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Love One Another



Love One Another

Hate is like taking Poison and waiting for the other person to Die. It benefits no one not even yourself. Like Kenny Loggins said ” Angry Eyes, I bet you wish you could cut me down with those angry Eyes”.  Anger has an insatiable appetite. Anger is poison for the Chemical Composition of the Body, it triggers bad Enzymes. The constant flood of stress Chemicals and associated metabolic changes that go with ongoing unmanaged anger, can eventually cause harm to many different systems in the Body. For instance it can cause things like Headache from the unnoticed stress. Other things that are uncommon are, Digestive problems, Insomnia, increased Anxiety, Depression, High Blood pressure, Skin problems such as Eczema, Heart attack and Stroke.

I have no Medical Training, but I do my Research. The same way I can dig up this Information, so can you. Hate is a Derivative of Anger it is bad for the Soul. ” If you go to Bed angry every Day you are saying Prayers to the Devil” – Bob Marley. How can your Soul be Healthy if if you are consumed with the Hate Virus. Like the Man said Religion is Manmade, Spirituality comes from God. While working in a Nursing Home I got introduced to my Mortality. I learned that I wasn’t going to live forever, so I should drink from the Chalice of Life and good living until it becomes empty, as in Dying. I learned that every Day I lived it’s a Day getting older, the older I get the more frail and susceptible my Body become to Ill health and Diseases.

To say the least it’s bad for your Skin

Why shouldn’t I be a Day older and perceptively wiser observing One Hundred and Twenty Residents. This is you my Mind spoke to me, every Day I walked into that place, I entered my Mortality. My Mother had Dementia, I visited her Seven Days a Week. I did that to give her a moment of Clarity, if only for Half an Hour. Each Visit my Heart was fractured seeing My Dear Mom in a natural state of being Stupified like she just smoked Angel Dust. Every Day I live I ask God, anything, but Cancer and Dementia. I can’t help it, I was Old at Twelve, I was Old at Fourteen, I became that way from watching Old People. In other words if I Died Tomorrow, I have lived my years in every single Minute of every single Day. Like the Man said ” No Regrets”. Through the Roots puts it best ” We ain’t got no worries ” with that Attitude, I have no Time to Hate or be Angry, as in The Angry Black Man Syndrome.

Sickness and Diseases are waiting for me around the Corner, I am going to live my Life with a Bang until my Mortality catches up to me. Sickness and Diseases aren’t Pregudicall. Today I learned that some of my favorite Personalities are dealing with thei’r own Battles.

It was recently revealed that Clooney suffered pancreatitis after losing 28 pounds for his role in his newest movie, The Midnight Sky. The onset likely came from rapid weight loss, and it’s uncertain what effect it may have on the actor, as the disease tends to vary person to person. Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones has bipolar II disorder, which means she has mood swings that go between euphoria and depression. Can you imagine being on a Set and having an occurrence. My Friend Money Education and Skills are of no Factors when your Health attacks you.

Alec Baldwin suffers from chronic Lyme disease. The actor doesn’t talk about it very often, but he has admitted that “At the some time of year, I get really tired.” I hope that Someone is getting my Drift, there is no Time for Hate when the Sand in the Hour Glass steadily trickles to the lower half. The Biggest problem facing Our New President is Division which is a Derivative of Hate. Joe is a Spiritual Man, a Man of Convictions and a Religious Man. So was Dr King, so was John F Kennedy, they failed in bringing Unification to this Country. Joe I wish you Good Luck. This World has been Divided since the Cannanites set themselves apart to build thei’r own Society.

