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Walk in Filth



When a Person commits horrific Crimes, during competency test the Psychologist usually ask the question. Do you Hate your Parents? Why do they always believe that the Parents are at fault and to be Blamed for thei’r Kids turning out to be no good Bastards. I once knew a Minister’s Son in High School who sold his Affections. So go figure that in 1972 during all the Civil unrest I had White Friends who would Die for me protecting me from a Mob of Ku Klux Clan. On the other hand I had the Black Panther Party Cajoling me to join the Party. Well they almost succeeded having me as a Member.

The Day I was to be Inducted, my Mother who has always been a Vigilant Person, said to me. If you do what I suspect that you are going to do, don’t come back because you have no Home. She also said, ” If you walk in Filth, you will stink. When I contemplated joining the Black Panther Party they had turned violent from their original intent of Educating and serving the Black Community. Two reasons for them to turn to Extremists are, One to protect Black People marching with Dr King. Dr King rejected the Offer because he was a Man of peace and a Devout Christian. Reason number Two was to lash back at J. Edgar Hoover for trying to kill everyone that looked like a Militant Black. Anyway the Day of my Induction the Building I was directed to go, blew up, killing Two.

From that Day on I Listened to Mother. ” If you walk in shit you will stink”. During that same Period the Black Muslims also tried to Indoctrinate me. I could not allow myself to be Brainwashed that all White People were Devils as Malcolm Preached. At Twenty One years old Organized Crime tried to put me on thei’r Payroll to the Tune of Five Thousand Dollars a Week. They all took an Interest in me, because of the way I carried myself. My secret weapon was my Mother’s Teachings. She told me that I should never let anyone control me like a Puppetmaster, never let anyone bring you to the edge of Sanity or Disaster.

Today I am a poor Man who walks with Dignity, I work in a Justice System instead of being in One. Judges, Lawyers and Cops call me Mr Dixon, not because of my Age, but the way I present myself. The other Day I was in a Zoom Court for Speeding. The Judge found me Guilty, he commended me on my skillful Presentations of my Case. He continued, I am not your Lawyer so I shouldn’t be Counselling you. But if you file a Motion to Dismiss with New and Proper Evidence I will throw out my Ruling and Dismiss the Case. I am still waiting with positive emotions. Now I ask you, I am not an Attorney yet I know how to present myself in Court and get the Respect of a Judge. That is exactly how I have lived my entire life.

Even when I was a Dope Smoking Hippie who had offers to run the Streets of New York ragged with the finest Weed grown around the World. But I Listened to Ma now look at me working in a Justice System and not being in a Cell on the Complex. I am not going to be judgemental of all the People who allowed themselves to be Brainwashed and ended up marching to the Drums of Haters. What I am Judgemental about is the good People who followed like Zombies and gave our Democracy a Black Eye and a Fractured Spleen. Only Banana Republics pull Coup on they’re Government. I don’t care about your Hate, I have been living in it for Fifty Four years and don’t expect any changes for another 100 years. What I do expect is Civilized People acting accordingly and not like Pancho Bandidos. I must impart a Secret to you ” There was no Steal” Black People gave Biden the Election. You don’t believe me look at Georgia, Never before had a Black Senator. If Martin Luther King thought of running for the Senate back then they would have Lynched him, they Murdered him anyway for wanting Equality, and they are ready to kill again. That’s the American way.

That was just a Dream

They Killed Abe Lincoln for Abolishing Slavery, they Killed the Kennedy Brothers for wanting Social changes, now they Threatened Joe Biden, Barbarians I tell you, yet they go to Church on Sunday and talk about Praise the Lord. Don’t they Know that Satan Thought he was Greater than God. 99.99% of Black People Voted against Racist Ideologies. This is what Harriet Tubman said about the handful of Black People like Oprah and 50 Cent who Voted for Trump, ” I freed a Thousand Slaves, I could have freed a Thousand more, if only they knew that they were Slaves”. Einstein must have been Clairvoyant, he said that he was afraid that One Day we would have a Generation of Idiots. Parting Words don’t be a Slave for no One and Nothing, not even 💰 Money. If I had let myself become a Slave for Money, Today I would be using it for Toilet Paper. So guess what Today I don’t stink.

