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Book #4

These Eyes

These Eyes of mine have seen so much that it’s a wonder that I am not Blind.Its like looking directly into an Eclipse, I am talking about the glaring light of the harshness of life and the Evil that Mankind preoccupies themselves with. I look back on Sixty Eight years of living this Bitch called Life and I realize that there are no chance Occurrences in this life. We will start with the words of a Man who was accused of Molesting his Granddaughter. He said Mr D, that’s me, Everything is written in the Book of Destiny. He continued, when your time is up you Go, no matter how young or Old. Can you imagine someone that wise to quote something like that, yet not Decent and smart enough to keep his hands off a child. He also recounted to me an Eighteenth Century story of a man who was Beheaded for saying” God Damn and blast the King. He was beheaded before the last word came out. What the Victim was trying to say was ” God Damn and blast the King’s Enemies’ ‘. The Lessons from that is to always hear someone out before you Judge and Act. Such as the time I worked for one of the world’s largest and most prestigious Hotels and Hospitality Organization. I had to Audition for the Job as Cook, by making Lunch for The G.M. The Executive Chef, the Sous Chef and the Beverage Manager. That Job came to an abrupt end, when the G.M. accused me of the Sous Chef’s error. She wanted to hear nothing I had to say in my Defense. She called me a Liar, I told her that if she was a Man, I would put my Foot up her Ass. I guess that she had never heard of Innocence until proven guilty. One of the first lessons that I learned about keeping your hands to yourself, happened when I was Ten years old. It was Late afternoon with Evening approaching, I drifted from the watchful eye of Mother. This was a regular penchant of mine, it has gotten me in so much trouble and landed me in the wrong places at the wrong time, more times than I can remember. This particular Afternoon was prime example of being in the wrong place. I drifted a Hundred and Fifty yards from her watchful eye. On the Corner a Fight was developing, I made it to the Corner before Round One and the only Round of the fight began. This Tough Guy who had Pugilistic Skills nailed his unsuspecting Victim with one Punch, knocking him to the ground. A little stunned and equally Dazed, he got up and advised his Attacker not to go anywhere, because he would be right back. The overconfident Idiot did just that, instead of leaving the scene. Totally recovered from the Embarrassment, the looser of Round One, asked him to do that again. The Overconfident Pugilist swung the same exact punch. The returning looser pulled a Machete from under his Shirt and removed the Arm that had just knocked him silly with the Swing of a Ninja. Blood spurted like a broken Hose. I was Mortified, I ran the Hundred and Fifty yards Dash back home in Twelve Seconds. I bristled past everyone and into my room, not saying a word of what I just witnessed. If the Cops had come to my house, I would have told them I was a Hundred yards in the opposite direction. That Man was lousy with his Fists, but frightfully skilled with a Machete. The Lessons Learned from that Afternoon repeated itself Three times in years that was to have been lived, all instances ended in Deaths. That’s all that you are going to get. This is a First Draft of Book #4 they say that once you are Smitten by the Writing Bug you can’t out down the Pen

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The Book / Through Her Eyes

Way back in 1910 People who had Children with Special needs would hide their Children away. Never to be seen in public, when they had visitors, the Children would be locked away in the Attic or Basement. Ignorance and Indifference was the norm. In 1972 my Twelve years old Buddy and I would sit in the back of the School near the Rectory. While the Sun faded in the Skyline, we would sit there smoking the Finest Marijuana grown around the World. He would tell me Stories about his Classmates being Emasculated in the Rectory. I would tell him that he was making up Stories. He would say Pope, the Name he called me, I Swear it’s true. Forty years later his Stories made Headlines. Back then you say something like that about the Church and your Parents would tell you to get down on your Knees and beg the Lord for Forgiveness. Back then speaking about Homosexuality was a Taboo. So was having an open Discussion about Racism. Our Parents would say, that’s just the way things are, leave it alone, end of Discussion. Fifty Three years later and the Mindset remains the same. In Fifty Three years of being in the Workforce, there has not been One Day that I never experienced some form of Racism. Yet my Friends, White and Black, look at me Queerly when I tell them what my Book is about. In other words like our Parents said Fifty Three years ago, leave it alone. What is up with People leaving an Important Discussion alone. Way back then people didn’t have that Sex Talk with their Children.