Excerpts from Wikipedia

The word “Canaanites” serves as an ethnic catch-all term covering various indigenous populations—both settled and nomadic-pastoral groups—throughout the regions of the southern Levant or Canaan.[2] It is by far the most frequently used ethnic term in the Bible.[3] In the Book of Joshua, Canaanites are included in a list of nations to exterminate,[4] and later described as a group which the Israelites had annihilated.[5] Biblical scholar Mark Smith notes that archaeological data suggests “that the Israelite culture largely overlapped with and derived from Canaanite culture… In short, Israelite culture was largely Canaanite in nature.”[6]:13–14[7][8] The name “Canaanites” is attested, many centuries later, as the endonym of the people later known to the Ancient Greeks from c. 500 BC as Phoenicians,[5] and after the emigration of Canaanite-speakers to Carthage (founded in the 9th century BC), was also used as a self-designation by the Punics (chanani) of North Africa during Late Antiquity. That my Friend is the History of Division, the onset of Division began when Cain killed his Brother. Cain, the firstborn, was a farmer, and his brother Abel was a shepherd. The brothers made sacrifices to God, each of his own produce, but God favored Abel’s sacrifice instead of Cain’s. Cain then murdered Abel, whereupon Yahweh punished Cain by condemning him to a life of wandering.

The narrative never explicitly states Cain’s motive for murdering his brother, nor God’s reason for rejecting Cain’s sacrifice, nor details on the identity of Cain’s wife. Some traditional interpretations consider Cain to be the originator of evil, violence, or greed. According to Genesis, Cain was the first human born and the first murderer. All of this is too much for my Little Brain, so I draw my own Conclusions, the Human Mind is Cancerous. Jesus came to this earth for the express purpose of shedding His precious blood on the cross to provide forgiveness of sins. Mankind have not Capitalized on that. I don’t like to be a Cynic but who is the next Messiah. This is enough Exercise for my Brain for One Lifetime, let’s move on and Chart our own Personal Path. Think about it, for someone who doesn’t go to Church every Sunday and can Immerse himself in such Thoughts, what of he who does. Many Days I have asked God, what is my Purpose, maybe he has answered me and I wasn’t listening.

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Ebony And Ivory



Ebony And Ivory

Words means so much, even more so the lack of it, as in communication. People are so quick to draw conclusions and hold malice towards each other. That way of living can’t be healthy for the Psychological wellness. One would think that ill will is an Engine we run on. I should be a Life Coach on this matter, my Family thought me well. My Mother was the Third Child in a Family of Twelve Children. She was taken out of School at an early age to help raise her Siblings. She even helped raising her Siblings Children. It appears to me that having Kids back then was a popular pastime. All through my Childhood I noticed that this Family was not as Cohesive as the Walton’s Family. At no given Time all the Members of this Family was in Harmony.

There was always One who wasn’t speaking to that One for whatever reason. The One that struck my attention was her younger Sister. I described her in One of my earlier Blog as someone who had the J.R. Ewing syndrome ( Someone who isn’t happy unless the World was on fire). She took the he said she said Sword of Division to another level. The Recipients would Pregudically Hate the One presumed to have said whatever. This was a Christian Family, so I ask the question, if this can happen in a Christian Family, what of the World of So many Persuasions. All the Wars, Political Upheavals and Social Discords comes back to me as the answer. People relishing bad Blood goes back to Cain killing his Brother.

It’s a Curse that we have to live with, Rising above ourselves is the challenge of all Eternity. As I have stated over and again, I am a watcher of People, being that way all my Life, that’s how I learn how to live my Life, or how not to live my Life. When I dig deep within my Soul for Answers, I find comfort in knowing that they Stoned Jesus when he was on the Cross, Barbarism is here to stay. How we deal with our Inadequacies defines us. Now we come to the Motivation for this Blog. Sitting at my Mom’s bedside in a Nursing Home, we rehashed all the above mentioned. I told her that once she Passed, I was done with certain members of this Family. She Besieged me to change my Mind.

