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The Danger From Within


Everyone owns an Assault Rifle




The Danger within

Shying away from the hard Issues in Life isn’t something I Pattern my lifestyle after. Someone needs to shine a Light in the dark Attics of Life, of Society and wherever that light needs to shine. One Issue that is forever being swept under the Rug is Gun Control. This Week marks the Third Anniversary of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting, I felt the need to shine a Light. Nikolas Cruz was a troubled young Man who attended Parkland H.S. his Antagonistic behavior sent many unnoticed Red Flags. His Caretaker missed them, his School, his Friends and his Social Media Postings and Followers.

The Face of a clean cut American Kid




One Day while no longer attending that School, Cruz entered the Building with a Semi- Automatic Rifle. When the smoke cleared Seventeen young Lives were lost and Seventeen others injured. Ironic that on January Sixth at least a Hundred People showed up at the Capitol Brandishing the same Assault Rifles. In the Crowd was enough Firearms to start a small War. Politicians have forever Ducked the Issues of Gun Control while taking Money from the NRA. Sad and Gruesome the Occasion of them Running for their Lives from their Constituents with Big Caliber Guns. It was a wake-up call missed, the Day of Reckoning when the So- Called Law Abiding Citizens will bear Arms against a Democratic Government Looms.

Owning an Assault Rifle is the Fashion





I was only Thirteen years old when J.f.k was Assassinated, right then and there I decided that Americans were Dangerous People. All because of the Second Amendment. The Right of each Individual Citizens to bear Arms. I don’t care how well you investigate One’s Background, they say that Psychopaths are some of the most clever People. I am not talking about taking away their Constitutional Rights. All I am saying is that Restrictions should be tighter. There are too many John Wayne and Clint Eastwood Mentality stockpiling Guns. I live in Florida, One Day I was in a Pawn Shop looking for a Bargain Diamond Ring. I noticed that there were more Guns than any other Merchandise in the Store.





I ask the Associate what does it take to Buy One. He responded, a current Florida Drivers License. It was that easy, disregarding the fact that I could be some Nut grinding an Axe. Or Someone who Embraced Conspiracy Theories, someone who is Mentally un- Balanced. I could be Affiliated with an Extremist Organization and is allowed to collect High Caliber Assault Weapons. I could be someone who have never Mastered the Art of Civilized Discussions, as in Artful Disagreement ” Beg to Differ “. I could be someone who Talked with my Gun, as in ” Smile when you say that Stranger “. All the above makes America a Dangerous Place. Twenty years ago I worked with a Man named Mark Hershberger. At that time Mark was a young man in his late Twenties or early Thirties. One Day while working on a Construction Project, I came close to his Brand New Truck with a stack of Lumber. He told me that if I had hit his Truck, he would have given me Six from the Nine Millimeter he carried to work every Day. My God are we Living in Wyoming 1805 where we needed to be Strapped going to work. Well my Friend welcome to Americana, it’s a way of Life. Mark and I had a long Love Hate working relationship. He loved me for the work I did while hiding other dislikes. Mark was a State Wrestling ūüŹÜ Champ and a big Kid who loved to show off his Wrestling Skills. One Day he tried to manhandle me, I punched him in the Nuts and put an end to the Exhibition.

From then on he developed Respect for me, to the point where he confined in me. He told me that he had over One Hundred Guns. He also Bragged about his Wife’s shooting Skills Hitting Bullseye and Deers at One Thousand yards. One Day on a Hunting Trip up in Canada his loving Wife shot and killed him. She used One of his 100+ Guns, One with a High Powered Scope. She shot him at Fifty Yards claiming it was an Accident, that she thought it was a Bear,¬† His Story made National Headlines, it was a Classic Case of Live by the Gun.

Mary Beth and Mark Harshbarger were married in 2001 and had a 4-year-old daughter and baby son. The family lived in Meshoppen, Pennsylvania.

On September 14, 2006, Mark, Mary, their children, and Mark’s brother Barry, were in Buchans Junction, Newfoundland and Labrador, in Canada, on a hunting trip.

