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Through Her Eyes/ Chapter One


Through Her Eyes

My Synopsis for Reedsy
The Book will Launch on Dec 14 their website to One Million Readers.

Through Her Eyes is a Book that tells the story of Fifty Three years of living the same daymares of Racism right up to One year ago when I was Racially profiled and given a Ticket. My High School was 85% White and that was the beginning a bad Dream, Eyes wide open. My first Job out of High School, my Boss another Black Man, told me that I didn’t belong in a Corporate setting. He said that I Belong on the streets with my Hoodlum Brothers. That was my first experience of Black on Black Hate. It took me Fifty Three years to put the Experiences of living in the Storm called Hate, into words. That came from teaching myself to write by Blogging on my website

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Through Her Eyes by Anthony Dixon | Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

chapter One

It Don’t Make no Matter

Spielberg said “All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible.”My Daydream is that One Day I will wake up and the Daymares of Racism will be just a bad reoccurring Dream that I have been having for Fifty Three years. The Stark reality is that Dr King’s Dream is overshadowed by my Daymares. Fifteen years ago I began to think that I would like to write a book about Racism. Only problem was that I had no formal training in Writing. In High School I studied English Literature for Two Semesters. Shakespeare and Dickens steered me away from enjoying the Course with their Rambling and lengthy elaborate painting of Panoramic Verbalization with Ancient Words. Seven years ago I started teaching myself to write by Developing my own website and posting my Blogs. One of the Books I read on Blogging and Writing said that you are not a Writer until you have written One Million Words. Well, I have surpassed that and that’s why we are here. One of my Mentors in High School told me that I should never stop learning, when you stop learning, you start the process of Dying. At Sixty years Old I started teaching myself to write, at Seventeen I taught myself to fix Cars and everything I put my hands on. So here I am Today delivering my Greatest Do-It-Yourself Project. Writing about Racism in America and the world for that matter. Now there is a Word for all Seasons, MATTER!! We will discuss what really matters later. But for now we will continue with our Introduction. My name is Anthony Dixon, I was born in Pimento Walk, a Mountain Village in Ocho Rios, a Province in Jamaica. My mother was born in the same Village, the Third of Thirteen Children. Her mother was a High Yellow Woman, her father never left Africa in his Completion. Back then Education was not a priority knowing how to work took the front Stage. Grandpa was a Successful Farmer, he fed his Family and had a nice big Family Home and a Guest House on the Property. Grandma was a Famous Baker whose reputation went beyond the Village. Mother Was poorly Educated, she was too busy caring for her Siblings to go to school. However she did develop great work ethics helping her Mother. Her first Job was working as a Housekeeper for a Retired General in the Us Army. Picking up on her Illiteracy the whole family pitched in and Homeschooled her. They encouraged her to move to America whenever she found it possible. Ten years later she mustered up the Money and Connections to make the move. Two years later I Arrived in the Bronx U.S.A. it was there that my Education in Life began. I kept a Mental Diary of a Fifty Three years Nightmare called Racism. Now I’m telling my Story. It starts with a Song by Simon and Garfunkel where the main Verse is ” All come to look for America” That was the reason the Mayflower landed at Plymouth Rock, mine also. And so my Education about Racism in America began. Three months from my Fifteenth Birthday I Enrolled in William Howard Taft H.S. The School was Eighty Five Percent White, Ten percent Black, Five percent Latinos, it was there that my Nightmares of Racism began. Ninety Five percent of my White Classmates were Chips off the Blocks they called Parents, Diehard Rednecks who didn’t associate with Niggers. Even the Dirt Poor ones