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These Eyes

These Eyes of mine have seen so much that it’s a wonder that I am not Blind.Its like looking directly into an Eclipse, I am talking about the glaring light of the harshness of life and the Evil that Mankind preoccupies themselves with. I look back on Sixty Eight years of living this Bitch called Life and I realize that there are no chance Occurrences in this life. We will start with the words of a Man who was accused of Molesting his Granddaughter. He said Mr D, that’s me, Everything is written in the Book of Destiny. He continued, when your time is up you Go, no matter how young or Old. Can you imagine someone that wise to quote something like that, yet not Decent and smart enough to keep his hands off a child. He also recounted to me an Eighteenth Century story of a man who was Beheaded for saying” God Damn and blast the King. He was beheaded before the last word came out. What the Victim was trying to say was ” God Damn and blast the King’s Enemies’ ‘. The Lessons from that is to always hear someone out before you Judge and Act. Such as the time I worked for one of the world’s largest and most prestigious Hotels and Hospitality Organization. I had to Audition for the Job as Cook, by making Lunch for The G.M. The Executive Chef, the Sous Chef and the Beverage Manager. That Job came to an abrupt end, when the G.M. accused me of the Sous Chef’s error. She wanted to hear nothing I had to say in my Defense. She called me a Liar, I told her that if she was a Man, I would put my Foot up her Ass. I guess that she had never heard of Innocence until proven guilty. One of the first lessons that I learned about keeping your hands to yourself, happened when I was Ten years old. It was Late afternoon with Evening approaching, I drifted from the watchful eye of Mother. This was a regular penchant of mine, it has gotten me in so much trouble and landed me in the wrong places at the wrong time, more times than I can remember. This particular Afternoon was prime example of being in the wrong place. I drifted a Hundred and Fifty yards from her watchful eye. On the Corner a Fight was developing, I made it to the Corner before Round One and the only Round of the fight began. This Tough Guy who had Pugilistic Skills nailed his unsuspecting Victim with one Punch, knocking him to the ground. A little stunned and equally Dazed, he got up and advised his Attacker not to go anywhere, because he would be right back. The overconfident Idiot did just that, instead of leaving the scene. Totally recovered from the Embarrassment, the looser of Round One, asked him to do that again. The Overconfident Pugilist swung the same exact punch. The returning looser pulled a Machete from under his Shirt and removed the Arm that had just knocked him silly with the Swing of a Ninja. Blood spurted like a broken Hose. I was Mortified, I ran the Hundred and Fifty yards Dash back home in Twelve Seconds. I bristled past everyone and into my room, not saying a word of what I just witnessed. If the Cops had come to my house, I would have told them I was a Hundred yards in the opposite direction. That Man was lousy with his Fists, but frightfully skilled with a Machete. The Lessons Learned from that Afternoon repeated itself Three times in years that was to have been lived, all instances ended in Deaths. That’s all that you are going to get. This is a First Draft of Book #4 they say that once you are Smitten by the Writing Bug you can’t out down the Pen

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Tomorrow is already Here

Tomorrow is already Here

Today I met a young person Twelve Days old, I said hello and wished him well. As I walked away I wondered how will he turn out be. In an earlier Blog I wrote that young Children are like a sheet of blank paper. What is written on it dictates the rest of their life. Meaning whatever that is Taught by their Parents and whatever that is absorbed from their Environment, shapes the rest of their lives. People are so selfish that they don’t recognize that the little person is their responsibility to mold them into their very best. People are so self encrusted. The little people are always the Ones who suffer the most from a bad Relationship, or a bad home Environment. I once had a Conversation with a Two years old who asked me if I was F*****g kidding him. It has always been a preoccupation of mine to Eavesdrop on other People’s conversations since I was Two years old. That is how Children learn by listening to Grown-up people talk. When my kids were young, my wife and I would take our arguments downstairs to the Basement.