While Mark and a local hunting guide, Lambert Greene, were walking through the woods hoping to flush out a bear, Mary sat in the back of a Chevy pickup truck on the nearby logging road. The children were in the truck and Barry was at a hunting blind elsewhere in the woods.

As Mark and Lambert walked back to the truck, Lambert stopped to urinate and Mark continued on walking through the tall grasses. Mary saw a dark shape emerging from the woods and thought it was a bear. She looked through the scope twice to make sure it was a black bear and fired her rifle.

Mary was wrong. It was not a bear, it was her husband.

My Friend Mark and Marybeth

I could go on and on about the Numerous cases of living by the Gun. 1977 I am visiting my Cousin in Texas, Elvis is shot Dead from his Abusive behavior. Colin Davis a Man who was worth more than 50 Mil an upstanding member of the Community. Came Home in the Afternoon, found his Estranged wife in Bed with a College Basketball Standout. Shot and killed him, accidentally shot and killed his Stepdaughter and injured his Wife. Talking about Gun Ownership, you just don’t know when the Nut is going to pop out. Three years ago in my Neck of the Woods Tampa U.S.A. A Retired Police Big shot, Shot and killed a young Father in a Movie Theater. The Shooter asked the young Father to stop Texting, the Cop was Infuriated, he shot and killed the young Man in front of his Infant Child, his Wife and Scores of horrified Moviegoers. One Day after the Capitol Display of Big Caliber Guns. On my way to work, in a minor Traffic dispute, the Driver pulled Parallel, his back Window rolled down and a Nineteen years old Passenger pointed an Uzi at me. I live in a good Neighborhood, Cops live here too. My Wife have always mentioned that there isn’t any good Neighborhood. 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue North West wasn’t a good Neighborhood on January Sixth. My Readers know that I don’t like to stretch a Yarn, all I want to Know is, how long has this been going on, and when will it end.

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Bow To Greatness



Jesus the Beggar


Bow to Greatness

If there is anything in Life that I want the most, is to Die gracefully. Sitting up in my Bed comfortable and clean, free of pain grief and Guilt, with a Sifter of my Best Brandy in Hand. Knowing that I have lived this Life in a Fashion that Jesus would have no shame or misgivings about the way I have traveled my Journey. I am not the most Devout of Christians, I don’t go to Church every Sunday and I have deviated the Path many Times. However I have never lost my way or trampled on the Ten Commandments. If all the Biblical teachings are not all just Sculptured Words, meant to shape Consciousness and Behavior, then they do have Body and Weight. For instance, Sins of The Father, The Next Life and Losing my Soul.

Spirituality comes from God, Religion is Manmade and is Susceptible to Corruption and being self-serving. Jesus said that there are many who would profess his Name. Putting your Hand on the Bible and taking an Oath of pure Consciousness, yet your Heart is tarnished with Deceit, makes you a Hypocrite, whose Hand should burn from touching the Bible. At the early age of Fourteen I learned that Honor Nobility and Mortality were only Sculptured Words with no meaning. My Best Friend who came from a Religious Family who went to a Catholic School was totally Disillusioned with Religion and Society, at Twelve years old. He said Pope ( the name he called me) the World is a bad Place. He continued if these Walls could talk they would scream with shame.

He was referring to the Rectory Building that we sat behind, smoking Marijuana with strains so powerful, One hit and we were stoned. Twelve years old and Fourteen years old and we needed to calm our nerves with Cannabis. He told me Stories of young Boys being Emasculated in the Building we sat behind. I decried him and told him that he was playing with my Head. Thirty years later the same Stories he told made Headlines, brought Prosecutions, Lawsuits and Resignations of Clergymen high up in the Hierarchy. Do you still wonder why Two Kids with strong Religious upbringing would seek refuge in Cannabis to cope with Corruption in the Church, Corruption in Government and a Society that had let us down by Casting a Blind Eye.

