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1990 I moved from the tranquility of the Poccono Mountains to a small Town in Nothern Pennsylvania called Wilkes Barre. In 1990 I would be amazed if the Population was one Million, yet the Crime Rate was just as startling as the Bronx. It was here that I met a young Man named Vincent Barberio, we met while working for the same Company and became great Friends. One Day Vince approached me and told me that If I didn’t mind working hard and traveling he knew of a contractor that was hiring at a better rate of pay than we were making. The only drawback was the Travel, the Jobs were spread out from North Carolina to Buffalo, from New York to Ohio.

We would pack a Duffle Bag and a cooler, left Monday and returned on Friday, the Company paid for the Hotel so that absorbed a lot of the cost. Vince and I always Roomed together, there were a lot of Rift Raft in the Crew so we watched each other’s back. After work we would return to our Hotel Room eat chill out watch TV and share stories about our Lives. We became good friends to the point where we introduced each other to our family, of all the People that I worked with in my Lifetime, Vince was one of the privileged few to got an invitation to my Home. The reason for that is you don’t go into business with Family and you don’t socialize with all your Coworkers, you should always be selective with Coworkers, they are not always trustworthy with your business and they spread gossip.

Not so with Vince and I, whatever secrets we shared stay that way. When I started writing Blogs one of my first Blogs were about Vince under a fictitious name. Today I can write about my Friend Vinny because while doing research I found out that he Died in 2016 seventeen years after I last seen him sitting at the Table in my kitchen. What preceded and followed our last meeting is noteworthy, because this also was a Tragic encounter. The Day after our last meeting Vincent Barberio was on Television, the Cops had surrounded his position and there was no way out.

Vince had lost it and taken his Girlfriend and his Baby Boy hostage I am not sure if he had threatened to kill them and himself or just himself. The situation was tense for hours, I was frazzled with stress that the Cops would act rashly and a Sharpshooter would have taken him out. Thank God there were no shooting, he allowed them to get close to him and was Tazed or pepper sprayed and hauled off to be Psycho analyzed and probably spend years in a Nuthouse. The events that preceded this Tragic encounter  were told to me by Vince for months while we shared Hotel Rooms while working in the contracting business. Sometimes he was repetitive but that’s what happens when things eats at you since you were a Child.

So here it is from Vincent’s mouth to my ears to yours. At an early age maybe nine he was Molested by an Uncle like myself he never told his Parents, the molester probably threatened him or laid a guilt trip on him. For a moment’s pleasure the Molester not only robbed my friend of his youthful innocenc but his entire Life. Shortly after the abuse Vince changed for the worse, as most Molested Children do. Being Molested didn’t have any effect on me because I extracted my own Justice. Poor Vince was a skinny nine year old, he was Traumatized, kept the secret to himself for twelve years until he bared his Soul to me.

Can you imagine the weight off his shoulders. Why wouldn’t he consider me a great friend knowing that I wouldn’t tell not another living Soul. The real tragedy occurred during those twelve years before he laid his burden on my receptive Shoulders. Shortly after the Molestation his personality took a hundred and eighty degrees turn, School, behavior and everything else in his young life went for a nosedive, speaking of Dives I believe he was twelve not knowing how to deal with the Guilt Repression he tried to commit suicide by jumping off the Market Street Bridge and found the only Rock waiting there for him.

Grateful Dead/forever

He survived that Rock and picked up a new one(Cocaine)  that one got him in trouble with the Law up to the Hostage situation. Can you believe  the Mayhem that Cocaine have done to our Societies since Hernan Cortez whacked out on Cocaine and wiped out an entire Civilization of Brilliant People to the Massacres on the Streets of Brooklyn five hundred years later, are we ever going to learn that the Plant is only ment for Medicinal use. Well my Friend Vinny never learned. While doing research on him I found out that in the year 2016 he Died unexpectedly at thirty nine years old. From past experiences when a user Dies unexpectedly it is usually from current use or years of abuse finally catching up to you. Rest well my Friend you are not Tormented anymore, and so another Tragic Encounter closed.

P.S. I will never forget you my Brother



incent Barberio Jr. Obituary

Vincent Barberio Jr. passed away unexpectedly in Baltimore, Md., on Thursday, Sept. 15, 2016.

He was born Aug. 7, 1967, to the late Vincent and Marlene Barberio.

Vincent moved to Baltimore, Md., in 2006, and had resided there the last 10 years. He was employed by Jimmy Trujillo’s Game Sports Bar in Baltimore, Md. There he worked in the shadow of the Ravens Stadium and Camden Yards, catering to customers’ needs, where he was known and liked by all.

The family is forever grateful to the Trujillo family for giving Vincent opportunity and friendship. He was blessed to be able to work for such thoughtful people and kind coworkers. Their generosity, sincerity, and caring will not be soon forgotten. We thank them for reaching out to Vincent and our family.

Vincent attended GAR Memorial High School, where he was a gifted athlete.

He was an acolyte with his brothers, Victor and John, for many years, serving Holy Rosary Church on Park Avenue.

Vincent is survived by his children, Sean Cupil, Plymouth; and Corianna Cupil, Edwardsville; sisters, Darlene (David) Payne, Dallas; and Susan (Matt) Crowl, Dallas; brothers, John (Wendy) Barberio, Dallas; and twin brother, Victor Barberio, Wilkes-Barre; as well as several aunts, uncles and cousins.

We will all cherish the good memories of Vincent. We all know he is at peace, for his toil and strife with addiction is over. He will be in our hearts forever.

Private funeral services will be held at the convenience of the family.

Local arrangements are under the direction of Richard H. Disque Funeral Home, 2940 Memorial Highway, Dallas.

Published in Citizens’ Voice on Sept. 24, 2016

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