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It doesn’t matter

It doesn’t matter

When I worked in Construction we had a saying about dealing with the hard work. ” It’s all mind over Matter, If you’ve got no mind, it don’t matter. That my friend is the Motivation for this Blog, having a mind of your own and not following the mass. When I was fourteen years old, while doing the Laundry Mother found a big Bag of Marijuana in my pocket. Being the most Diplomatic person, she said nothing of her find for Days. Then one day she asked me how do I want to live my life. ” Do you want to be a Shepherd or a Sheep?” She continued, I found your Weed and I flushed it down the toilet. Is this what you want to do? I snapped, everybody smoke Weed, which was true in the sixties. Knowing that I was in the wrong, I kept quiet and listened to the rest of the chastising. She continued, ” If everyone jumped off the George Washington Bridge, are you going to jump also. That was my first Lesson about Individuality. Being your own Man. Mother was a hard working single Mom. She was a progressive Blue Collar worker, she worked in a Professional Kitchen before many women, when the Industry was Male dominated. Seventy years before Julia Child and Pioneer Woman.

Years earlier we were Dirt Poor, because of her Health she could not maintain a job. There was a time when my Brother and I had two sets of Clothing, one on our backs, the other in the wash. That’s how she kept us looking pristine in Parochial School. Everyone thought we came from a well to do Family. If there was a hole in our Khaki pants, she would patch the hole and they would become clothes to play in. Back in the day, Clarence Carter had a song called Patches, the Song was about growing up Dirt Poor. As a result of being so Damned poor in earlier years. Three months from my fifteenth Birthday, I got my first job, packing Groceries for Associated Supermarket. From there on I was never out of work, Poverty scares me. I worked all through High School and brought Money home to support the Household. Everyone in the School thought that I was a Drug Dealer because of the way I Dressed. Since H.S. Fashion has been a big part of my Persona.

Sometimes I think that the years of not having Clothes is the reason. The only Books other than Textbooks I read was G.Q. and anything dealing with Fashion and Social Grooming. I was so fashionable inclined, my Graduation Gift to the Class was a Fashion Show that Orchestrated. I staged it and Modeled some Clothes that I Designed and fabricated. My gift with a Needle and Thread came from my mother and my Cousin who she helped in training her to be a great Seamstress and Designer who made Clothes for Jackie O. and other famous people.

The Fashion Show was a Smash, we invited Smokie Robinson and he showed up and performed on our Stage. That Shindig was the biggest party that I ever threw in my entire life. Many of the people in the Show went on to study at the Fashion Institute Technology, So I ask you? Is there anyone else who is more capable of being Critical of Today’s Fashion? Wearing your Pants showing your Ass-Crack, Holes in your Jeans and Leggings showing all your goodies is Lame. Some Dumb-ass Fashion Designer who Went to The Fashion Institute who have never been Poor decides to make fun of Poverty with tattered Jeans and the world of Sheep makes him Rich. Wearing Clothes with Holes in them, is making fun of Poverty. Wearing your Pants below your Ass crack is a Fashion that was Started in Prisons by Cellblock Whores, advertising their availability. Leggings is supposed to be an understatement. Once again, it’s all Mind over Matter, If you’ve got no Mind, it don’t matter. Be a Shepherd, not a Sheep. I can not end this Blog without addressing another disgusting trend, putting your kids in the same Shopping Cart where I put my Food is nasty. Sanitary practices are more important than lame Fashion trends. I have not posted in a long time, I have been busy with restructuring my Book and relocating to South Carolina. Those who follow my Blogs knows that I like to speak my mind and keep it short and sweet, Fin.

We are not looking for Tuna that taste good, we are looking for Fashion with good taste.

