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Shared Article from AOL: Special Report: How U.S. CDC missed chances to spot COVID’s silent spread

This is a must Read

This is as Big as the Capitol Insurrection

The C.D.C. dropped the Ball way back in January

They did not Test People coming from Wuhan

Bureaucracy will be the Death of us all

This is an Absolute Disgrace

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Love One Another



Love One Another

Hate is like taking Poison and waiting for the other person to Die. It benefits no one not even yourself. Like Kenny Loggins said ” Angry Eyes, I bet you wish you could cut me down with those angry Eyes”.  Anger has an insatiable appetite. Anger is poison for the Chemical Composition of the Body, it triggers bad Enzymes. The constant flood of stress Chemicals and associated metabolic changes that go with ongoing unmanaged anger, can eventually cause harm to many different systems in the Body. For instance it can cause things like Headache from the unnoticed stress. Other things that are uncommon are, Digestive problems, Insomnia, increased Anxiety, Depression, High Blood pressure, Skin problems such as Eczema, Heart attack and Stroke.

I have no Medical Training, but I do my Research. The same way I can dig up this Information, so can you. Hate is a Derivative of Anger it is bad for the Soul. ” If you go to Bed angry every Day you are saying Prayers to the Devil” – Bob Marley. How can your Soul be Healthy if if you are consumed with the Hate Virus. Like the Man said Religion is Manmade, Spirituality comes from God. While working in a Nursing Home I got introduced to my Mortality. I learned that I wasn’t going to live forever, so I should drink from the Chalice of Life and good living until it becomes empty, as in Dying. I learned that every Day I lived it’s a Day getting older, the older I get the more frail and susceptible my Body become to Ill health and Diseases.

To say the least it’s bad for your Skin

Why shouldn’t I be a Day older and perceptively wiser observing One Hundred and Twenty Residents. This is you my Mind spoke to me, every Day I walked into that place, I entered my Mortality. My Mother had Dementia, I visited her Seven Days a Week. I did that to give her a moment of Clarity, if only for Half an Hour. Each Visit my Heart was fractured seeing My Dear Mom in a natural state of being Stupified like she just smoked Angel Dust. Every Day I live I ask God, anything, but Cancer and Dementia. I can’t help it, I was Old at Twelve, I was Old at Fourteen, I became that way from watching Old People. In other words if I Died Tomorrow, I have lived my years in every single Minute of every single Day. Like the Man said ” No Regrets”. Through the Roots puts it best ” We ain’t got no worries ” with that Attitude, I have no Time to Hate or be Angry, as in The Angry Black Man Syndrome.

Sickness and Diseases are waiting for me around the Corner, I am going to live my Life with a Bang until my Mortality catches up to me. Sickness and Diseases aren’t Pregudicall. Today I learned that some of my favorite Personalities are dealing with thei’r own Battles.

It was recently revealed that Clooney suffered pancreatitis after losing 28 pounds for his role in his newest movie, The Midnight Sky. The onset likely came from rapid weight loss, and it’s uncertain what effect it may have on the actor, as the disease tends to vary person to person. Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones has bipolar II disorder, which means she has mood swings that go between euphoria and depression. Can you imagine being on a Set and having an occurrence. My Friend Money Education and Skills are of no Factors when your Health attacks you.

Alec Baldwin suffers from chronic Lyme disease. The actor doesn’t talk about it very often, but he has admitted that “At the some time of year, I get really tired.” I hope that Someone is getting my Drift, there is no Time for Hate when the Sand in the Hour Glass steadily trickles to the lower half. The Biggest problem facing Our New President is Division which is a Derivative of Hate. Joe is a Spiritual Man, a Man of Convictions and a Religious Man. So was Dr King, so was John F Kennedy, they failed in bringing Unification to this Country. Joe I wish you Good Luck. This World has been Divided since the Cannanites set themselves apart to build thei’r own Society.