Some people exchange blows in front of Infants, not realizing what they are teaching. When I worked for the Resort I confided in a Guest that I wrote Blogs, sometimes about parenting and Relationships. She said I have a Problem that maybe you can help me with. She continued, my four years old loves me dearly. However there are times when he slaps my face repeatedly till it’s red, what should I do? Before I responded I collected my thoughts, if he loved Mommy so dearly, where is this coming from? The only time I ever seen someone getting slapped up, is watching Humphrey or Jimmy roughing someone up. Without being Bold enough to ask her if her Husband ever slapped her, I immediately knew where the Child got that from. Unwittingly his Father was creating a future Woman Beater. I played it off lightly and told her to seek Professional help. Remember the blank sheet of paper? It was filling up Fast with bad Emulations. As I walked away from the Twelve Days Old I wondered who his Parents were.

I wished him well again, hoping that they were Christian minded people who knew that they had a responsibility to fill the Page with Love and Happiness. Not exposing the impressionable Child with their own Bitterness, misery and Hate. I remembered being an Adolescent, watching many of my friends’ Parents who Hated each other, yet they stayed together, for the greater good of the Family. That is not something that I Champion, however it is a commendable gesture. Today people don’t try to mend Fences, they walk in a flash. Like No Doubt said, ” You came up with the Breeze without a warning”. Walking away from the Twelve Days Old I thought about Nikolas Cruz. His Parents separated and Abandoned him to a Family Member. Neither of them had a place for him in their Lives. He grew up in a Meteor Storm of Emotional Turmoil. He acted out at Home and in School. One Day he took his AK-47 to School and killed Seventeen and injured Seventeen. With a little Love and Devotion, that could have been avoided.

Nikolas Cruz
The Face of a clean cut American Kid
Nickolas Cruz

My God, how Incompetent and Neglecting of many of us who call Ourselves Parents. I wrote in my Book that Children Neglected, Feeling Dejected, grow up to be people who commit Hate Crimes. Not only is it important what we write on that blank page, but crumpling it up and tossing it in the garage, sometimes it comes back and starts a Firestorm. I could go on and on about this Subject, but my Followers know that if I can tell a Story with One Sentence, it’s a done Deal. So I leave you with my Favorite Quote, ” As a Tree I bent so shall it grow “.

P.S. Kids Absorbs your Values.

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The Theories and lies are flying again. It is Rumored that the Georgia Gunman is supposed to be deeply Religious. Lucefer was an Arc Angel, he sat at God’s Right Hand. Judas Iscariot was One of Jesus Top Deciples. Jim Jones was a Minister who killed 150 of his Followers. Jim and Tammy Baker built a Dynasty from draining the Pockets of thei’r Followers. Jesus said that many would profess his Name. That doesn’t mean that they are Righteous. I went to High School with a Minister’s Son who Pimped his Affections in High School. He had a Dozen Girlfriends all buying him Jewelry and Expensive Gifts for Sex. The Gun Man said he is Religious, I don’t buy it. Fundamental Laws of Religion says thou shalt not kill or Judge. He also stated that he had a Sexual Addiction. Twenty One years old Men rarely is afflicted that way, full of Testosterone maybe. Let me tell you what Sexual Addiction is.

One of my Childhood Friends was so Juiced on Sex, at Seventeen he did a Girl I knew and her Mother. Years later he Got Married, while his Wife was Pregnant he was as busy as a Bee pollinating every Flower he could put to Bed. Before he got Divorced he had a Woman in just about every State and in Canada. However he was just a Boys Scout compared to another young Man I met later on in Life. This Man confined in me that he didn’t know the Names of all his Kids. I was Flabbergasted until he told me that he was Thirty years Old and had Thirty Kids. I am quite sure that he wasn’t done yet. That my Friend is Sexual Addiction. I have said it over and again I am gifted in reading People, Facial Demeanor, Body Language and Words unspoken. This young Man has Issues with People who are not like him, Issues with Society as a whole. His Issues were manipulated by his weak mind. He was a Victim of the New Norm, Divisiveness.

