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Last Night I had a Beautiful Dream, that was something refreshing for me. Usually my Subliminal ventures are Nightmares. In this Dream a Storm had just passed, in my Post Over Tampa, I told you how I slept through the first and only Hurricane that I had been through. In this Dream the Wind picked up all the Sand from the Beach and blanketed everything. The sheeting Rain followed, washing everything to a pristine cleaning. The Toxic Air was now gone, People could  Breath again, not Suffocated by a Hateful Mask.

Now a gentle Breeze rustled through the Leaves, they were singing, an Island Tune ran through my Head ” Don’t worry be happy, every little thing gonna be alright”. All the People who had took Shelter indoors were back outdoors enjoying the exhilarating feelings of togetherness. We were back on the Subway up in each other Face chasing the American Dream. The miserable congested Commute was back, who cares, that steady Paycheck was back. I was sitting at a Table in my Favorite Waterfront Cafe knocking Glass with a perfect stranger, who didn’t seem so strange. People were in the Streets like one Humongous Block Party. Not Protesting and Burning, but Embracing each other like seeing a friend they thought were Dead.

The Party was Kicking, Patti LaBelle was there singing ” You are my Friend, my Heart cried. The Beetles smashed the Animosity with ” Come together”, Jethro Thul’s ” Life is a long Song eradicated the Anxiety. The little wannabe Writer in my Head re- wrote Pat Benitar Lyrics to ” What are we running for, what are we running from, when there is no place for us to run to. Stand up and fight the Enemy of Hate, we shall be Invincible, us Americans are Pragmatic and Resultant. Man this is what I call a Kick-Ass Dream, I could sleep forever. Then I woke up to find that the Wicked Storm of the Virus is still blowing strong, Isolation has Blanketed me With Depression, my Wallet is shrinking.

I have been Blessed to have a steady Income, but what of my Neighbors who are facing Foreclosures and Eviction. I go up and down the Block checking on my Older Neighbors who won’t even go out to shop.  My Immune System have kept me Strong, but can it withstand a second Wave, can the Economy survive a second Wave. Anticipation and Anxiety is wearing me thin. Drinking alone is no Fun, no one is there to tell me that I am silly, so I talk to myself saying what a Nightmare.

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I’ts okay to be a Glowstick, sometimes we have to break before we Shine

Morning Affirmation

Today is a Day of  happiness and peace I am grounded and centered. I am grateful for my beautiful Life that is filled with many Blessings. I move through my day with conciousness, grace and Love


You can never cross the Ocean unles you have the courage to lose sight of the Shore

A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing grows there,

The best and most beautiful things in the World can not be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the Heart. (Helen Keller)

It’s not about perfect. It’s about effort, and when you bring that effort every single day that’s where transformation happens. That’s how change occurs

You do not judge a great Fighter by how many fights won or lost, but by how many times he got knocked down and how many times he got up.

Parting Words from Toots.

Still is still moving to me

And I swim like a fish in the sea all the time

But if that’s what it takes to be free I don’t mind

Still is still moving to me

Still is still moving to me

And it’s hard to explain how I feel

It won’t go in words but I know that it’s real

I can be moving or I can be still

But still is still moving me

Still is still moving to me

And it’s hard to explain how I feel

It won’t go in words but I know that it’s real

I can be moving or I can be still

But still is still moving me

Still is still moving to me…

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Die By The Gun




Die By the Gun

When I started writing Blogs, one of my Primary Objective was to tell young Juvenile Delinquents not to be like I was. If you have pent up Anger, lose it before it destroys you. One young Delinquent who visited my Website is Emanuel Donaldson the 3rd. He is awaiting Trial for four random Murders in my Area. I certainly hope he Shared the Link among the Population. My Wife calls me Repetitious, but if they are reading my Blogs in Prison, then Success is mine.

From eight years old to fourteen years old I was someone consumed with Repressed Anger, Hate and Violence. The reason for that was from being Abused three times in six years. Once by an older Cousin, once by a Church Brother and once by a Teacher. They all caused me tremendous Pain which almost made me Impervious to Pain. At twelve years old playing Soccer in the Schoolyard, an eighteen years old Biker Boy joined the Game. He had an Injured Foot and shouldn’t be in the Game playing with twelve years old Children. I accidentally stepped on his bad Foot, causing him great Pain. He retaliated by punching me in the Solar plexus with all his might sending me to the Ground sucking in Dirt trying to breathe. When I recovered I left the Game ran Home and returned with an eighteen inch Chef’s Knife.

