. Change must and will come, Peacefully or Painstakingly. In nineteen seventy two, I told my friends that one Day, Buildings would fall in America, as they did in Palestine. They did not believe me, they said that it would be isolated to the Middle East. Let’s not forget that it was Human Rights Issues that brought the West Bank to Extremism. Then came Tim McVeigh and the Social security Building in Oklahoma, then the World Trade Center. In my Book, I stated that the Environment in America after Trump Supporters Defecated in and on the Capitol, was a Magnet for Radicalism on both sides of the Fence. Haters need to realize that there is just so much that even a Monk can take before he lashes back. In the Seventies America felt safe from Extremism. Today Extremism is on the rise on both sides. Three years ago a young Black Man returned from a Tour of Duty in Afghanistan to find that nothing had changed. With the sentiment that “It don’t make no matter” He armed himself, took up a Vantage point in a Garage, four Stories up. In the end five Cops killed, he was blown up with a Robot Bomb. In the Book I stated that he was a Jihadist. How many more of them are you creating with what Ukraine did to helpless People seeking Human Kindness?

One of the People who motivated me writing the Book. He once beat one of my Coworkers for calling me a Nigger. I was on a different job but he did my Battle for me.
We’ve been around for a long time

Here are Excerpts from my Book..

Spielberg said, “All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible”. My daydream is that one day I will wake up and the daymares of Racism will be just a bad recurring dream that I have been having for fifty three years. The stark reality is that Dr. King’s dream is overshadowed by my daymares. Sometimes it appears that the struggles of the sixties and seventies didn’t resonate, that all the Protesting by Dr King, all the beatings, the water Cannons and the Dogs tearing through Protests was all for nothing. Social justice , Financial Equity, and equality is not just a dream. It’s a call to the Social consciousness of America. Why else was the Constitution written? We are not the Fool that you make us to be, there has to be a reckoning one day. The same Country that has sent Troops all over the world to defend Human Rights. While it’s own House in shambles, with its Citizens practicing Human Rights Violations Daily with Hate Crimes.The same Country that placed Sanctions on South Africa in the seventies for it’s Policies of Apartheid

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Even after a life-long of unjust hatred, the author refuses to give in to it and continues to be loving of his fellow man.

Author Anthony Dixon has had to endure unjust hatred since the moment he stepped into America and for fifty-three years since. People treated him with racism, hatred, prejudice, and disdain – all for having a different color of skin.

Throughout his book, the author talks about how we are all the same regardless of our race, because we all belong to the human race, especially since it is believed by one of the greatest minds – Einstein – that there is not one pure race. He goes on to call out prejudiced people on their ignorance that keeps them from seeing the clear fact that we are all basically the same, and he calls out those who invade other countries and take over their riches then declare themselves superior for doing so. He exposes the American educational system, religion, and parents to be corrupted by bigotry and spreading it through the generations.

Luckily, the author is able to see the world through his mother’s eyes (hence the title) who taught him how to see all people as his equals – none better than him without that meaning that he was better than them. This lesson immunized the writer to the hatred that kept trying to claim him and taught him how to work hard to earn everyone’s respect. He also credits his mother with teaching him that passing better information and ideals to the next generation is the only way to truly live.

The style of writing appears to be too random; the author jumps from one place to the other without any kind of system being behind it – which he himself admits. This could prove confusing to many readers. The book could have benefited from more thorough editing and further exploration of certain parts.

The book is basically the journal of a man who has had enough of all the hatred he has received and decided to create art with it rather than let it consume him.

I recommend this book to all those interested in learning more about life through the eyes of others.

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Through Her Eyes by Anthonyu Dixon – Reviewed by Fatima Aladdin | Reedsy Discovery

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