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The way that People live their miserable Existence and interact with others, is enough for one to drop out of Society and become a Hermit. Many years ago while living in Pennsylvania, being a Nature lover, I would Hike uncharted Trails deep into the Woods. One Trail I charted for myself was a one and a half Mile incline only fitting the travels of a Billy Goat. At the bottom of this Gorge was a pristine Lake made by Nature, top of the up-climb was a Plateau of five Acres. Many times I contemplated buying and Building a Log Cabin. I knew that I was only dreaming, because my Wife hated the Woods. Regardless that is one of my secret Places far away from Bellicose People.

Yesterday I read an Article that gave Creditable reasoning for my Log Cabin. Right here in Florida, a seventy nine years old man who had lived in the same Home for twenty five years. Came Home one Day to find a Cinder Block Abutment erected two feet onto his Driveway and the Adjacent Property. The new Neighbor is said to be some kind of Minister, did I mention Bellicose. He bought the House, did his Survey of the Property and discovered that his Neighbor’s Driveway was two feet onto his five Acres Property. Without discussing it with the Man who have been living there for twenty five years, The Rambunctious Idiot threw up a Wall his first day of Ownership. I have seen on Police Drama Shows where bad Blood among Neighbors got ugly to the point of Murder.

Thank God that this Wall didn’t get to that point. Nonetheless it created a lot of Stress for a seventy nine years old Man trying to live out his remaining years in peace. The way we Live with each other never amazed me of the Underbelly of Life. Last Night coming Home at Twelve A .M. Something happened to me that I had to say, thank you Lord. As I have said over and again, I don’t go through life Blindfolded. I see things beyond the average Human Capabilities, I recognize such things as Inexplicable Occurrences. Things that can be perceived as signs from God. Before I left the House I had to use my portable Generator/ Compressor to put twenty one pounds of Air in one of my Tires.

I should have repaired the Tire right then and there, I had everything I needed to do it myself and it’s something that I do profeciently. I didn’t I just pumped it up, My Wife nags me all the Time that Men do things differently, she is right, they live on the Edge. As a result I had to pull off the Road coming Home and put more Air in the damaged Tire. While pumping up the Tire a Man Drove past me then backed up and asked me if I was ok. In these Dangerous Times that we are living in, that is something remarkable. If I was truly in need of help he was there for me. Isn’t that what this thing called Life is all about, looking out for each other, willing to lend a helping Hand.

So I said to myself thank you Lord for showing me that all is not lost when it comes down to Humanity, cause I would have done the same. Not even knowing if the Person was on the Run from the Law and would have Jacked the working Vehicle. That is the sign that my Soul needed in these Turbulent times of Race-baiting that we need each other and how Fragile we are. As the Song goes I need a Jukebox Hero, and there he was, regardless of Race, Color or Ethnicity. Thank you Lord for showing me that I should keep the Faith in My fellow Man because we’re are all not like that. It could have been a Car full of young Thugs willing to bashed my Brains in for the Change in my Wallet, but it wasn’t, it was my Guardian Angel. Talking about signs, I passed him along the way, then he passed me just before he made his turn off the Main Drag. I glanced in his Car and Focused on him looking for his Halo, all I saw was the Face of Love. As the saying goes I walk not just by Sight, but by Faith also. The Beetles said it Fifty years ago ” Come together right now over me”. I could go on and on about the Subject but I think that I have said a mouthful, as the Man said ” Read my Lips”. Parting Words,  “Games Without Frontiers, War without Tears” . Here are the Lyrics from my Favorite Song by my Favorite Group.