P.S don’t give me that Crap about Black Lives Matter. When I worked in the Building where the Chief Justice who is in charge of all the Judges in the County who had an entire Floor for himself. He had never once passed me without saying Hello. I have been working for the County as a Contractor for Five years, a good many Black People who make a little money with Degrees have never once spoke to me. So all of you go sell your Propaganda elsewhere. People are just whoever they Presume to be and that it doesn’t stink.

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The Silent Voices





The Silent Voices

The issue here becomes, at any given time, how are we translating and using language, not to make people more comfortable, quote unquote, right? Because that’s always a strain, and, historically, the concern in these debates is often, ‘Oh, are we just trying to make white people comfortable rather than speaking truth to power?’ That’s the framework we tend to think about these things,” Obama said. “The issue to me is not making them comfortable, it is, can we be precise with our language enough that people who might be persuaded around that particular issue to make a particular change that gets a particular result that we want, what’s the best way for us to describe that?”

That Conversation Circumferenced Defunding Police Departments. My Wife has always maintained that Obama is an Eloquent Speaker, well naturally if I went to an Ivy League College I would be a Wordsmith. The closest I have been is One Semester at York College, a Community College, studying Computer Programming. Regardless I know how I feel about any given Situation or Conditions. More so I know how to Express myself, maybe not as Eloquently, nontheless I get my Point across. My Mother called be a Budinski, someone who always interject thei’r Thoughts into other People’s conversation. Throughout History wording and Phrasing have caused devastating consequences. It’s all about who said what and how the Listener perceives it that causes adversity.

With that said, the Subject of Defunding Police Departments is a poorly put ill-conceived phrase. Bringing them to Task and holding them Accountable is more Logical than Defunding. Anyone who read my  Blog on Domestic Violence knows how I feel about the Necessity. In the Heat of Passion when the Subject surfaced. I thought, if that meant what it sounds like, I would have to go out and buy a Gun. Now you guys know how I feel about too many Guns out there. Nevertheless if Law Enforcement was Handcuffed I would have no choice but to Arm myself. Obama’s reply on the subject was Misconstrued by his wording. As Mr Nixon would always say ” Make no Mistake” I am for Law and Order. I work in a Justice System, I Converse with Judges, Lawyers and Cops. I have a good Rapport with all and have some Deputies I consider Friends. I even have some who visits my Website. How could I walk among these People fostering the Notion of putting them out of work. Two of my Favorites who works in the same Building that I work are Neighbors, they always ask me, how is your Wife, that’s a good Relationship.

As in anything in Life you have good and bad. Thirty Five years ago while working as an Independent Courier, I had an important Delivery in a Building that housed a Police Department. It was a critical Delivery. The parking in the Area was nonexistent. I decided to park Illegally and pay the Ticket. An undercover Cop told me to move the Car, I tried to explain the Emergency, after refusing to move the Car He Handcuffed me, took me upstairs, poked me hard in the Navel, he didn’t Arrest me, yet I was in a Cell. That was a violation of my Constitutional Rights. I was not Arrested, yet I was in a Cell. After copying my personal information he handed my Wallet to me and warned me that this didn’t happen. If you open your Mouth, we know where you live. The Desk Sergeant and all the other Officers In the immediate area was In Complicity. In my Mind it didn’t really happened and I wasn’t in America, I must have fell asleep and Dreamed it all transpired in Russia. However this was all too real of Cops Circumventing the Law when dealing with Black People all over this Country. And my White Neighbors maintain their Silence, which Amounts to Complicity. It’s Occurrences like that which created the Warcry of Defunding Law Enforcement. With all my bad Experiences with bad Cops I know that every Cop isn’t a Criminal like the Rolling Stones said, way back in the Seventies. My Mother always called me Big Ears ( Evesdropper), I once overheard Three Judges discussing Heinous Criminals, their Consensus, they are Godless People. America is not a Lawless Land and it’s People are not all Godless. There are many among us who walks in Grace. Its just that we need to Dig Ourselves( Check – as in Checks and Balance) mostly we need to get over Ourselves, you’re not all that as you think. Let me be perfectly clear this is not a Banana Republic, Jurisprudence is the Norm.  In The words of Sheriff Buford T Justice. What we have here is a failure to Communicate, some won’t speak up and some won’t listen. Barack would be Proud of this Blog, too bad he is not one of my Followers.

P.S. You can’t take away inalienable Rights.

