Shared Article from AOL: Gun-toting congresswoman-elect may carry Glock at Capitol


Live By The Gun




A couple of months ago I was in a Pawn Shop, trying to Capitalize on someone’s misfortune. I was looking for a particular style Diamond for my Wife. The Ambience of the Store said Gun Shop. I had never seen an Arayment of Guns like that before. There were Pretty Guns, Big Ugly Guns and Assault Rifles. Out of Curiosity I asked the Man behind the Counter, what does it take to buy a Gun for my Wife. He responded, a Current Florida Drivers License. In a Second all the Bad Experiences I have had with Guns flashed on the Movie Screen in my Head.

At fourteen Two Gang Bangers who were Gunning for me, for beating thei’r Kid Brother Senseless, were Executed. They Gatecrashed a Rival Gang’s Backyard Party, everyone one there was Packing. They all unloaded on the Two Brothers 17 and 18 years old. At fourteen I learned about living by the 🔫.

Twenty years old spending the Summer in Texas. Colin Davis one of the Richest Man in Texas at that Time, is Accused of Multiple Murders. It is said that he came Home in the Middle of the Day to find his Estranged wife with her Lover. He Shot and killed the Twenty Two years old former College Basketball standout, accidentally killed his Step Daughter and Injured his X.

In the Year 2000 I worked with a Young Man, Mark Harshbarger, he made National News. One Day on a Jobsite I was carrying a Stack of Two by Four, the Stack of Lumber came close to his Brand New Pick-up Truck. I don’t know if he was Kidding or not. He said that if I had scratched his Truck he would have given me Six from the 45 Caliber on the Dashboard.  Months later he Bragged to me that he Owns 100 Firearms, he also Bragged about his Wife’s Expertise with Firearms. He said that she could hit Bullseye at 1000 yards. Years after we parted company he and his Wife was on a Hunting Trip in Canada. Marybeth shot and killed Mark. She said that it was an Accident, the Distance, less than 50 yards. Mark carried almost One Million in Life Insurance, Marybeth was having an Affair with Mark’s Brother. You be the Judge, Death by Murder, or Plain and Simple Premeditated. Four Years ago in my Hometown of Tampa, a young Father Killed in a Movie Theater. The young Father was Texting,that Infuriated a Retired Police officer close by. He asked the young Man to stop Texting, he didn’t comply. The Retired Cop Shot and Killed him in front of his Wife and Toddler along with Scores of Terrified Movie Goers. I have nothing against Responsible Ownership. The only problem is, whenever a Responsible Owner loose his Cool Somebody Dies.

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