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Ambition Rules


As far as I’m concerned Ambition should be a greater force than the Survival Instinct. Survival without excelling is of little Human value. I have been in the Workforce since Fifteen working for a major Supermarket Chain as a Stock clerk. As a result of my Age I had to get a Work Permit that prohibited me working beyond Six P.M. I worked all through High School and have always brought Money Home to support my upkeep. I Dressed better than just about everyone in the School, Teachers including. I had Money to buy the Best Weed and Bought my first Car at Seventeen, also securing my own Insurance. All the Kids in School knew that I always had Good Weed including the Dean. On my Book Bag Read the Phrase ” See me roll me smoke me” the Dean threatened to expel me if I didn’t remove the Logo from my Book Bag. Anyway that’s enough of the Background History.

The point is that I have always held my Own. At Eighteen I had my own Apartment and working Full-time for U.S. Plywood. What motivated this Blog is. Last Night walking across the Parking lot to my Car, I almost got run over by a young Woman in her Twenties. She was Riding a Hobo Cycle, a Bicycle with a Trailer that contains thei’r Worldly Possessions. Today I am sitting in the Cafeteria on the First floor looking at the same Woman unfolding a Canvas Chair on the Sidewalk. It appears that she camped out on the Grounds of the Courthouse within the last Twenty Four Hours. An Act that can get you Arrested for Trespassing. I asked myself what in the world that could put a young Person in the Predicament that she was in. Then the Answer came to me, The lack of Ambition. If I was in a Precarious situation that would render me Homeless, I would work for Minimum Hourly Wage to afford the cost of renting a Room in a Fleabag Motel. Even if it consumed all my Salary. I would use my Hobo Cycle to collect Cans, Bottles and any Metal to take to the Recycling center. Any Money I made from my Extracurricular activities would pay for my Food, while saving to get a Studio Appointment.

My own Design

The rest would be saved to get a Car. Once I got my Car, I would work for Uber while Building my Credit. After a while I would buy a Hud Home and borrow from Hud the Money needed to Repair it. During the Remodeling I would create two sections, One for my Living and the other to rent out. After a while I would Refinance the House and buy another. I would continue the process till I could buy the Fleabag Motel and make it liveable for all the other Homeless people I met while living on the Streets. And that my friend is the Difference between having Ambition and the lack of it. I sympathize with someone with a Drug or Alcohol problem that allows themselves to slip through the cracks of life. But for someone who appears to have all their Faculties, yet having no Ambition, that is unconscionable. My Wife have always Rag on me that I think that I know everything and that I am the only one who knows how to do anything. I Hate to admit it but I try to be, why? I have Macgyer Mentality. Give me a Handful of Mud and a couple of Straws and I will build a Mansion. Over the Years I have Taught myself to fix Cars, Washing Machines, Dryers, Computers Roofs and anything associated with a House, Boilers and all Electrical including.

Then I took on the Project of Self Educating Myself, then moved on to Teaching myself to Write. Last week I completed my first Book, Two Hundred and Fifty Pages. The reason for the Shortness is because I Fantasize about writing a Blog with One Sentence and a Book on One Page. The Motivation is credited to Steven Spielberg, he said that once you have made your Point, everything else is Bullshit. Getting back to the Homeless Woman, if I were in her Predicament my Ambition would force me to sell everything I Owned, including my Pride. Xaviera Hollander became Rich selling her Pride. Mary Magdalene has been Depicted by Western Christian doctrine, Renaissance Art and Modern Media as a Prostitute, yet Jesus had a Place in his Heart for Her. That tells me that Anyone can be Forgiven. I know that my Writing jumps Fences, but that is my Style without sounding like a Wanderer. Anyway, Ambition Rules!

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Foxy Roxie

Jonbene’t Ramsey was killed in the year 1996. Whoever would want to snuff out this little Princesses Life is an absolute Monster. However there have been many of speculations about her being thrown into a womanly character at Six years old, and that she could have attracted the wrong kind of Admirer. Dressing a Child like a Vixen is just totally wrong. Anyway that is the Motivation for this Blog, being bred to be a Temptress. Women who encourage their little Girls to be overly Seductive as early as twelve years old. My Wife have always Maintained that men are Dogs. In One of my earlier Blogs I wrote One Titled Prudence, when  I worked at the Resort on St Pete Beach. One Day walking down the Road I noticed a Girl Twelve or Thirteen walking with her Mother, her Father and her younger Brother. What struck me about this Family was that the Girl was crying and her Hands covering her Naked Top. Even though we were only One Block from the Beach, its not a topless Beach.