People went to Woodstock and slept in a different Tent with a different Partner for One Week. Look at the Outcome, Aids. At Fifteen years old my Mother had that Sex Talk with me. She said when you are feeling your Oats thinking that you are a Man, don’t forget to keep your Drawers up. She continued, you don’t have a Job or an Education. How are you going to take care of a Child? Furthermore, I am not going to raise your kids. She was not your average Mother. As far as Racism was concerned, she said, no One is better than you, more Privileged, better Educated and more Money, but no better. She continued, they may never accept you but they will always Respect you for the job you do. It was her Inspiration that kept my Head above the Muddy Waters of Racism growing up in the Seventies. And Today in appreciation for her Wisdom, I wrote my first Book, giving a Tribute to her. What else would I have Titled my Book? Through Her Eyes is due in the Barnes and Noble online Bookstore in October. I refuse to lock my Feelings away in the Attic and Basement of Indifference. If you don’t have needed Discussions, one day they will Explode in your Head and your Face.

For instance not Teaching your Kids Sensitivity. Many years ago in Greenwich Village in N.Y.C. a young Gay Man was beaten to a Pulp with Baseball Bats by Five Kids from Good Families. The Man Died of his Injuries, not knowing the reasons for his Attack. Through Her Eyes is the Recounting of Fifty Three years of Insensitivity. If we don’t have that Discussion now, Fifty Three years from now Innocent People will still be meeting their Death with Baseball Bats. Look where we’ve been and see where we are going. Through Her Eyes isn’t looking through Colored Glass, it’s One Blogger’s Journalistic Recounting of living in America. It’s a darn Shame that when you tell People the truth, you don’t know how they are going to react. So to my Followers if you really want to Know who I am you need to read my Book when it becomes available. After writing this I asked my Wife? How’s that for an Infomercial? She said I was only telling it like it is. She was Born in South Carolina, Twenty Miles from Sumter where the Civil War started. A War to keep Slavery intact. She went to a Blacks only School and couldn’t drink from a white only Water fountain if she was Dying of Thirst. She has not read my Book, the memories are still Haunting.

Nicolas Cruz
Killed 17 fellow Students

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Foxy Roxie

Jonbene’t Ramsey was killed in the year 1996. Whoever would want to snuff out this little Princesses Life is an absolute Monster. However there have been many of speculations about her being thrown into a womanly character at Six years old, and that she could have attracted the wrong kind of Admirer. Dressing a Child like a Vixen is just totally wrong. Anyway that is the Motivation for this Blog, being bred to be a Temptress. Women who encourage their little Girls to be overly Seductive as early as twelve years old. My Wife have always Maintained that men are Dogs. In One of my earlier Blogs I wrote One Titled Prudence, when  I worked at the Resort on St Pete Beach. One Day walking down the Road I noticed a Girl Twelve or Thirteen walking with her Mother, her Father and her younger Brother. What struck me about this Family was that the Girl was crying and her Hands covering her Naked Top. Even though we were only One Block from the Beach, its not a topless Beach.

What struck me about the Child was that she had Modesty. Same Place and Time I noticed two Fifteen years old in the Kiddie Pool just about doing it. I Observed their Techniques and know that they were Frisky Reguarly. Yet another Reason for this Blog, overly Seductive, overly Sexy and overly Amorous. Another thing I also think about is one of my Childhood Friends Becoming a Father at Seventeen, and a Fifteen years old Girl pulling a Train on five young Boys, me being Twelve years old, being introduced to Sex. And so they grow up wild and Loose. Two years ago in Tampa a Fifteen years old Girl was Raped and Killed, her Body dumped in the Woods Like Trash. Story told she was always a Runaway who spent the Weekends with Boys or Men. If you put yourself in the line of fire, you will catch stray Bullets, better yet stray Dogs.

So now we go back to priming young Girls to be Seductive. They grow up and takes it to the Workplace. Their Attire leaves nothing for the Imagination. Today in the Courthouse a Plus Size Woman bent over at the Counter to pay her Fines. Her Pantyline smiled at me. Yet if we were in a work Environment,  being a Married Man, If I leered at her Curvatures, I would be an O.D.B.( Old Dirty Bastard) If I was her Boss and I stared to long it would be Sexual Harassment. When she stood up straight her Boobs were popping out of the Excessively tight Dress. In my Mind , She has been Twerking since Twelve.