By Through The Roots

Where are we going

Look where we’ve been

Ignoring the signs

Blinding our eyes

Where will it end

We can live in the light

Or hide in the darknes

We continue to fight

Though we didn’t start this

And it’s killing me

See this world that we share

Painted by artists

Placing strokes without care

Think it’ll be easy to find some peace in a world but we’re are all just fighting each other

But a perfect pitch has a perfect plan and it’s not just a crushing of color

Can you hear my voice as I’m crying out

This is the movement, so move with me now, now

I believe that if we come together

We can get higher, higher, higher

I believe that if we stand together

We will rise higher, higher, higher

I believe that life is a canvas its all part of something bigger

Constantly changing with the times an ever evolving figure

What will it take to walk hand in hand change with the times and understand

Make harmony what’s unity

Erase the meaning of a foreign land

Now it’s a world with no borders

Demanding a new world order

Imagine that we never had to read another story of a life cut short by a murder

It should be easy to find some peace in a world since we all share this place with each other

Its up to us to spread the love around

We’ve got to support one another

Can you hear my voice as I’m crying out

This is the movement, so move with me now, now

I believe that if we come together

We can get higher, higher, higher

I believe that if we stand together

We will rise higher, higher, higher

I believe that if we come together

We can get higher, higher, higher

I believe that if we stand together

We can rise higher, higher, higher

Source: Musixmatch

Songwriters: Dwight Duncan / Troy Barrington Mclean / R. Mcleod / Carl Mcleod / Dwight Marvin Duncan / Carlton Oliver Mcleod / Raymond Mcleod / Raymond Vincent Mcleod

America, Life, Religion

Brutally Frank


That was just a Dream


Brutally Frank

When I moved to Florida I needed something to do to supplement my Income, so I took a Job working in a Resort. Being a People Person, I thought that working in the Consigliere Dept as a flunkie for the Guests would be the Ideal spot for me. While there I met some very nice People and some not so nice ones. With thei’r permissions and requests I wrote about three of them. One sent me an Email and told me that they were overcome with Tears of Joy for what I wrote about thei’r eight years old Daughter, that she would evolve into a World Class Citizen with Leadership quality. I also stated that her Parents work shined through her Mannerisms. These are the kind of People I live my entire Life to meet.

They had thei’r own Business back Home, but they were down to Earth People nontheless. The others you could put in a Barrel and roll them over Niagara Falls. For instance one Guest who asked me if it is necessary for the Staff to use the same Elevator with the Guests. She was a Repugnant Women with a few Bucks, I looked better, dressed better and smelled better  than the old Haig of forty five with wrinkles becoming of a Sailor who has been at Sea for too long. Her Mentality was still back in 1913 when Old Black Women and Pregnant Black Women gave their Seat to young White Men. I have endured Ignoramus Amebas Like that for fifty three years and said not a word. The Silence has given me an Ulcer in my Stomach that gets worse each year. This is my last Blog on the Subject, because one Hand clapping is an exercise in futility. 1968 I watched Dr King and John Lewis got sprayed with water Cannons, chased by Dogs and beaten with Clubs by Gestapos, all for exercising their Constitutional Rights. I rest my Case.

Like Niel Young and Phil Collins said, ” keep on rocking in a Free World” why? ” It’s just another Day in Paradise for you and me”.

I don’t know if it’s because my Mentor was a deeply Religious Christian Woman I called Mother, or I am just Gullible. Regardless, I believe just about everything that I have read in the Bible. It says that God made man in his own Image, it didn’t say he made White Man, it didn’t say he made Black Man or for that matter ( There is that Word again Matter) neither did it say he made a variety of Men. So why is all our Rainbow of Colors the major Driving force in how we Perceive and treat each other. If you ask me such Ideologies are nothing short of Dimwittedness.

Scholars, Theologians and So called Godfearing People hold these Idiocrincies as a Roadmap for living thei’r Lives. Religion was created by Man, Mankind has been Flawed since the Garden of Eden and the first Murder by Cain. Spiritually is God given, I choose to follow the latter being someone who holds the Ten Commandments as the Laws of Life, the Laws to Live by. I am my Brother’s Keeper. I was only seventeen when I first practiced that Ideology. I was Working full-time for a Fast Food Chain in NYC while still in High School. I was the Closer, my responsibilities included counting and securing the Money, cleaning the Restaurant and disposing of whatever food that wasn’t sold. In those Days it appeared that all the Homeless People in New York lived Downtown Manhattan.

