Reasons to have an Abortion

Reasons for having an Abortion

I have all the Reasons to be an anti Abortion Advocate, yet I am pro- Abortion. I was a Late Pregnancy, Mom told me that everyone including the Doctor advised her that because of her age and Health, she should have an Abortion. Thank God she didn’t listen to them. Today I support Abortions and plan Parenthood. Growing up in the Bronx I saw a lot of poorly Educated young Girls having Litters of stray Cats they called Children. Its One of them that prompted this Blog. Fifty years ago I remember Reading about Two Brothers who were Twins. The Timmons Twin were Children from a totally Dysfunctional Family. The Mother was a poorly Educated Country Girl from South Carolina the Father shared the same Illiteracy and origins. They moved to where else, the Bronx N.Y. my Borough.

I remember Reading about the Boys in 1969. They were Infamous for their Criminal activities of Robbing and Brutalizing Seniors. Yesterday I was Researching their Reign of Terror. These Boys have been Skirting the Law since Eight years Old. They started by being Runaways at Eight. By the Time they got to Fifteen they had Fifteen Priors. Being Juveniles their Folders were sealed. As soon as they became Teenagers Criminal Agendas Graduated to Adult Crimes. They became famous for Stalking Seniors, hiding in the Stairs and as soon as the Old People unlocked their Doors, they would push them inside. Once inside they would unleash a Beating on them and Robbed them of as little as Two Dollars.

I believe that One is presently doing Life and I wouldn’t be surprised if his Brother doesn’t share the same Fate. And there you have my Reason for being pro-Abortion and Plan Parenthood. Young Illiterate Girls shouldn’t be allowed to punish Society with thei’r Indiscretions. Young Men with no Skills and Vocation should become Sterile. These Two People had no Skills except making Babies. It never occurred to them that having Children bear a the Responsibility of Parenting. They struggled with thei’r own Existence to the point that at Eight years old those Boys were Demented. That in itself should be a Crime. Eight years old running away from Home is a Crisis Red Flag that Social Services missed. In the Courthouse where I work, Two Children are awaiting Trials, both Nine years old.

One for Attempted Murder of his Sister, the other for Brutality Stabbing his Grandmother to Death. In all likelihood the Mother is of the same Mold of Mrs Timmons. She probably dumped her Indiscretion on her Mother and hit the Streets again. The Child was probably as Disshelved as the Timmons Boys. From my Observations all Mass Murders are the Results of bad Parenting. When I was a Juveniles Delinquent and my Mother saw the Red Flags, she made me her Fulltime Job. At Fourteen I had the Best Drug Connections that probably could have led me to the Cartels. I knew People who worked for the Airlines who Flew it in unchecked. Organized Crime offered me Five Grand a week at Twenty One. By the Time I got to High School my Life was on the right Path, I was Focused and Determined not to spend one Day in Jail. I consider myself Fortunate to have had a Mother who wasn’t afraid to do her job, being a single Parent. That’s what Parenting is all about, you made them and it’s your Job that when they go astray to set them back on the right Track. If you fold your Arms and wallow in self pitty ( where did I go wrong) you have failed them. At this point it’s not about you , it’s about Them. You Guys Know how I feel about spinning a Yarn, I am done with this. If you aren’t going to do your Job as a Parent, keep your Drawers up, or get a Vasectomy.

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