She made me promised that I would be the Peacemaker, I Promised her. A Promise that I renaged on. The long Traits of bad Blood continued. It has been Seven years since she has been gone. One of the People I Promised her that I would not have Ostracized, cut Ties with me the Week of her Death. Seven Years later not a Word has blown by us. Guess what? I haven’t lost any sleep, I have resided myself that this is my Legacy, their lost. So anyway last week I was agonizing that I haven’t spoken to my Cousin who lives in Miami for a whole year, all through this Pandemic. I said to myself that she also could have called. Nonetheless I made the call, she was elated to hear my voice. I have always known that she loved me. She told me that she also agonized from not hearing from me.

Where the Conversation went is exactly what prompted this Blog. This One goes out to the Ones I 💘 Love. This One goes out to the Ones I left behind. She told me that she was Battling for her Life, being treated for Cancer. I thought to myself, my God what a miserable existence we call living. If you go to the Shelter and bring home a Puppy and a Kitten. Living in the same household and growing up together. They would never know that they were different and they would never fight. Us Humans could take a Lesson form these lower Species. Working in a Nursing Home in Pennsylvania brought me Full Circle with my Mortality. It was there that I realized that all my years up to that point were wasted. Keeping Malice, having animosity and worried about the price of Tea in China is downright pissing your Life away.

This Earth is your Garden of Eden that we take for granted, these People around us are our Gifts, seek out the Good. In this Nursing Home they had 123 Beds, one belonging to a Black Woman. I was the Only Black on the Staff, I don’t need to spell it out for the Deaf, who only travels to the beat of the Drums. While working there I befriended many of the Residents. I would go to their rooms and break the stalemate of boredom and Degection. I communicated while listening to their Stories and they and they’re Families Loved me for doing so. My Favorite was an Irish Woman in her Eighties who had never interacted with a Black Person. Liz and I grew so tight we adopted each other as Mother and Son. When she Died I went to her Room and kissed her goodbye, for I knew that a part of me was gone. That’s how People should live, ” When you go to Bed angry you are saying Prayers to the Devil” you might not awake and so you take your Hate with you. Look deep in your Heart, what you see is exactly what God sees.

P.S. This may be my Best Blog, Blogging is delivering a Message and I believe that I did.

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Tom Petty was Bullied in High School, they called him dirty Hippie
Tom Petty was Bullied in High School, they called him dirty Hippie




My Wife tells me that I am repetitious, guess what, I totally agree with her. While studying Drama, I learned that repetition was the only way to learn your Lines. Playing Basketball I also learned that taking a corner shot was perfected through repetition of the same set( the way you position your body) and Arm release. Later on in Life I further learned that repetition of Daily Activities allowed you to perform them effortlessly when you grow old and Diseases like Dementia sets in. With that said I can continue with this Blog which has nothing to do with one or the other. Except that Bullying is a Repetitious Behavior of taking advantage of someone weaker than yourself.

Wheather it’s Psychological or Physical, it’s still abuse. What activated this Train of thought, was reading about some Women Executives who lost their Jobs because they reported Sexual Harassment bestowed on them in the Workplace. The So-called Men who Terminated or facilitated their Departure from the Organization, are nothing short of Bullies themselves, or sympathizers. The ones who actually performed the dirty Deed of making the Women uncomfortable with their Lascivious Behavior are nothing but little Chicken- Shit Boys with out of control Testosterones. Here we are back to the Motivation for this Blog, Bullying. When a Child shows Characterics of being a Bully, it is for you the Parents to cure them of the Trait.

If you don’t they grow up to be Thorny Bushes( as a Twig is bent so shall it grows) Words of Wisdom. Two instances that I recalled that were handled differently. Sitting at the Kitchen Table having a Conversation with one of my Childhood Friend. Her young Son who was about six years old kept interrupting, as a result of her ignoring him. He mustered up all the strength his little hand could find, and he rung her Bell. He slapped her so hard her Face immediately turned red. She went off the deep end on him, She slapped his Face repeatedly,I did or said nothing to his defense, sometimes that’s what it takes to cure a future woman Beater. His Dad was an a Abusive Man, I don’t know if the Child was mimicking his Father.