I started a procedure of Humanely disposing of the Food that wasn’t sold. I would find a Lid from a Box, lined it with Aluminum Foil and put the Food that was supposed to be thrown into the Dumpster, placed it on top of a Garbage Can. To the Wretched Indigent Population around the 14th street area, I was Godsent. To my Boss I was an Idiot who encouraged them to Loiter around the Restaurant, I was apprehended and fired. My only regret was that whoever replaced me wouldn’t follow me footsteps. Years later I Learned that I.R.S. gave Tax Credit if the Food is thrown into the Dumpster, no Credit if if is given away. Talking about user Friendly.  Fifty years later I see no change in the way Society showed Empathy for the Indigent.

The last Church that my Feet crossed The Threshold is the motivation for this Blog. The Neighborhood where I Live is ninety percent White, there are no Black Churches. Yearning to hear the Word of God, I decided to frequent a Church that was ninety nine percent White, with a Black Minister. He, his Family and mine were the one percent. That in itself was a Catalyst for failure. The young Minister was well Educated in Theology though he came from one of the poorest Countries in the World. Naturally he felt Empathy for the Downtrodden and the Disenfranchised. I have always felt that a Minister had the responsibility of not only preaching God’s Words, but also to address Social Ailments such as Racism.

The first Day he addressed the Subject on the Podium I knew that it was the beginning of the End. He was transferred to a Neighborhood that had more of his own Kind, so to Speak. I am not even going to Elaborate on how far up in the Echelons of that Tribe of Barbarians, who think that they are doing God’s Work, the indifference towards the Ten Commandments are practiced Religiously.  Another reason I withdraw my weekly financials contributions were, every Thursdays there were  weekly Socials to bring extra Revenue into the Church’s Coffer. Never once did I hear of feeding the Indigent ones with the leftovers. I guess they practiced what the Restaurant Managers Preach, ” Don’t encourage them to Loiter around your Place. Parting Words, We’ve got a kinder gentler Machine Gun Hand. Like the Man said, when you have Lived long enough to get to our Age, you have earned the Right to Speak your Mind. This Hypocrisy has gone on for too long with the World casting a Blind Eye and Deaf Ears. Today in the Courthouse where I work I had a Great Conversation with a young Black Sheriff Deputy. I told him that Respect should not be given or taken, it should be Earned by the way you do your Job and the way you Live your Life, he replied, thank you Sir. My deepest Respect to him for wanting to serve and Protect our Neighborhoods be they Black or white.

America, Life

Courage to be Different

Ever since I was fifteen I was always drawn to People with Convictions, people who was not afraid to be Different no matter the outcome Joe Medler is such a Person and has won my Respect. This Blog was written four years ago I dug it up going through the Directories of one of my old discarded Phones. I had lost contact with Joe but now I am one of his most Devoted Followers. To those of you who don’t like my Controversial Style, remember it takes Courage to Grow.


To Exercise Virtue

‘Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without it you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.’ -Maya Angelou

I’m thinking a lot about this quote and the idea it contains today.

Last night we elected a man to lead our country who I find to be dangerous. And I’m a white, middle class male. I can’t imagine the fear that my darker skinned brothers and sisters are feeling right now. I identify with them and I agree with them and I vote with them, but I am disciplined in acknowledging always that I am not in their shoes. I cannot have their perspective, even if I empathize with it. I am not the father of little girls nor am I a woman. I’m a native English speaking American and don’t have to fear being rounded up. I advocate for the disabled, both professionally and personally and I’m not them, watching a man openly mock an actual person with a disability, bullying him while doing his job from the podium with flags flying and crowds cheering and guffawing. I’m an advocate, but I’m protected.