who couldn’t Carry my Spatoon, When they passed me in the Hallway, they developed a bad Cough. The looks were saying, what are you doing here? The Names uttered under their Breath were fighting Words. The Environment was Toxic enough for me to drop out my first Semester. It was like going Home to a Spouse that you hated, going to a Job that you hated. The Stress was insurmountable. It was there that I learned Stress Management. Many of my Teachers were of the same Mindset. It was here that I Learned the meaning of Nepotism and Bigotry. They took the Time to explain to White Idiots, but they didn’t care if Black Idiots understood the Subjects. When I struggled with Algebra, it seemed like my Teacher gloated, as if to say ” I told you that Niggers were stupid “. She was an awful Redneck who spoke down to me, I will never forget that Witch. I can only hope that her Children were born less than perfect. I squeaked past Algebra, Geometry was over my Head so I discontinued Math. I don’t like to use Hateful Words for Adjectives, I would prefer to unite the Words Niggers and Rednecks to the phrase” People of a lesser Mind, because sometimes I do see the like mindedness in both. Regardless it is what it is. Not all Black People are Niggers and not all White People are Rednecks. If I could perform Verbal Lobotomy, this Book would End right here. Anyway the Saga continues , So does my recounting of the Daymares of Racism, wide awake in a bad Dream. Black Lives do matter, for that Matter, all Lives, including the Cyclops who doesn’t believe It. A lot of Black Lives have been Squandered over the years by a bunch of Ignorant overzealous Terrorist Types. Through the Definition, Terrorism is striking fear in the Hearts of Man. They Rape you of your peace of mind. That seems to be a dominant preoccupation of Bigots. Their only motivation is that they hate Black People. They don’t know why they hate us but all they know is that their parents hated Black People and that’s good enough for them. We have Black Kings, Emperors, Generals, Theologians, Scholars, Businessmen, C.E.O’s, Billionaires, Professionals and everything in-between including Black Devils. But don’t forget that Malcolm X said that all White People were Devils. I take Unbridged to that Theory, for all the Good White People that I have known. Haters logic absolutely behoves me, all I know is that if my parents were Insensitive Bigots, I would spend the rest of my life trying not to be like them. The Arc Haters go by the Names of Klans, Supremacists, Skinheads and also some are supposedly Peace Officers. When you think of it logically it is no surprise that so many Cops are Nigger Haters. If you grow up in a Household where everything you hear is Nigger this Nigger that, let’s not forget that often times we are products of our Environment and that Children absorbs their Parents Values. Officer Robert Torsney shot and killed fifteen years old Randy Evans, a Gifted Student and an Artist for asking him a question, after spitting Expletive Deleted Nigger comments. The point was made in the previous Paragraphs. I would love to Omit the use of the Words Niggers and Rednecks for the reminder of this Conversation. However we are all Adults here, Rappers, Klansmen, and overall Haters have Proliferated both Words, besides I don’t like Political correctness, it’s a Farce. Political correctness is whitewashing bad Behavior. Bad enough me being Black using the word, but when Tommy Bryant, a White City Council member from Alabama uses it. That goes to show how deep rooted the Hate is. Fifty years after the Governor of Alabama Lester Maddox Deployed the National Guard on the Selma Bridge to block Black People from crossing it, they wanted to Vote. Law enforcement beat many of them senselessly. The Bridge was Built in 1940, it is named after Edmund Winston Pettus, a former Confederate brigadier general, U.S. senator, and leader of the Alabama Ku Klux Klan. The proof is in the Pudding, they are in the Government also. Trump held up the Defense Budget because he didn’t want any changes made to Monuments named after Confederate Generals. It meant that much to him. My English Literature Teacher always prodded me to tell her what is the Author not saying. Now I’m doing the same thing to you.