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Kids Absorbs Your Values

 In Light of Current Events I Thought it necessary to reblog this Post to remind you that you can’t teach Values.  Kids absorbs Values from watching the way you Live your Life. I remember being Seven years old and Grownups were having the most Grown-up Discussions. I would position myself within Earshot and not leave until the Conversation was over. I remember being Thirteen hanging around Future Rock Stars practicing thei’r Music and smoking Weed all Night long. When the Sessions were over, I picked up their Roaches and got Baked. No wonder that when I got to be Fourteen I Thought that I was a Man. At Four years old my little Nephew said to me ” Uncle Creg you are F*****g kidding me aren’t you”. I rest my Case. The Message you send Today, Cultivates Tomorrow’s Generation. I don’t write about Hearsay, I write about been there done that.


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Kids Absorbs Your Values

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All God’s Children


A Little Piece of the Dream



All God’s Children

At fourteen years old my Mother told me that I should seek out the five Percent good People which I told her were all there were in the World. Since then I have discovered a greater Number than I thought at Fourteen. The fifty four percent that I have discovered, somehow seems to be a Minority. It appears to me that the forty six percent wants America to regress to nineteen sixty eight instead of moving on to be a kinder gentler Nation. Back then we had no Internet, so you couldn’t Tweet your Thoughts of Hate, you Demonstrated it with Force of Brutality on innocent Men Women and Children trying to cross the Selma Bridge.

The Dark Web has been a source of Light for me as of Late, finding out that People who I have Thought to be Enlightened Children of God, still harboring Governor Lester Maddox Mentality. My Faith in Religion is experiencing an Earthquake. Fifty four years of believing Mother that we are all God’s Children is Crumbling at the Foundation of my Spirituality. As long as I can remember, I have always given Mankind the benefit of My Doubts. I was only eight years old when I found out that Cain killed his Brother and I knew at that early age that Mankind was Flawed. Later on at Ten I heard that we were our Brother’s keeper. Then I found out that around six Hundred A.C. that the World was Divided, it still is.

Will someone work with me here? Where is a Figurative Mind supposed draw Conclusions. Einstein tells me that I should never stop wondering. Jesus tells me to turn the other Cheek, my Jaw hurts from the Backhand of Hate. How am I supposed to advance with my Spirituality with all my Doubts. I ask God for a Sign to keep me Focused and he sent Joe Biden, someone Enshrined with Empathy, a Child of God who wants to follow Jesus’s footsteps and Teach us how to Heal from within and without. Months before the Election Mr Trump Paved the way for his current behavior to undermine the Democratic Process. He persuaded People to Circumvent the Mail-Ballot, Citing Fraud, six Months before the first Ballot was cast.

Today he holds the Democratic Process in Hostage Screaming Fraud. When in Reality he is the only one who have Committed Fraud. He Threatened to De-fund the Postal Service to hinder Mail in Ballots. The way he handled Cov19 is Reminiscent of Phil Collins song ” The Edge of Night” he did not lend a Hand in Stemming the Tide. Many of my Older Neighbors don’t even go out to shop for Food for fear of contracting the Virus and Die like Two Hundred and fifty Thousand Others. Yet he wanted them to go to Pooling Places and stand in Lines, Two Hundred and fifty Yards long. Hate Groups supporting him Threatened to Intimidate Voters, he Embraced them. Beleaguered Black People Protesting Sixty years of the Murdering of Black People at the Hands of Cops, were set- upon by Homegrown Terrorists.

The World's Greatest Daredevil

Instead of Denouncing them he told them to stand down, as if to say stay in Readiness. While Deploying Federal Goons to Smash the Protests. Fifty four years I have been waiting for Black People to use thei’r Votes and Finances correctly. Today they did, when Democrats ask for Money we gave. When Joe Biden was Drowning in a Sea of Red we Parted it with a Wall of Blue and gave him his Victory, Voting 99% Blue. As for the One percent of Black People who Voted for the Tweeter, Harriet Tubman spoke about them Three Hundred Years ago ” I have freed a Thousand Slaves, I could have freed a Thousand more if only they Knew they were Slaves”. Slavery is still Prevalent in this Country.

