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Tooting my own Horn

Wiser than Abraham, Holier than Moses, yet no one told me about him.
A lot of Research went into this Book
Through her Eyes

Tooting my own Horn.
Like Biggie said ” If you don’t know, you don’t know” . Well I am saying ” If you haven’t been there, you can’t have done that ” One of my favorites, watching little People acting like they are all that. So Smart, so Educated, or Mother use to say, being able to rub Two Nickels together ( Having a couple of Dollars ) In Texas I conversed with a Man who was worth 500 Millions, he was Totally unassuming and Spoke like a Monk. In this Travel, I have met some Incredible People and some Incredibly Stupid People. And that is what Bad Book is. When I worked for Solomon Brothers, One of my Coworkers called me Waba-en ( Poison Dart ) because of how I used a Pen while Filing a Report. I should have named this Book Waba-en . If you don’t read this Book, you can’t tell your Grandchildren that you Peeked in the Window of my Soul. I have always Bow to Greatness, John Gutfreund( The King of Wall Street ) Taught me that. If he was alive and Remembered me he would be Proud. This Book takes Numbers. This Book is not a High School Essay.
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Through Her Eyes by [Anthony Dixon]
Through Her Eyes
Anthony Dixon
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Wanting to be a better writer has been a penchant of mine since I wrote my first essay. I am not sure but I believe that it was in my fourth grade. The essay was filled with incomplete sentences, for instance, he me money, I wrote of my uncle giving me money. I omitted Gave. The kids called me, he me money for a long time. In High School I elected to take English literature, my friends called me lame, for wanting to discuss Shakespeare and Dickens for an entire period. They say that there are no chance meetings and that everything happens for a reason. Studying the old masters, I learned that extensively verbalizing and painting panoramic pictures, causes young readers to lose interest quickly. I picked up war and peace at fourteen years old and never finished reading the book. So when I started to Write my Objective was to tell my Story with as few words as possible. I have been blogging for seven years, I toy with my readers, telling them that my goal is to write a blog with one sentence and a book on one page. This book has been in the works in my mind for fifty three years. Since my first day in High School. This Book is Square Business.
I am just Grateful to have been here and being able to tell my Story of my Proud Heritage.

Through Her Eyes
Black Ancient Hebrew

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Book #4

These Eyes

These Eyes of mine have seen so much that it’s a wonder that I am not Blind.Its like looking directly into an Eclipse, I am talking about the glaring light of the harshness of life and the Evil that Mankind preoccupies themselves with. I look back on Sixty Eight years of living this Bitch called Life and I realize that there are no chance Occurrences in this life. We will start with the words of a Man who was accused of Molesting his Granddaughter. He said Mr D, that’s me, Everything is written in the Book of Destiny. He continued, when your time is up you Go, no matter how young or Old. Can you imagine someone that wise to quote something like that, yet not Decent and smart enough to keep his hands off a child. He also recounted to me an Eighteenth Century story of a man who was Beheaded for saying” God Damn and blast the King. He was beheaded before the last word came out. What the Victim was trying to say was ” God Damn and blast the King’s Enemies’ ‘. The Lessons from that is to always hear someone out before you Judge and Act. Such as the time I worked for one of the world’s largest and most prestigious Hotels and Hospitality Organization. I had to Audition for the Job as Cook, by making Lunch for The G.M. The Executive Chef, the Sous Chef and the Beverage Manager. That Job came to an abrupt end, when the G.M. accused me of the Sous Chef’s error. She wanted to hear nothing I had to say in my Defense. She called me a Liar, I told her that if she was a Man, I would put my Foot up her Ass. I guess that she had never heard of Innocence until proven guilty. One of the first lessons that I learned about keeping your hands to yourself, happened when I was Ten years old. It was Late afternoon with Evening approaching, I drifted from the watchful eye of Mother. This was a regular penchant of mine, it has gotten me in so much trouble and landed me in the wrong places at the wrong time, more times than I can remember. This particular Afternoon was prime example of being in the wrong place. I drifted a Hundred and Fifty yards from her watchful eye. On the Corner a Fight was developing, I made it to the Corner before Round One and the only Round of the fight began. This Tough Guy who had Pugilistic Skills nailed his unsuspecting Victim with one Punch, knocking him to the ground. A little stunned and equally Dazed, he got up and advised his Attacker not to go anywhere, because he would be right back. The overconfident Idiot did just that, instead of leaving the scene. Totally recovered from the Embarrassment, the looser of Round One, asked him to do that again. The Overconfident Pugilist swung the same exact punch. The returning looser pulled a Machete from under his Shirt and removed the Arm that had just knocked him silly with the Swing of a Ninja. Blood spurted like a broken Hose. I was Mortified, I ran the Hundred and Fifty yards Dash back home in Twelve Seconds. I bristled past everyone and into my room, not saying a word of what I just witnessed. If the Cops had come to my house, I would have told them I was a Hundred yards in the opposite direction. That Man was lousy with his Fists, but frightfully skilled with a Machete. The Lessons Learned from that Afternoon repeated itself Three times in years that was to have been lived, all instances ended in Deaths. That’s all that you are going to get. This is a First Draft of Book #4 they say that once you are Smitten by the Writing Bug you can’t out down the Pen

