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The Danger From Within


Everyone owns an Assault Rifle




The Danger within

Shying away from the hard Issues in Life isn’t something I Pattern my lifestyle after. Someone needs to shine a Light in the dark Attics of Life, of Society and wherever that light needs to shine. One Issue that is forever being swept under the Rug is Gun Control. This Week marks the Third Anniversary of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting, I felt the need to shine a Light. Nikolas Cruz was a troubled young Man who attended Parkland H.S. his Antagonistic behavior sent many unnoticed Red Flags. His Caretaker missed them, his School, his Friends and his Social Media Postings and Followers.

The Face of a clean cut American Kid




One Day while no longer attending that School, Cruz entered the Building with a Semi- Automatic Rifle. When the smoke cleared Seventeen young Lives were lost and Seventeen others injured. Ironic that on January Sixth at least a Hundred People showed up at the Capitol Brandishing the same Assault Rifles. In the Crowd was enough Firearms to start a small War. Politicians have forever Ducked the Issues of Gun Control while taking Money from the NRA. Sad and Gruesome the Occasion of them Running for their Lives from their Constituents with Big Caliber Guns. It was a wake-up call missed, the Day of Reckoning when the So- Called Law Abiding Citizens will bear Arms against a Democratic Government Looms.

Owning an Assault Rifle is the Fashion





I was only Thirteen years old when J.f.k was Assassinated, right then and there I decided that Americans were Dangerous People. All because of the Second Amendment. The Right of each Individual Citizens to bear Arms. I don’t care how well you investigate One’s Background, they say that Psychopaths are some of the most clever People. I am not talking about taking away their Constitutional Rights. All I am saying is that Restrictions should be tighter. There are too many John Wayne and Clint Eastwood Mentality stockpiling Guns. I live in Florida, One Day I was in a Pawn Shop looking for a Bargain Diamond Ring. I noticed that there were more Guns than any other Merchandise in the Store.





I ask the Associate what does it take to Buy One. He responded, a current Florida Drivers License. It was that easy, disregarding the fact that I could be some Nut grinding an Axe. Or Someone who Embraced Conspiracy Theories, someone who is Mentally un- Balanced. I could be Affiliated with an Extremist Organization and is allowed to collect High Caliber Assault Weapons. I could be someone who have never Mastered the Art of Civilized Discussions, as in Artful Disagreement ” Beg to Differ “. I could be someone who Talked with my Gun, as in ” Smile when you say that Stranger “. All the above makes America a Dangerous Place. Twenty years ago I worked with a Man named Mark Hershberger. At that time Mark was a young man in his late Twenties or early Thirties. One Day while working on a Construction Project, I came close to his Brand New Truck with a stack of Lumber. He told me that if I had hit his Truck, he would have given me Six from the Nine Millimeter he carried to work every Day. My God are we Living in Wyoming 1805 where we needed to be Strapped going to work. Well my Friend welcome to Americana, it’s a way of Life. Mark and I had a long Love Hate working relationship. He loved me for the work I did while hiding other dislikes. Mark was a State Wrestling 🏆 Champ and a big Kid who loved to show off his Wrestling Skills. One Day he tried to manhandle me, I punched him in the Nuts and put an end to the Exhibition.

From then on he developed Respect for me, to the point where he confined in me. He told me that he had over One Hundred Guns. He also Bragged about his Wife’s shooting Skills Hitting Bullseye and Deers at One Thousand yards. One Day on a Hunting Trip up in Canada his loving Wife shot and killed him. She used One of his 100+ Guns, One with a High Powered Scope. She shot him at Fifty Yards claiming it was an Accident, that she thought it was a Bear,  His Story made National Headlines, it was a Classic Case of Live by the Gun.

Mary Beth and Mark Harshbarger were married in 2001 and had a 4-year-old daughter and baby son. The family lived in Meshoppen, Pennsylvania.

On September 14, 2006, Mark, Mary, their children, and Mark’s brother Barry, were in Buchans Junction, Newfoundland and Labrador, in Canada, on a hunting trip.

While Mark and a local hunting guide, Lambert Greene, were walking through the woods hoping to flush out a bear, Mary sat in the back of a Chevy pickup truck on the nearby logging road. The children were in the truck and Barry was at a hunting blind elsewhere in the woods.

As Mark and Lambert walked back to the truck, Lambert stopped to urinate and Mark continued on walking through the tall grasses. Mary saw a dark shape emerging from the woods and thought it was a bear. She looked through the scope twice to make sure it was a black bear and fired her rifle.

Mary was wrong. It was not a bear, it was her husband.