Mental Slavery is far more Damaging than Physical. Seven years ago I moved Down South, what was I Thinking? Joe Biden is met with the Resistance that Jesus met with Pontius Pilot. If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have Battled my Mother as a Teenager. She wanted me to be a Scholar, I wanted to be a Hippie, smoking Weed every Day. Now in the Winter of my Discontent I  realize what it means to be able to express myself in a Free Democracy. Back in the U.S.S.R. you don’t know how Lucky you are ” Boy” As the Man said ” I could have been a Contender”. Every time I want to Quit Blogging I realize that each Blog is a Chapter in my Book ” Through Her Eyes” the World through my Mother’s Eyes.

She saw Mankind as all God’s Children, I saw them as Minions. I am taking a Sabbatical from Blogging, what I have to say in my Book of me Enduring Fifty four years of Hate while paying Over One Million Dollars in Taxes and a Half a Million in Social Security, Funding a Government who Cast a Blind Eye on Racism. Many of them Hoist the Union Jack while Trampling on Old Glory. Like Through The Roots said ” I have had enough” Over the Years I have been Fortunate to have met some Great People, some just happened to be White, like Mark for instance, he was a great inspiration for me to start writing. I promised him many years ago that one Day I would write a Book and that he would be in it. It is Two Am and I am tired, this must be my writing Hour, Goodnight!

Here are Excerpts from the Book

Despite what the Rappers may say, I am not a Nigger. I’m Black and I am Proud. This Life has been a Time Travel for me, encountering Haters and Good People along the way. I have been Fortunate enough to call a lot of White People my Friends, some would stand Shoulders to Shoulder defending me against a Mob of Skinheads laying down their Lives for me if necessary. Yet there are Black People who would take my Life for a couple of Dollars and the Sneakers on my Foot. Like fifty Cent said ” you’re not like me” Back in Pennsylvania when I worked in Construction a Man of Polish Descendants and I became good Friends. Story told that one Day on a Jobsite in a School, one of my Coworkers were Badmouthing me calling me a Nigger up and down. They told me that Mark took two handfuls of his Hair and bounced his head along a Cinder Block Wall twenty feet long, do not talk about my Friend like that he Reprimanded him. Good company in a Journey makes the way seem shorter- Izaak Walton. So you see, Jesus is not Dead, his Spirit lives in some of us. His Spirit lives in all of us for that matter, yet some of us allows the Devil to Consume us with Hate. Satan was an Arc Angel who sat at the right Hand of God, he challenged God, he taught his Powers were greater than God’s. I have never professed myself to be a Religious Zealot, truthfully I am a Sinner,  ” Let he among you who isn’t a Sinner cast the first Stone”.

P.S. I didn’t start writing to take on Soft Issues to please my Readers with Hypocrisy, with the Sheeplike Mentality of not Rocking the Boat. Like Simon and Garfunkel said ” We all come to look for America, including the Pilgrims.

P.P.S. my Website is Approaching Two Million Hits, this is a great way to Publicize my Book. Taking a Vacation from Blogging and Social Media will speed things up.

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Good Neighbors



Ever heard the saying ” Needle in a Haystack” well that’s exactly how it is finding People getting along in a Copacetic manner, as in unity, as in Congeniality, as in doing unto others, as in being down to Earth, as in being a Human Being. Or better yet as the Waltons would say being Neighborly. People are so full of themselves as my Mother used to say. She should know, she had a Sister who went out of her way to Drive a Wedge in the Harmony of the Family, with the he say she say Propaganda. She relished people at each other’s Throats, I call that the Jr Euwin Syndrome ( not happy unless the World is on fire) That is just the Hardcore Antagonist whose Soul belongs to Satan.

But what about the so called God-fearing ones who carries Malice in their Hearts as if it were thei’r Family Crest. They Hate you for being Black, for being Muslim, to be Christian,  to be Jewish, to be a Mongolian Priest. They killed St Valentine for not relinquishing his Belief, they Crucified Jesus for not Renouncing that he was The King of Kings, The Messiah and his ability to Heal. When I look back to see how far we’ve come from the Caves to where we are now, the Distance is short. Spirituality is a heavily trampled Rug. Thei’r entire Being is nothing but a Selfie on Social Networks, how do I look, how do you like me now, how am I doing Financially. Am I living next Door to Bill Gates or Bill Bradley.

Even in a Gated Community you are still a bad Neighbor, because you don’t respect your Neighbors rights to live there. In my old Neighborhood in New York a Black Nurse move into a Predominantly White Neighborhood, the Indignation she received for years would be enough for me to abandon the House and run for the Hills. Let’s forget about the Hardcore Haters, what about Family Members who don’t speak to each other, Neighbors who looks over their Fence and not a cordial word of Civility, or Coworkers you have worked with for years who have never said good morning.

