The Life You Save


Like the man said, keep your eyes on the Road and your Hands upon the wheel. There is not one Day that I am Driving that I don’t see at least one Idiot Driving with the Cell Phone in hand totally focused on the wrong thing. Messing with the Android while you are Driving is as deadly as Driving under the influence, maybe worse. The few times that I drove Impaired, I was so apprehensive and focused, knowing that I was doing wrong. I drove better than the sober ones fidgeting with everything from the Radio to the Cell Phone. One of the most Minding boggling experience I ever had was traveling Interstate 81 in Pennsylvania clocking 75.

A Business Woman Driving a Durango, Cell wedged between shoulder and Ear, Note Pad in one hand pen in the other, taking Notes. I imagined her Knee was keeping the Vehicle straight. She blew my Doors off doing 85 my Jaw popped wide open with her amazing multitasking abilities. What People driving oversized Vehicles do not realize is at high speed and making contact with a Compact Vehicle more times than not there are fatalities. Eric was a coworker of mine who always drove like he had a point to prove that he was good, even when he was stoned. One Day this Idiot killed a Woman crossing Queens Blvd mindlessly, regardless of the Pedestria’s fault, I know that if I killed a pedestrian like that, I would surrender my Licence and never Drive again not Eric.

That was forty years ago he probably had Killed again the mindless creature he was. Well my Friend there are many Eric’s out there so you can’t afford to take your Eyes off the Road and be distracted. Eric is Driving an oversized Vehicle at speed above the limit. There are so many mindless creatures out there driving Pickup Trucks like they were Maseratis, it is absolutely scary. What they fail to understand is that the size of the Vehicle compounded with a high rate of speed creates deadly outcomes when involved in an accident. Let’s take it one step further, a Truck in the hands of a Drunk. Three Days ago that scenario played out with deadly consequences.

A Drunk driving a Pickup decided to put the Vehicle in park in the left Lane of I.75, one of the busiest Roadways in the World. That Alcohol driven mentality caused a three Car pileup. They all went to the Hospital, a good Samaritan retired Firefighter/ Paramedic lost his life when he stopped to help the Drunk Driver involved in the accident. He was providing medical care to the Drunk on the shoulder of the road, when a third car hit the Truck. Florida Highway Patrol said the driver of the last vehicle to become part of the pileup failed to see the initial collision. Following the final collision the Truck burst in flames and burned completely.

All this could have been avoided with two principles that I travel by. Never Overdrive, if you can’t see 100 yards up the Road take your foot off the Gas, if you don’t posses Gyroscope Eyes and you can’t see around corners take your foot off the Gas and cover the Break Pedal. Secondly Focus as far down the Road that your Eyes can see collecting Data such as breaklights glares and shadows. Once traveling in Pennsylvania I was traveling at a good clip, focusing about a half mile down the Road I saw a shadow in the middle of the Road, it wasn’t moving. As I got closer my focus became intense.

I never took my eyes off that shadow. Right on top of it less than thirty yards away I realized that it was a Black Bear standing over six feet tall and about nine hundred pounds. I had plenty of time to do evasive manoeuvres, It would have destroyed the subcompact I was driving and there would have been Bear Stakes for ten yards. Being adept behind the wheel save lives. Always focus like your Life and others depends on it, because it does.

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