He escaped Death by running into his House and slamming the Door. That was my fourth Abuse, I was bent on Revenge. I knew that he had to pass my House every Night to get Home. One Night I devised the perfect Murder, being skilled with Ropes and Knotts, I strung a Rope across the narrow Lane that was my Street. Like all Bikers he rode too fast, when his Neck found the Rope, it yanked him from the shiny Harley which crashed and Burned. The Clothes Line was tied to the Fence in a slip-Knot, I yanked on it releasing it, removing it and disappearing in the Night. He survived only to wear a Neck brace for nine Months. I was as Devious as they come, I would walk up to him and like a Hippocrate  asked him how he was doing, with great concern.

Today I work in a Justice System where a twelve years old Boy is awaiting Trial for Stabbing his Grandmother to Death. If I was on the Jury, I would concentrate on Extenuating Circumstances, what brought him to the Edge of Madness. Backing up to being fourteen with Repressed Anger, a sixteen years Thug was beating me senseless in the back of the Schoolyard. He was a Skilled Street Fighter who only used his Elbows, Knees and Head-But his Victims. I was just about to beg for Mercy when I found a Large Stick and unleashed six years of Repressed Anger on him. I Mannered that Boy up, he Whimpered and limped out of the Schoolyard. Feeling good about my Victory changed, when I learned that his two older Brothers eighteen and nineteen, were Gang Members with multiple Murders under thei’r Belts.

Revenge for beating thei’r Kid Brother Senseless was Inevitable. These Boys were Fearless, they thought their names were Frank and Jesse. One weekend there was a Gang Bangers Boogie in a close by Neighborhood. The two Brazen Gunmen Infiltrated The  Rival Turf. They were met by a Firing Squad, the Bullets in thei’r Bodies couldn’t all be counted. A couple of Days later thei’r Caskets were placed on thei’r front Lawn for those who cared to pay their Respect. Brazen me decided to show my Disrespect by showing up and opened the closed Caskets. Looking at thei’r unrecognizable Dimpled Faces, cured my Violent Nature for the rest of my Life. Never again did I wanted to be a Badass, never again did I wanted to own a Gun.

The Lesson I learned at Fourteen was that if you lived by the Gun, the Outcomes are Inevitable. Still fourteen years old, one Day I had a front Row Seat to witness how a true Professional Discharges his Duties. One of my next Door Neighbors had developed Mental Illnesses. Nassiboo had attacked his Father with a Machete leaving him at Death’s Door. He Terrorized the Neighborhood including me, sneaking up on me With the same Machete. When the Detective came to bring him in, it was a Celebration for me. The Officer stood on the two foot Brick Wall and Announced himself to Nassiboo and told him that he was there to Arrest him. The poor Demented Man charged the Officer with the same Machete he tried to Behead his Father with.

There were five other Officers there, the Lead Detective was the only one who fired his Weapon, one Merciful shot to the Groin. The Ambulance took forever to come, Nassiboo didn’t make it. Which brings us to the Motivation for this Blog. Fifty three years later and Law Enforcement haven’t been able to train their Officers to be as Proficient as this one Detective. Several years ago in the  Bronx, several Officers approached a Mentally Disturbed Black Man with a Knife in the Hallway of a Building. They all discharged thei’r Weapons like a Firing Squad, killing someone who should have been Tased. Those Occurrences happens Everyday in this Country. Marybeth Harshbarger shot and killed her Husband at fifty Yards, claiming it was an Accident. Mark once Bragged to me that she has hit Bullseye at one Thousand Yards.

Accident or Murder? You be the Judge. My Question is why don’t the Law Enforcement Agencies in this Country train their Officers to be as good as Marybeth. The Officers who Killed Breonna Taylor were at least Inept and Negligent. Once the first shot was fired the Situation should have become a Stand-off, they didn’t know if there were young Children in that Apartment. For that reason I believe that they should stand Trial for Negligent Homicide. Casting a Blind Eye and a Deaf Ear is Complicity. To you out there Protesting, the Pen is Mightier than the Gun, don’t Burn the Country Down, this is where I live. With all its Faults, America is still a Great Place to Live. Stand in the Place where you Live. Your Votes are more Powerful than all the Bullets in a Gatling Gun. God I Love this Writing Business, telling young People how not to live their Lives. It’s a darn shame I couldn’t see what my English Literature Teacher saw. Instead I chose to Party away my Learning years smoking the finest Strains grown around the World, listening to  Grateful Dead, The Who and Pink Floyd talking about being Comfortable Numb ” You can take the Words right from my Mouth”.