I’m from the disaffected, largely white area of the country that would appear to have given the Presidency to Donald Trump. I know that the people that voted for him see something other than a dangerous, white supremacist, misogynistic monster. From my angle I’m afraid that that thing they saw allowed them to think they were supporting someone of virtue. Someone who would prioritize them without hurting others. I fear that they similarly can’t see what this feels like to fellow, hard working Americans with skin darker than theirs. Or the hard working immigrant families who’ve sacrificed whole lives, whole histories and all social standing to come to the place where hope lived only to find it lead by a man threatening to deport, insisting on building a wall and enthusiastically able to belittle and dismiss the sacrifice of families who’ve lost loved ones in defense of our highest ideals.

I don’t have any idea what I can do but stand up and try to find a sliver of light in the dark where I can try to send love through. It’s hard to listen when you are afraid. I am afraid. But it’s incredibly important to listen. I will try. I’m pretty sure I’ll fail a lot of the time, but i will keep trying.

What I do see is there is a lot of anger. There is a lot of fear. The air has been thick with it for years. My instincts in this moment are awful. I want to scream. I want to yell and lash out and blanket the land in judgment. It would feel good to do that. The fights that would ensue would make me feel like I was doing something. But I’d be working against the solutions we need. The fact is that this is a time that demands virtue. You can’t defeat the dark without light. You can’t address fear with fear. Anger will not go away with louder anger.

Patience. Love. Understanding. Compassion. Empathy.

These are the virtues we are lacking. There are real world problems that require real world answers. Yes. But if we can’t hear each other, if we can’t understand and empathize with the real fears than we can’t even begin the difficult conversations we need to have. We can’t ever learn to understand why something so confounding, how something so terrifying ever could have happened. I’m scared, I truly am. For me to overcome it’s going to take courage. It’s going to take courage to be patient. To listen. To try to reseed humanity, whatever tiny little portion of it I can effect with love.

There’s work to do. We must shine light into darkness. We must stay curious. We must seek out hate and counter it with love. We must find fear and meet it with empathy. We must meet anger head on and do whatever we can to show people compassion and love.

We must have courage and exercise our virtues. This is a time for our better angels to reveal themselves.

Author: joejmedler

Joe Medler lives in New Jersey with his wife, who is universally understood to be far too good for him, and his two young sons, who are far too smart for him. His work has been featured on MamaLode, The Original Bunker Punks and Sammiches and Psych Meds. You can find more of his work at and follow him on Facebook at

One thought on “To Exercise Virtue”

  1. The article is very riveting and revealing.
    I Blog about parenting and relationships, so it would be inappropriate to interject Racism. I do have a Blog written on the subject. I will forward it to you at a later date. However I do envision a lot of civil unrest down the road and pray they don’t escalate. With no mention of relevance I a Black.

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A World Gone 😠 Mad

My Followers know that it is my Fantasy to write a Book on one Page, so here it is the following are Excerpts from my Ebook containing twenty one Thousand Words. After Reading, if you want to see it Published by Professional Publishers you may Contribute, dose’nt matter it is still going to be Published. I had planned to Post this on my Facebook Page before my Website. But then there are Copywrite values.



Though reportorial contributions have been made by the Web generation, it is fair to say the vast majority of blogging does not qualify as journalism. If journalism is the imparting of verifiable facts to a general audience through a mass medium, then most blogs fall well short of meeting the standard. Here is a Blogger’s view on a world gone Mad.


