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Cover Page
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Though reportorial contributions have been made by the Web generation, it is fair to say the vast majority of blogging does not qualify as journalism. If journalism is the imparting of verifiable facts to a general audience through a mass medium, then most blogs fall well short of meeting the standard. To be a good Blogger, One must be Observant to formulate an Opinion. Also being able to relate from life’s Experiences is a great Advantage. Here is One Blogger’s view on America’s greatest Social disorder, Bigotry, and their obstinate and unreasonable attachment to their belief, opinion, or faction; in particular, prejudice against Black People. And “the difficulties of combating prejudice and bigotry” Worse of all passing it down to their Kids Generations after Generations, the Tragedy of it all, the Kids don’t have a Mind of their own. They would prefer to latch on to every Sociopolitical Quackery and Conspiracy Theories than stepping into the Light. Jesus said that he was the Light. The Hypocrisy of it all is what’s printed on the Dollar Bill. ” In God we Trust “. This Book is the Result of me Blogging for Seven years. The Experience comes from Fifty Three years of Observation, living the Daymares of Racism. John Morgan, the most Prominent Attorney in my Hometown said, ” When you have lived long enough to get to our Age, you’ve earned the Right to Speak your Mind “. I say, after all, this is America, Freedom of Speech is Guaranteed in the Constitution.

She Matters

chapter One
It Don’t Make no Matter

Spielberg said “All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible.”My Daydream is that One Day I will wake up and the Daymares of Racism will be just a bad reoccurring Dream that I have been having for Fifty Three years. The Stark reality is that Dr King’s Dream is overshadowed by my Daymares. Fifteen years ago I began to think that I would like to write a book. Continue Reading when the Book is Published.

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Political Correctness




Political Correctness


Just to let you Guys know that I am back. I have taken the mean-spirited and unabashed Tone of my Blogs to the next level. I have just completed a Two Hundred plus Page Book on dealing with Racism in America for Fifty Three years. Those who Follow know that my Goal is to write a Blog in One Paragraph and a Book on One Page. Spielberg said that once you have gotten your point across everything else is Bullshit. So Two Hundred Pages is as close as I can get to getting it done on One Page, without all the Panoramic Verbalizations. Political correctness is absolutely Bullshit. Using Candy coated Words doesn’t change the underlying overtone,  Sentiment or it’s intended meaning. It’s like telling your four years old that Babies come from the Stork. Political Correctness is unintentional Deception, trying to shield someone from the harsh reality of the Truth. Life is what it is, a cold Hearted Orb, ( Circle)  So is Racism. For Fifty Three Years I have watched America and the World shied away from having the Discussion of what are we going to do about Racism. It’s like not having the Sex Talk with your Daughter and she gets Knocked up at Sixteen. It’s not the kid’s fault for Experimenting, when all the Kids around her dress like Hookers and flaunt it like a Billboard. 


The other day I was in the Supermarket, a Woman came in wearing an absolute see through Black Leggings and White Panties that looked like a G. String. Absolutely nothing left to the Imagination.This was not a Teenager, this was a Grown Woman about Thirty years old. That’s what Political Correctness stands for. The undertone is overshadowed by the Statement. She might as well just have left the Leggings at Home. That is what I resent about Political Correctness, it’s a verbal Sham. Back to the Book, on my Cover Page, I stated that to be a good Blogger one needs to be Observant to render an Opinion on anything. The Book is the Product of Fifty Three years of Observation of the Ugliness of Racism in America and the World as a whole. I haven’t decided if I should self publish or find a Publisher. If I choose to self publish with Amazon, they don’t like the idea of the Material being found elsewhere else.


So I have to be careful of what I give away. To show the Ugliness of the Neverending Brutality, I wrote about a Fifteen years old Boy, who took care of my Wife’s Two Boys, when she needed a Babysitter. One Day there was a Disturbance in her Building, the Boy lived there also. The Cops responded and squelched the disturbance. Another Cop coming on Duty Heard the call on the Radio, itching for Action he also responded after someone else had taken care of the call. The Babysitter who was a Gifted Student and an Artist came upon the Crowd and Squad cars. Being Jovial he asked Officer Robert Torsney if he was looking for him. The Officer uttered Expelativedelated Nigger Comments and shot the gifted young Artist Dead. 


