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Beg To Disagree



Beg to Disagree

Growing up in the Seventies where Lies and Deception in Government was as Prevalent as it is Today. Where Mainstream Media was as self-serving as it is Today. One Newsman stepped out of the Box and called the Shots the way he saw it. He gave new meaning to the Term, Investigative Reporter. A lot of People Lambasted him for his Style. I Respected Rivera for his Candidness. I have always thought that the Media should report both sides of an issue. Not what your Readers want to hear, but actually putting the Facts out ahead of personal beliefs and opinions. Taking sides with Political persuasions is Partisan Reporting. That makes you a Propaganda Machine not a Journalist.

Though reportorial contributions have been made by the Web generation, it is fair to say the vast majority of blogging does not qualify as journalism. If journalism is the imparting of verifiable facts to a general audience through a mass medium, then most blogs fall well short of meeting the standard. In no way do I Pattern myself as or to be a Journalist, or another Geraldo Rivera. Only someone who is not afraid of the Truth. I have been a Fact finder since I was a Juvenile going to Sunday School. A lot of the things that was Thought to me, I had Dissected it before Fifteen. I was never One to take things at Face value, whether coming from my Mother or a Cleric. This was nine years before I entered High School and met a Teacher who challenged me Daily to tell her, what is the Author is not saying. Or the other Teacher who told me to never stop Learning.

Einstein said the Day you stop Learning you begin to Die. Its a wonder I didn’t become an Atheist by Fifteen. Strong Convictions and taking everything that I learned with a grain of Salt kept me Focused and grounded. By the time I finished High School I was such a Cynical person I swear that I never would get Married. I thought that it was only Players that were involved in Relationships. Being an inquisitive Person all my life, One Day I decided to take a chance, I have been Married to that same chance for Thirty Eight years. For the rest of my Life I remained, not a Cynic, but One who always asked, show me the Proof. After being ripped off by Used Car Salesmen, I made it my Business to Diagnosed and fix Cars. Lied to by men of God, the Words ” Many will profess my Name” is Etched in my Heart.

After hearing Politicians promising the Moon while Campaigning, then go to the Capitol and work for Lobbyists and Special Interests. Has sharpened my Skills in Body Language and to Archive what the Speaker isn’t saying. I proved my Abilities Eight years ago in Pennsylvania. I told my Boss that I could spot a Slacker One Mile in a Fog. She told me that I was full of it. Unbeknownst to her that I was referring to her. Before leaving Pennsylvania and moving to Florida, she got Promoted to Regional Manager. Within One and a half Years she got fired. Over the years I have learned how to Read People better than reading Print. So here I am once again Twelve A.M. writing this Blog that just won’t wait for me to lose the Train of Thought. I ask myself, if with my little Brain, I can put together all the Tangibles and piece together the Facts and Dissect the Conspiracies.

Why is it Impossible for someone who Graduated College and Law School to Dissect the Steal. Fact-1 The U.S Attorney General of the same Party Debunked the Notion and lost his Job. Doesn’t anyone understand what makes Politicians Tick, Opportunity, do you think that Barr would Jeopardize his Political Future if he found the slightest Discrepancy and didn’t run with the Ball. Fact-2 do you think that Three Handpicked Supreme Court Judges would Committee Perjury, or Forty Seven other Federal Judges for that matter. Fact-3 Imagine the World we live in if the Bastion of Higher Learning such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Wharton cast a Blind Eye knowing that an Election was Rigged like a Horse Race filled with Broken down Nags and One Thoroughbred. Fact-4 Imagine the Financial Fallouts if Wall Street knew that the Election was Rigged and kept their Knowledge secret.

I worked on Wall Street, Rumors can Topple Wall Street. Fact -5 Take a look at the Source, someone who said that the Corona Virus was a Hoax and would be gone in Two Weeks. That Hoax have killed half a Million People. Fact-6 someone who Built a Skyscraper with mostly Mexican Labor, that was Demolished within Forty Years. Talking about Shabby Construction, the house I lived in Pennsylvania was 100 years Old made of Wood and will last another 100 years. Trump Towers in Atlantic City was made of Steel, they cut so many corners the Building should have been round. I rest my Case, what am I? The One Eyed Monster in the Forest of the Blind?. One of the biggest Champions of the Conspiracy is a Born Again Christian, who said that Christianity has saved him from Cocaine. I think that he should go back to smoking the Rocks because I think he is still Zoning, spreading Conspiracy Theories. Once again ” Many will profess my Name”.

Post Script from Naz

You don’t how to tell People the Truth because you don’t know how they will take it, Patience.