Letting wrong doers know that they are protected by indifference, the lack of Benevolence and Jurisprudence is a Horrible message for your Children. In retrospect I am amazed that we didn’t commit Suicide from what we knew was going on, yet unable to help the victims. Suicide among Kids is an awful reflection on Society. If we told our Parents with their Tunnel Vision, they would have us laying on a Couch telling a Shrink that we didn’t Hate our Parents. They would have us Kneeling, begging for Repentance. Junior told me that the Victims were told, if you tell anyone, God would punish you. Fifty years Later I learned that The Boys Club of America is Equally Guilty.

Fifty Three years later of living in a Shameless Society that lets wrongdoers skate. I now realize that I am only responsible for my Soul and my Conscience. The Headbanger Heavy Metal Group screams ” Save yourself cause I can’t even save myself ” The Singer Songwriter puts it like this, ” I don’t care what you do, I wouldn’t want to be like you”. That is why all the Mendacity that is going on Today don’t phase me. The Phrase He’ll on Earth, that’s when your Conscience attack you like a Burning Hemorrhoid. When I sit-up in Bed waiting to draw my last Breath, there will be no Hemorrhoid of Conscience. Only the Joy of Knowing that I was here. I was a late pregnancy who dodged the Bullet of being Aborted.I see my Ethereal presence looking down, laughing at those who never figured out the Secret of living this Wonderful thing we call Life.

The Secret is living your Life in a Childlike Wonder in this Garden called Earth. When I am Sixty Miles out in the Gulf and I can’t see the Shores, now I realize how insignificant my Life is, only Equivalent to a Grain of Sand on the Distant Shores. Like R.E.M. said ” Life is bigger than you or I “, ” That’s me in the Corner”. I will never lose my Religion, though a Sinner,¬† my Heart is Pure. People makes the World go round and will always be who they are. I share with you my Original Life’s Quote ” if you have lived long enough to grow Old and there is nothing you have to Offer to the next Generation, in Teaching and Learning, you have not truly lived, only existed. Sometimes I think that the Only reason I write Blogs, is to Vent my Frustrations, which keeps me from Drinking up all my Good Brandy. Parting Words, we are Guilty by Thoughts, Deeds and Actions, or inaction.

Words borrowed from the Emperor Haile Selassie

Today, we look to the future calmly, confidently, and courageously. We look to the vision of America not merely free but united. In facing this new challenge, we can take comfort and encouragement from the lessons of the past. We know that there are differences among us. Americans enjoy different cultures, distinctive values, special attributes. But we also know that unity can be and has been attained among men of the most disparate origins, that differences of race, of religion, of culture, of tradition, are no insuperable obstacles to the coming together of peoples. History teaches us that unity is strength.

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Die By The Gun




Die By the Gun

When I started writing Blogs, one of my Primary Objective was to tell young Juvenile Delinquents not to be like I was. If you have pent up Anger, lose it before it destroys you. One young Delinquent who visited my Website is Emanuel Donaldson the 3rd. He is awaiting Trial for four random Murders in my Area. I certainly hope he Shared the Link among the Population. My Wife calls me Repetitious, but if they are reading my Blogs in Prison, then Success is mine.

From eight years old to fourteen years old I was someone consumed with Repressed Anger, Hate and Violence. The reason for that was from being Abused three times in six years. Once by an older Cousin, once by a Church Brother and once by a Teacher. They all caused me tremendous Pain which almost made me Impervious to Pain. At twelve years old playing Soccer in the Schoolyard, an eighteen years old Biker Boy joined the Game. He had an Injured Foot and shouldn’t be in the Game playing with twelve years old Children. I accidentally stepped on his bad Foot, causing him great Pain. He retaliated by punching me in the Solar plexus with all his might sending me to the Ground sucking in Dirt trying to breathe. When I recovered I left the Game ran Home and returned with an eighteen inch Chef’s Knife.

He escaped Death by running into his House and slamming the Door. That was my fourth Abuse, I was bent on Revenge. I knew that he had to pass my House every Night to get Home. One Night I devised the perfect Murder, being skilled with Ropes and Knotts, I strung a Rope across the narrow Lane that was my Street. Like all Bikers he rode too fast, when his Neck found the Rope, it yanked him from the shiny Harley which crashed and Burned. The Clothes Line was tied to the Fence in a slip-Knot, I yanked on it releasing it, removing it and disappearing in the Night. He survived only to wear a Neck brace for nine Months. I was as Devious as they come, I would walk up to him and like a Hippocrate  asked him how he was doing, with great concern.