The second occurrence, the settings could be a duplicate. The young son of eight years old said Mommy you are a Bitch, she asked him why do you say that, he replied Daddy says you are. Did I mention Psychological abuse. Those are two Bullies in the make. Women abusers are one and the same period. If you don’t deal with this Syndrome of attacking belittling and downright Physical abuse of others. You leave it up to People like me to Manner-up your little Indiscretions. Bullies thought me to be a Punishing Street Fighter. At Eleven years old my Mother sent us to School Dressed better than the Teachers. Our Clothes were Pristine, Shoes polished like a Marine.

In the Neighborhood there were Three older Brothers, I will never forget thei’r Names, The Higgins. Taking a Bus would take Three times longer than walking through a field One and a Half Mile wide. These Three Hooligans thought it was their Job to send us to School and Home Battered Bruised and dirty every single solitary Day. They never took a Vacation from jumping us. After a while I got sick of being Pounced on by Boys bigger and older than I was. My Brother and I developed fighting Techniques to offset the Three against Two unfairness. One of my Techniques were, giving my Brother my Books to put in his Backpack. I would then load Rocks in mine, the first one who came within striking distance went down hard, sometimes he didn’t get up, while his other two Brothers render First Aid, we went on our merry way not even looking back.

That’s how you break them from the Habit of abusing People. Another prompting for this Blog is, its Saturday Night the Place is just about under Lockdown. The Health Professionals say to avoid People. What else do I have to do but sit here, Write Blogs,drink a couple of Beers and Reminisce. At Fourteen I was an Accomplished Street Fighter able to beat Thirty years old Men. In Junior High I was tested by another Bully older than I. This was an up and coming Thug, his Two older Brothers were Gunmen who had Killed before. This Boy singled me out to beat my Brains out. The first five Minutes of the Fight, he punished me with his Elbows Knees and Head-butts. Just about to cry No Mas, I found a Two by Four piece of Wood. I beat that Boy within inches of Death.

His Brothers who were looking for me were Executed Gang Style. I went to thei’r Funeral. If ever I had any Inclination of being Bad, I was looking at the Outcomes laying in thei’r Caskets. Bullies weren’t finished with me yet. Two Boys who became friends with me invited me to thei’r Home for Dinner, one was my Age the other Two years older. Both were Molested by thei’r older Brother, a Teacher. Sitting at the Dinner Table waiting for the Food, the Teacher led us into a Conversation about Sex. I became uncomfortable, stood up and started to leave. Teachie as he was called Pounced on me grabbing a Handful of my Testicles. He squeezed them so hard to put me in submission, I fought Tears. I blocked the pain by going into a Shaolin Meditation. With my Eyes closed I Visualized his Face in my Mind, I came up with a Knuckle Punch and nailed him in the right Eye, it immediately filled up with Blood. He released my Testicles as if they Burned his Hands.

How is that for Bullying, a grown Man bullying a Fourteen years old Kid into sex, a Rapist if you ask me. If you don’t cure Bullying, they grow up and think that they can do whatever they want to do. Look at Mike Epstein, Bill Cosby, Aaron Hernandez, O.J. Simpson. Parting Words for Bullies ” You are Fired”

P.S. Writing for me is Therapeutic. It’s like laying on someone’s Couch and Baring your Soul for a Hundred and Twenty five Dollars an Hour.

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Three Seeds




Three Seeds

When I was young my Mother told me that she feared that one Day someone would kidnap me. The reason for her Fear she Explained, was that I was the most Loving and trusting Child she had ever seen. She continued saying that I gravitated to People, telling me how I would jump in the Arms of total Strangers. Over the years growing up it has puzzled People how thei’r Children Gravitated to me. I could pick up a Wailing Child, hold them for a short while, speak a few comforting words and they would stop crying. In my High School Drama class I had to give up my part playing George in Our Town. I could never make it through the end of the Play without crying.

