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The way that People live their miserable Existence and interact with others, is enough for one to drop out of Society and become a Hermit. Many years ago while living in Pennsylvania, being a Nature lover, I would Hike uncharted Trails deep into the Woods. One Trail I charted for myself was a one and a half Mile incline only fitting the travels of a Billy Goat. At the bottom of this Gorge was a pristine Lake made by Nature, top of the up-climb was a Plateau of five Acres. Many times I contemplated buying and Building a Log Cabin. I knew that I was only dreaming, because my Wife hated the Woods. Regardless that is one of my secret Places far away from Bellicose People.

Yesterday I read an Article that gave Creditable reasoning for my Log Cabin. Right here in Florida, a seventy nine years old man who had lived in the same Home for twenty five years. Came Home one Day to find a Cinder Block Abutment erected two feet onto his Driveway and the Adjacent Property. The new Neighbor is said to be some kind of Minister, did I mention Bellicose. He bought the House, did his Survey of the Property and discovered that his Neighbor’s Driveway was two feet onto his five Acres Property. Without discussing it with the Man who have been living there for twenty five years, The Rambunctious Idiot threw up a Wall his first day of Ownership. I have seen on Police Drama Shows where bad Blood among Neighbors got ugly to the point of Murder.

Thank God that this Wall didn’t get to that point. Nonetheless it created a lot of Stress for a seventy nine years old Man trying to live out his remaining years in peace. The way we Live with each other never amazed me of the Underbelly of Life. Last Night coming Home at Twelve A .M. Something happened to me that I had to say, thank you Lord. As I have said over and again, I don’t go through life Blindfolded. I see things beyond the average Human Capabilities, I recognize such things as Inexplicable Occurrences. Things that can be perceived as signs from God. Before I left the House I had to use my portable Generator/ Compressor to put twenty one pounds of Air in one of my Tires.

I should have repaired the Tire right then and there, I had everything I needed to do it myself and it’s something that I do profeciently. I didn’t I just pumped it up, My Wife nags me all the Time that Men do things differently, she is right, they live on the Edge. As a result I had to pull off the Road coming Home and put more Air in the damaged Tire. While pumping up the Tire a Man Drove past me then backed up and asked me if I was ok. In these Dangerous Times that we are living in, that is something remarkable. If I was truly in need of help he was there for me. Isn’t that what this thing called Life is all about, looking out for each other, willing to lend a helping Hand.

So I said to myself thank you Lord for showing me that all is not lost when it comes down to Humanity, cause I would have done the same. Not even knowing if the Person was on the Run from the Law and would have Jacked the working Vehicle. That is the sign that my Soul needed in these Turbulent times of Race-baiting that we need each other and how Fragile we are. As the Song goes I need a Jukebox Hero, and there he was, regardless of Race, Color or Ethnicity. Thank you Lord for showing me that I should keep the Faith in My fellow Man because we’re are all not like that. It could have been a Car full of young Thugs willing to bashed my Brains in for the Change in my Wallet, but it wasn’t, it was my Guardian Angel. Talking about signs, I passed him along the way, then he passed me just before he made his turn off the Main Drag. I glanced in his Car and Focused on him looking for his Halo, all I saw was the Face of Love. As the saying goes I walk not just by Sight, but by Faith also. The Beetles said it Fifty years ago ” Come together right now over me”. I could go on and on about the Subject but I think that I have said a mouthful, as the Man said ” Read my Lips”. Parting Words,  “Games Without Frontiers, War without Tears” . Here are the Lyrics from my Favorite Song by my Favorite Group.

By Through The Roots

Where are we going

Look where we’ve been

Ignoring the signs

Blinding our eyes

Where will it end

We can live in the light

Or hide in the darknes

We continue to fight

Though we didn’t start this

And it’s killing me

See this world that we share

Painted by artists

Placing strokes without care

Think it’ll be easy to find some peace in a world but we’re are all just fighting each other

But a perfect pitch has a perfect plan and it’s not just a crushing of color

Can you hear my voice as I’m crying out

This is the movement, so move with me now, now

I believe that if we come together

We can get higher, higher, higher

I believe that if we stand together

We will rise higher, higher, higher

I believe that life is a canvas its all part of something bigger

Constantly changing with the times an ever evolving figure

What will it take to walk hand in hand change with the times and understand

Make harmony what’s unity

Erase the meaning of a foreign land

Now it’s a world with no borders

Demanding a new world order

Imagine that we never had to read another story of a life cut short by a murder

It should be easy to find some peace in a world since we all share this place with each other