What struck me about the Child was that she had Modesty. Same Place and Time I noticed two Fifteen years old in the Kiddie Pool just about doing it. I Observed their Techniques and know that they were Frisky Reguarly. Yet another Reason for this Blog, overly Seductive, overly Sexy and overly Amorous. Another thing I also think about is one of my Childhood Friends Becoming a Father at Seventeen, and a Fifteen years old Girl pulling a Train on five young Boys, me being Twelve years old, being introduced to Sex. And so they grow up wild and Loose. Two years ago in Tampa a Fifteen years old Girl was Raped and Killed, her Body dumped in the Woods Like Trash. Story told she was always a Runaway who spent the Weekends with Boys or Men. If you put yourself in the line of fire, you will catch stray Bullets, better yet stray Dogs.

So now we go back to priming young Girls to be Seductive. They grow up and takes it to the Workplace. Their Attire leaves nothing for the Imagination. Today in the Courthouse a Plus Size Woman bent over at the Counter to pay her Fines. Her Pantyline smiled at me. Yet if we were in a work Environment,  being a Married Man, If I leered at her Curvatures, I would be an O.D.B.( Old Dirty Bastard) If I was her Boss and I stared to long it would be Sexual Harassment. When she stood up straight her Boobs were popping out of the Excessively tight Dress. In my Mind , She has been Twerking since Twelve.

Put her in a Business Suit Two Sizes too small with a Skirt Eight inches above the Knee and the Natives become restless. I have been Married since working at Solomon Brothers 1980. I have had Managing Director’s Mistress throw themselves at me. Women who were set-up in a Five Thousand Dollars a Month Apartment. They were College Educated, but chose to use their Wares, instead of their Minds. Then there were the ones who used their Minds and got nowhere. They ran the Back office skillfully, while their Boss got The Credits and the Rewards. 1980 there were no Female Managing Directors on Wall St.The Only thing that kept me straight was having a Wife who I knew would throw me out on the Street, with no Shoes on my Feet, also being fired from Solomon.

Love is Grand

Workplace Romances were only tolerated with Managing Directors. Among the Ranks, you are Fired. Being Married for Forty One years, if you called me a Girlwatcher, I wouldn’t be Offended. That’s how you stay Married for Forty One years. You look but don’t touch you look but don’t Leer or Drool. You keep your Comments to yourself. You think about the Consequences of a Divorce for a Moment’s Pleasure. All this falls under the Heading of Intellectual Intelligence .

Having Empathy for other People’s feelings and being Jurisprudence with your Emotions and Behavior. Being able to hold your Tongue and Thoughts, whether mad or glad happy. Intellectual Intelligence separates us from the Stray Cats and Dogs in the Alley. I love Mario Cuomo, I remember his Sons growing up and getting into the News for their Indiscretions. Now they are all grown up. As my Mother always said ” You’ve made your Bed, now lay in it. After all that I have said coming up to this point, I hope some young Man comes away with what I am not saying. Like Phil said ” Shut your Mouth, keep your Hands on the Wheel”, while the Female Artist cooed ” I like a Man with slow Hands”. Even better yet ” Don’t hand me no lines and keep your Hands to yourself” Well there you have it I have said my Peace, as Subtlety as possible. You can’t have a Show with no Audience and you can’t go touching the Tomatoes without buying, Oui La La La.

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Shared Article from AOL: Arnold Schwarzenegger invokes Nazi terror in powerful video on Capitol riot



This is what he stands for he is by no way an American, nor his Followers.




Does anyone else noticed that they are all Hillbillies?



These are not Patriots, they are Terrorists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!