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Super Bowl




Super Bowl

It’s a Time when the World stops for a period of Time, long enough to forget our worries, to numb our pains, to Socialize not withstanding a Pandemic and forget our Differences and Diversity. A Time when the only Division is among the Two Teams Playing a Game that would make Ancient Gladiators Envious where the Two Best Jousters in the World are Pitted against each other. People come from all over to cheer their Team and Jeer the Opposition. Some wager a few scarced Rubles, win or Lose they are backing their Team. When the Contest is over they Party without Pity, like the Man said ” Get down and Boogie till you just can’t Boogie no more “. What a Joyous Occasion, coming out of a year of Divisive Politics that have Driven a Wedge in the American Spirit that brought this Game together, ( Emotional Intelligence) . if these Guys are Emotionally imbalanced The Game is lost before the First Half.

Back in 2004, the Philadelphia Eagles acquired Terrell Owens to pair with franchise quarterback Donovan McNabb and the initial results were dynamic, as McNabb and Owens led the Eagles to a 13-3 record and an appearance in Super Bowl XXXIX. The Eagles went on to lose to New England 24-21, with Owens carrying the Birds offense on one leg.   Fast forward six months later and the relationship between quarterback and wide receiver quickly evaporated. When previously asked about the topic, Owens insinuated that the relationship deteriorated after McNabb allegedly became jealous of the wide receiver, and changed his interactions with him.

“A lot of people speculate as to what happened but I think over the years now, people see that I wasn’t really the problem in Philly,” Owens told Adam Schein on Mad Dog Radio. “People said that Donovan and I had some friction. Maybe he had some friction with me, but I didn’t have any with him. “From my understanding, he had a problem with the way the city embraced me and not the way they embraced him. I am going by what I’ve heard in the streets.” During a January 2020 installment of “Untold Stories” with Bleacher Report’s Master Tesfatsion, the six-time Pro Bowler believes the drama between him and Owens “broke up” the Eagles.

“The offseason goes through and then all of a sudden there’s turmoil there and (Owens and the Eagles) are in a conversation going back and forth, and we had to answer those questions instead of focusing on what we need to do in order to get back to where we were,” McNabb said. “I thought that was a major distraction for us … That was something that kind of broke us up.” Whether it was by design or just coincidence, Tesfatsion landed an interview with Owens almost a year after McNabb, and the intel is outstanding. Owens, like many players in today’s NFL, had outplayed his contract and wanted a new deal. It appeared that Owens was bothered by McNabb not endorsing a new deal after the Hall of Fame wide receiver helped McNabb reach new heights in that initial season together.

During his sitdown with ‘Untold Stories’, Owens tells a story of a “hungover” McNabb, puking in the huddle because he was out drinking before the Super Bowl. “Why would somebody lie, there were teammates that said he threw up in the huddle.” “I’ve talked to teammates since then, and “know for a fact”, that he was out before Super Bowl XXXIX, drinking before the biggest game, pretty much of all our lives.” Owens went on to harp on McNabb’s conditioning problems, and how the Eagles star quarterback’s behavior was “irresponsible.” If what Owen’s said is remotely true, McNabb should probably be in the Hall of Fame himself after the quarterback went 31 of 51, for 357 yards and 3 touchdowns. McNabb also tossed 3 interceptions in the contest,  and the dual-threat quarterback only carried the ball one time in the loss. If that’s not your Classic Emotional Imbalance which should be in the Handbook for any Team oriented Activities that stresses Cohesivenes, this is it.

The spirit of having Respect for your Opponent is something very Noble, without it, you will be humbled with Defeat. My Friend The Rocket who played for the Cowboys, didn’t respect that his speed came from his small Size. He didn’t respect the Size of the Running Backs that he was Jeering with his Phenomenal catches and returns. On this One play he jumped high in the Air and snatched the pass, One of these Huge Running Backs nailed him on his way down. He left the Game on a Stretcher and never returned to a Field ever again. Disrespecting Democracy while claiming to be Patriotic will bring Ruinous consequences to our Governmental Structure. The Right to Protest to show your Dissatisfaction is Constitutionally protected.