Someone Brainwashed him to believe that Orientals were a  lessor Being and their Lives worthless. Killing them in his Feeble mind was ridding Society of the Evil they represented in his Distorted delusional Mind. Two years ago another likeminded One in South Florida gingerly walked the Hallways of the School he previously attended killing Seventeen of his former Classmates. This is never going to stop, One year earlier in Orlando another Nut walked into a Gay Nightclub and killed over Twenty Partygoers. Gay People in his Mind were the same as the Georgia Shooter’s Mind, worthless and not worthy of Living, he also was supposed to be Religious. Waving the Bible at the Camera doesn’t make you a Believer, with your Divisiveness that makes you a Hypocrite and a Liar. Painting Brushstrokes of Hate and Division is an Abomination on Humanity. Shallowminded, weakminded and Gullible People will follow Lucifer away from God and Righteousness.

People have been Killing in the name of the Lord for Centuries, thinking that they are helping him Ridding the World of Undesirables. These are bad People who when they are caught with the smoking Gun, they play with the Court appointed Psychiatrist  with the Diminished Capacity Card and avoid severe Punishment. Bleeding Hearts have always allowed Monsters to escape harsh Punishment. Like the Man who Raped and Murdered a Teenage Girl in such a Heinous manner. He was given the Death Sentence, when time came for his Execution the Bleading Hearts Raged a Campaign to save his Life that Jesus didn’t get.

Another One in my Old Hometown of Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania Blocks from where I owned a Home. Mr Banks went on a Killing Rampage killing his own Children and Numerous other People. He also Dodged the Chair with Diminished Capacity. This is what I resent most about the Society I am living in, someone is always trying to sell me a load of Bull. Worst of all Fifty Seven Million People Buys it. We are on a Runaway Train with no Breaks. If the Georgia Gunman had Half a Brain and not Buy into the ” China Flu ” and all the Hate Doctrine Eight Innocent People would still be alive.

Excepts from AOL News
Ten people, including a Boulder police officer, were killed in the shooting.

A suspect, who was injured, is in custody, and there is no ongoing threat to the public, officials said.

Steven said he was so grateful that his family members were safe, and he called for what he termed better gun control laws.

“This has got to stop,” he said. “Every week — every week in the United States there’s a shooting. Now it’s our turn. And that should never be repeated anywhere.”

“You know, every city is susceptible. But there’s a way in which I would think that, ‘Well, this wasn’t going to happen in Boulder,'” he said. “And now we know better.”

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Shared Article from AOL: Republicans seize on immigration as border crossings surge


Related More than 30 million people can trace their ancestry to the 102 passengers and approximately 30 crew aboard the Mayflower when it landed in Plymouth Bay, Massachusetts, in the harsh winter of 1620. On board were men, women and children from different walks of life across England and the city of Leiden in Holland. A significant number were known as Separatists, a group of people who mostly wanted to live a life free from the current Church of England. Others were on the ship for a multitude of reasons – some anticipated the chance to build a better future for their families and the opportunity of new land, while for others the offer of freedom and adventure was too good to turn down. Then there were the crew themselves, plus the servants and (unaccompanied children) sent by their families to be looked after by the adults.
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Deaf Ears

Deaf Ears

Many years ago I learned that Men who beat thei’r Women were spineless Cowards who wouldn’t pick a fight with another Man. The reason they wouldn’t pick a fight with a Man is because they fear getting thei’r Ass kicked. Several Months ago I proved that Theory. In the Hallway of the Courthouse where I work, a Man arguing with his Woman suddenly hoisted her over his Head. He was getting ready to Body Slam her to the hard Marble Floor. I moved within Three feet of him, not saying a word to him, only staring at him Intensely, he put her down and walked away. If he was big and Bad as he thought himself to be he would have asked me what are you looking at. He also would have told me to mind your own Business.

Years ago on a Construction Site I broke up a fight that could have ended up with Murder. The aggressor told me to mind my Business or I would be next. That didn’t stop me from getting down on the ground and separating them. Back then I was known as the Hammer. I carried a Hammer on my Hip not just for pounding Nails. Cowardly Jackals who attacked defenceless People are nothing short of being Terrorists. If you are a Man with a Gun and you go shooting at unarmed People whether Men or Women you are Chicken Shit. Pretty much like a Woman Beater,  you know that there won’t be any Bullets coming back, whizzing by your Head so you feel empowered and Brave. I have always been anti Guns since Fourteen years old.