My favorite are People in a Relationship, you let them close to you and they Trample on your Heart. I Relish saying what I have to say in two words so there you have it, this is not the way God planned for us to live among each other. Anyway who am I to Thread on the Subject, Cain killed his Brother, that was the first Evil Act and the rest of Mankind ran with the Ball. Buried in Time there are many Struggles, if not Moses would have no need to set his People Free. Thank God I have a Hippie Mentality Peace Love and Understanding, I choose not to live like you. Mr Morgan the most Prominent Attorney in my Area says that when you Live long enough to get to our Age, you have earned the right to speak your Mind.


Don’t stay with someone who antagonizes you or belittles you.


If you feel lonely, you’re better off being alone.


Know when to walk away.


You can gauge a person’s love for you by how they treat you when they are upset with you.


Love is a verb, not a noun.


When a lightbulb goes out, you fix the lightbulb. You don’t get a new house.


Don’t settle for someone who has zero regard for your feelings or wants just because you’ve been together a long time.


Just because you love each other does not mean that you’re good together long-term.


No relationship is perfect and there will be conflict. What matters is the desire to solve the problem.


Always fight the problem, not the other person. If you keep this in mind when arguing, you’ll be able to actually resolve the issue than be mad at each other.


Don’t look for a girl you want to treat like a princess, look for a girl you want to treat like a partner.


Don’t disparage your SO behind their back.


Confidence isn’t “I know she likes me”, confidence is “I’ll be okay whether she likes me or not.”


There are a number of people you can be compatible with. No one is perfect. You have to work at love.


You’re not required to set yourself on fire to keep other people warm.


Marry the one who gives you the same feeling you get when you see food coming at a restaurant.


The grass is not greener on the other side, it’s greener where you water it.


Stop trying to find the right person and start trying to BE the right person.


The person who cares least in the relationship has the most control.


Don’t listen to other people’s comments. Make your own relationship rules.


It’s better to be happy than to be right.


Always be the first to genuinely apologize after a fight.


You can’t expect someone to love you when you can’t love yourself.


Just because you liked the friend-version of someone doesn’t mean you’ll like the relationship-version of them.


Before you move in with your partner, go on a road trip with them.


Don’t be afraid to open up and be vulnerable. Vulnerability can bring you closer together and strengthen the two of you.


When you and your SO are arguing, remember—it’s you and them VS the problem. Not you VS them.


Just because someone doesn’t love you the way you want them to doesn’t mean they don’t love you with all they have.


Don’t fall in love with someone’s potential.


It takes two happy individuals to make a happy relationship.


If the world didn’t give each other second chances, we would all be single.


Everyone is searching for the perfect person, but no one is trying to be the perfect person.


If you love the memories more than the relationship, it’s time to move on.


Just because a person is right or perfect for you, you may not be the right one for them.


If it’s broken, fix it. If you’ve lost count of how many times it’s broken, or the cost of repair far outweighs the initial outlay, throw it away and move on.


Out of all the things needed for a successful relationship, love barely makes the top 5. Honesty, loyalty, trust, and communication all have to be there.


Always hold hands when talking about the hard stuff. It helps to keep the negative emotions in check & shows you care.


Be the man or woman you would want your future or current child dating.


Love is about appreciation, not possession.


Don’t go to bed angry. Everything will be there and worse in the morning.


Always seduce your lover, even if you are in a committed relationship. Otherwise, another person will.


Talk to each other about problems, not friends and family.


Keep no secrets, tell no lies.


Sometimes you gotta wise up and let go. Yes, it hurts. But it’ll hurt more in the future.


Relationships aren’t hard. If it is hard, you are probably with the wrong person.


Love is not a feeling. Feelings fade, change, respond to situations and events. Love is a choice.


If it feels wrong at the beginning, it probably won’t get better.


If you’re keeping score you already lost.


Love is an action, not a feeling. It’s learned and developed skill, not an experience. Not that the romantic feeling doesn’t exist or isn’t a wonderful part of the relationship, but it doesn’t make it last.


The best sign of a healthy relationship is no sign of it on Facebook

Written by:Lorenzo Jensen III

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