P.S. Baby Boy is all Grown Up, that’s how come a Juvenile Delinquent like me can end up working in a Justice System, instead of being in the System. My Message to you Wannabes is that no Good Deed goes unpunished.

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Shelter From The Storm

Shelter From the Storm

As the saying goes ” Even a Fool knows when to seek Shelter from the Storm” I believe it was January that I was Sick like nothing I had ever Experienced in sixty seven years of Living. A Fever ravaged my Body for almost a Week, I was changing three and four T-Shirts a Night, my Lungs kicked my Butt, the Body Aches told me I had a Flu. As I said never before in my Life have I been Beaten up as badly by being Sick. Having pre-existing conditions such as C.O.P.D. I am surprised that I stayed home, treated myself and got well. Two Months later C.D.C. is describing the Symptoms I had as Covid19, two Months after me Knocking on Death’s Door the World is being told of the Killer Virus. I have a good Idea who I contacted it from, one of my Coworkers was sick during the time that I was, she missed about two weeks of work.

During the time I was sick I told my Wife that we would no longer share the same Toothpaste. Since then I began Sanitizing my Hands after each occurrence of touching my Face or anything other People touched. Since then I am never without a Personal Sanitizer in my Pocket. Nine Months later I am in my Doctor’s office getting my twice yearly Physical, Bloodwork, EKG and all. I Instructed the Lab to look for Antibodies for Covid19, the Results came back Negative.  If what I had in January wasn’t Covid19, then that is as close to it that I want to get. The Phenomenon of this Virus Behooves the Scientific Community. One of my Coworkers who was Sick around the same time I was, Tested Negative at first, Tested a second time Positive.

This is someone I shared Space with less than six feet. Since March I have been taking the strictest safety measures including wearing a Mask for eight Hours a Day while working, C.O.P.D. and all. After what I went through in January I have decided to wear a Mask every Flu Season from now on, for the rest of my few years. Most importantly I have been Targeting my Immune System by taking 1000 Mg of Vitamin C and Garlic several times weakly. I never want to be Sick like that ever again.This is why I thought it was Important to Share the Following Article from an earlier Post from A.O.L.


Shared Article from A.O.L.

A Florida man who thought the coronavirus was “a fake crisis” has changed his mind after he and his wife contracted COVID-19.

Brian Hitchens, a rideshare driver who lives in Jupiter, downplayed the seriousness of the coronavirus in Facebook posts in March and April.

Brian Hitchens (WPTV)

“I’m honoring what our government says to do during this epidemic but I do not fear this virus because I know that my God is bigger than this Virus will ever be,” he wrote in a post on April 2. “Jesus is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.”

In mid-April, Hitchens, 46, began documenting his and his wife’s health on Facebook.

“Been home sick for over a week. Both my wife and I home sick,” he wrote in a post on April 18. “I’ve got no energy and all I want to do is sleep.”

A day later, Hitchens and his wife, Erin, were admitted to Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center, Hitchens said in a Facebook post.

Hitchens could not immediately be reached for comment Monday. The voicemail box for a number listed for him is full.

In a lengthy post on May 12, Hitchens said that he was once among those who thought the coronavirus “is a fake crisis” that was “blown out of proportion” and “wasn’t that serious.”

That changed when he started to feel sick in April and stopped working, he wrote.

Hitchens said he “had just enough energy” to drive himself and his wife to Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center on April 19, where they both tested positive for the virus.

“They admitted us right away and we both went to ICU,” he wrote. “I started feeling better within a few days but my wife got worse to the point where they sedated her and put her on the ventilator.”

Hitchens said he never experienced terrible aches and pains but felt weak and exhausted. He said he felt better on May 12, at which point he had been in the hospital for three weeks, and that he still had COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. He also said he had pneumonia in his lungs.

“As of today my wife is still sedated and on the ventilator with no signs of improving,” Hitchens wrote. “There were a couple times were they tried to start weaning her off the ventilator but as soon as they’ve done that her oxygen level dropped and they had to put her back on the ventilator full time.”

He said his wife of eight years has been sick “quite a few times” in the past and she always fought through. This time, he said, “I have come to accept that my wife may pass away.”

Hitchens, who has been unable to see his wife since they were hospitalized, said he was holding out hope she would recover.

