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Dont be Stupid

Don’t be Stupid
Whenever I sit in a Dentist’s Chair I am Traumatized from bad Experiences that I had earlier in Life. When I was Eleven years old a Dentist with very little Experience, broke a Tooth during Extraction. With very little Novocaine he proceeded to dig it out. At Seventeen I sat in a Dentist’s Chair Two P.M. in the Afternoon. The smell of Gin was staggering, Pundits meant. Drunk as a Skunk he gave me Six shots of Novocaine and about Twelve blast of Gas. Too Drunk to realize that the Tooth was Abscessed and if I was Totally Sedated, I would still feel the Pain. I slapped his Hand away, jumped out of the Chair and ran to the Emergency Room. They gave me Antibiotics and sent me Home to return when the Abscess subsidies. They also told me that with the amount of Sedation, I could have Died, or ran over by a Car on my way to the E.R.

Even with my Great Fears, I know that you can avoid sitting in that Chair for so long, without putting your Health at Risk. So there you have it, the Motivation for this Blog. Putting your Health and others at Risk. Today marks the Anniversary of me wearing a Mask in the Courthouse for One solid year, with no Deviation. Longer than One Month before the C.D.C. recommend wearing One. People would get on the Elevator looking at me like I was an absolute Idiot. Since March Fourteen the Building has been Inundated with numerous cases, Fogged and Sanitized regularly. Many of my Coworkers contracted the Virus and brought it Home. Many of thei’r loved ones will never be the same, some have Died. With pre-existing conditions, I was bent on not getting the Virus. The only Room in the Courthouse that I took my Mask off, was Disinfected every time, prior to me removing my Mask. C.O.P.D. and early Emphysema, I kept my Mask on for Eight Hours per Day, never removing it as long as I was in the Building. Today I got my Second Vaccine. It is Four A.M I have been up since Twelve. Being a Creature of habits, I can only sleep on my left side. The Arm hurt so much, it’s like I fought Mike and he only punched my left Arm. However I am so happy that I am fully Vaccinated and that if I got the Virus, it won’t put me in the Hospital and it won’t kill me. Parting Words, it is not a Hoax and not wearing a Mask and getting Vaccinated is Stupid.

The following is a Shared Article from N.B.C.

Long-haul Covid patients can experience ‘waves of symptoms,’ early research suggests

Kelly Marcilliat realized something was terribly wrong with his thinking on a drive last summer.

He’d pulled up to a four-way stop — a situation Marcilliat, 55, of Denver, had been in thousands of times before. This time, however, he couldn’t figure out when it was his turn to go.

“I sat there looking at the intersection,” Marcilliat said, “wondering, ‘What the hell do I do?'”

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The cognitive problems popped up months after he first became ill with Covid-19, blindsiding him.

“When I was at my sickest from the virus, initially, I didn’t feel dopey-headed. I just felt exhausted,” he said.

Kelly Marcilliat, pictured backpacking in Arizona in 2019, said there is no way he could physically make the trip now.

Courtesy Kelly Marcilliat

Marcilliat isn’t alone: New research suggests that long-term symptoms of Covid-19 may emerge in a distinct pattern over weeks and months.

Natalie Lambert, an associate research professor at Indiana University School of Medicine, surveyed thousands of “long-hauler” Covid-19 patients, finding that specific symptoms tend to emerge at regular intervals — usually a week or 10 days — resulting in what she calls “waves of symptoms.”

More research is needed to confirm the results, which have not been published in a medical journal or posted to a preprint server. But the early findings, which were shared with NBC News, could give clinicians insights into treating long-haulers more effectively and perhaps even preventing debilitating symptoms.Dr. Richard Walker, chairman of emergency medicine for the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis, said Lambert’s work was “very important research.”

“Any time we can predict the course of the disease, it offers us the ability to mitigate problems,” said Walker, who was not involved in the research.

Lambert surveyed 5,163 long-haulers. Patients were contacted online through the website Survivor Corps, a site dedicated to long-haulers. Seventy-seven percent of respondents had either tested positive for Covid-19 or had been diagnosed by physicians based on their symptoms and exposure.

In the survey, Lambert asked patients what symptoms they had and approximately how long after their illnesses they had begun.

Overall, patients reported more than 100 symptoms. Not all are necessarily connected to Covid-19 — it will take time for researchers to sort that out.

But long-haulers do tend to be careful note takers. “They are normally tracking their symptoms week by week so that they can report it to the doctor to try to get help,” Lambert said.


When Lambert analyzed symptom onset specifically, distinct patterns emerged.

“The first wave is clearly the more flu-like symptoms,” such as fatigue, headache, fever and chills, she said. “Then it seems like diarrhea, nausea and vomiting are five days later, typically.”