My Friend Mark and Marybeth

I could go on and on about the Numerous cases of living by the Gun. 1977 I am visiting my Cousin in Texas, Elvis is shot Dead from his Abusive behavior. Colin Davis a Man who was worth more than 50 Mil an upstanding member of the Community. Came Home in the Afternoon, found his Estranged wife in Bed with a College Basketball Standout. Shot and killed him, accidentally shot and killed his Stepdaughter and injured his Wife. Talking about Gun Ownership, you just don’t know when the Nut is going to pop out. Three years ago in my Neck of the Woods Tampa U.S.A. A Retired Police Big shot, Shot and killed a young Father in a Movie Theater. The Shooter asked the young Father to stop Texting, the Cop was Infuriated, he shot and killed the young Man in front of his Infant Child, his Wife and Scores of horrified Moviegoers. One Day after the Capitol Display of Big Caliber Guns. On my way to work, in a minor Traffic dispute, the Driver pulled Parallel, his back Window rolled down and a Nineteen years old Passenger pointed an Uzi at me. I live in a good Neighborhood, Cops live here too. My Wife have always mentioned that there isn’t any good Neighborhood. 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue North West wasn’t a good Neighborhood on January Sixth. My Readers know that I don’t like to stretch a Yarn, all I want to Know is, how long has this been going on, and when will it end.

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History Repeating Itself





History Repeating Itself

The FBI have Arrested Two Hundred and Fifty of the Traitors who put Bullshit conspiracies coming from a Man who would throw his Mother under the Bus, if she disagreed with him. The same way he Threw Pence and the US Government to the Wolves that Crashed the Capitol. I never had a Stomach for Politics, but when you live in a Community and a Society that allows themselves to be led like Sheep and are unable to formulate a Logical Opinion all on their own, Righteous minded People are thrown into the Circus Act that is Known as Politics. We are obligated to speak up, the Truth will always be the Truth even if no One believes it.

There was no Steal! 99.9% of Black People who casted a Vote, Voted against White Supremacy, they Voted against the KU Klux Klan, they Voted against Terrorism. Trump Embraced them all. There are good People on both sides he said after the Virginia Klan Rally. We did not like the Idea that his Father was Arrested while marching with the KU Klux Klan in Jamaica Queens 1927 ( Wrong Place wrong Time? so was the Capitol ). Bad Parents live their Children’s Lives. Somewhere around July the Proud Boys were ready to kill. When Mainstream Conservative America asked him to Denounce them, he told them to stand down, meaning that when I need you I will summon you.

Since then the Canadian Government have declared them to be a Terrorist Group. White Educated Suburbanites who voted for him 2016 didn’t want to be associated with Deplorables, so they voted Democrat. Not One Inner City in the entire U.S.A where Black People lived was won by Trump, there are Twenty Five point Eight Million,  eligible Black Voters. He needed every One of them to win. ( Message in a Bottle)The only Places he carried were Rural, So-called Heartland. If the entire Election was Scrapped and re- done the Outcomes would be the same( Black People don’t like him) the only way he could win is to Deny the Black Vote from being counted and he tried, Read my Lips ” Black People and White Suburbanites who didn’t want another Civil War in this Country, voted him out.

Blacks and Whites have always had their Differences, but they kept it Civilized. 1948 the German People didn’t keep it Civilized. Their Hatred for Jews Manifested into the Third Reich. Hitler was just the Tool, the Executioner. He was the Puppet Master screaming take our Country back, the German People bears the Guilt. The World will not be Destroyed by those who do Evil, but by those who watch and do nothing – Albert Einstein, from his Mouth to your Ears, been there. The secret of freedom lies in educating People, the secret of Tyranny is keeping them Ignorant- Robespierre.

July 14, 1789 the French People who stormed The Bastille yelled Vive La France ( Patriotic Words ) followed by Guillotine, they were of the same Mindset of those who stormed the Rotunda yelling ” Hang Mike Pence, kill Nancy. My God have we Evolved or what, Twenty First Century Peasants yelling Guillotine, Guillotine. Storming the Capitol is the Handwriting on the Sacred Walls of our Democracy. A Democracy that is Etched in Time for all People the World over who wants to be Free of Tyranny will Imitate. When the First Militia was formed it was to defend against Foreign Forces, not against its own Government. People don’t like when I am Brutality Frank, but Fifty Two years of living this Nightmare that One Day the Ku Klux klan will be in Power is looking so real, With people like Marjorie Taylor and the 150 Lawmakers who would Disenfranchise the Black Vote.

That was just a Dream

The Acid reflux that invaded my Intestines in High School, is still there, going to a School that was 85% White, 10% Black and Five Percent Latinos. I have lived this Daymare for 52 years, this is my Groundhog Life. The Bronx 1972 produced the Bronx Tale, that was my last year in Taft High School. Where I lived I could yell my Order out the Window to the Jewish Deli downstairs. One year out of High School and all the White People had left the Neighborhood, my Deli was gone, all because Black People had moved in the Neighborhood, this is my America. The Bronx was now the Ghetto of Warsaw, how quickly we forget. It was that early in Life that I learned that Hate was stronger than Christianity, and that it was a Religion in America.