Its up to us to spread the love around

We’ve got to support one another

Can you hear my voice as I’m crying out

This is the movement, so move with me now, now

I believe that if we come together

We can get higher, higher, higher

I believe that if we stand together

We will rise higher, higher, higher

I believe that if we come together

We can get higher, higher, higher

I believe that if we stand together

We can rise higher, higher, higher

Source: Musixmatch

Songwriters: Dwight Duncan / Troy Barrington Mclean / R. Mcleod / Carl Mcleod / Dwight Marvin Duncan / Carlton Oliver Mcleod / Raymond Mcleod / Raymond Vincent Mcleod

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A World Gone 😠 Mad

My Followers know that it is my Fantasy to write a Book on one Page, so here it is the following are Excerpts from my Ebook containing twenty one Thousand Words. After Reading, if you want to see it Published by Professional Publishers you may Contribute, dose’nt matter it is still going to be Published. I had planned to Post this on my Facebook Page before my Website. But then there are Copywrite values.



Though reportorial contributions have been made by the Web generation, it is fair to say the vast majority of blogging does not qualify as journalism. If journalism is the imparting of verifiable facts to a general audience through a mass medium, then most blogs fall well short of meeting the standard. Here is a Blogger’s view on a world gone Mad.


                     Through Her Eyes

It Don’t Make no Matter

Black Lives do matter, for that Matter, all Lives including the Cyclops that doesn’t believe It. A lot of Black Lives have been Squandered over the years by a bunch of Ignorant overzealous Terrorist Types. They go by the Names of Klans, Supremacists, Skinheads, Officer Robert Torsney and of lately, Officer Derek Chauvin. They may even be your Neighbors. As it did in Tulsa Oklahoma in 1921 when three Hundred Black People were Murdered by their White Neighbors. One year later thirty Black People Murdered in Rosewood Florida. It Don’t Make No Macha is Slave Ebonics( It Don’t Make no matter), that’s how Beleaguered Black People felt back then. It don’t make no matter is a feeling of helplessness, dejected and of being Violated. They knew that if they ran away, the Consequences would be Grave. They also knew that if you Outlawed Racism, it don’t make no matter, it’s what’s in the Heart of man that really matters. The Genocide of the Native American People speak for itself. Buried in Time the Falls Creek Massacre, where nine Native Americans two Men three Women two Boys and two Girls were Slaughtered. some of us are just Natural Born Killers. Some of us Survive above all Odds. Today we are not running, we are standing our Ground. Stand your Ground is A Law that Protects you if you feel that your Life is in Danger. A young Black Veteran who served his Country well and learned his Job of Targeting and Precision Release. He returned home to find the same Indignation he left. With the sentiment that it don’t make no matter, he armed himself and took up a Vantage point four Stories high in a Garage. In the Aftermath five Cops were killed and he was blown up with a Robot Bomb, pretty much a Jihadist I would say. Five Hundred miles away two more Fallen Officers, twelve Hundred miles away an Ambush and yet another, he was Black but he wore the Blue. Am I the only one who see a Pattern of Home Grown Terrorism, this is Palestine all over again. Are we approaching the Edge of Night. How many more US Army trained Black Men who are Sharpshooters out there, that are Grinding Axes. I am a firm Believer in Law and order with deep Rooted Patriotism. Always support your Country, your Government, only when deserving. Young Disenfranchised Blacks don’t see eye to eye with me, their Patience has run thin. Waiting four Hundred years for changes that they will never see. I am not a Pessimist, only a Realist. It’s a proven Synopsis, Oppression Incubates Rebellion. The turn of Events in the year two Thousand and twenty have brought out fifty years of Disappointment and Sadness in me. Disappointed in my Fellow Man Disappointed in Government and Society as a whole for casting a Blind Eye and a Deaf Ear to Racism, Prejudices and Brutally. Worse of all you feel good about yourself. Going to Church Sunday Morning talking about Praising the Lord. One of his Fundamental Laws is to love thy Neighbor. I don’t know what Pagon God you Worship, certainly not my Jehovah, I am my Brother’s keeper.