The new waves don’t mean the previous symptoms disappear; those symptoms can linger, or they may fade and re-emerge later.

Ten days into illness, another wave crashes. This time, the new symptoms tend to be more neurologic, including confusion, dizziness and difficulty concentrating. Patients may also develop joint pain and low back pain. Some report pressure in the brain that is so intense that it feels like their heads might explode.


Fifteen days into illness, yet another wave of new symptoms: high or low blood pressure, heart palpitations, a tendency to faint.

A week later — about 21 days in — patients start experiencing issues like mouth sores, muscle twitching, eye infections and a skin condition that has been referred to as “Covid toes.”

Covid-19 symptoms are variable, but overall, the first few waves of symptoms — flu-like illness, gastrointestinal issues and neurologic symptoms — tend to mirror what a typical non-long-hauler patient would experience, said Dr. Rebecca Keith, an associate professor of pulmonary and critical care medicine at National Jewish Health in Denver. Keith is a co-director of the facility’s post-Covid-19 clinic.

That is, there is no way to tell early on whether a patient might become a long-hauler. In fact, there are still no standard criteria to define or diagnose long-haulers. Symptoms may come and go, or they may last for months.

“Once they start having symptoms past, like, six to eight weeks, people start getting real worried,” said Keith, who was not involved with Lambert’s research.

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Dr. Michele Longo, an assistant professor of neurology at Tulane University in New Orleans who works with long-haulers, said the neurologic symptoms listed in Lambert’s survey are, indeed, “most commonly reported by patients” in her clinic.Why there seems to be a predilection for neurologic symptoms in the post-acute sequelae of Covid infection remains to be understood,” said Longo, who was not involved with the research. (“Sequelae” is a Latin word that refers to conditions that occur following a disease.)

Keith agreed. “If we can define the pathways that are contributing to this from a scientific standpoint,” she said, “we can think about how to talk therapies and hope.”

Patients, too, are desperate for answers.

“It’s extremely unsettling to not be able to tell yourself why something is happening to you,” Marcilliat said. “It gives you a feeling of complete lack of control, like you’re a leaf in the wind.”

“No one wants to be like that,” he said.

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Who Helps Himself




Who helps themselves

Ever since I was a young Child I have never taken anything sitting down. Even when it came to grownups accusing me wrongly. That way of being followed me to my last year in High School. My Teacher was telling fibs about an occurrence in History. I challenged him and received a failing grade,  I had to go to Summer School for half a Grade to graduate. I challenged him on his opinion of Individual Achievements of some Emperors. I told him that all his Philosophy does is to Promote Capitalism and Self-centeredness. I pointed out to him the Homeless Epidemic that was in its Infancy in 1972 that it was Society’s problems.

Jesus the Beggar

His answer was that they were all Bums and chose to be that way. He further stated that some People just can’t be helped, I stood up in the Class and Berated his Tunnel- Vision. I was only Eighteen when the City of New York decided that they could no longer Fund Willobrook Mental Facilities. 95% of the Residents were turned out on the Streets of New York. Hence the Birth of a New Sociological Disorder, widespread Homelessness. Hundreds of Mentally Handicapped People to fend for Themselves and blend into a Society of People indoctrinated to be Individual Achievers.

I got mine, screw the rest. To some of my Friends I say aren’t we our Brothers keeper, they call me a Socialist. Well then explain to me the Benefits for Society overall, when a Company Manufacture a Pair is Sneakers in a Country where People works for less than One Dollar per Hour. The Total Cost of Manufacturing the Sneakers less than Ten Dollars, an Individual Achiever Athlete puts his Name on it. The Sneakers makes it’s way to my Favorite Shoe store, the price, Two Hundred and Twenty Dollars. Very few of these Individual Achievers contributed to Charities, or engaged in Urban gentrification Projects. When I lived in Queens New York Thirty years ago, One Kid got Killed for the Sneakers on his Feet. Another got Killed for the Designer Sheepskin Coat on his Back.

Last Week I watched a Newsman on the Biggest Fake News Media made a Comment that we are Ostracized for believing in Individual Achievements, while the Democratic Party was filled with Left Wing Socialists. Well there you have it. Extending Affordable Health Insurance and Feeding Hungry Americans who had Good paying Jobs One year ago and now find themselves on Long Food lines is Socialism. So be it call me A Socialist for Berating Trump and his Republican Cronies for giving A Three Trillion Dollars Tax cut to the People who pay the last amount of Tax. For example A Billionaire paying Five Hundred Dollars on his Tax Returns and calls himself a President of the little People.