Today I work in a Justice System where a twelve years old Boy is awaiting Trial for Stabbing his Grandmother to Death. If I was on the Jury, I would concentrate on Extenuating Circumstances, what brought him to the Edge of Madness. Backing up to being fourteen with Repressed Anger, a sixteen years Thug was beating me senseless in the back of the Schoolyard. He was a Skilled Street Fighter who only used his Elbows, Knees and Head-But his Victims. I was just about to beg for Mercy when I found a Large Stick and unleashed six years of Repressed Anger on him. I Mannered that Boy up, he Whimpered and limped out of the Schoolyard. Feeling good about my Victory changed, when I learned that his two older Brothers eighteen and nineteen, were Gang Members with multiple Murders under thei’r Belts.

Revenge for beating thei’r Kid Brother Senseless was Inevitable. These Boys were Fearless, they thought their names were Frank and Jesse. One weekend there was a Gang Bangers Boogie in a close by Neighborhood. The two Brazen Gunmen Infiltrated The¬† Rival Turf. They were met by a Firing Squad, the Bullets in thei’r Bodies couldn’t all be counted. A couple of Days later thei’r Caskets were placed on thei’r front Lawn for those who cared to pay their Respect. Brazen me decided to show my Disrespect by showing up and opened the closed Caskets. Looking at thei’r unrecognizable Dimpled Faces, cured my Violent Nature for the rest of my Life. Never again did I wanted to be a Badass, never again did I wanted to own a Gun.

The Lesson I learned at Fourteen was that if you lived by the Gun, the Outcomes are Inevitable. Still fourteen years old, one Day I had a front Row Seat to witness how a true Professional Discharges his Duties. One of my next Door Neighbors had developed Mental Illnesses. Nassiboo had attacked his Father with a Machete leaving him at Death’s Door. He Terrorized the Neighborhood including me, sneaking up on me With the same Machete. When the Detective came to bring him in, it was a Celebration for me. The Officer stood on the two foot Brick Wall and Announced himself to Nassiboo and told him that he was there to Arrest him. The poor Demented Man charged the Officer with the same Machete he tried to Behead his Father with.

There were five other Officers there, the Lead Detective was the only one who fired his Weapon, one Merciful shot to the Groin. The Ambulance took forever to come, Nassiboo didn’t make it. Which brings us to the Motivation for this Blog. Fifty three years later and Law Enforcement haven’t been able to train their Officers to be as Proficient as this one Detective. Several years ago in the¬† Bronx, several Officers approached a Mentally Disturbed Black Man with a Knife in the Hallway of a Building. They all discharged thei’r Weapons like a Firing Squad, killing someone who should have been Tased. Those Occurrences happens Everyday in this Country. Marybeth Harshbarger shot and killed her Husband at fifty Yards, claiming it was an Accident. Mark once Bragged to me that she has hit Bullseye at one Thousand Yards.

Accident or Murder? You be the Judge. My Question is why don’t the Law Enforcement Agencies in this Country train their Officers to be as good as Marybeth. The Officers who Killed Breonna Taylor were at least Inept and Negligent. Once the first shot was fired the Situation should have become a Stand-off, they didn’t know if there were young Children in that Apartment. For that reason I believe that they should stand Trial for Negligent Homicide. Casting a Blind Eye and a Deaf Ear is Complicity. To you out there Protesting, the Pen is Mightier than the Gun, don’t Burn the Country Down, this is where I live. With all its Faults, America is still a Great Place to Live. Stand in the Place where you Live. Your Votes are more Powerful than all the Bullets in a Gatling Gun. God I Love this Writing Business, telling young People how not to live their Lives. It’s a darn shame I couldn’t see what my English Literature Teacher saw. Instead I chose to Party away my Learning years smoking the finest Strains grown around the World, listening to¬† Grateful Dead, The Who and Pink Floyd talking about being Comfortable Numb ” You can take the Words right from my Mouth”.