Today you have a Congress who would set back voting Rights Fifty years. That just shows that there are Rednecks everywhere, Government including, and they use the N word everyday in private settings. Officer Robert Torsney was found not guilty for Murdering Randy, due to his Mental incapacity. That’s how the crooked Justice System works. It didn’t matter to the Jury that Randy was an Innocent Child, or a Budding Artist who could have one day held a Candle to Picasso. All they knew was that they couldn’t put a White Cop in Prison for Killing a Nigger. My Mother always said that God doesn’t sleep, she continued, he sees and Knows all. I say that karma is Justice’s Right Hand. That is what the Hate Virus amounts to, mental incapacity ( People of a lesser mind) they are everywhere. I am not talking about People with Mental Illnesses, I am talking about everyday People walking the Streets, Pixilated with Hate. (Pixilated is an old, seldom-used Americanism dating from the middle of the 19th century and peaking (in this use) in the middle 20th century. It meant (1) crazed, bewildered, or whimsical, or (2) intoxicated.1with ) Now we have Officer Derek Chauvin with the Famous Knee. When he was squeezing the life out of a handcuffed man begging for Air. You could see in the pose that he struck with his Knee depressed in George’s neck, it was saying yeah I am killing a Nigger, so what. Dying from the lack of oxygen is a slow and painful execution.This has been going on for over Four Hundred years, Black lives being squandered with impunity. If this continues you are pushing young Blacks to become Terrorists, like it happened in Palestine. In the late Sixties young Palestinians were strapping Bombs to themselves and getting on packed Buses. It’s a known fact that Beleaguered Downtrodden People who are Outgunned turn to throwing Molotov Cocktails in the dead of Night. When you have nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose. The Top Law Enforcement Official in the U.S. says that he didn’t believe that Racism was Institutionalized. Many in High Places don’t know their Ass from a Hole in the Wall. William Barr has no credibility with me, he is a Trump Man, Lies become these people, Trump denied that his Father was arrested at a Klan Rally in Jamaica Queens in the year Nineteen Twenty Seven. Do your Research as I have. Donald Trump’s paternal ancestry is traceable to Bobenheim am Berg, a village in the Palatinate, Germany, in the 18th century. Johann Trump, born in Bobenheim in 1789, moved to the nearby village of Kallstadt where his grandson, Friedrich Trump, the grandfather of Donald Trump, was born in 1869. For all we know he could have Family Members who did Hitler’s Bidding. Yet he is the most anti-Imagration Person in America. The Apple came from that Tree. His Supporters see him as the Great White Hope, the Grandest of all wizards. When he raised that clenched Fist, it signified White Power. The problem with Haters is, One Generation expires and the next One picks up the Batton. When B.L.M. protested George Floyd’s Murder, Trump told Law enforcement to be heavy handed, don’t hold back. When his Supporters crashed the Capitol, he said that they were peaceful Protestors. He also said that the Proud Boys were Fine People. The Canadian Government labeled them to be Terrorists. The Peaceful Protestors were hunting for Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi, armed to the T. Some of them built a Gallos for Mike Pence. Their experience of building Gallos spans Four Hundred years. Many Black Men who left this World on the Gallos ‘ last words were ” It don’t make no Matter”. Senator Josh Hawley said that Guns aren’t the problem. My Friend Mark told me that he had One Hundred Guns, his Wife killed him with One of them. Josh Hawley said that Violent Criminals are the Problem that they shouldn’t be on the Streets. A month ago in Pinellas County a young Deputy was run over and killed by a Man with 19 priors the fact that he was white is of no relevance. A Black Man with 19 prior Arrests would not be on the Street. The last Three Mass Murderers had no Criminal Records. Marjory Stoneman High School 17 years old, 17 murdered. Georgia Salons 21 years old, 8 Murdered. Colorado 21 years old, 10 Murdered. Josh Hawley isn’t the only Phi Beta Idiot in Congress.These Terrorists could be your Neighbors as it did in Tulsa Oklahoma in 1921 when three Hundred Black People were Murdered by their White Neighbors. In the same Fashion that they Slaughtered the Native American People Ninety Five years earlier. One year later thirty Black People Murdered in Rosewood Florida by a Mob, led by Klansmen. Rednecks are the worst Piss-ons that God ever blew breath into, I guess that everyone makes mistakes. What gets me is, these diehard Haters are the minority that pledges allegiance to the Rebel Flag and the Iron Cross, not Old Glory. The rest are just Dopes following an endless Trend of Hating.The situation in this Country draws parity to a Lion Trainer, you keep poking with a Stick, one Day the Lion snaps and tears you apart. Like Wu-Tang said, ” The Revolution will be Televised “. Pac said it best ” We trade War Stories” he also said that we were One Nation under a Thug and Bullet Skies. It Don’t Make No Macha is Slave Ebonics( It Don’t Make no matter), that’s how Beleaguered Black People felt back then. It don’t make no matter is a feeling of helplessness, feeling dejected and Violated. They knew that if they ran away, the Consequences would be