                     Through Her Eyes

It Don’t Make no Matter

Black Lives do matter, for that Matter, all Lives including the Cyclops that doesn’t believe It. A lot of Black Lives have been Squandered over the years by a bunch of Ignorant overzealous Terrorist Types. They go by the Names of Klans, Supremacists, Skinheads, Officer Robert Torsney and of lately, Officer Derek Chauvin. They may even be your Neighbors. As it did in Tulsa Oklahoma in 1921 when three Hundred Black People were Murdered by their White Neighbors. One year later thirty Black People Murdered in Rosewood Florida. It Don’t Make No Macha is Slave Ebonics( It Don’t Make no matter), that’s how Beleaguered Black People felt back then. It don’t make no matter is a feeling of helplessness, dejected and of being Violated. They knew that if they ran away, the Consequences would be Grave. They also knew that if you Outlawed Racism, it don’t make no matter, it’s what’s in the Heart of man that really matters. The Genocide of the Native American People speak for itself. Buried in Time the Falls Creek Massacre, where nine Native Americans two Men three Women two Boys and two Girls were Slaughtered. some of us are just Natural Born Killers. Some of us Survive above all Odds. Today we are not running, we are standing our Ground. Stand your Ground is A Law that Protects you if you feel that your Life is in Danger. A young Black Veteran who served his Country well and learned his Job of Targeting and Precision Release. He returned home to find the same Indignation he left. With the sentiment that it don’t make no matter, he armed himself and took up a Vantage point four Stories high in a Garage. In the Aftermath five Cops were killed and he was blown up with a Robot Bomb, pretty much a Jihadist I would say. Five Hundred miles away two more Fallen Officers, twelve Hundred miles away an Ambush and yet another, he was Black but he wore the Blue. Am I the only one who see a Pattern of Home Grown Terrorism, this is Palestine all over again. Are we approaching the Edge of Night. How many more US Army trained Black Men who are Sharpshooters out there, that are Grinding Axes. I am a firm Believer in Law and order with deep Rooted Patriotism. Always support your Country, your Government, only when deserving. Young Disenfranchised Blacks don’t see eye to eye with me, their Patience has run thin. Waiting four Hundred years for changes that they will never see. I am not a Pessimist, only a Realist. It’s a proven Synopsis, Oppression Incubates Rebellion. The turn of Events in the year two Thousand and twenty have brought out fifty years of Disappointment and Sadness in me. Disappointed in my Fellow Man Disappointed in Government and Society as a whole for casting a Blind Eye and a Deaf Ear to Racism, Prejudices and Brutally. Worse of all you feel good about yourself. Going to Church Sunday Morning talking about Praising the Lord. One of his Fundamental Laws is to love thy Neighbor. I don’t know what Pagon God you Worship, certainly not my Jehovah, I am my Brother’s keeper.

America, Life

The Heartbeat Of America

That was just a Dream

This weekend I was fortunate to have spent three days of my Vacation in Monks Corner. Nestled in central South Carolina is this little Town with more Dirt Roads than these Feet have ever trodden. The People as down to Earth as the many Dirt Roads. The Town has come a long way from the years of 1940, the People have evolved beyond their Parents wildest imagination. In this town you can find Palital Homes accessible only by Dirt Roads. The Government have built Roads in places that an American Car will never be Driven, and now a Wall to keep out the people from picking the Fruit Trees, helping Farmers to make a profit. This Country was built on free Labor, so it can only prosper from Cheap Labor. Yet the people who were Born here waits on the bottom rung of the Ladder to drive on Roads found on Long Island and Suburbs in Washington,  all I want to know is where does the Tax Dollars go. That doesn’t stop the Natives of Monks Corner from striving. I call them Natives because most of them who were Born there choose to stay there and build the Town where their Predecessors would be elated with Pride, its Children have grown up and brought their Town up with them. I was re- introduced to my In-laws, all of them upstanding members of the Community, They Love Jesus and America too, many of them successful Professionals.To mention a few, one a retired Telephone Lineman who is also an entrepreneur who gave up an opportunity to play in the NFL to be with his Ailing Mother. Did I mention Salt of the Earth, his Nephew a retired Captain from the US Army who is also a skilled Craftsman.