This happened in the late Seventies, my Two Stepsons grown Men in their Fifties still cannot talk about the Incident. Now do you understand why I quit writing Bullshit on my website and is now Devoted to let the World know of America’s greatest Social Disorder. Also I have been hard on the Church for not being a Social Champion for Changes in the Community and inside the Walls of the Church. Instead they latches on to issues like Abortion and Homosexuality, which is none of their Business. Homelessness, Racism, Police Brutality, Division and Divisiveness should be their top Agendas, they are not. I stopped going to Church because after Fifty Three years of Observation, my Antenna picked up on the Social Disorder inside the Walls of the place that I went every Sunday and put good Money in their Offering Envelopes. I wish there was a way to get my most Devoted Following to Preview the Book and lend their Input before I decide to Publish.


 My Verbalizations have swung as far left as Fifty Three years of Frustration have taken me. John Morgan, the most Prominent Attorney in my Area and possibly the Country said ” when you have lived long enough to get to our Age, you have earned the Right to speak your mind on any Subject”. And so did I. For all intents and purposes this Book should be called Political In-Correctness. I emphasized that there were such lesser Minded People as Niggers and Rednecks. Being Black doesn’t automatically makes you a Nigger. They come from all walks of Life and are in every Race, Color and Ethnicity. It’s a way of Being, the way you Act and the lack of Character that makes you One. I also Emphasized that all White People aren’t Rednecks, the Title encompasses a certain White Socioeconomic, pre Civil War Mentally that believe Slavery should never have been Abolished. Years ago while listening to the world’s most Famous Talk Jock. One of his Guests called the show to voice his Opinion on Black People. The Jock was a Redneck to instigate the Guest’s Opinion. The Guest said that Slavery was a Good thing for Black People. The Host asks how so. The Guest replied, because they always need someone to take care of them. It’s a good thing that the Book isn’t already Published because I am going to add this Blog in it. I was riding with my Boss and someone who I consider my Friend who turned out to be nothing but another Redneck. They both broke out in a Self-satisfied Thunderous Laugh. Now that was Politically Incorrect. A Boss and a Friend? Now do you see why I have a bad case of the Poison Pen, it has gone on for far too long, and I am just the One to hang out your dirty White Sheets.  Now I ask you was this Worth waiting for. I believe it’s been six Months since I Posted.


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The Theories and lies are flying again. It is Rumored that the Georgia Gunman is supposed to be deeply Religious. Lucefer was an Arc Angel, he sat at God’s Right Hand. Judas Iscariot was One of Jesus Top Deciples. Jim Jones was a Minister who killed 150 of his Followers. Jim and Tammy Baker built a Dynasty from draining the Pockets of thei’r Followers. Jesus said that many would profess his Name. That doesn’t mean that they are Righteous. I went to High School with a Minister’s Son who Pimped his Affections in High School. He had a Dozen Girlfriends all buying him Jewelry and Expensive Gifts for Sex. The Gun Man said he is Religious, I don’t buy it. Fundamental Laws of Religion says thou shalt not kill or Judge. He also stated that he had a Sexual Addiction. Twenty One years old Men rarely is afflicted that way, full of Testosterone maybe. Let me tell you what Sexual Addiction is.

One of my Childhood Friends was so Juiced on Sex, at Seventeen he did a Girl I knew and her Mother. Years later he Got Married, while his Wife was Pregnant he was as busy as a Bee pollinating every Flower he could put to Bed. Before he got Divorced he had a Woman in just about every State and in Canada. However he was just a Boys Scout compared to another young Man I met later on in Life. This Man confined in me that he didn’t know the Names of all his Kids. I was Flabbergasted until he told me that he was Thirty years Old and had Thirty Kids. I am quite sure that he wasn’t done yet. That my Friend is Sexual Addiction. I have said it over and again I am gifted in reading People, Facial Demeanor, Body Language and Words unspoken. This young Man has Issues with People who are not like him, Issues with Society as a whole. His Issues were manipulated by his weak mind. He was a Victim of the New Norm, Divisiveness.