Excerpts from Wikipedia

The word “Canaanites” serves as an ethnic catch-all term covering various indigenous populations—both settled and nomadic-pastoral groups—throughout the regions of the southern Levant or Canaan.[2] It is by far the most frequently used ethnic term in the Bible.[3] In the Book of Joshua, Canaanites are included in a list of nations to exterminate,[4] and later described as a group which the Israelites had annihilated.[5] Biblical scholar Mark Smith notes that archaeological data suggests “that the Israelite culture largely overlapped with and derived from Canaanite culture… In short, Israelite culture was largely Canaanite in nature.”[6]:13–14[7][8] The name “Canaanites” is attested, many centuries later, as the endonym of the people later known to the Ancient Greeks from c. 500 BC as Phoenicians,[5] and after the emigration of Canaanite-speakers to Carthage (founded in the 9th century BC), was also used as a self-designation by the Punics (chanani) of North Africa during Late Antiquity. That my Friend is the History of Division, the onset of Division began when Cain killed his Brother. Cain, the firstborn, was a farmer, and his brother Abel was a shepherd. The brothers made sacrifices to God, each of his own produce, but God favored Abel’s sacrifice instead of Cain’s. Cain then murdered Abel, whereupon Yahweh punished Cain by condemning him to a life of wandering.

The narrative never explicitly states Cain’s motive for murdering his brother, nor God’s reason for rejecting Cain’s sacrifice, nor details on the identity of Cain’s wife. Some traditional interpretations consider Cain to be the originator of evil, violence, or greed. According to Genesis, Cain was the first human born and the first murderer. All of this is too much for my Little Brain, so I draw my own Conclusions, the Human Mind is Cancerous. Jesus came to this earth for the express purpose of shedding His precious blood on the cross to provide forgiveness of sins. Mankind have not Capitalized on that. I don’t like to be a Cynic but who is the next Messiah. This is enough Exercise for my Brain for One Lifetime, let’s move on and Chart our own Personal Path. Think about it, for someone who doesn’t go to Church every Sunday and can Immerse himself in such Thoughts, what of he who does. Many Days I have asked God, what is my Purpose, maybe he has answered me and I wasn’t listening.

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California’s Health Care Community is calling for a Ten Day Strike. Moral Hypocrites would condemn them for even thinking along that line in a Time when they are needed the most. Well let me ask you who are the Hypocrites here. Fools who have listened  to Fools telling them that wearing a Mask is Foolish. These same fools are party Animals and you can’t take away their Right to Socialize in large Numbers, if and when they choose to gather. With no support from the Government and the Community. They are asked to work in substandard Facilities and Conditions.

They have seen Deaths among Coworkers and many of them are also sick, exhaustion and Burnouts is the Norm. I know the Importance of not losing my income in a time when many of my Neighbors and Coworkers haven’t been to work since March. These Healthcare workers can’t afford to loose their Incomes. However they need to get the Attention of the Government and the Community, you are asking a lot of the Human Spirit and Physical Health. Asking them to Build a House with a Handful of Mud and a couple of Straws. Herd Immunity didn’t work in Sweden and it won’t work in California or anywhere else. Not wearing a Mask has turned a Pandemic into a Contagion of mass Proportion in many Places.

Yet I come to work in the Courthouse and I see Stupid People who has to have a Mask on and get thei’r Temperature taken at the Front Door, walking around in the Building without a Mask. Everyday I come to work I noticed People not at thei’r Desks, sometimes they are not there for Weeks. These are the same People who snickered behind my back when I started wearing a Mask, before the C.D.C recommend that wearing a Mask could slow the Spread. Being Heard Minded you have pushed the Healthcare Community Nationwide to its Limit. In this World, my favorite Antagonists are the ones who step on your Foot purposefully, then say they didn’t mean it.

You have kicked the Healthcare Community in the Butt, if they choose to kick back, it’s quite all right with me. My Wife Retired from working Twenty Five years in the V.A. Hospital Emergency Room. Many of her Coworkers Died from Work related Illnesses and Stress related Illnesses. Not long ago they asked her to return to work in a Volunteer capacity to help deal with the Pandemic. I didn’t advise her but if I did, I would ask her what have your Government done for you lately, other than spreading Misinformation. From working in Hazmat for years I learned that wearing a Mask have saved my Life, just like it has for the last Ten Months, coming to work everyday in a Contaminated Building.

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Common Sense



Common Sense

Playing Partisan Politics during a Crisis is largely lacking of Common Sense, while watching Rome Burn. Playing Partisan Politics at any given Time is Playing the People who put you in Office.