“This thing is nothing to be messed with please listen to the authorities and heed the advice of the experts,” he wrote. “We don’t have to fear this and by heeding the advice doesn’t mean that you fear it that means you’re showing wisdom during this epidemic time.”

The May 12 post has been shared more than 500 times. Hitchens implored people to “use wisdom.”

“Looking back I should have wore a mask in the beginning but I didn’t and perhaps I’m paying the price for it now,” he wrote. If he passed the virus on to his wife, he said, he knows that she and God forgive him.

“So just think about what I said and if you have to go out please use wisdom and don’t be foolish like I was so the same so the same thing won’t happen to you like it happened to me and my wife,” he wrote.

Hitchens wrote in a Facebook post Monday that he had one thing to say to people who have sent him nasty messages saying he deserved to die: “I AM NEGATIVE”! “PRAISE THE LORD!”

P.S. I have been scared straight.


Shared Article from AOL: Demi Lovato doesn’t back down with anti-Trump performance at Billboard Music Awards: ‘I literally don’t care if this ruins my career’

I have been waiting 54 years to stand up for what I Believe in. I Believe in America. America have always been Great. Why else did the Mayflower sailed from England. This one is for you J.F.K. R.F.K. M.L.K.

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R.I.P. Baby Jordan


RIP Baby Jordan

My Mother once told me that when I was four years old I was the most loving and trusting Child, for that reason she feared for my safety. She said that she always thought that someone would have no trouble Kidnapping me. Jordan was of my young Heart and Nature, however he didn’t have a loving caring Mother like I had. Story told that when I was two years old the Painter walked away from his Paintbrushes soaking in Turpentine, yours truly removed the Brushes and Quenched my thirst with the Toxic Liquids. They told me that in a panic strickened frenzy Mom threw me over her Shoulder and tried to run seven Miles to the Hospital. Poor Jordan wasn’t lucky to have my luck. He was Born to two Players with Hearts of Stone.

Jordan and Mom
Baby Jordan and killer Mom

At four years old his parents had enough of each other and Jordan. The poor Kid ended up in a Foster Home, which was a stroke of luck for him. His Foster Parents loved him with the capacity that his Natural Birth Mom was incapable of loving anyone or anything but her miserable self. About two years ago I wrote a Blog about how Child Welfare agencies across America fails the most Vulnerable of our Society, Children in Parent Danger. Not Stranger Danger as was my Case. This is my biggest Beef with Education, how can one be Educated and remain a Dummy with Zero Common Sense, why can’t Education teach us to use Rationality and awake our Figurative Thinking. That didn’t happen with Jordan’s Caseworker.

The Idiot thought that he belonged with his Mother, a Player. Even though the Foster Parents Exhibited the highest Qualifications to Adopt the Loving Child. Jordan grew to love his Foster Parents the way I Loved Strangers at four years old. The Inept Caseworker however threw all Rationality out the Window and sent Jordan back to his unstable Mother. In the Middle of a Ferocious break-up the Child constantly cried from the Parents steady Annihilation of each other in front of him. The Evil Witch one Day slammed this Precious Child against the Wall, knocking him unconscious. Instead of trying to revive him and calling 911, she stuffed his lifeless Body in a Big Black Bag and Dumped him in a Remote area of the nearby Park where I frequented when I lived in the Neighborhood in earlier years.

Adding insult to the Brutality, she reported him missing, having two square Miles of Neighbors Panic strickened looking for poor Jordan. Eventually the Black Bag was found, she was Immediately Arrested and charged with his Murder. While awaiting Trial she gave Birth to another Child that she was carrying when she Killed Jordan, did I mention Player. Today October Thirteen Twenty Twenty Justice Rewarded her with Fifty years behind Bars. Where have I heard the Words ” Many will Profess my Name” , the Evil Woman told the Court that she have found Redemption and will walk with her Head High from now on. Dear Lord forgive me for not Buying it, I know that you said that no Man is without Redemption, but for poor Jordan I going to harden my Heart. As the Song goes ” Save yourself, cause I can’t even save myself”. So there you have it the Story of Baby Jordan, incidentally his Sacrifice wasn’t in Vain, a Law was passed in his Name Protecting the most Vulnerable ones.

Child Welfare; Citing this act as “Jordan’s Law”; requiring the Florida Court Educational Council to establish certain standards for instruction of circuit and county court judges for dependency cases; requiring the Department of Law Enforcement to provide certain information to law enforcement officers relating to … › Bill › ByVersion

Senate Bill 634 (2019) – The Florida Senate