Put her in a Business Suit Two Sizes too small with a Skirt Eight inches above the Knee and the Natives become restless. I have been Married since working at Solomon Brothers 1980. I have had Managing Director’s Mistress throw themselves at me. Women who were set-up in a Five Thousand Dollars a Month Apartment. They were College Educated, but chose to use their Wares, instead of their Minds. Then there were the ones who used their Minds and got nowhere. They ran the Back office skillfully, while their Boss got The Credits and the Rewards. 1980 there were no Female Managing Directors on Wall St.The Only thing that kept me straight was having a Wife who I knew would throw me out on the Street, with no Shoes on my Feet, also being fired from Solomon.

Love is Grand

Workplace Romances were only tolerated with Managing Directors. Among the Ranks, you are Fired. Being Married for Forty One years, if you called me a Girlwatcher, I wouldn’t be Offended. That’s how you stay Married for Forty One years. You look but don’t touch you look but don’t Leer or Drool. You keep your Comments to yourself. You think about the Consequences of a Divorce for a Moment’s Pleasure. All this falls under the Heading of Intellectual Intelligence .

Having Empathy for other People’s feelings and being Jurisprudence with your Emotions and Behavior. Being able to hold your Tongue and Thoughts, whether mad or glad happy. Intellectual Intelligence separates us from the Stray Cats and Dogs in the Alley. I love Mario Cuomo, I remember his Sons growing up and getting into the News for their Indiscretions. Now they are all grown up. As my Mother always said ” You’ve made your Bed, now lay in it. After all that I have said coming up to this point, I hope some young Man comes away with what I am not saying. Like Phil said ” Shut your Mouth, keep your Hands on the Wheel”, while the Female Artist cooed ” I like a Man with slow Hands”. Even better yet ” Don’t hand me no lines and keep your Hands to yourself” Well there you have it I have said my Peace, as Subtlety as possible. You can’t have a Show with no Audience and you can’t go touching the Tomatoes without buying, Oui La La La.

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The Hate Virus


The Hate Virus

I consider myself Impervious to the Hate Virus, my Mother Vaccinated me by embedding in my Head that no One was Better than I. More Privileged, better Educated and more Fortunate. But as long as they had to go to the Bathroom as I did, no better. She also instilled in me the greatest work Ethics. She said , you may never Be accepted, but they will always Respect you for the job you do. She said that I should always go the extra mile, I should always work harder and better than everyone else. The reason for that she said was Job Security. She Continued when everyone else is laid off, you will be working.She was dead to right. Once working in Construction for a Contractor in Pennsylvania, I overhead a group of my White Coworkers lamenting about the work situation of who is working and who isn’t. I heard One spoke out loudly ” I can’t believe that I am losing my job to a Nigger. God that sound and felt good. They all had the feeling of Entitlement because they were White. The Boss Appreciated the work I gave him to the Point that he sold me his Father’s Collectible Antique Caddy for a couple of weeks pay. That killed my Coworkers and made them hate me even more. So you see being Black have never Hindered me from Striving even better than many of my White Neighbors. I once lived in an all White Gated Community, my Wife and myself were the only Blacks that ever lived in that Community Thirty five years old. Never once did any of them made me feel out of Place. But guess what I consider myself an Oddity, many Others don’t know how to stick it to them ” Be all that you can be” be so Resilient that Failure becomes Success.

This is something I have wanted to talk about for Fifty years, long before I learned to express myself in Print. America is a Country Founded by the Immigrants of the Mayflower. Once they came they never stopped coming. They came from every Corner of the World. They brought with them Money from the Old Country and they Invested it in America. They were able to buy Land, they brought their Crafts , Skills and Ingenuity. America grew and flourished from downtrodden Immigrants seeking Freedom and Opportunities. The following are Excerpts from Wikipedia

The Mayflower Story

The Mayflower set sail on 16th September 1620 from Plymouth, UK, to voyage to America. But its history and story start long before that.

Its passengers were in search of a new life – some seeking religious freedom, others a fresh start in a different land. They would go on to be known as the Pilgrims and influence the future of the United States of America in ways they could never have imagined.

This story isn’t just about the Mayflower’s passengers though. It’s about the people who already lived in America and the enormous effect the arrival of these colonists would have on Native Americans and the land they had called home for centuries.