Funeral Homes are turning away Business. Hospitals are being asked to store our Loved ones until the Funeral Homes can take new Customers. C.D.C. Prohibits Gathering at Gravesites, you can’t even get to see them off. Many Crematoriums have broken down from the overwhelming capacity that they have been working at. Front Lines workers are Dying, other than Dying they are stretched to thei’r limits with Stress and Grief. I recently watched a News Program where a Nurse who contracted the Virus” was now in Dire Straits. She needed the use of portable Oxygen so she could take care of the Nine members of her Family who were also infected, including her Two years old Child. A Fund me Charity was setup for her.

The U.S. Titanic’s Bow is submerged, there aren’t enough Life Jackets and there is no more room in any of the Dinghies that once were Hospitals. The first laboratory-confirmed case of COVID-19 in the United States was confirmed on January 20, 2020, and reported to CDC on January 22, 2020. In March the Red Flag was Hoisted, while Partisan Politics waved the Red Cap. On it were the Words Make America Great again. Our Illustrious Leader told us that Covid19 was a Hoax. For Ten Months he Indoctrinated the Nation not to wear Masks. ” People wearing them are Stupid”. For Ten Months he Fiddled while Rome Burned. ” We are turning the Corner ” The Vaccine is just around the Corner. The Administration has been Lame Duck for Ten Months, while he Touted a Crooked Election Ten Months before the first Mail-in Ballot reached the Crooked Pooling Stations. I was no more than fifteen In the year Nineteen Sixty Nine, America was in Turmoil with Civil Unrest from constant Day to Day Protesting about Civil Rights and the Vietnamese War.

It was that long ago that I lost Faith in Governments and Politicians. During that time Russia was Ratcheting up its Brutality on Dissidents. I thought to myself that Communism was a Brutal form of Government. But how different was a Democracy that sent the National Guard to beat down Innocent Black People Asking for Equality, many were Killed, as they were in Russia. That was just to Illustrate how Inept Governments can be. Wheather dealing with discontent among  its Citizens or a Pandemic of Tumultuous Proportions. Nero must  be their Mentor ( Ineffectual and Procrastinating) Fifty years of paying Taxes leaves me feeling that I was Taken. Now I understand why Hillbillies don’t like to pay Taxes. When I worked for Solomon Brothers I met a young Man who Graduated College Phi beta Kappa. This Guy was Educated enough to learn Rocket Science, the Tragedy, he was as Stupid as Oliver Hardy, or for that matter Mo, Larry and Curly. He possessed not one Gram of Mother Witt( Common Sense)- ( Figurative Mind) -(Intuitivity)-(Rationality) in a Nutshell he had no Reasoning Power. Now can you imagine being Governed by a Congress, a Senate a House of Rep and a President all Phi Beta Kappas. All not knowing that Dead People don’t pay Taxes.

Common Sense Quotes

Top 15 Things Money Can’t Buy

Time. Happiness. Inner Peace. Integrity. Love. Character. Manners. Health. Respect. Morals. Trust. Patience. Class. (Common sense). Dignity.

Roy T. Bennett,

The Light in the Heart

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Because you can’t argue with all the fools in the world. It’s easier to let them have their way, then trick them when they’re not paying attention.

Christopher Paolini

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Men are from Earth, women are from Earth. Deal with it.

George Carlin

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Nowadays most people die of a sort of creeping (common sense), and discover when it is too late that the only things one never regrets are one’s mistakes.

Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

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(Common sense) is not so common.

Voltaire, A Pocket Philosophical Dictionary

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(Common sense) in an uncommon degree is what the world calls wisdom.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Literary Remains, Vol. 1

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I mean, you could claim that anything’s real if the only basis for believing in it is that nobody’s proved it doesn’t exist!

J.K. Rowling

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Learning to let go should be learned before learning to get. Life should be touched, not strangled. You’ve got to relax, let it happen at times, and let others move forward with it.

Ray Bradbury

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Things do not change; we change.

henry david thoreau, Walden

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The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are, first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, (common sense).

Thomas A. Edison

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The most confused you will ever get is when you try to convince your heart and spirit of something your mind knows is a lie.

Shannon L. Alder

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Don’t be afraid of being scared. To be afraid is a sign of (common sense). Only complete idiots are not afraid of anything.

Carlos Ruiz Zafón, The Angel’s Game (The Cemetery of Forgotten Books, #2)

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It is the obvious which is so difficult to see most of the time. People say ‘It’s as plain as the nose on your face.’ But how much of the nose on your face can you see, unless someone holds a mirror up to you?