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The Book / Through Her Eyes

Way back in 1910 People who had Children with Special needs would hide their Children away. Never to be seen in public, when they had visitors, the Children would be locked away in the Attic or Basement. Ignorance and Indifference was the norm. In 1972 my Twelve years old Buddy and I would sit in the back of the School near the Rectory. While the Sun faded in the Skyline, we would sit there smoking the Finest Marijuana grown around the World. He would tell me Stories about his Classmates being Emasculated in the Rectory. I would tell him that he was making up Stories. He would say Pope, the Name he called me, I Swear it’s true. Forty years later his Stories made Headlines. Back then you say something like that about the Church and your Parents would tell you to get down on your Knees and beg the Lord for Forgiveness. Back then speaking about Homosexuality was a Taboo. So was having an open Discussion about Racism. Our Parents would say, that’s just the way things are, leave it alone, end of Discussion. Fifty Three years later and the Mindset remains the same. In Fifty Three years of being in the Workforce, there has not been One Day that I never experienced some form of Racism. Yet my Friends, White and Black, look at me Queerly when I tell them what my Book is about. In other words like our Parents said Fifty Three years ago, leave it alone. What is up with People leaving an Important Discussion alone. Way back then people didn’t have that Sex Talk with their Children.

People went to Woodstock and slept in a different Tent with a different Partner for One Week. Look at the Outcome, Aids. At Fifteen years old my Mother had that Sex Talk with me. She said when you are feeling your Oats thinking that you are a Man, don’t forget to keep your Drawers up. She continued, you don’t have a Job or an Education. How are you going to take care of a Child? Furthermore, I am not going to raise your kids. She was not your average Mother. As far as Racism was concerned, she said, no One is better than you, more Privileged, better Educated and more Money, but no better. She continued, they may never accept you but they will always Respect you for the job you do. It was her Inspiration that kept my Head above the Muddy Waters of Racism growing up in the Seventies. And Today in appreciation for her Wisdom, I wrote my first Book, giving a Tribute to her. What else would I have Titled my Book? Through Her Eyes is due in the Barnes and Noble online Bookstore in October. I refuse to lock my Feelings away in the Attic and Basement of Indifference. If you don’t have needed Discussions, one day they will Explode in your Head and your Face.

For instance not Teaching your Kids Sensitivity. Many years ago in Greenwich Village in N.Y.C. a young Gay Man was beaten to a Pulp with Baseball Bats by Five Kids from Good Families. The Man Died of his Injuries, not knowing the reasons for his Attack. Through Her Eyes is the Recounting of Fifty Three years of Insensitivity. If we don’t have that Discussion now, Fifty Three years from now Innocent People will still be meeting their Death with Baseball Bats. Look where we’ve been and see where we are going. Through Her Eyes isn’t looking through Colored Glass, it’s One Blogger’s Journalistic Recounting of living in America. It’s a darn Shame that when you tell People the truth, you don’t know how they are going to react. So to my Followers if you really want to Know who I am you need to read my Book when it becomes available. After writing this I asked my Wife? How’s that for an Infomercial? She said I was only telling it like it is. She was Born in South Carolina, Twenty Miles from Sumter where the Civil War started. A War to keep Slavery intact. She went to a Blacks only School and couldn’t drink from a white only Water fountain if she was Dying of Thirst. She has not read my Book, the memories are still Haunting.