Disrespecting the Hallowed Chambers of Congress is unforgivable, that is not Patriotic, that is Seditious. In the Old Days Punishable by Firing Squad or Guillotine. Thank God we are living in a Kinder Gentler Nation. Look what happened to peaceful Protesters in Russia One Month later. If they had crashed the Kremlin the way they crashed the Capitol you would need Tractor Trailers to remove the Bodies. Yet so called Patriotic Americans spit in the Face of Liberty and Democracy by Decrying the Legitimacy of One of the Fairest Election ever. An Election that went under a Microscope, the Results and Protocols were Dissected by the Administration’s Best and 52 Courts including the Supreme Court packed with his Own Appointees. The Lame Mindedness that this Election was Fixed, is Equivalent to the Kentucky Derby being Fixed for all the other Jockeys to hold back thei’r Horses. Fifty Yards before the finish Line the Crooked Jockey jumps off his Horse. Fixed Elections only happens in Banana Republics. Storming the Capitol is Banana Republics Tactics. Wall Street and the Academic institutions would not Cast a Blind Eye if they saw Fowl, because Capitalism cannot survive without Democracy. We as a People cannot survive without Democracy. So here we are in America Third Down and Ten on the  Fifty yards line in the Super Bowl of Democracy, Two minutes remaining, Joe needs a Miracle, the entire world is watching, the Enemies of Democracy world wide  is Booing, because America has Boasted the Best Democracy for Four Hundred years. The Neros in Congress are Fiddling while America is Burning.

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Who Helps Himself




Who helps themselves

Ever since I was a young Child I have never taken anything sitting down. Even when it came to grownups accusing me wrongly. That way of being followed me to my last year in High School. My Teacher was telling fibs about an occurrence in History. I challenged him and received a failing grade,  I had to go to Summer School for half a Grade to graduate. I challenged him on his opinion of Individual Achievements of some Emperors. I told him that all his Philosophy does is to Promote Capitalism and Self-centeredness. I pointed out to him the Homeless Epidemic that was in its Infancy in 1972 that it was Society’s problems.

Jesus the Beggar

His answer was that they were all Bums and chose to be that way. He further stated that some People just can’t be helped, I stood up in the Class and Berated his Tunnel- Vision. I was only Eighteen when the City of New York decided that they could no longer Fund Willobrook Mental Facilities. 95% of the Residents were turned out on the Streets of New York. Hence the Birth of a New Sociological Disorder, widespread Homelessness. Hundreds of Mentally Handicapped People to fend for Themselves and blend into a Society of People indoctrinated to be Individual Achievers.

I got mine, screw the rest. To some of my Friends I say aren’t we our Brothers keeper, they call me a Socialist. Well then explain to me the Benefits for Society overall, when a Company Manufacture a Pair is Sneakers in a Country where People works for less than One Dollar per Hour. The Total Cost of Manufacturing the Sneakers less than Ten Dollars, an Individual Achiever Athlete puts his Name on it. The Sneakers makes it’s way to my Favorite Shoe store, the price, Two Hundred and Twenty Dollars. Very few of these Individual Achievers contributed to Charities, or engaged in Urban gentrification Projects. When I lived in Queens New York Thirty years ago, One Kid got Killed for the Sneakers on his Feet. Another got Killed for the Designer Sheepskin Coat on his Back.

Last Week I watched a Newsman on the Biggest Fake News Media made a Comment that we are Ostracized for believing in Individual Achievements, while the Democratic Party was filled with Left Wing Socialists. Well there you have it. Extending Affordable Health Insurance and Feeding Hungry Americans who had Good paying Jobs One year ago and now find themselves on Long Food lines is Socialism. So be it call me A Socialist for Berating Trump and his Republican Cronies for giving A Three Trillion Dollars Tax cut to the People who pay the last amount of Tax. For example A Billionaire paying Five Hundred Dollars on his Tax Returns and calls himself a President of the little People.

A couple of years ago I worked in St Petersburg Florida, there are places in St Pete where only Millionaires live. Not far from where I worked in the  Downtown area, they were Building an Appointment Building, the Unit Costs, One Million Dollars. Many Days on my way to work I counted Thirty Sleeping Bags near the overcrowded Homeless Shelter. Many Days I bring with me warm Clothes and Shoes. I would leave them on a Bench, many were too Proud to take my Gifts from my Hands. Three Cheers for Individual Achievements. The Lord help those who help themselves, however Greed and selfishness is an Erosion of the Soul. What Good is a Man if he became a Billionaire but has no Soul. They say that a Man who Believes in nothing he also is nothing.

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Love One Another



Love One Another

Hate is like taking Poison and waiting for the other person to Die. It benefits no one not even yourself. Like Kenny Loggins said ” Angry Eyes, I bet you wish you could cut me down with those angry Eyes”.  Anger has an insatiable appetite. Anger is poison for the Chemical Composition of the Body, it triggers bad Enzymes. The constant flood of stress Chemicals and associated metabolic changes that go with ongoing unmanaged anger, can eventually cause harm to many different systems in the Body. For instance it can cause things like Headache from the unnoticed stress. Other things that are uncommon are, Digestive problems, Insomnia, increased Anxiety, Depression, High Blood pressure, Skin problems such as Eczema, Heart attack and Stroke.