Grave. Horrendous whippings not even a Horse received, also putting One’s Ankle between Two Blocks and slamming the Block with a Sledge Hammer That’s called Cogging. The purpose, to keep them from running away. Four Hundred years later, Black People still are not free, they are chained with Economic, Psychological and Sociological Slavery. These so-called God-fearing People who abused us went to Church every Sunday. They also knew that if you Outlaw Racism, it don’t make no matter, what’s in the Heart of man is what really matters. The Genocide of the Native American People speaks for itself. They had no intention of co-existing. As soon as the Mayflower landed the Native Americans were Doomed. Buried in Time is the Falls Creek Massacre, where nine Native Americans, two Men, three Women, two Boys and two Girls were Slaughtered by White Settlers, to send a message. Some of us are just Natural Born Killers. The Sins of the Father spans Hundreds of years of Evil doers, Generations after another they are compensated by Karma, Karma will find you even if you hide in the Church. For instance, your Children being born less than perfect, Natural Disasters or even Terrorist attacks while you’re on Vacation. Many times bad things happen to good People, oftentimes the question is why me. Some of us Survive above all Odds. My favorite case of Karma’s heavy handedness befell One of my Aunt’s who tried to Indoctrinate me at Six years old that I was Inferior. At Sixty years old she developed one of the Worst cases of Dementia, didn’t know her own Kids. Without a warning she was in stage Three. My mother went into stage Three at Ninety Seven, she knew who I was right up to the last minute, Who God Bless, no man cursed. All my Aunt’s Children except One, out of Six did Prison Time. You can Torment us all you want, your Day also will come. Today some young Blacks are not running, they are standing their Ground, against Cops. Stand your Ground is A Law that allows you to commit Murder with impunity if you feel that your Life is in Danger. A young Black Veteran who served his Country well and learned his Job of Targeting and Precision Release, a Sniper. He returned home to the same hateful place he left, finding the same Indignation and harassment by Cops that he left. With the sentiment that it don’t make no matter, he armed himself and took up a Vantage point four Stories high in a Garage. In the Aftermath five Cops were killed and he was blown up with a Robot Bomb, pretty much a Jihadist I would say. Five Hundred miles away two more Fallen Officers, twelve Hundred miles away an Ambush and yet another, he was Black but he wore the Blue. Am I the only one who see a Pattern of Home Grown Terrorism, this is Palestine all over again, Oppressed People lashing back. Are we approaching the Edge of Night? a Civil Upheaval. How many more U.S. Army trained Black Men who are Sharpshooters out there, that are Grinding Axes. I could have easily been One to grind an Ax. Nineteen seventy Nine I was operating my own Courier Service. I pulled up to the Port Authority Terminal to deliver a package to the Building. There was no parking available, so I decided to park Illegally and run inside. An Undercover Officer approached me and told me that I could not leave the Car there. I told him to write the Ticket, but I had an important Delivery that I had to deliver, it was Time Sensitive. I started walking away, he threw me up against the Car and slapped Handcuffs on me. He took me upstairs I believe to the Third Floor. In front of the Desk Sergeant he roughed me up and poked me so hard in the Navel, years later I had Stomach problems. Not being Arrested, not reading me the Miranda I was put in a Cell. One Hundred percent Illegal. After a few Minutes they handed me my Wallet and told me that I was free to go. The most Harrowing part of that Ordeal is, what was said after they handed me my Wallet. ” This never happened, if you try to make anything of it , we know where you live”. Welcome to Justice in the Soviet Union of America. You don’t know how lucky you are, Boy. I don’t think that there’s another person in the entire U.S. that has been illegally Arrested and Detained over a Traffic Citation. There has to be a Record of the Ticket and my Vehicle being Towed somewhere. That Is the Proof that it did happen. This happened in New York Eleven Hundred Miles from the South. As I have said ” They are everywhere “. Sometimes I sit in one of my Secret places by the Gulf of Mexico, thinking what a beautiful place this Earth is. Then I Pondered, if a Meteorite should fall and burn this Earth crisp, my Black Ass along with it, there would be no regrets. The Bible says, the Good Will suffer along with the Bad. I am a firm Believer in Law and order with a great sense of Patriotism. Always support your Country, your Government, only when deserving. Young Disenfranchised Blacks don’t see eye to eye with me, like Damien Marley and Naz said, Patience. Their Patience has run thin, waiting four Hundred years for changes that will never be seen in their lifetime, or mine. I am not a Pessimist, only a Realist. It’s a proven Synopsis, Oppression Incubates Rebellion. The Corrupt System has made it so hard for a young disillusioned Black Person, many Turn to Gang Life and Drug Money, it don’t make no Matter. Like the Man said ” If I can’t do it, it can’t be done.” Scratching Bottom working the Fast-food Chain and the Slave Operation Distribution Centers doesn’t cut it, especially with a hungry