Nicolas Cruz
Killed 17 fellow Students

Ambition, America, Life, Motivation, Parenting And Relationships

My Emotional Psych

My Emotional Psych

What is emotional psychology?

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), emotion is defined as “a complex reaction pattern, involving experiential, behavioral and physiological elements.” Emotions are how individuals deal with matters or situations they find personally significant.

Thirty years ago while doing Interior Demolition work in a Cell in a Federal Prison, where most of the Prisoners were Lifers. I took down a Wall, inside the Wall this Picture laid in a pile of dirt. I cleaned it up and saved it for Thirty years, now it has found its Rightful place on the Cover of my first Book. The Picture signifies to me the Freeing of One’s Soul, being set free from this Despotic Place we call Earth. Can you imagine someone doing a Life Sentence, never to ever again walk the Streets as a free Man. So much longing to be free, coming up with such a Concept that this Picture Portrays. Then I think to myself, I’m not Free. One year ago I was on my way Home after working in the Courthouse, crossing a Bridge that People do One Hundred M.P.H. nightly. My Car does 170, yet I have never taken it past 80, in a 70MPH zone. The Bridge is Posted 45, I never go past 50. Upon exiting the Bridge, at the foot of the Bridge a Police Cruiser lays wait, shining a 600 watt Lamp in my Face while I am doing 50, five MPH over the Speed limit. He pulled me over and wrote me a Ticket, stating that I was doing 60 MPH. Here I am a Contact Employee working for the County being Racially Profiled and given a Padded Ticket. I thought to myself, if this can happen to me, what about some poor Black Kid wearing a Hoodie? A Bullet to the Head at the end of a dark Bridge span could easily be covered up. This Book is my Legacy to all the Innocent young Blacks sitting in a Prison Cell longing for Freedom, or setting their Souls free. Like the Man said Give me Liberty or give me Death. I Personally find Racism a Significant enough of an Issue to write a Book about it. I work in the Government, I Drive Two bad Rides and live in a Predominantly White Middle Class Neighborhood, yet I am not above Bigotry, Racial Profiling and Racism, so what chances do a Poor Dumb Black Kid from the Hood have. The following are my Original Thoughts ” If you have lived long enough to get Old and you have nothing to pass on to the next Generation, in the form of learning and Teachings, you have not truly lived only existed “. This Book is Fifty Three years in the make. Here are Excerpts-from the Book

Yet you tell me that Black Lives Matter, to whom? It don’t make no Matter( Slave Ebonics, meaning it doesn’t make any Difference). As a Contact Employee working in a Justice center, I see so many young Blacks caged up in Prison Cells. I say to myself, their Lives don’t Matter to them, why should it matter to me? When I was a Juvenile Delinquent, I came to the Crossroads and took the right turn. That’s how come I am working in the System and not residing in a Cell. ” To Thine own self be true and Trustworthy” In Mark 8:34 Jesus said, “If anyone would…..My Book is Due in about Two Weeks. I had just finished writing this Boost for my Book in the Fourth Floor Hallway. The Elevator came, I heard footsteps heading my way, so I held the Door open. A young White Brother got on and told me thanks, I asked him what Floor, I punched the floor. Getting off on the Second floor, he gave me the Fist Bump and said Goodnight. I felt a little Guilty for things that I said in the Book about the crooked Justice System, he was an Attorney who worked for the Attorney General. The Bottom line is that with Civility we can live in Harmony, or at least get along. I am not a Hate Monger, I am not Tunnel Visioned, I know that there are Good and Bad in all. I didn’t write this Book for anyone over Thirty, because I’m a firm believer that you can’t teach old Dogs anything, because they are set in their ways. This Book is for young people like the young Attorney on the Elevator. We don’t have to Love Each other, all we need is to be Civil, Respect is Earned, not given or taken. You Guys need to go read my Book when it becomes available. It’s a Small Book filled with Big Thoughts of Mending Fences. It’s Available through XLIBRIs Publications Amazon and Barnes and Noble, when it gets here. Tolstoy is not my favorite Author, Once I have made my Point, I am done Talking.