Schumer celebrates 51-seat Senate majority after Warnock win: ‘Thank God he ran’

Only in America, Rappers thinking that they are Actors or Politicians, Actors becoming President. Worst of all Athletes becoming Senators. Everyone knows that Athletes are rarely Scholars . The Senate majority leader took a victory lap a day after Sen. Raphael Warnock, D-Ga., defeated Republican Herschel Walker to give Democrats a 51-49 majority i…


Warnock, Walker: Starkly different choices for Black voters

It was Black People who chased down their own and put them in Chains, they also put them on Slave Ships to be sold into Slavery in America. In the Cotton Fields it was Black People who eavesdropped on Conventions of Slaves who were making plans to run away. Causing Death and Mutations to many. Those Spies we’re called Uncle Toms, Today you have a Dumb Jock playing the same role. I have Friends who are White, but I have never forgotten my History and Heritage, I wish I could say the same for Walker, A.Dixon Raphael Warnock is the first Black U.S. senator from Georgia, having broken the color barrier for one of the original 13 states with a special election victory…


Book Revision


The following is a quote from Alex Haley, “Racism is taught in our society, it is not automatic. It is learned behavior toward persons with dissimilar physical characteristics.” Once again, one of the people who reviewed the first Edition of this Book said that everything that I wrote about Racism is my own personal opinion. Not only does being Biased cloud your Judgment, it makes you stupid. This is my own personal recollection of fifty three years of Observing the way it is in America. Racism is an accepted Behavior in America. That just goes to show, They are everywhere. When you have a Racist person reviewing a Book about Hate, what can you expect? Same goes for a Racist Judge meeting out Justice on a Black person, a Juror not privy to the Published content of a Case but is tainted by Hate is a Guilty Vote for an Innocent Black Man. A Racist Cop arresting a Black person circumvents the Rules of Law. My Algebra Teacher was Racist she didn’t give Flying Horse Feather if I understood the Subject. When Hate is the Engine, your Opinions, your Decisions and Social consciousness are Corrupted. Let’s not forget that Intolerance is the Backbone of a Jackass, We are who we choose to be. Most astonishingly, is that most Racist People always professed that they are not Racist. Believe it or not, I do respect those who own up to their Biased beliefs. “Show me my Enemies and I will be victorious” it’s the ones who call me Brother that I’m afraid of, be they Black or White.
The Environment in Taft was Toxic enough for me to have dropped out in my first Semester. It was like going Home to a Spouse that you hated, going to a Job that you hated. A lot of people who were put in a position like that, snapped. Look at all the Mass Murders in Schools today, if I wasn’t focused on the brighter side of Life, I could have been a Shooter. There were many Brawls after School, I was a fierce Fighter, yet I never joined in any of their Fracases. Though Racial Injustice ruled my School, the Neighborhood and the rest of the Country. If I saw a White Kid being pummeled by a Group of Blacks, or vice versa, I would have jumped in and saved the Kid. I just don’t care for Injustice, no matter who is dishing it out, or who the Recipient is. The Stress was insurmountable, smoking weed helped me with coping with it. It was there that I learned Stress Management, I had no choice but to deal with it or go off the deep end. The seating arrangements in the Classrooms flaunted Racism, there was never a Black Kid sitting in the first five Rows. That was a short while after the time when a Pregnant Woman or an Old Black Woman had to give up their seats to a young and healthy White Man. Cesspool Mentality is what I call that. Yet no one dares to call out these Cruds. Taft as well as the rest of America was bad for the Nerves, trying to keep it together, and not to snap. It’s not only Adults who snap, kids also lose it. Look at Nicholas Cruz, he killed seventeen people in his School. Kids are just kids and they don’t know that if you keep poking someone with a stick, one day the Recipient will break it over your head. Many cold Mornings I chose to walk the two and a half miles to School, so that I could smoke a Joint. By the time I got to Math Class I was still stoned, dealing with that Evil Woman who taught Algebra was a test of Strength. So I chose to stay Medicated when I was in her Class. That was the only way I could keep from snatching her bald. I found it astonishing how she favored light skinned Negros like my friend and hated my dark Skin. Through all this, I did meet some Great White Kids in my Drama Class. But then again you have to remember that Artists are very different People. I even had the Leading Role with a White Girl playing Emily, in our Little Town. We interacted well in School, but we never hung out on the Weekends. In the Movie The Bronx Tale, a Black Kid was Murdered within walking distance from my School. This was once an all white School in an all white Neighborhood, before we came there looking for a better place to live. My grandfather always said, “that’s just the way it is, leave it alone”. Sad to say that Haters have the same mindset, ” leave it alone ” they don’t like it when someone like me brings up the Subject, having the mindset of, the less said the better, creates a roadblock to the Solution. As the saying goes, ” Nothing grows in a comfort zone”. There can’t be a solution to a problem without having a Discussion. Many of my Teachers were of the same Mindset as my Classmates. It was here that I Learned the meaning of Nepotism and Bigotry. They took the Time to explain to White Idiots, but they didn’t care if Black Idiots understood the Subjects. When I struggled with Algebra, it seemed like my Teacher gloated, as if to say ” I told you that Niggers were stupid “. She was an awful Redneck who spoke down to me, I will never forget that Witch.