Someone Brainwashed him to believe that Orientals were a  lessor Being and their Lives worthless. Killing them in his Feeble mind was ridding Society of the Evil they represented in his Distorted delusional Mind. Two years ago another likeminded One in South Florida gingerly walked the Hallways of the School he previously attended killing Seventeen of his former Classmates. This is never going to stop, One year earlier in Orlando another Nut walked into a Gay Nightclub and killed over Twenty Partygoers. Gay People in his Mind were the same as the Georgia Shooter’s Mind, worthless and not worthy of Living, he also was supposed to be Religious. Waving the Bible at the Camera doesn’t make you a Believer, with your Divisiveness that makes you a Hypocrite and a Liar. Painting Brushstrokes of Hate and Division is an Abomination on Humanity. Shallowminded, weakminded and Gullible People will follow Lucifer away from God and Righteousness.

People have been Killing in the name of the Lord for Centuries, thinking that they are helping him Ridding the World of Undesirables. These are bad People who when they are caught with the smoking Gun, they play with the Court appointed Psychiatrist  with the Diminished Capacity Card and avoid severe Punishment. Bleeding Hearts have always allowed Monsters to escape harsh Punishment. Like the Man who Raped and Murdered a Teenage Girl in such a Heinous manner. He was given the Death Sentence, when time came for his Execution the Bleading Hearts Raged a Campaign to save his Life that Jesus didn’t get.

Another One in my Old Hometown of Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania Blocks from where I owned a Home. Mr Banks went on a Killing Rampage killing his own Children and Numerous other People. He also Dodged the Chair with Diminished Capacity. This is what I resent most about the Society I am living in, someone is always trying to sell me a load of Bull. Worst of all Fifty Seven Million People Buys it. We are on a Runaway Train with no Breaks. If the Georgia Gunman had Half a Brain and not Buy into the ” China Flu ” and all the Hate Doctrine Eight Innocent People would still be alive.

Excepts from AOL News
Ten people, including a Boulder police officer, were killed in the shooting.

A suspect, who was injured, is in custody, and there is no ongoing threat to the public, officials said.

Steven said he was so grateful that his family members were safe, and he called for what he termed better gun control laws.

“This has got to stop,” he said. “Every week — every week in the United States there’s a shooting. Now it’s our turn. And that should never be repeated anywhere.”

“You know, every city is susceptible. But there’s a way in which I would think that, ‘Well, this wasn’t going to happen in Boulder,'” he said. “And now we know better.”

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Beg To Disagree



Beg to Disagree

Growing up in the Seventies where Lies and Deception in Government was as Prevalent as it is Today. Where Mainstream Media was as self-serving as it is Today. One Newsman stepped out of the Box and called the Shots the way he saw it. He gave new meaning to the Term, Investigative Reporter. A lot of People Lambasted him for his Style. I Respected Rivera for his Candidness. I have always thought that the Media should report both sides of an issue. Not what your Readers want to hear, but actually putting the Facts out ahead of personal beliefs and opinions. Taking sides with Political persuasions is Partisan Reporting. That makes you a Propaganda Machine not a Journalist.

Though reportorial contributions have been made by the Web generation, it is fair to say the vast majority of blogging does not qualify as journalism. If journalism is the imparting of verifiable facts to a general audience through a mass medium, then most blogs fall well short of meeting the standard. In no way do I Pattern myself as or to be a Journalist, or another Geraldo Rivera. Only someone who is not afraid of the Truth. I have been a Fact finder since I was a Juvenile going to Sunday School. A lot of the things that was Thought to me, I had Dissected it before Fifteen. I was never One to take things at Face value, whether coming from my Mother or a Cleric. This was nine years before I entered High School and met a Teacher who challenged me Daily to tell her, what is the Author is not saying. Or the other Teacher who told me to never stop Learning.

Einstein said the Day you stop Learning you begin to Die. Its a wonder I didn’t become an Atheist by Fifteen. Strong Convictions and taking everything that I learned with a grain of Salt kept me Focused and grounded. By the time I finished High School I was such a Cynical person I swear that I never would get Married. I thought that it was only Players that were involved in Relationships. Being an inquisitive Person all my life, One Day I decided to take a chance, I have been Married to that same chance for Thirty Eight years. For the rest of my Life I remained, not a Cynic, but One who always asked, show me the Proof. After being ripped off by Used Car Salesmen, I made it my Business to Diagnosed and fix Cars. Lied to by men of God, the Words ” Many will profess my Name” is Etched in my Heart.