A couple of years ago I worked in St Petersburg Florida, there are places in St Pete where only Millionaires live. Not far from where I worked in the  Downtown area, they were Building an Appointment Building, the Unit Costs, One Million Dollars. Many Days on my way to work I counted Thirty Sleeping Bags near the overcrowded Homeless Shelter. Many Days I bring with me warm Clothes and Shoes. I would leave them on a Bench, many were too Proud to take my Gifts from my Hands. Three Cheers for Individual Achievements. The Lord help those who help themselves, however Greed and selfishness is an Erosion of the Soul. What Good is a Man if he became a Billionaire but has no Soul. They say that a Man who Believes in nothing he also is nothing.

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California’s Health Care Community is calling for a Ten Day Strike. Moral Hypocrites would condemn them for even thinking along that line in a Time when they are needed the most. Well let me ask you who are the Hypocrites here. Fools who have listened  to Fools telling them that wearing a Mask is Foolish. These same fools are party Animals and you can’t take away their Right to Socialize in large Numbers, if and when they choose to gather. With no support from the Government and the Community. They are asked to work in substandard Facilities and Conditions.

They have seen Deaths among Coworkers and many of them are also sick, exhaustion and Burnouts is the Norm. I know the Importance of not losing my income in a time when many of my Neighbors and Coworkers haven’t been to work since March. These Healthcare workers can’t afford to loose their Incomes. However they need to get the Attention of the Government and the Community, you are asking a lot of the Human Spirit and Physical Health. Asking them to Build a House with a Handful of Mud and a couple of Straws. Herd Immunity didn’t work in Sweden and it won’t work in California or anywhere else. Not wearing a Mask has turned a Pandemic into a Contagion of mass Proportion in many Places.

Yet I come to work in the Courthouse and I see Stupid People who has to have a Mask on and get thei’r Temperature taken at the Front Door, walking around in the Building without a Mask. Everyday I come to work I noticed People not at thei’r Desks, sometimes they are not there for Weeks. These are the same People who snickered behind my back when I started wearing a Mask, before the C.D.C recommend that wearing a Mask could slow the Spread. Being Heard Minded you have pushed the Healthcare Community Nationwide to its Limit. In this World, my favorite Antagonists are the ones who step on your Foot purposefully, then say they didn’t mean it.

You have kicked the Healthcare Community in the Butt, if they choose to kick back, it’s quite all right with me. My Wife Retired from working Twenty Five years in the V.A. Hospital Emergency Room. Many of her Coworkers Died from Work related Illnesses and Stress related Illnesses. Not long ago they asked her to return to work in a Volunteer capacity to help deal with the Pandemic. I didn’t advise her but if I did, I would ask her what have your Government done for you lately, other than spreading Misinformation. From working in Hazmat for years I learned that wearing a Mask have saved my Life, just like it has for the last Ten Months, coming to work everyday in a Contaminated Building.

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Respiratory Protection



When it comes to Respiratory Protection, I have spent many Hours reading the Book in the above Picture. The Book is over one Thousand Pages, it is the Workers Handbook for handling Asbestos, Respiratory Protection is vastly discussed. It is said that no one Person can know everything. However I believe it was Einstein who said that ” Wisdom is not a Product of Schooling, but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it”. One of my High School Teachers riveted the Thought. She said that I should never stop Learning even when Schooling is finished. That’s why I became one of the Greatest Do it Yourself Person. I Thought myself to fix Cars, Electric Appliances, Buildings and how to Live and protect myself from Ill Health Effects.


O.S.H.A’s Recommendations from the above Manual. This Paragraph is about protecting your Lungs from sucking in Asbestos Particles. However a Mask protect your Lungs from many things including a Virus Droplet attached to a Dust Particle, that can stay Airborne for a long time.

I could go on with Technical Jargon for the remainder of this Blog, I never did like talking Shop except to People who are Versed in its Field. I never talk to a one year old in Baby Talk, I speak to then in regular speaking Tone so they can learn Language. That’s why I am finished with the Technical Jargon. When I worked in Hazmat I followed Procedures to the Letter. Many of my Coworkers thought that I was a Fanatic for not removing my Mask and having a Cigarette with them In the Work area. I have even witnessed a Supervisor eating Asbestos to prove to the Crew that it wasn’t as Dangerous as O.S.H.A said it was. He has been resting in the same Grave for the past twenty years. Twenty years is the Latency period for the Exposure of your Lungs to Asbestos to Manifest Symptoms of the Disease Asbestosis.



One Month ago I had a Complete Physical, including Colonoscopy and Chest Xray from Numerous Angles. All the Results came back Negative. Even though I have been Smoking since fourteen and Handled Dangerous Materials, my Lungs have not been Compromised. Mostly, the Lord looks out for Babies and Fools, secondary I have always wore a Mask when required. The way the Virus is spreading is directly the outcomes of Circumnavigation of wearing a Mask in Public. The Virus is rampant in the Courthouse where I work. The first Day that the Pandemic was announced, I went to work wearing a Mask. Months before the first case was discovered in the Building. Since then many of my Coworkers have Tested Positive, two of them I had direct contact with.