Infant at your Knees. Everybody got a Story to Tell. The turn of Events in the year Two Thousand and twenty have brought out fifty years of Disappointment and Sadness in me. Disappointed in my Fellow Man Disappointed in Government and Society as a whole for casting a Blind Eye and a Deaf Ear to Racism, Prejudices, Bigotry and Brutally. And there you have the Motivation for this Book. For those of us God-fearing Ones who refuse to cast a Blind Eye, we need to say and do something, stand up, speak up. Worst of all the Wrongdoers feel good about themselves, going to Church Sunday Morning talking about Praising the Lord. One of his Fundamental Laws is to love thy Neighbor. I don’t know what Pagon God they Worship, certainly not my Jehovah, I am my Brother’s keeper. My Heart cries for the Indigent Ones, they are another one of America’s Shame, they are everywhere, Homeless and Hungry, ” Just another day in Paradise ” that’s why I Donate whenever I can. The Blood Sweat and Tears of the Black Man took America into the Industrial Age. The Farmers had Slaves working for free, while they sat in the shade drinking Mint Julep and reaping the Profits from Free Labor. The Black Man has paid his Dues over and again, yet he is still Disenfranchised by the Constitution. Life, Liberty, Justice and the Pursuit of happiness for all People, except the Black Man. A handful of Exceptional Ones become Wealthy or Middle-class, the Mass are Poor and Illiterate. While Whites with Mediocre Minds and little Intelligence prosper and even become Presidents. There once was a Time when Educated Black Men had to take Jobs as Janitors, in order to feed their Families. I Opted in to Draw Early Social Security, as a result I work Two Jobs to supplement my Benefits after contributing over Four Hundred Thousand Dollars into the Fund. One Job my Boss Knows Ten Percent of what I know, however he is White. The other Job is for a Major Distribution Company. The White Workers there are mostly Rednecks who have never earned Fifty Thousand yearly. Yet They think that they are Better than I. They say that we are Lazy and Shiftless, But when Black People try to elevate themselves Haters say that we don’t know our place. Now that Black People are crowding the Workforces, they want their Country back. I remembered years ago working for Two Brothers, they were worth Two Million Dollars. Nonetheless, Diehard Rednecks. Eavesdropping on their conversations, they made me feel like Shit, the way they Berated Black People, about how they were Lazy and Shiftless. Always looking for a Handout. One Day while Traveling in the Bosses car with a White Dude That I considered a Friend. A Famous Talk Jock had a call from One of his Listeners. The Caller told him that Black People were better off as Slaves. The Jock inquired, how so, the Caller replied, because they always needed someone to take care of them, as in Welfare. My Boss and the Redneck that I thought was my Friend, both broke out in a Hysterical Laugh. The Crap that Black People have to put up with in America, I am surprised that White People dominate the Mass Murderers List. One thing that I can tell you is that change comes from within the Ranks, One Individual at a time. You take control of your Education, Financial and Spiritual well-being on your own. No One else is going to do it for you, Church or Government, Not even your Own People. The Fortunate Blacks who make it up in the World, look back at you and say you’re not like me. Now you have Black on Black Prejudice. In Florida where the Sun Bakes Black People, I see People blacker than me, uglier than I, and more Stupid than I, takes thei’r Eyes and pass me (looks down at you) so you see my Friend Prejudice and this Racism Crap is a Way of Life in this Country. You’ve got White Haters, Black Haters, Latinos, Jews, Italian, Irish, Oriental, Middle eastern, Asians, and every Aborigine under the Sun. These Cro Magnons crawl from under every Rock on this Planet, thinking that they are better than I. Very few Blacks who rise to be Millionaires give back to the Neighborhood. The Dimwits don’t know that Money is only a Tool to do good things, not something that you worship. God Bless Michael Jordan for Building a Hospital in his Hometown. The rest of them are not like that. Many end up like Mr H flat Broke after making a Hundred Million. Especially after their Trophy White Woman cleans them out in Divorce Court. I can touch that, I never made a Mil, but I have always lived well, and claimed Donations on my Tax Return. Yet you tell me that Black Lives Matter, to whom? It don’t make no Matter. As a Contact Employee working in a Justice center, I see so many young Blacks caged up in Prison Cells. I say to myself, their Lives don’t Matter to them, why should it matter to me? When I was a Juvenile Delinquent, I came to the Crossroads and took the right turn. That’s how come I am working in the System and not residing in a Cell. ” To Thine own self be true and Trustworthy” In Mark 8:34 Jesus said, “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.” Today, we hear care for self; love self; protect self; promote self–and Jesus said, “Deny self.” Jesus is saying deny the desire to constantly promote yourself above all others. Amen! Boy did I miss my Calling! I should be Preaching the Gospel, yet I’m just another Sinner trying to find my way to the Altar. However I am Championing Spiritually, look deeply in your Heart and ask yourself, is this the way that God intended for us to Live?