I have no Medical Training, but I do my Research. The same way I can dig up this Information, so can you. Hate is a Derivative of Anger it is bad for the Soul. ” If you go to Bed angry every Day you are saying Prayers to the Devil” – Bob Marley. How can your Soul be Healthy if if you are consumed with the Hate Virus. Like the Man said Religion is Manmade, Spirituality comes from God. While working in a Nursing Home I got introduced to my Mortality. I learned that I wasn’t going to live forever, so I should drink from the Chalice of Life and good living until it becomes empty, as in Dying. I learned that every Day I lived it’s a Day getting older, the older I get the more frail and susceptible my Body become to Ill health and Diseases.

To say the least it’s bad for your Skin

Why shouldn’t I be a Day older and perceptively wiser observing One Hundred and Twenty Residents. This is you my Mind spoke to me, every Day I walked into that place, I entered my Mortality. My Mother had Dementia, I visited her Seven Days a Week. I did that to give her a moment of Clarity, if only for Half an Hour. Each Visit my Heart was fractured seeing My Dear Mom in a natural state of being Stupified like she just smoked Angel Dust. Every Day I live I ask God, anything, but Cancer and Dementia. I can’t help it, I was Old at Twelve, I was Old at Fourteen, I became that way from watching Old People. In other words if I Died Tomorrow, I have lived my years in every single Minute of every single Day. Like the Man said ” No Regrets”. Through the Roots puts it best ” We ain’t got no worries ” with that Attitude, I have no Time to Hate or be Angry, as in The Angry Black Man Syndrome.

Sickness and Diseases are waiting for me around the Corner, I am going to live my Life with a Bang until my Mortality catches up to me. Sickness and Diseases aren’t Pregudicall. Today I learned that some of my favorite Personalities are dealing with thei’r own Battles.

It was recently revealed that Clooney suffered pancreatitis after losing 28 pounds for his role in his newest movie, The Midnight Sky. The onset likely came from rapid weight loss, and it’s uncertain what effect it may have on the actor, as the disease tends to vary person to person. Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones has bipolar II disorder, which means she has mood swings that go between euphoria and depression. Can you imagine being on a Set and having an occurrence. My Friend Money Education and Skills are of no Factors when your Health attacks you.

Alec Baldwin suffers from chronic Lyme disease. The actor doesn’t talk about it very often, but he has admitted that “At the some time of year, I get really tired.” I hope that Someone is getting my Drift, there is no Time for Hate when the Sand in the Hour Glass steadily trickles to the lower half. The Biggest problem facing Our New President is Division which is a Derivative of Hate. Joe is a Spiritual Man, a Man of Convictions and a Religious Man. So was Dr King, so was John F Kennedy, they failed in bringing Unification to this Country. Joe I wish you Good Luck. This World has been Divided since the Cannanites set themselves apart to build thei’r own Society.

Excerpts from Wikipedia

The word “Canaanites” serves as an ethnic catch-all term covering various indigenous populations—both settled and nomadic-pastoral groups—throughout the regions of the southern Levant or Canaan.[2] It is by far the most frequently used ethnic term in the Bible.[3] In the Book of Joshua, Canaanites are included in a list of nations to exterminate,[4] and later described as a group which the Israelites had annihilated.[5] Biblical scholar Mark Smith notes that archaeological data suggests “that the Israelite culture largely overlapped with and derived from Canaanite culture… In short, Israelite culture was largely Canaanite in nature.”[6]:13–14[7][8] The name “Canaanites” is attested, many centuries later, as the endonym of the people later known to the Ancient Greeks from c. 500 BC as Phoenicians,[5] and after the emigration of Canaanite-speakers to Carthage (founded in the 9th century BC), was also used as a self-designation by the Punics (chanani) of North Africa during Late Antiquity. That my Friend is the History of Division, the onset of Division began when Cain killed his Brother. Cain, the firstborn, was a farmer, and his brother Abel was a shepherd. The brothers made sacrifices to God, each of his own produce, but God favored Abel’s sacrifice instead of Cain’s. Cain then murdered Abel, whereupon Yahweh punished Cain by condemning him to a life of wandering.