Life, Motivation

It doesn’t matter

It doesn’t matter

When I worked in Construction we had a saying about dealing with the hard work. ” It’s all mind over Matter, If you’ve got no mind, it don’t matter. That my friend is the Motivation for this Blog, having a mind of your own and not following the mass. When I was fourteen years old, while doing the Laundry Mother found a big Bag of Marijuana in my pocket. Being the most Diplomatic person, she said nothing of her find for Days. Then one day she asked me how do I want to live my life. ” Do you want to be a Shepherd or a Sheep?” She continued, I found your Weed and I flushed it down the toilet. Is this what you want to do? I snapped, everybody smoke Weed, which was true in the sixties. Knowing that I was in the wrong, I kept quiet and listened to the rest of the chastising. She continued, ” If everyone jumped off the George Washington Bridge, are you going to jump also. That was my first Lesson about Individuality. Being your own Man. Mother was a hard working single Mom. She was a progressive Blue Collar worker, she worked in a Professional Kitchen before many women, when the Industry was Male dominated. Seventy years before Julia Child and Pioneer Woman.

Years earlier we were Dirt Poor, because of her Health she could not maintain a job. There was a time when my Brother and I had two sets of Clothing, one on our backs, the other in the wash. That’s how she kept us looking pristine in Parochial School. Everyone thought we came from a well to do Family. If there was a hole in our Khaki pants, she would patch the hole and they would become clothes to play in. Back in the day, Clarence Carter had a song called Patches, the Song was about growing up Dirt Poor. As a result of being so Damned poor in earlier years. Three months from my fifteenth Birthday, I got my first job, packing Groceries for Associated Supermarket. From there on I was never out of work, Poverty scares me. I worked all through High School and brought Money home to support the Household. Everyone in the School thought that I was a Drug Dealer because of the way I Dressed. Since H.S. Fashion has been a big part of my Persona.

Sometimes I think that the years of not having Clothes is the reason. The only Books other than Textbooks I read was G.Q. and anything dealing with Fashion and Social Grooming. I was so fashionable inclined, my Graduation Gift to the Class was a Fashion Show that Orchestrated. I staged it and Modeled some Clothes that I Designed and fabricated. My gift with a Needle and Thread came from my mother and my Cousin who she helped in training her to be a great Seamstress and Designer who made Clothes for Jackie O. and other famous people.

The Fashion Show was a Smash, we invited Smokie Robinson and he showed up and performed on our Stage. That Shindig was the biggest party that I ever threw in my entire life. Many of the people in the Show went on to study at the Fashion Institute Technology, So I ask you? Is there anyone else who is more capable of being Critical of Today’s Fashion? Wearing your Pants showing your Ass-Crack, Holes in your Jeans and Leggings showing all your goodies is Lame. Some Dumb-ass Fashion Designer who Went to The Fashion Institute who have never been Poor decides to make fun of Poverty with tattered Jeans and the world of Sheep makes him Rich. Wearing Clothes with Holes in them, is making fun of Poverty. Wearing your Pants below your Ass crack is a Fashion that was Started in Prisons by Cellblock Whores, advertising their availability. Leggings is supposed to be an understatement. Once again, it’s all Mind over Matter, If you’ve got no Mind, it don’t matter. Be a Shepherd, not a Sheep. I can not end this Blog without addressing another disgusting trend, putting your kids in the same Shopping Cart where I put my Food is nasty. Sanitary practices are more important than lame Fashion trends. I have not posted in a long time, I have been busy with restructuring my Book and relocating to South Carolina. Those who follow my Blogs knows that I like to speak my mind and keep it short and sweet, Fin.

We are not looking for Tuna that taste good, we are looking for Fashion with good taste.


‘Soft on crime’ attacks target Republicans who favor changes

My Friend Mark Hershberger once bragged to me that he owned 100 Guns, he was a Republican. His wife a Sharpshooter who could hit a Bullseye at two Thousand feet, shot and killed him at Fifty feet claiming she taught he was a Bear. Republicans support a Gun in every Household and they are all in the N.R.A’s Pocket. With violent crime increasing in many parts of the U.S., Republicans see a winning strategy in portraying Democrats as soft on crime ahead of this year’s elect…