Through Her Eyes by Anthony Dixon | Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

Through Her Eyes

Written by
Anyhony Dixon

P.S. Fifty years ago I tried to open a Discussion with the Old People about Racism. They told me, that’s just the way things are and that I should leave it alone. Well Today I am opening the Discussion, where does it end?

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Through Her Eyes by Anthony Dixon | Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

THE American Dreaming. a Book about Hate / not a Book of Hate. Dreaming that One Day I don’t have to be Apprehensive of my color. Link to the Ebook Through Her Eyes By Anthony Dixon Through Her Eyes by Anthony Dixon | Paperback.
Wanting to be a better writer has been a penchant of mine since I wrote my first essay. I am not sure but I believe that it was in my fourth grade. The essay was filled with incomplete sentences, for instance, he me money, I wrote of my uncle giving me money. I omitted Gave. The kids called me, he me money for a long time. In High School I elected to take English literature, my friends called me lame, for wanting to discuss Shakespeare and Dickens for an entire period. They say that there are no chance meetings and that everything happens for a reason. Studying the old masters, I learned that extensively verbalizing and painting panoramic pictures, causes young readers to lose interest quickly. I picked up war and peace at fourteen years old and never finished reading the book. So when I started to Write my Objective was to tell my Story with as few words as possible. I have been blogging for seven years, I toy with my readers, telling them that my goal is to write a blog with one sentence and a book on one page. This book has been in the works in my mind for fifty three years. Since my first day in High School P.S. My High School was 85% White in 1968 during the heights of Racial unrest in America. It was a Nightmare, Fifty Three years later I am still living in the Daymares. This is not a Book of Hate, it’s a Book about Hate. The Movie The Bronx Tale happened near my High School. Read Full Overview
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The Book / Through Her Eyes