P.S. Baby Boy is all Grown Up, that’s how come a Juvenile Delinquent like me can end up working in a Justice System, instead of being in the System. My Message to you Wannabes is that no Good Deed goes unpunished.

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R.I.P. Baby Jordan


RIP Baby Jordan

My Mother once told me that when I was four years old I was the most loving and trusting Child, for that reason she feared for my safety. She said that she always thought that someone would have no trouble Kidnapping me. Jordan was of my young Heart and Nature, however he didn’t have a loving caring Mother like I had. Story told that when I was two years old the Painter walked away from his Paintbrushes soaking in Turpentine, yours truly removed the Brushes and Quenched my thirst with the Toxic Liquids. They told me that in a panic strickened frenzy Mom threw me over her Shoulder and tried to run seven Miles to the Hospital. Poor Jordan wasn’t lucky to have my luck. He was Born to two Players with Hearts of Stone.

Jordan and Mom
Baby Jordan and killer Mom

At four years old his parents had enough of each other and Jordan. The poor Kid ended up in a Foster Home, which was a stroke of luck for him. His Foster Parents loved him with the capacity that his Natural Birth Mom was incapable of loving anyone or anything but her miserable self. About two years ago I wrote a Blog about how Child Welfare agencies across America fails the most Vulnerable of our Society, Children in Parent Danger. Not Stranger Danger as was my Case. This is my biggest Beef with Education, how can one be Educated and remain a Dummy with Zero Common Sense, why can’t Education teach us to use Rationality and awake our Figurative Thinking. That didn’t happen with Jordan’s Caseworker.

The Idiot thought that he belonged with his Mother, a Player. Even though the Foster Parents Exhibited the highest Qualifications to Adopt the Loving Child. Jordan grew to love his Foster Parents the way I Loved Strangers at four years old. The Inept Caseworker however threw all Rationality out the Window and sent Jordan back to his unstable Mother. In the Middle of a Ferocious break-up the Child constantly cried from the Parents steady Annihilation of each other in front of him. The Evil Witch one Day slammed this Precious Child against the Wall, knocking him unconscious. Instead of trying to revive him and calling 911, she stuffed his lifeless Body in a Big Black Bag and Dumped him in a Remote area of the nearby Park where I frequented when I lived in the Neighborhood in earlier years.

Adding insult to the Brutality, she reported him missing, having two square Miles of Neighbors Panic strickened looking for poor Jordan. Eventually the Black Bag was found, she was Immediately Arrested and charged with his Murder. While awaiting Trial she gave Birth to another Child that she was carrying when she Killed Jordan, did I mention Player. Today October Thirteen Twenty Twenty Justice Rewarded her with Fifty years behind Bars. Where have I heard the Words ” Many will Profess my Name” , the Evil Woman told the Court that she have found Redemption and will walk with her Head High from now on. Dear Lord forgive me for not Buying it, I know that you said that no Man is without Redemption, but for poor Jordan I going to harden my Heart. As the Song goes ” Save yourself, cause I can’t even save myself”. So there you have it the Story of Baby Jordan, incidentally his Sacrifice wasn’t in Vain, a Law was passed in his Name Protecting the most Vulnerable ones.

Child Welfare; Citing this act as “Jordan’s Law”; requiring the Florida Court Educational Council to establish certain standards for instruction of circuit and county court judges for dependency cases; requiring the Department of Law Enforcement to provide certain information to law enforcement officers relating to … ‚Äļ Bill ‚Äļ ByVersion

Senate Bill 634 (2019) – The Florida Senate

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Mother And Son Reunion

Talking To my Mom

I guess I have Blown the Window of Opportunity¬† to say the things to you that I should have said in Life. Nevertheless just to let you know that it will never be the same¬† without you. I can go on with my Life , but I will forever be Grateful for the Life you gave. Remembering the many times you jumped into Action like a Super Woman to save the Life you gave, once thinking that you could run seven miles to the E.R. with a four year old on your Shoulder. Carrying me to the point of making my first Buck, being twelve and a sneak Thief, throwing small change at you, That was to let you know that there was nothing I wouldn’t do to shoulder your Discomfort.