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A Humbling Effect

A Humbling Effect

One of the hardest Job that I have ever taken on is the Job of being Polite, because Rude People works hard at stealing the Joy. My Mother was very skilled in the Art of being Polite, to the point of taking the Blame to keep the Family ❤ together, now that’s taking it to the next level. The Reason I love Jesus is because I am Humbled by Him not defending Himself and choosing to Die for the Betterment of Mankind. Christianity Teaches turning the other Cheek. Mother done well and Jesus got my Attention. Though I could never aspire to walk in their Shoes. But Why do I have to Smile when you are using Sandpaper to Rub me wrong, while I go out of my Way to keep the Peace, I know that no good comes from the Escalation of Hostilities but War, on any Front, including Home or work War is no good. Yet I am to stay Calm and ignore the Hostilities and😃 smile.

This Business of being Polite carries the Coat of  Sainthood . They step on your Pride and say they didn’t mean it, they Lie under Oath, yet I am to be Civilized and be the Bigger Man when Someone needs a Foot up their Ass. Once Working for a Huge Hospitality Corporation where the test for my Job was to pick something from their Refrigerator and cook it in front of them to their taste, for the GM and Head Chef to sample. I was Hired on the Spot, a couple of Months later the Sous Chef went home didn’t tell me that there were a large amount of Food in the Oven,  left overnight there was the possibility of  starting Fire. I reported to work the following Day to be met outside the Privacy of the Kitchen by The General Manager yelling that I left Food in the Oven Overnight, that was Burnt to a Crisp.

Nothing I could say to convince her that it was not my Bad, she didn’t want to hear the Preverbial. If I am not mistaken she even told me to shut up when I tried to explain. Totally frustrated that I was going to be the Scape Goat, against all my good Christian upbringing, I lashed back at Her I told Her that if she was a Man that I would have put my foot in her Ass. I started walking to the Locker Room she followed constantly asking me what did I say, ignoring her I cleaned out my locker, I guess she didn’t realize that those words ment that I Quit, coming down from her high Horse she asked me who was going to cover my shift, I handed her my Apron.

It’s a shame the way people act when you give them a Title and a Position not realizing that if you are the Captain of a Canoe you need someone to man the Oars, otherwise you are going nowhere. In other words you can be the CEO of a fortune 500 company, without quality Help you are just a Poppycock. It’s the same as a President who can’t work with Congress, noting gets accomplished except Filibustering. All of this Superiority Attitude comes from not teaching your Kids Humility, don’t forget that Jesus washed his Disciples Feet to teach them Humility. I guess that if you don’t believe in Jesus then you can’t walk in his footsteps.

When I worked for Salomon Brothers John Gotfreund yearly salary was 12 million with another 12 in Bonus yet he treated me like I was an important component to the success of the Company. With all his Millions he was one of the humblist people that I have ever met. On the other hand I have worked for  Midget Brains who never earned 1 percent of John’s salary that tried to walk all over me before I tell them what to do with their Job. It’s very hard being a good Christian in a world filled with People who think that theirs do not Stink. In conclusion no matter how far you make it in this World don’t forget that Jesus got down on his hands and knees to teach his Disciples Humility, so who am I not to be Humbled.

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Losing My Religion

Losing My Religion

Faith is about what you personally believe. It exists (or not) independently of if you ever tell anyone about your beliefs and independently of whether or not anyone else shares your beliefs.

Religion is organized faith. A group of people with similar faith that in some manner share the faith is a religion.

I am so glad that this is perfectly clear to me, why? Over the years it has been perplexing to me how self serving Religion can be, instead of being in Servitude. It’s been over a year since I have been to Church, that has not compromise my Belief in God, nothing can change that. What has changed is that I can’t be a Hypocrite to myself by showing up every Sunday and contributing to the Church’s Coffers while they are selective to how it is spent. Also the Politics of Trustees who dictate Church policies and how a Minster can deliver his Sermons.

A minister who didn’t speak on Social issues and issues that affected the Community, the Country and the World is performing a disservice. A Minister or the Church does not have the right to influence the Congregation Political views. However it is their obligations to speak out on Social issues such as Homelessness, injustice and Racial discord. Which brings us to why my Feet have not crossed the Treshold in a year.

My Minister grew up in the poorest of conditions in one of the poorest countries in the World. Naturally he is reminiscent and would like to see Social change. As a result of him interjecting his Empathy in his Surmons he was transferred by the Ruling Party to a less Prestigious Parish where they thought he was better suited. How could I continue going to this place every Sunday putting my contributions in it’s Coffers. Once a week the Church holds a Social where a small contribution of six Dollars buy you a Meal. Never once have I ever heard anyone mentioned inviting the so called Indigent members of our Community to the Church’s Kitchen backdoor to give them the leftovers, or cooking enough to feed them also.

