As the saying goes if it smells like Fish then so be it. When I was a Juvenile I did a lot of bad things being young Dumb and full of it. A lot of young people do bad things as I done and grew out of it as I did, with one exception. I never aspired to hold High Office in Government. Now fifty years later your Delinquent years come back and bite you on the Ass. What were you thinking all those years prepping for your dream job in Public Office. Don’t you know that even when you think that you have committed the perfect crime, somewhere, sometimes, someone seen and know what you did that summer.

Now here you are fifty years later running for Public Office, pretending that you have lived your Life in a Godly manner and is deserving of the Office. Now while being scrutinized by the World you still hold strong that it wasn’t you even though God sees and know all while you are about to put your hand on the Bible and swear to God that he is wrong. Because you were not that fifteen year old that molested your childhood playmate as I did being molested myself.

It’s a proven Theory being molested you yourself becomes one. Regardless what we are talking about is being haunted by your past and manning up. I am always amazed by a guilty Man on his way to be executed for his Crimes and takes the truth with him to his Grave, maintaining his innocence even though God sees and know all while you take last Rites.

And so you take your Hypocrisy with you to the next Life. And so you lie to yourself, you lie to God but you want me to believe your scarlet image and your impeccable character, just another Politician by Heart. So please forgive me if I tell you it smells like Fish. Of all the Notables that have been Tainted with Molestation accusations and Sexual Harassment, Actors, Priests, Teachers, Network Executives why should Judges be Aloft.

I was molested fifty three years ago by a Teacher, my Mother died not knowing of the Incident, I never filled a Police report. Back then your Priest told you that it was your fault and that you would go to Hell if you tell. I can’t help it but whenever I hear accusations that occurred years earlier I believe each and every one to be true. And so there you have it if it smells like Fish it is.

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