My Teacher explained to me that the reason for that was that I possessed what is known as Empathy. The same way a Child can be Born with Prodigious Skills one can be Born with Empathy and a Tremendous capacity to Love. What happens to steal that capacity along the way growing up is nothing short of Criminal. When a child is Born their Minds, Soul, Temperaments and their entire Being is a Blank sheet of white Paper. What is written on it by thei’r Parents, thei’r Environment and others they encounter in life, Dictates how they live the rest of their Lives. In one of my earlier Blogs Titled The Palm Tree, I explained how I picked up four Palm Seeds and planted them. Three Seeds were planted outside in the harsh Florida Tropical Environment.

As soon as they Budd from Seedlings they all Died. The fourth Seed was planted on my enclosed Porch, in a Rainforest setting. After four years of living and flourishing in the proper Environment. The Roots are strong and if I decided to transfer it outside, one Day one Hundred years from Now it will provide Shelter for the Seeds it Sheads. If Children are exposed to Harsh Toxic Environment, they struggle with Relationships and Wither in Society and life in general, without strong Convictions. Remember that Wealth and Success is not only Measured in Financial Gains. Take a look at O.J. Aaron Hernandez, Bill Cosby and Mike Epstein. ” Teach your Children well and know they Love you”.

I am forever invoking the Story of a young Man awaiting Execution. Called his Mother to come close to his Cell, so he could whisper in her Ear, he bit it off rebuking her, that’s for not telling me that I couldn’t get away with Murder. The Seeds you Plant can grow into a Healthy Palm Tree or a Thorny Bush. I could end this Blog right here but I know that People like a Panoramic view of everything, so I will continue. Nineteen Seventy Seven I had the Educational Experience to have met a Man, whose Worth at that Time was five Hundred Million, We spoke for over an Hour. He said that Money could either be a Blessing or a Curse, what you do with it is what’s important. He continued saying that Money is only a Tool to do good things.

During the Conversation he explained to me that when his two Sons Graduated College. He did not give them Offices next to him on the twenty sixth floor of his Conglomerate. He instead gave them jobs in the lowest level of one of his Entities, a Road Construction Company. Laying Asphalt in one Hundred and thirteen Degrees Weather in Texas. I asked him why so Crude, he Explained that they would eventually Inherit his Dynasty. However he didn’t want them to Develop Rock Star Mentality and that he wanted to teach them Humility and the Value of a hard earned Dollar. None of them turned out like Jared Kushner, an Airhead, expressing Views he knows nothing about, ” Success” having everything handed to him.

That Encounter Thought me not to sell my Soul for Money, and to be careful of what I asked for.  That same year I returned to New York, Organized Crime offered me a job as a Courier, Delivering Kilos. The starting Salary was five Thousand Dollars Weekly, with Potential to grow in the Organization. My Upbringing was the only thing that kept me from Accepting the Offer. When I Bought my first Home, I told my Wife that if I had taken the Offer, from then to now the two Tier House would be packed with nothing but Money, not being able to put it in a Bank. With my Inguinity, today I would be a Kingpin and my Soul would have belonged to Satan. Today I credit my Success to my Mother, she told me that if you walk in Filth you certainly will Stink.


She also told me that the Decisions I made when I am young, I would have to live with them for the rest of my Life. I have been Fortunate to have had Great Teachers in my Life. In High School one of them told me that I should never stop Learning, when you stop, your Brain start to Die. I draw Parallel to what Archie would call Michael ” Meathead”, nothing Grows in a Comfort Zone. Further drawing Parallel, being Complacent with Society thinking what can one Person do, being silent Deaf and Blind, amounts to Acceptance and Approval. I am still the same trusting Person, only Age have made me Cynical as to whether everyone can be trusted to look out for my Best Interests. Finally working through Difficult Times should make us Better, not Bitter!