Adolf Hitler told the German People that the Aryan People were the Superior Race, they believed him, look at the Outcomes. Trump told his Followers that the Election was Stolen and they believed him,  look at the Outcomes. History has repeated itself. My Mother was Homeschooled by a U.S. Army General and his Family while working for him as his Housekeeper. At Nine years old she told me that no One was above me, no One was better than I. She elaborated, if they went to the Bathroom like you did and had the dirty Deed of cleaning themselves, they are no better than you, more Privileged and better Educated, that’s all. While working in a Nursing Home I met a woman Eighty years old, she was of Polish Decent, we grew to Love each other.

I called her Chachi, she called me Chachi ( Grand Mother- Grand Father) she told me that I was wiser than my years, that’s why she called me Grandfather. One Day another Resident who was a Millionaire was acting Superior, they were waiting to get their shower. Chachi told her, if you are so Good, why don’t you go and Lick yourself clean. All the Staff and Residents could not understand why we Bonded like Crazy Glue, they didn’t realize that we were both of the same mindset. My Second Mother who I adopted in the same Nursing Home, an eighty years old Irish Woman from the Old Country. She said Tooney ( Tony ) they are all full of Blarney. This Blog is Dedicated to Liz and Chachi, these were the People who made America Great.

The World's Greatest Daredevil

Liz told me that when she came from Ireland as a young Woman, working as a Housekeeper on Fifth Ave in Manhattan, she had to use the backdoor and the Service Elevator. This is my America, I have invested over One and a Half Million in Taxes and Social Security. Every Month I send IRS a check for Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars above my Biweekly Payroll Taxes. If I tried to leave this Country IRS would Object. I told my Wife a Retired Federal Employee that if I lived to be a Hundred years old, I still would Owe IRS. I have been doing my Own Tax Returns for Forty years, I am good, but not good enough to reduce my out of Pocket to 750 Dollars without Cheating. God Bless America, Home Sweet Home.

Anonyme. Versailles, ch‚teaux de Versailles et de Trianon. MV5517. ( Patriots storming The Bastille )
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Walk in Filth



When a Person commits horrific Crimes, during competency test the Psychologist usually ask the question. Do you Hate your Parents? Why do they always believe that the Parents are at fault and to be Blamed for thei’r Kids turning out to be no good Bastards. I once knew a Minister’s Son in High School who sold his Affections. So go figure that in 1972 during all the Civil unrest I had White Friends who would Die for me protecting me from a Mob of Ku Klux Clan. On the other hand I had the Black Panther Party Cajoling me to join the Party. Well they almost succeeded having me as a Member.

The Day I was to be Inducted, my Mother who has always been a Vigilant Person, said to me. If you do what I suspect that you are going to do, don’t come back because you have no Home. She also said, ” If you walk in Filth, you will stink. When I contemplated joining the Black Panther Party they had turned violent from their original intent of Educating and serving the Black Community. Two reasons for them to turn to Extremists are, One to protect Black People marching with Dr King. Dr King rejected the Offer because he was a Man of peace and a Devout Christian. Reason number Two was to lash back at J. Edgar Hoover for trying to kill everyone that looked like a Militant Black. Anyway the Day of my Induction the Building I was directed to go, blew up, killing Two.

From that Day on I Listened to Mother. ” If you walk in shit you will stink”. During that same Period the Black Muslims also tried to Indoctrinate me. I could not allow myself to be Brainwashed that all White People were Devils as Malcolm Preached. At Twenty One years old Organized Crime tried to put me on thei’r Payroll to the Tune of Five Thousand Dollars a Week. They all took an Interest in me, because of the way I carried myself. My secret weapon was my Mother’s Teachings. She told me that I should never let anyone control me like a Puppetmaster, never let anyone bring you to the edge of Sanity or Disaster.

Today I am a poor Man who walks with Dignity, I work in a Justice System instead of being in One. Judges, Lawyers and Cops call me Mr Dixon, not because of my Age, but the way I present myself. The other Day I was in a Zoom Court for Speeding. The Judge found me Guilty, he commended me on my skillful Presentations of my Case. He continued, I am not your Lawyer so I shouldn’t be Counselling you. But if you file a Motion to Dismiss with New and Proper Evidence I will throw out my Ruling and Dismiss the Case. I am still waiting with positive emotions. Now I ask you, I am not an Attorney yet I know how to present myself in Court and get the Respect of a Judge. That is exactly how I have lived my entire life.