When you Discovered me, you gave no Shame, only Counseling. These are just some of my Shortcomings that were never Discussed in Life. Just to let you know that I deeply Regret not Talking to you. Many People babble Words yet they don’t Talk, some Speak Eloquently yet say Nothing. There are People you can Talk to about anything, you are one of those. Living in the Bronx at Fourteen we had the Greatest Conversation we ever had. You found one Ounce of Weed in my Clothes and flushed it in the Toilet. While I searched the House frantically you kept asking me what was I looking for. The Composure and the Diplomacy you presented left a lasting Lesson for the rest of my Life.

You have my Respect for Life. You didn’t go off the Deep End and try to Crippled me like you did when¬† coming Home five A.M. Shit-faced at sixteen. Thanks for every Hit you gave me for Dragging myself up instead of Raising myself Up. I chose to be a Deviant, instead of Rising to your Expectations. How Deserving of me to have a strong Willed Woman for a Mother. One that would give sweet Love as well as Tuff Love. One who could defend herself if I ever got the Notion. For all the Love and Respect the only Hand of mine would only be a Comforting Touch. How come we can’t and won’t say the things that really matters to each other in Life . Now you are gone and you never Heard the Words of Tears. As a Result of you Teaching me how to Talk, with my Heart, from the Heart, I am able to Compose this Dialogue.

I consider myself Fortunate for Knowing you. I Remembered when J.F.K. and M.L.K Died you Cried. Fifty years later I now Discover what those Tears ment. You saw their Vision. You told me that they may never Accept me but they will Respect you for the Job you do. Those Words have kept Food in my Stomach two New Cars in the Yard good Health Insurance and many other Trimmings. You didn’t Preach, you Teached. How fortunate could I have been, to be Homeschooled as well as Public, as well as in Life. You are a Beacon in this Storm called Life. You Thought me that a Man can Prosper by the Sweat of his Brow and be Loved by giving it. I ask your Forgiveness for not doing what you wanted of me at sixteen, be a Scholar.

They say that when you are getting ready to Die you come Full Circle with Life. I hope I am not getting ready to make the the big move. Having this Bly ( To give one a chance or to ignore/overlook something) is as Full Circle as it gets for me, Talking to my Celestial Mom. Anyway Mom I am a Blogger, they need to know that one should connect with the one they Love in Life, not after they are gone. Like Richie Heaven said “Old Friends what a Time it was , I have some Photographs”. Pattie Labelle bring Tears with you are my Friend. Niel Young said ” Old Man take a look at your Life, I am a lot like you were”. You Thought me the Importance of Music and Poetry. I know that she is Reading this while I write. She was such a great Listener. You could Talk for a half Hour, she would listen not saying a word then walk away. Penny for your Thoughts, you couldn’t pay anything for her Silence. I envied her for being so Poised. Interacting with each other takes great Communication, not just Talking but Listening and Feeling. Do you Feel Me? Make good use of good things while you still got them. Shower them with Love and Understanding while you still got them. Forget about correctness, I am Talking, saying things that should have been said. Because when Life have Ceased, Words have no Weight. Regardless, I love you Mom.


You are my friend,

I never knew it till then

My friend, my friend

You hold my hand,

You might not say a word

But I see your tears when I show my pain

You’re my, my friend

I never knew it till then

My friend

I feel your love,

When you’re not near

It helps me make it knowing you care

The thought of you helps me carry on

When I feel all hope is gone

I see the world with brand new eyes

Your love has made me realize

My future looks bright to me,

Oh because you are my friend

You are my friend

I’ve been looking around and you were here all the time

I’ve been around and around and around and around

I’ve been looking around and you were here all the time

You know what I’ve been doing

I’ve been looking [Repeat: x7]

Source: LyricFind

Songwriters: Marty Paich / Glen Campbell / Traditional

You Are My Friend lyrics © Spirit Music Group, BMG Rights Management, Songtrust Ave

P.S I tell my Wife I love her so much she hears a Broken Record.