I understand that we were better dressed and better smelling, but why couldn’t we put Park benches in the Parking Lot behind the kitchen. Maybe the lack of insight parallels an experience I had working in a Restaurant while going to High School fifty years ago. I was somewhat of Cook and shift Manager, my responsibility includes counting the money and cleaning up. Whatever food that wasn’t sold such as Hamburgers and Hotdogs, I would find a large Boxtop lined it with Aluminum Foil and place the food in it and place the container on top of the Garbage Can. I did that so the Homeless People who lived in the area of 14th St didn’t have to go through my Garbage cans to eat. My Manager went off the deep end telling me that I was Harboring them.

My God am I not my Brother’s Keeper. I was seventeen Jobs were plentiful I walked out on that Idiot as I walked out on my Church for it’s lack of sensitivity for our Indigent Brothers and Sisters. Once I was working Downtown St Pete during the cold months sometimes you would see the sidewalk close to the Soup kitchen on 5th Ave littered with Sleeping bags, sometimes Kids are in them, another reason why I withdraw my Tides from the Collection Plate. My Church is not as big as the Catholic Organizations but they are World Wide.

Yet I have never heard of them doing anything outstanding like this one small Church in Tampa that goes out of their way to cater to the Homeless, they have an Industrial Kitchen and they provide Shelter. While writing this Blog it occurred to me that this is the kind of Church that I should Worship in whatever their Denomination is and give a portion of my Earnings to, unlike the Government not knowing where my Tax Dollars go, they would spend my money in accordance with my Belief of Charity and Servitude.

Jesus washing the feet of the disciples (John 13:1–17) occurred in the upper room, during the Last Supper and has significance in three ways. For Jesus, it was the display of His humility and His servanthood. For the disciples, the washing of their feet was in direct contrast to their heart attitudes at that time. For us, washing feet is symbolic of our role in the body of Christ.

Walking in sandals on the filthy roads of Palestine in the first century made it imperative that feet be washed before a communal meal, especially since people reclined at a low table and feet were very much in evidence. When Jesus rose from the table and began to wash the feet of the disciples (John 13:4), He was doing the work of the lowliest of servants. The disciples must have been stunned at this act of humility and condescension, that Christ, their Lord and master, should wash the feet of His disciples, when it was their proper work to have washed His. But when Jesus came to earth the first time, He came not as King and Conqueror, but as the suffering Servant of Isaiah 53. As He revealed in Matthew 20:28, He came “not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” The humility expressed by His act with towel and basin foreshadowed His ultimate act of humility and love on the cross.

Jesus’ attitude of servanthood was in direct contrast to that of the disciples, who had recently been arguing among themselves as to which of them was the greatest (Luke 22:24). Since there was no servant present to wash their feet, it would never have occurred to them to wash one another’s feet. When the Lord Himself stooped to this lowly task, they were stunned into silence. To his credit, though, Peter was profoundly uncomfortable with the Lord washing his feet, and, never being at a loss for words, Peter protested, “You shall never wash my feet!”

Then Jesus said something that must have further shocked Peter: “Unless I wash you, you have no part with me” (John 13:8), prompting Peter, whose love for the Savior was genuine, to request a complete washing. Then Jesus explained the true meaning of being washed by Him.

Peter had experienced the cleansing of salvation and did not need to be washed again in the spiritual sense. Salvation is a one-time act of justification by faith, but the lifelong process of sanctification is one of washing from the stain of sin we experience as we walk through the world. Peter and the disciples—all except Judas, who never belonged to Christ—needed only this temporal cleansing.

This truth is just one of several from this incident that Christians can apply to their own lives. I maybe losing my Religion but I will never loose my Faith

P.S. if the Government can’t fix it it’s up to you and me the Community the Church

“She calls out to the man on the street
‘Sir, can you help me?
It’s cold and I’ve nowhere to sleep,
Is there somewhere you can tell me?’

He walks on, doesn’t look back
He pretends he can’t hear her
Starts to whistle as he crosses the street
Seems embarrassed to be there

Oh think twice, it’s another day for
You and me in paradise
Oh think twice, it’s just another day for you,
You and me in paradise”….Phil Collins