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Life Jackets

I know that in my last Blog I told you Guys that I was taking a break from writing Blogs, so I can put more efforts into my Book. Then I reminis to my High School Days. Even though I struggled with Shakespeare and Dickens, I found time to spend four years learning Spanish. The People in my Inner Circle thought that I was Stupid spending an entire Class Period Deciphering the works of Shakespeare and Dickens. Then spend another Period learning a Language that I would never use. They were all wrong, from Burrowing into Mind of Shakespeare I learned how to use Conjecture to arrive at  Degrees in Quality or specifics in a Character. You don’t learn things like that in the Clubs. People who knew me back then knew that I was a party Animal, but I spread myself thin to do what I thought to be important In life also.

And so it is with Blogging about Social Upheavals. As it is with writing Blogs about safe Driving. I know that some People are Hell bent on doing things thei’r way or no way. Yet I continue to write Blogs about changing your Driving Habits. Ninety Nine percent of the time my efforts fall on Deaf Ears. However that one person who comes away with something and his actions save a Life down the Road, gives me Satisfaction and a feeling of Purpose. And so it is with Babbling about the Virus. My Wife worked in the Emergency Room of a Veteran Hospital for Twenty five Years. Yet she tells me that I am Fanatical in the way I Address Personal Protection.


If someone like her, can think like that, what can I expect from the Handful of People in Wall-Mart not wearing a Mask. Or for that Matter Multiplied by Millions. I met Many Veterans from World War One who told  me of how People pulled together back then. Even if they weren’t on the Front Lines putting thei’r Lives at risk they had what was known as the Home front Efforts. People doing whatever they could do to contribute to the War Effort. What about the War Effort of the Pandemic. Believe it or not this could possibly be the greatest War America have ever fought. Not only in Lives Lost , but a Potential Depression of our Economy with great Erosions. So why are so many People being so Agnostic in the way we Address the Problem.


Since the first Week of March I have been wearing a Mask for eight Hours a Day while I work in the Courthouse. The fact that I have C.O.P.D. and wearing a Mask all Day Diminish my Oxygen intake, sometimes near Claustrophobia. But I do what I have to do to stay alive while making a Living and keeping my Finances Liquid, not missing a Days work. I know People who have been home since the first Week of March and their Sanity teeters breaking point. The Prison next Door is Inundated with huge outbreaks, yet they bring these People in the Courthouse Daily, Crime does not take a Vacation. There is this one Wing of the Building that gets Fogged several times Weekly, we have four People that goes around wiping down Surfaces eight Hours a Day. Do you still think that I am Fanatical.


With C.O.P.D. the Ventilator would Kill me. Wearing a Mask have kept me from shutting down my Personal Finances and it could have done the same for the World’s Economy if only everyone had my Insights. ( wearing a Mask is your best protection) My Son who lives in Missouri who works for a Company who provide G.P.S. Logistics for the Government, tells me. If the Country goes under another Lockdown, he is out of work for good. I would prefer to wear a Mask indefinitely than to lose my Livelihood. But no!! I’ve got Rights, so I will cut off my Nose to spite my Face. This Virus is as Unpredictable as the Weather. I once found myself in One Hundred and fifty Yards Depth of Water, Fifty Miles from Shore. Out of the Blue a Storm came from nowhere and I was looking up at Waves Three Stories high, with no Life jacket on.


If the Boat had Capsized, I wouldn’t have made it to where the Life Jackets were kept. Wearing a Mask when I am in Public is my Life Jacket. For Three Days I have been dealing with a Sore Throat, Today I Sneezed a couple of times. Regardless I am confident because I have many Life Jackets, I Gargle with Listerine, I take One Thousand Milligrams Vitamin A, C and Garlic Daily and I wouldn’t be caught Dead without my Mask. This Virus is the Storm of the Century, we are in Deep Waters, no one is handing out Life Jackets, worst of all People are refusing to wear them. I knew that Reading Shakespeare would one Day come in handy, allowing me to Speak in such Allusive and Oblique terms while making a Suggestive and Disparaging Argument.

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