Way back in 1910 People who had Children with Special needs would hide their Children away. Never to be seen in public, when they had visitors, the Children would be locked away in the Attic or Basement. Ignorance and Indifference was the norm. In 1972 my Twelve years old Buddy and I would sit in the back of the School near the Rectory. While the Sun faded in the Skyline, we would sit there smoking the Finest Marijuana grown around the World. He would tell me Stories about his Classmates being Emasculated in the Rectory. I would tell him that he was making up Stories. He would say Pope, the Name he called me, I Swear it’s true. Forty years later his Stories made Headlines. Back then you say something like that about the Church and your Parents would tell you to get down on your Knees and beg the Lord for Forgiveness. Back then speaking about Homosexuality was a Taboo. So was having an open Discussion about Racism. Our Parents would say, that’s just the way things are, leave it alone, end of Discussion. Fifty Three years later and the Mindset remains the same. In Fifty Three years of being in the Workforce, there has not been One Day that I never experienced some form of Racism. Yet my Friends, White and Black, look at me Queerly when I tell them what my Book is about. In other words like our Parents said Fifty Three years ago, leave it alone. What is up with People leaving an Important Discussion alone. Way back then people didn’t have that Sex Talk with their Children.

People went to Woodstock and slept in a different Tent with a different Partner for One Week. Look at the Outcome, Aids. At Fifteen years old my Mother had that Sex Talk with me. She said when you are feeling your Oats thinking that you are a Man, don’t forget to keep your Drawers up. She continued, you don’t have a Job or an Education. How are you going to take care of a Child? Furthermore, I am not going to raise your kids. She was not your average Mother. As far as Racism was concerned, she said, no One is better than you, more Privileged, better Educated and more Money, but no better. She continued, they may never accept you but they will always Respect you for the job you do. It was her Inspiration that kept my Head above the Muddy Waters of Racism growing up in the Seventies. And Today in appreciation for her Wisdom, I wrote my first Book, giving a Tribute to her. What else would I have Titled my Book? Through Her Eyes is due in the Barnes and Noble online Bookstore in October. I refuse to lock my Feelings away in the Attic and Basement of Indifference. If you don’t have needed Discussions, one day they will Explode in your Head and your Face.

For instance not Teaching your Kids Sensitivity. Many years ago in Greenwich Village in N.Y.C. a young Gay Man was beaten to a Pulp with Baseball Bats by Five Kids from Good Families. The Man Died of his Injuries, not knowing the reasons for his Attack. Through Her Eyes is the Recounting of Fifty Three years of Insensitivity. If we don’t have that Discussion now, Fifty Three years from now Innocent People will still be meeting their Death with Baseball Bats. Look where we’ve been and see where we are going. Through Her Eyes isn’t looking through Colored Glass, it’s One Blogger’s Journalistic Recounting of living in America. It’s a darn Shame that when you tell People the truth, you don’t know how they are going to react. So to my Followers if you really want to Know who I am you need to read my Book when it becomes available. After writing this I asked my Wife? How’s that for an Infomercial? She said I was only telling it like it is. She was Born in South Carolina, Twenty Miles from Sumter where the Civil War started. A War to keep Slavery intact. She went to a Blacks only School and couldn’t drink from a white only Water fountain if she was Dying of Thirst. She has not read my Book, the memories are still Haunting.

Nicolas Cruz
Killed 17 fellow Students

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My Emotional Psych

My Emotional Psych

What is emotional psychology?

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), emotion is defined as “a complex reaction pattern, involving experiential, behavioral and physiological elements.” Emotions are how individuals deal with matters or situations they find personally significant.