Some of us have suffered abuse neglect and poverty, yet we rise above meritocracy and not transferring our pain to others. As the saying goes if it doesn’t kill you( the abuse) it will make you stronger. The Children of Monks Corner grew strong, some going as far back as their Native American and African Heritage. As Children they did more than their Chores and never neglected their Education. They knew that if they wanted more out of Life than their Parents afforded them that they had to work for it, and so did they. Life was hard but these  people had Tenacity. They overcame Racial discord and Discrimination by dealing with the situation by doing exactly what my Mother told me ( be the best at whatever you choose to be, if it is a Dishwasher be the best, if it’s the President of a Corporation be the Best. They may never accept You but they will Respect you for the Job you do.

The People of Monks Corner should be proud of their Journey, I consider it an Epic one. Along the way I have met a lot of people, years ago I met a Man in Texas, he was worth five hundred million. When the Heirs to his fortune graduated College, instead of giving them Offices next to him, he gave them Jobs working on Highways laying Blacktop in 113 degrees heat. I asked why he did that, he told me to teach them the value of a Dollar. The People of Monks Corner knows the value of a Dollar Working Farms early in the Morning then  going to School made their characters tireless. One of my In-laws a Master Craftsman  built his Home a mini Mansion from the Ground up two Stories. Like the Whiz K said whatever it is that is your Job, make sure that you do it, Work Hard Play Hard, that’s my Motto. I have always been a hard worker,  that’s why I Respect like minded people as myself, all my In-laws are hard workers.

From my Observation it appears to be the norm in this Town. The Town’s History is Rich, from Cotton Plantation to the Civil War, these are the decendants of America’s evolvement of Native Americans and African American. I have met Africans, they have their ways. The Children of Monks Corner are Americans who have reached out and grasp whatever benefits the System offers such as Education and Entrepreneurship. This was an absolute Culture Shock for me, living in Pennsylvania and New York all my Life. Coming to a place where my People owns their piece of the Rock, no matter how small is an Accomplishment. Furthermore their Town is not a Shanty Town, many of the Homes if they were in my Hometown of Tampa, on the Waterfront would easily fetch one Million. The inhabitants have come far, yet they stayed Grounded and Faithful. This was a Heartwarming experience for me to see the People as George would say have Overcome, and move on up to what their Parents could only have Envisioned.

The town of Moncks Corner, named for landowner Thomas Monck, dates back to 1728. It began as a trading post with a few taverns and stores. The Battle of Monck’s Corner was fought here in 1780, associated with the Siege of Charleston. The Town is Rich with history going back to its French Settlers running from oppression dating to the seventeenth Hundreds. This is my wife’s place of Birth all her Brothers an Cousins live here they are all professionals who choose to stay here when they finished School and build their Town. Many people who were born in a Rural settings like this, when they finish School they migrate to big Cities like New York where they have to adopt a new culture and sometimes losing theirs. The rest of the world should take a lesson from the Children of Monks Corner , instead of trying to jump Trump’s Wall they should put all their efforts in building the place  where they live and launch one revolution after another till the Tyrants run for Asylum to America. Many of us suffered the indignity of being unfortunate and depriviation.

My Mother was a hardworking Woman, been that way since Childhood, helping raising her siblings. When she was sick and in and out of Hospitals, we were unfortunates, no one threw a crust of Bread or such. Ambition is a powerful emotional Tool, always wanting, never staying down. Like the man  said ” so much trouble in the World, no one feels your pain. Me I going to shine till my Heart stops. That’s why when I see a Town’s People standing in the place where they Live it warms my Heart, like John Lennon said Imagine all the People living as one. So there you have it, that’s how  I spent my Vacation, learning about the Heartbeat of 🇺🇸. This is what makes America great people making it work, People building it up instead of tearing it down. They chose to light a Candle instead of cursing the Darkness of all its faults.

Post. Script.

The Lord Helps those who Helps Themselves.