One Day I beat a Bully into a Pulp with a Two by Four, only to find out that his Two older Brothers Seventeen and Eighteen were seasoned Gunmen who had killed before. One Saturday they crashed Rival Terroterries. Everyone in that Backyard was Armed. They all draw and fired at these Two Badass, Executing them. That’s how you deal with People carrying Guns that makes them feel Powerful, you meet Force with Force. I went to the Viewing of my intended Killers uninvited, opened the closed Caskets to see what their Bullets Dimpled faces looked Like. Fourteen years old and I decided that I would never own a Gun. This week a young Man who was entrenched in Hatered, killed Eight People in Georgia, a place South of Delaware where just about everyone believe in the Right to bear Arms. Even if you are a Complete Nut. I am not showing any Sympathy for Mental Illness in a Society that would Die before giving up their Rights to bear Arms.
Long was arrested in Crisp County, about 125 miles south of Atlanta, after his family helped police track his phone.( A 9 mm firearm that he purchased legally )on the day of the shootings was found in the car he was driving, said two senior law enforcement officials briefed about the matter.

So when One of your Children who can’t deal with the Pressures of Life and decide to take up a Vantage Point and start Dropping People like Ducks, save your Phony Sorrows. There are Politicians who are Elected strictly on a Platform of not Addressing Gun Laws. These same Politicians refuse to acknowledge that Mental Illnesses are out of Control. Mixed with all the Hate that’s been Preached and spread, sometimes by they themselves, we all need to run out and buy a Bulletproof Vest. Maybe it’s time to change my stance on Gun Ownership. If we all were Packing and someone carrying a Gun looses it, we all could pull and avoid Carnage.

Two years ago a Seventeen years old in South Florida gingerly walked the Hallways killing seventeen of his Fellow Classmates. If One Teacher was Armed lives would have been saved. But the same Bleading Hearts who say that Guns don’t belong in Schools Elects Mario Rubio who gets Donations from the N.R.A. The Law Enforcement Officer on Duty on the Campus heard the First Shot, yet he didn’t go into the Building to confront the Shooter. I can’t help wondering during his Twenty plus years as a Cop how many young Black Kids running away from him did he draw his Gun on. Many years ago in Connecticut a young Man who was a Recluse who stayed in his Room listening to Head Bangers Music, hoisting Read Flags.

Everyone owns an Assault Rifle

The Flags were not noticed by his Mother who took him to the Gun Range with her. I guess that on this Fateful Day he was having a Bad Day. Pretty much like the Spokesman for the Sheriff Deputy in Georgia said . He said Robert Aaron Long who killed Eight People was having a Bad day. That young Man in Connecticut woke up One Morning, shot and Killed his Mother who casted a Blind Eye on her Sons Red Flags. Then went to a Kindergarten and killed Twenty Seven People, mostly Babies Seven years Old. All those Innocent Babies Lives meant nothing to the hardcore Gun Rights Activists.

What will it take to Convince People that Stricter Gun Laws are needed to protect those of us who don’t Own One. Look what The Second Amendment to the United States did to the Capitol. There were enough Armed People in the Mob to start a War. Like Wu Tang said ” The Revolution will be Televised”, and so it came to pass. Peter Paul and Mary puts it Best, ” Where have all the flowers gone, long time passing?
Where have all the flowers gone, long time ago?
Where have all the flowers gone?
Young girls have picked them, every one
Oh when will they ever learn, oh when will they ever learn?. No One is asking to take away your Toys, all I am asking is to Protect our Children who don’t pack Guns. I believe it’s Peter Gabriel who said, ” Another One bites the Dust, and another one gone and another one gone. Smile when you say that Stranger- John Wayne. Hard Issues needs to be addressed, you cant cast a Blind Eye and Deaf Ears, One Day they will come back and bite you on the Ass.