Proper Hygiene is the Answer


I once Facetiously asked one of them, if we all are going to Die. He answered, no just some of us. He tested negative, yet Sick for a good while, H.R. forced him to get tested again, this Time, Positive. They both thought I was overreacting with the Mask wearing. One Department is totally Inundated, there can’t be less than thirty cases in this one Area. I see the Sanitization Crews come in and Fog the Building more frequently than not. This week someone told me about a Coworker who was in the Hospital for Two Months, they are now Home and is still struggling with Symptoms and Backlash of the Virus. Hello! Do I have your Attention about the Importance of wearing a Mask. If Joe Biden tells me that I should wear a Mask to Bed to protect my Wife, then it’s a done Deal.


Taking the Misguided Approach to wearing a Mask is Equivalent to following the Pied Piper to a Road where the Bridge is missing. If I was Joe I would not take Residence in the White House until the place was Bleached and Fogged. The President said that Children were just about Immune to the Virus. Last Week a Kindergarten Died from Covid19, three months ago in my Neighborhood an Eleven years old and a Seventeen years old. These are Prime Physical Specimens of Health, so what are my chances for survival with preexisting conditions.  Yesterday I went to Wal-Mart, 99.9% of the People there were wearing a Mask, the .1% Agnostics there was an Older Man and his Wife, the other Fractions were People wearing thei’r Mask incorrectly, exposing thei’r 👃 Nose. What I like the most about Freedom and Rights, we all have the Right to be Stupid and Ignorance is Free. Parting Words, Health Officials, Doctors and Hospitals are on the Brink of Panic, please do your part in Saving someone else’s Life, even if you don’t care about your Own.



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The Sickness




The Sickness

1972 was my last year in High School, that meant I was old enough to join the Army drink Alcohol without sneaking and have wild Promiscuous Sex. Wild Promiscuous Sex was the Norm during the Hippie Culture, ” Love the one you’re with” Condoms were for those practicing Plan Parenthood. Then one Day somewhere around 75 the Word on the Street was ” The Sickness” People showing up at Hospitals with a Rare form of Pneumonia among other Illnesses. The Sickness was believed to be a Homosexual Disease, it didn’t have a Name until 1983 when Scientists discovered its Origins and gave it a Name, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

We now knew that the Sickness was a Virus that attacked the Immune System pretty much the same way Covid19 does. Many People had Died and we still weren’t taking it Seriously. I remembered my Best Friend and I meeting two young Woman at the Club and taking them Home for a Night of Promiscuity. No one asked who had the Condoms, this was during the onset of the Sickness, before it became an Epidemic. 1977 I was living with my Cousin in Texas. At that time I was big on Fashion, I knew enough to fabricate a Shirt and Trousers, but I wanted to learn her Craft. She was a Gifted Seamstress who made Clothes for the likes of Jackie O.

While there in Texas I met one of her Customers, he was worth over five Hundred Millions, so I know that she was the Real Deal with a Gift that I wanted to Learn. Her Husband was once one of the Rich and Famous, until Castro took it all away when he Nationalized all Foreign Interest and took away all the Rich Cubans Money. However Jose never lost his Aire of Aristocracy, he was a Player to the end. With a Wife in Texas who supported him to the Tune of Fifty Grand Annually. He had Women and Boys all the way to Miami. My Wife always Rebuked me that I should never Speak Ill of the Dead. She had Gold in her Fingertips and no Brains. She worked while he didn’t, he spent all his time chasing Ass, Girls and Boys.

So why was I not surprised when he came down with the Sickness and Died six Months after our Eyes last seen each other. One year later I looked into my Cousin’s Eyes for the last time in Bellevue Hospital. I guess they both didn’t believe in wearing a Raincoat in the Storm known as A.I.D.S. It was then that I learned the Importance of wearing Personal Protective Equipment, Example, the Mask. While laying in her Death Bed she gave a Nerve Rattling Cough, I guess the Virus was Devouring her Lungs. I looked down her Throat and there wasn’t any Red Skin Tissues, everything had the Color of Death, Gray. Yet another Lesson learned, a Virus can eat you alive. Twenty Two years later with a new Sickness, why would I not wear a Mask with my preexisting COPD and early Emphysema. Last Words, ” A Wise Man knows when to take Shelter from the Storm” no Matter what the Populace say or do, wear your Mask and keep a Condom handy. Forget about the Morbid Humor, I am trying to make a point here about the absolute Necessity of Personal Protection Equipment. Think about it, back in the Days of Tuberculosis if you went in a Room where someone was sick, you became Ill from breathing the same Air.



Shared Article from Aol: Alyssa Milano says her Virus Symptoms still Linger.