Even when I was a Dope Smoking Hippie who had offers to run the Streets of New York ragged with the finest Weed grown around the World. But I Listened to Ma now look at me working in a Justice System and not being in a Cell on the Complex. I am not going to be judgemental of all the People who allowed themselves to be Brainwashed and ended up marching to the Drums of Haters. What I am Judgemental about is the good People who followed like Zombies and gave our Democracy a Black Eye and a Fractured Spleen. Only Banana Republics pull Coup on they’re Government. I don’t care about your Hate, I have been living in it for Fifty Four years and don’t expect any changes for another 100 years. What I do expect is Civilized People acting accordingly and not like Pancho Bandidos. I must impart a Secret to you ” There was no Steal” Black People gave Biden the Election. You don’t believe me look at Georgia, Never before had a Black Senator. If Martin Luther King thought of running for the Senate back then they would have Lynched him, they Murdered him anyway for wanting Equality, and they are ready to kill again. That’s the American way.

That was just a Dream

They Killed Abe Lincoln for Abolishing Slavery, they Killed the Kennedy Brothers for wanting Social changes, now they Threatened Joe Biden, Barbarians I tell you, yet they go to Church on Sunday and talk about Praise the Lord. Don’t they Know that Satan Thought he was Greater than God. 99.99% of Black People Voted against Racist Ideologies. This is what Harriet Tubman said about the handful of Black People like Oprah and 50 Cent who Voted for Trump, ” I freed a Thousand Slaves, I could have freed a Thousand more, if only they knew that they were Slaves”. Einstein must have been Clairvoyant, he said that he was afraid that One Day we would have a Generation of Idiots. Parting Words don’t be a Slave for no One and Nothing, not even 💰 Money. If I had let myself become a Slave for Money, Today I would be using it for Toilet Paper. So guess what Today I don’t stink.

P.S don’t give me that Crap about Black Lives Matter. When I worked in the Building where the Chief Justice who is in charge of all the Judges in the County who had an entire Floor for himself. He had never once passed me without saying Hello. I have been working for the County as a Contractor for Five years, a good many Black People who make a little money with Degrees have never once spoke to me. So all of you go sell your Propaganda elsewhere. People are just whoever they Presume to be and that it doesn’t stink.

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Shared Article from AOL: Arnold Schwarzenegger invokes Nazi terror in powerful video on Capitol riot



This is what he stands for he is by no way an American, nor his Followers.




Does anyone else noticed that they are all Hillbillies?



These are not Patriots, they are Terrorists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Domestic Violence



Heroe in my Own Mind

I was only fourteent the first and only Time I saw someone killed. Ironic that I should breathed a sigh of relief, watching it. Nassi Boo had Terrorized the Neighborhood with Violence, even menacing me. The Detective told him that he was under Arrest, he charged with his Machete, the Detective fired one shot. It was then that I knew that we couldn’t live without Cops. Some of us are born with Defective Brains, some of us loses our way. Some of us thinks that we are larger than Life with our Bodacious attitude that we can do whatever we want to do, including Murder.

For that reason Cops are a Necessary Fixture in Society. A lot of Parents let thei’r Kids down by letting them grow wild like Tumbleweeds thinking that it doesn’t Stink. Dismantling Law Enforcement is a Figment of Thought. Today in the Courthouse I got off the Elevator on the Third Floor. In a corner I noticed a six feet plus Man Berating and Menacing his four feet six inches Woman. Next thing I know he hoisted her over his Head like Hulk Hogan, getting ready to Body slam her to the hard Marble Floor. I moved within four feet of him and aimed my Camera. He looked at me and placed her down gently. Little did he know how close he came to the beat down of his Life. I had it all planned in my mind how I would have Brutalized him.

A sweeping Roundhouse Kick to his Ankles would have taken him down as hard as he would have Body slammed her. On his way up a kick to his Larynx would have fractured it and possibly suffocated him. He avoided a Beating by looking in my Eyes and seeing his Fate. So you see Crazy People aren’t all that Crazy when they realize that they are going to get an Ass-whipping. Domestic Violence overwhelms the Caseloads in our Justice System, many Terrified Women drop the charges before they get to Court. I went into the Attorney General’s office and told them that I needed a Deputy out there, in a flash I had Ten. The Cowardly Jackal was not there when I returned. Battered Women needs to be Resolute in seeking justice. If they allow these Cowardly Jackals to walk, they are just setting the Stage for the next Victim. Ordinary everyday Heroes makes a Difference, I saved her Life.

The Bodaciousness of this Creep thinking that he could do something like that in a Courthouse Building, tells the need for more Cops and more Prisons. When we discussed Big Brother in High School, I thought that 📷 Cameras everywhere would be an Erosion in Privacy. If I had taken the Picture he could have been Arrested for Assault and the Picture would have gone Viral. But like they say you’re slow, you blow. Parting Words every Cop isn’t a Criminal like the Rolling Stones said. There are always Rogue in every Herd, it’s for us to weed them out. And that was how my Day went, just another Mundane Monday. I just love telling a Story with as few words as possible without much ado, Fin.