Life, Safe Driving

The Finer Moments In Life

Driving isn’t about racing your Vehicle through City Streets. It’s not about smashing a fine Technologically crafted Vehicle sending it to the Junkyard. It’s about going places so far and remotely located, you ordinarily would not find. Places where you can unwind and recoil from a stressful week. Places to be creative, places to find yourself. Driving isn’t the place to give in to your flight of fancies and become a Bobblehead.



It’s a place to be your very best at all times, knowing that there are People out there that doesn’t give a Plugged Nickel about their Lives or yours. In my Neck of the Woods Tampa Florida I am absolutely sickened by the Fatalities caused by Careless and Reckless Driving. It appears that within a thirty miles radius there is at least one Fatality daily. Pedestrians mowed down, Bicyclists who didn’t make it back home, Motorcyclists mangled and Gifted young people changed for Life.



What are these People thinking, racing two thousand pounds of Steel through City Streets like their name was Dale. There is no other areas in life where Stupidity Rules than our Roadways. Two days ago a young Man seventeen or eighteen years old, he was a gifted Student and an Athlete with great potentials. From the Video I saw he was traveling a little to fast when he approached the intersection. For him it was a simple veering off to the right, to his left someone waiting to make a left turn misjudged his speed and took the left turn.


The Collision sent his car airborne flipping six or seven times. Now he is laying in a Hospital Bed in critical condition. This young man had the Face to sell products on Television, not anymore. If he had taken his Driving as seriously as I have been Preaching, he would have noticed the anxious Driver to his left, catastrophe avoided. I respect and enjoy life passionately, so every time I get behind the wheel, my Mind automatically goes in defense mode. I leave nothing to chances and your good senses.



I drive like someone navigating the Rapids, always looking for Rocks and drop off. I have been driving like that for over fifty years with great succes, with two accidents That weren’t my fault, no one injured or killed. My Driving Instructor told me to always drive like I am the only one out there that knows what I am doing. It has worked for me, it takes a special Mindfulness when you are behind the wheel. Always looking out for the other Guy is a way of life when you are behind the wheel.

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