The narrative never explicitly states Cain’s motive for murdering his brother, nor God’s reason for rejecting Cain’s sacrifice, nor details on the identity of Cain’s wife. Some traditional interpretations consider Cain to be the originator of evil, violence, or greed. According to Genesis, Cain was the first human born and the first murderer. All of this is too much for my Little Brain, so I draw my own Conclusions, the Human Mind is Cancerous. Jesus came to this earth for the express purpose of shedding His precious blood on the cross to provide forgiveness of sins. Mankind have not Capitalized on that. I don’t like to be a Cynic but who is the next Messiah. This is enough Exercise for my Brain for One Lifetime, let’s move on and Chart our own Personal Path. Think about it, for someone who doesn’t go to Church every Sunday and can Immerse himself in such Thoughts, what of he who does. Many Days I have asked God, what is my Purpose, maybe he has answered me and I wasn’t listening.

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Gray Matters




Gray matters

neural tissue especially of the brain and spinal cord that contains nerve-cell bodies as well as nerve fibers and has a brownish-gray color.

Synonyms for gray matter

brain(s), brainpower, headpiece, intellect, intellectuality, intelligence, mentality, reason, sense, smarts

There you have it, it do exist, it’s not just a Phraseology. Its the ability to as my Grandmother used to say ” the ability to Cipher ( figure, dissect, reason, analyze ) out things on your own, and not buying Bullshit fed to you. Weather from an Individual, the Media or written in a Book by someone who was Educated, but nonetheless Dimwitted.

Someone who could only write about what he had read, yet not being able to draw his own Conclusions. I grew up in the Turmoil of the Seventies, the Vietnamese War, the Cold War,  Civil Rights Upheavals and the Hippie Revolution. I became skeptical of the Government when they did not step up to the Plate as far as Civil Rights were considered. The Government let Black People down, by having to wrest given Rights, Rights bestowed by the Constitution. Haters are not Americans, they Circumnavigate the Constitution and they believe that Justice means( just us). Annihilation of the Black Panther Party, while Allowing the Ku Klux Klan to be protected under the first Amendment.

Not Educating the People to understand that the only true American is the Native American Indians. I do understand why that is a Forbidden Subject.  Not indoctrinating Citizens that Democracy was a Precious and Sacred way of Life, even with all its Faults. The Phrase Make America Great Again, as in Jim Crow Laws, is a Battle Call to Regression. I am a Master of reading unspoken Words. If I learned nothing in English Literature, I learned to un-archive what the Speaker isn’t saying. My English Literature Teacher Ostracized me for Two Semesters, she asked me ” what is the Author not saying” I totally understand what M.A.G.A means. And that is the reason why every Urban City Voted Democrat.

If Trump had his way all those Votes would be thrown out, that is the Disenfranchisement that MAGA stood for( Voter Suppression) as in before Suffrage. Many States like Texas and Georgia did a good job of keeping people from casting a Vote, that is the Steal. Robbing people of their Constitutional Rights. Anyway I have vented enough, what this Blog is about is Gray Matters using your Noodles to figure out that you are being Brainwashed with Dangerous Propaganda that brought us to the Brink of destruction of Our Democracy, by the same people who started a War with the State’s of America for the Prolongation of Slavery. At 4:30 a.m. on April 12, 1861, Confederate troops fired on Fort Sumter in South Carolina’s Charleston Harbor. Less than 34 hours later, Union forces surrendered.

Traditionally, this event has been used to mark the beginning of the Civil War. The same People who stormed the Capital talking about taking their Country back. Their Grandparents shouted the same Words when they Stormed Indian Villages, killing Men Women and Children. That my Friend is where Gray Matters comes in. Being able to Know Right from Wrong and choosing your own Path and not living the Path your Ancestors Chose, killing for the Flag you Fly. All those Stars in the American Flag stands for Something so does the Lines, so are the Colors. The Trump Flag is White and Blue, no Red. What is the Author not saying?. No Unity no Inclusion.

Jim Jones died of a gunshot wound to the head in Jonestown, Guyana, on November 18, 1978. His death occurred during the Jonestown Massacre, when he ordered the mass murder-suicide of more than 900 members of his Peoples Temple religious group. He did not Drink the Poison he fed to his Congregations. Yet they believed everything he told them, including drinking the Poison. Trump fed Fifty Seven Million People the Poison of Misinformation and Disinformation. His Words ” Fight like Hell” ordered an Army of Zombies with no Gray Matters to tear down the Sacred Doors and Windows of Democracy. ( The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant. Maximilien Robespierre). Back in the U.S.S.R. You don’t know how lucky you are Boy. My Gray Matters tells me it is Better to live in a Dis-United States of America, than living in North Korea. Lets get through this together, let’s bring our Democracy Back, So the World can see our Resilience.