More than 30 million people can trace their ancestry to the 102 passengers and approximately 30 crew aboard the Mayflower when it landed in Plymouth Bay, Massachusetts, in the harsh winter of 1620.

On board were men, women and children from different walks of life across England and the city of Leiden in Holland.

A significant number were known as Separatists, a group of people who mostly wanted to live a life free from the current Church of England.

Others were on the ship for a multitude of reasons – some anticipated the chance to build a better future for their families and the opportunity of new land, while for others the offer of freedom and adventure was too good to turn down.

Then there were the crew themselves, plus the servants and (unaccompanied children) sent by their families to be looked after by the adults. Related indent. ( Today we have unaccompanied Children at our Southern Borders, the good Christians say keep them out). Continued.

The passengers are often grouped into ‘Saints’ or ‘Strangers’ by historians, alluding to their motivations for the journey. But it’s likely that many ‘Saints’ were (skilled tradesmen) and many ‘Strangers’ had their own religious reasons for leaving 17th century England.

Today the Descendants of the Mayflower represents everything their Ancestors absconded England for. They Embrace none of the Driving Force that placed their Ancestors on that Ship. A chance to build a better future should be Included in the Phrase Home of the Free Land of the Brave. Their ancestors left England to be free of Oppression and Prejudices, Britton Ology is a Phrase I use to describe the Ideology of Supremacy and being Overtly Oppressive. Everywhere they went they brought it with them.

They brought it to the Americas and to Africa and the World during the Colonization period. Under the Cloak of Deception The British empire is often seen as a force for good, as one that put an end to slavery and the slave trade, liberated foreign peoples from the tyranny of their rulers, replaced despotism with the rule of law and introduced millions to literacy, western medicine, commerce and Christianity. Yet it was Britain that ensured that South Africa and Zimbabwe entered the 20th century as countries rigidly stratified and segregated along racial lines in which white minorities held political power at the expense of a disenfranchised African majority. Here the rule of law meant rule by white settlers in the interests of white settlers.

Owning an Assault Rifle is the Fashion

Violent from the start

In the first instance, the British empire grew out of military conquest, a bloody business by its very nature. In southern Africa, as elsewhere, it was accompanied by substantial violence, frequent starvation, much misery, an untold number of deaths, and the mutilation of African bodies by British soldiers for the purpose of taking souvenirs. Indent. -They did that to Native Americans also, must be in their Genetic makeup.

Time after time – from the onset of British rule at the end of the 18th century through to the 20th century when political power was formally handed to white settlers – British armies and British arms came down on the side of white settlers. Colonial conquest involved the burning down of homesteads, humiliating and incarcerating African chiefs, dismembering once-powerful kingdoms, all the while making Africans bear the cost of colonial rule through an elaborate system of taxation.

Though the Zulu kingdom scored a decisive victory against Britain at the Battle of Isandhlwana in 1879, the “peace” of subsequent years witnessed the breaking up of the kingdom into several chiefdoms and the forced exile of the Zulu monarch. The kingdom’s material independence was eroded while its members were absorbed into the colonial economy as cheap labourers. They did the same thing in America to the Native Americans and to the People of Africa that they brought here Forcibly. Many White People believe that Black People don’t Know History and are Stupid. What’s worse are the Black People who give that thinking credibility by being Stupid. For instance, Tim Scott the only Black Republican Senator, going on America’s biggest Misinformation Network and defending White Supremacy. Harriet Taubman spoke of him, ” I freed a Thousand Slaves, I could have freed a Thousand more, if only they knew they were Slaves”. Today Meghan Markle’s Dad says that the British People aren’t Racist, only California and the rest of America. There you have it, the Trend of Misinformation and Denials is the Norm. He said that his Daughter has Abandoned him, if he was my Dad I wouldn’t even go to his Funeral. Once again I have done my Research, something the rest of seemingly Intelligent People refuses to do. They choose to Embrace Conspiracies Theories and Cancel Culture. They also Idolize a Man whose Father went to K.K.K. Rallies and sees him as the Great White Hope, who is going to make America Great as Great Britton. That tells me that Racism is as American as 🍎 Pie and as wide as The Proverbial Pond. Curly once told Moe that he could not be Fooled. Moe asked him , how so? Curly replied, because I am a Moron. And there you have it, the Motivation for this Blog. Someone always trying to Fool Someone else.