Isaac Asimov, I, Robot (Robot, #0.1)

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Don’t find fault, find a remedy; anybody can complain

Henry Ford

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Common sense is what tells us the earth is flat.

Stuart Chase, Language in Thought and Action

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The Reason I dug all of this up is to Impress on the Ensuing Generation the great Importance of Enlightenment. Education is only a Tool to become Enlightened. One of my High School Teachers told me that I should never stop Learning. I chose not to go to College so I could join the Workforce, to keep my Mother from working Three Jobs to support me, while I sit in Dorms Smoking Weed and Drinking Booze while being Stupified and earning a Degree in Mindlessness. Fifty years out of High School and I never stopped learning for one Day. Some Days when I want to Perplex myself I read Shakespeare, some Days when I want to Overhaul the Suspension on my Overpriced Car, I read Chilton Books on Automotive Repairs. When I decided to start Blogging I began to read Books on Blogging.

When I wrote my first Blog, Three Hundred Words, I decided that each Blog would be better than the last. One should never waste thei’r Brainpower Settling for Mediocrity. Governments are Insulting your Intelligence. This Blog is Dedicated to Fifteen year olds, I was only Fifteen when I lost Confidence. You who are coming up don’t be like your Parents, Stretch your Minds, be the Lightforce of your Generation, don’t be a Sheep, be the Shepherd.shepherd uses his experience, his know how, his guile and his devotion to successfully guide his flock. … We, as leaders, are responsible for guiding each of our team members, and our responsibility includes tending to their learning, growth and success, and to their wellbeing. Two Original Quotes by me, ” If you have Lived long enough to grow Old yet you have nothing to pass on to the next Generation in the form of Learning and Teaching, You have not Truly Lived, only Existed. The Reason why you can’t Teach an Old Dog to do New Tricks, it’s because they were too stupid When they were young to learn those same Tricks. Please go out there and be a Trailblazer, Governments all over the World are calling for your Uncommon, Common Sense. This is your World, I am only trying to live in it until the Lord calls me Home. Parting Words, Political Cronies aren’t Representatives of the People, only thei’r own selfish Gains. Am I the only One Eyed Monster who is King of my Own Mind?

Once again

Here are the Lyrics from my Favorite Song by my Favorite Group.

By Through The Roots

Where are we going

Look where we’ve been

Ignoring the signs

Blinding our eyes

Where will it end

We can live in the light

Or hide in the darknes

We continue to fight

Though we didn’t start this

And it’s killing me

See this world that we share

Painted by artists

Placing strokes without care

Think it’ll be easy to find some peace in a world but we’re are all just fighting each other

But a perfect pitch has a perfect plan and it’s not just a crushing of color

Can you hear my voice as I’m crying out

This is the movement, so move with me now, now

I believe that if we come together

We can get higher, higher, higher

I believe that if we stand together

We will rise higher, higher, higher

I believe that life is a canvas its all part of something bigger

Constantly changing with the times an ever evolving figure

What will it take to walk hand in hand change with the times and understand

Make harmony what’s unity

Erase the meaning of a foreign land

Now it’s a world with no borders

Demanding a new world order

Imagine that we never had to read another story of a life cut short by a murder

It should be easy to find some peace in a world since we all share this place with each other

Its up to us to spread the love around

We’ve got to support one another

Can you hear my voice as I’m crying out

This is the movement, so move with me now, now

I believe that if we come together

We can get higher, higher, higher

I believe that if we stand together

We will rise higher, higher, higher

I believe that if we come together

We can get higher, higher, higher

I believe that if we stand together

We can rise higher, higher, higher

Source: Musixmatch

Songwriters: Dwight Duncan / Troy Barrington Mclean / R. Mcleod / Carl Mcleod / Dwight Marvin Duncan / Carlton Oliver Mcleod / Raymond Mcleod / Raymond Vincent Mcleod

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Shared Article from AOL: CDC pushes for universal masking to stop coronavirus

I could sit on the Advisory Board. Thirty years ago I wore a Mask while many of my Coworkers Mocked me. I handled Materials that had a Twenty years Latency( The Period of time before the Disease manifests itself) Period. Wearing a Mask Religiously when in the work Area, has put me Ten years beyond the Latency Period. If I Die Tomorrow wearing a Mask has given me Ten years beyond Life Expectancy, working in Hazmat. I must have written Six Blogs Dating back to Nine Months telling the Smart Ones ” Wear your Mask”.!!!!!!