Thirty years ago while doing Interior Demolition work in a Cell in a Federal Prison, where most of the Prisoners were Lifers. I took down a Wall, inside the Wall this Picture laid in a pile of dirt. I cleaned it up and saved it for Thirty years, now it has found its Rightful place on the Cover of my first Book. The Picture signifies to me the Freeing of One’s Soul, being set free from this Despotic Place we call Earth. Can you imagine someone doing a Life Sentence, never to ever again walk the Streets as a free Man. So much longing to be free, coming up with such a Concept that this Picture Portrays. Then I think to myself, I’m not Free. One year ago I was on my way Home after working in the Courthouse, crossing a Bridge that People do One Hundred M.P.H. nightly. My Car does 170, yet I have never taken it past 80, in a 70MPH zone. The Bridge is Posted 45, I never go past 50. Upon exiting the Bridge, at the foot of the Bridge a Police Cruiser lays wait, shining a 600 watt Lamp in my Face while I am doing 50, five MPH over the Speed limit. He pulled me over and wrote me a Ticket, stating that I was doing 60 MPH. Here I am a Contact Employee working for the County being Racially Profiled and given a Padded Ticket. I thought to myself, if this can happen to me, what about some poor Black Kid wearing a Hoodie? A Bullet to the Head at the end of a dark Bridge span could easily be covered up. This Book is my Legacy to all the Innocent young Blacks sitting in a Prison Cell longing for Freedom, or setting their Souls free. Like the Man said Give me Liberty or give me Death. I Personally find Racism a Significant enough of an Issue to write a Book about it. I work in the Government, I Drive Two bad Rides and live in a Predominantly White Middle Class Neighborhood, yet I am not above Bigotry, Racial Profiling and Racism, so what chances do a Poor Dumb Black Kid from the Hood have. The following are my Original Thoughts ” If you have lived long enough to get Old and you have nothing to pass on to the next Generation, in the form of learning and Teachings, you have not truly lived only existed “. This Book is Fifty Three years in the make. Here are Excerpts-from the Book

Yet you tell me that Black Lives Matter, to whom? It don’t make no Matter( Slave Ebonics, meaning it doesn’t make any Difference). As a Contact Employee working in a Justice center, I see so many young Blacks caged up in Prison Cells. I say to myself, their Lives don’t Matter to them, why should it matter to me? When I was a Juvenile Delinquent, I came to the Crossroads and took the right turn. That’s how come I am working in the System and not residing in a Cell. ” To Thine own self be true and Trustworthy” In Mark 8:34 Jesus said, “If anyone would…..My Book is Due in about Two Weeks. I had just finished writing this Boost for my Book in the Fourth Floor Hallway. The Elevator came, I heard footsteps heading my way, so I held the Door open. A young White Brother got on and told me thanks, I asked him what Floor, I punched the floor. Getting off on the Second floor, he gave me the Fist Bump and said Goodnight. I felt a little Guilty for things that I said in the Book about the crooked Justice System, he was an Attorney who worked for the Attorney General. The Bottom line is that with Civility we can live in Harmony, or at least get along. I am not a Hate Monger, I am not Tunnel Visioned, I know that there are Good and Bad in all. I didn’t write this Book for anyone over Thirty, because I’m a firm believer that you can’t teach old Dogs anything, because they are set in their ways. This Book is for young people like the young Attorney on the Elevator. We don’t have to Love Each other, all we need is to be Civil, Respect is Earned, not given or taken. You Guys need to go read my Book when it becomes available. It’s a Small Book filled with Big Thoughts of Mending Fences. It’s Available through XLIBRIs Publications Amazon and Barnes and Noble, when it gets here. Tolstoy is not my favorite Author, Once I have made my Point, I am done Talking.

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Dealing with Racisim is not an easy thing to do. Hate is a Virus, Love is a Good Drug.

Excerpts from my Book-

You can’t run away from Racisim

There is a natural Mystic”. I grew up listening to Motown, Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, Hendrix, Joplin and Jefferson Airplane. When Jefferson Starship played in Central Park in the middle of the day, in the middle of the Week. Seventy Thousand of us Flower Children played Hooky from School and Work to hear Gracie ask the question, ” Don’t you want somebody to Love, don’t you need somebody to Love “, the Message was in the Music. It was a Day to be remembered, all God’s Children of every Persuasions including Cops Coexisting and Celebrating each other. I passed a Joint to a White Brother wearing the Blue with a Shield and he didn’t Arrest me, he took a hit and passed it to another Officer, until the Roach made its way into a Bowl. The Aroma Blanketed the Park, People on their Balconies on Fifth Avenue were getting High on contact. I’m not Glorifying the Green, just Illustrating the Heat of the Moment. We took Heed to what Crosby stills Nash and Young said “Love the one you’re with ” In my Lifetime I have been Fortunate……….The Ebook is Due in a matter of Days

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