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The Rocking Pot


When I was six years old I helped my Grandmother cleaned her Bowls that she used to create some of the best Cakes I have ever had eaten. Her little Kitchen away from the main House, that’s where she catered to the Village and beyond. She passed her Skills down to her Daughter, my Mother who cooked in professional Kitchens where Men Dominated and Professionally trained. I have never been a stranger in the Kitchen at eight years old I gave myself third-degrees burns, being inquisitive.  As a Teenager when Mother worked late she came Home to a Tasty hot meal. My last year in High School I worked from 4-12 at the World famous Top of the Sixes as Grill Chef. Here there is no room for errors, if a customer ordered an eight inch Filet Mignon to be medium Rare there better be a lot of Pink the closer you get to the Center.

Medium Rare

Forty five years ago Dinner was one Hundred Dollars per person no Drinks included. Over the years on and off I worked for places such as Caesars Cove Haven. There I was Protege of a world famous Chef for two years. Over the years I have abandoned one of the things I love to do. My Blogs are all about my Life Experiences telling people how to avoid pitfalls in Life and embracing all that Life has to offer. It is said that the only difference between a Rich Man and a Poor Man is, a Rich Man will call for his best Wine and his best Meal, just before being taken to Prison. Living for the Minute, grabbing the Gusto and Savoring it all, that’s what Living is all about. Eating shouldn’t be just for filling a void. If that was the Case there wouldn’t be Hundreds of Spices dating back to the Early Egyptians.

Great Cooks are always in the Zone just like a three point shooter. For the rest of us preparing a Fantastic Meal right in your own Home should be an event. To put yourself in the Zone you need to set up your Kitchen, Tools and ingredients, as in mixing Bowl Ladels, spices needed for the Recipe ECT. Place the Recipe within a head turn, prepp all your ingredients and keep them in a Bowl. In this case we are doing 4Th of July Ribs, the Rack has been sitting in the lower part of the Refrigerator for many Hours. I began by washing and removing excess fat, placed the Ribs in a large Pot, covered the Ribs with Water, sprinkle a teaspoon of Tyme, Peppercorn and seasoned Salt. Boil on medium fire for thirty to forty minutes.

Remove from Pot, place on a Cutting Board begin slicing apart starting at the skinny end standing upwards cut downwards. Place the perfectly sliced Ribs on a Sheetpan, lightly sprinkle salt and pepper and Broil them until slightly to golden  Brown. Remove from Sheetpan to Saucepan, cover Ribs with one bottle of Barbecue Sauce, refill the empty Bottle with Water, add the water to the sauce to reduce the overwhelming ( Bam) . Now here is the Secret, on a low 🔥 they can continue simmering until the meat fall from the Bone. Remember one of the great secret of Cooking is how you use the Fire.