After hearing Politicians promising the Moon while Campaigning, then go to the Capitol and work for Lobbyists and Special Interests. Has sharpened my Skills in Body Language and to Archive what the Speaker isn’t saying. I proved my Abilities Eight years ago in Pennsylvania. I told my Boss that I could spot a Slacker One Mile in a Fog. She told me that I was full of it. Unbeknownst to her that I was referring to her. Before leaving Pennsylvania and moving to Florida, she got Promoted to Regional Manager. Within One and a half Years she got fired. Over the years I have learned how to Read People better than reading Print. So here I am once again Twelve A.M. writing this Blog that just won’t wait for me to lose the Train of Thought. I ask myself, if with my little Brain, I can put together all the Tangibles and piece together the Facts and Dissect the Conspiracies.

Why is it Impossible for someone who Graduated College and Law School to Dissect the Steal. Fact-1 The U.S Attorney General of the same Party Debunked the Notion and lost his Job. Doesn’t anyone understand what makes Politicians Tick, Opportunity, do you think that Barr would Jeopardize his Political Future if he found the slightest Discrepancy and didn’t run with the Ball. Fact-2 do you think that Three Handpicked Supreme Court Judges would Committee Perjury, or Forty Seven other Federal Judges for that matter. Fact-3 Imagine the World we live in if the Bastion of Higher Learning such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Wharton cast a Blind Eye knowing that an Election was Rigged like a Horse Race filled with Broken down Nags and One Thoroughbred. Fact-4 Imagine the Financial Fallouts if Wall Street knew that the Election was Rigged and kept their Knowledge secret.

I worked on Wall Street, Rumors can Topple Wall Street. Fact -5 Take a look at the Source, someone who said that the Corona Virus was a Hoax and would be gone in Two Weeks. That Hoax have killed half a Million People. Fact-6 someone who Built a Skyscraper with mostly Mexican Labor, that was Demolished within Forty Years. Talking about Shabby Construction, the house I lived in Pennsylvania was 100 years Old made of Wood and will last another 100 years. Trump Towers in Atlantic City was made of Steel, they cut so many corners the Building should have been round. I rest my Case, what am I? The One Eyed Monster in the Forest of the Blind?. One of the biggest Champions of the Conspiracy is a Born Again Christian, who said that Christianity has saved him from Cocaine. I think that he should go back to smoking the Rocks because I think he is still Zoning, spreading Conspiracy Theories. Once again ” Many will profess my Name”.

Post Script from Naz

You don’t how to tell People the Truth because you don’t know how they will take it, Patience.

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Bow To Greatness



Jesus the Beggar


Bow to Greatness

If there is anything in Life that I want the most, is to Die gracefully. Sitting up in my Bed comfortable and clean, free of pain grief and Guilt, with a Sifter of my Best Brandy in Hand. Knowing that I have lived this Life in a Fashion that Jesus would have no shame or misgivings about the way I have traveled my Journey. I am not the most Devout of Christians, I don’t go to Church every Sunday and I have deviated the Path many Times. However I have never lost my way or trampled on the Ten Commandments. If all the Biblical teachings are not all just Sculptured Words, meant to shape Consciousness and Behavior, then they do have Body and Weight. For instance, Sins of The Father, The Next Life and Losing my Soul.

Spirituality comes from God, Religion is Manmade and is Susceptible to Corruption and being self-serving. Jesus said that there are many who would profess his Name. Putting your Hand on the Bible and taking an Oath of pure Consciousness, yet your Heart is tarnished with Deceit, makes you a Hypocrite, whose Hand should burn from touching the Bible. At the early age of Fourteen I learned that Honor Nobility and Mortality were only Sculptured Words with no meaning. My Best Friend who came from a Religious Family who went to a Catholic School was totally Disillusioned with Religion and Society, at Twelve years old. He said Pope ( the name he called me) the World is a bad Place. He continued if these Walls could talk they would scream with shame.

He was referring to the Rectory Building that we sat behind, smoking Marijuana with strains so powerful, One hit and we were stoned. Twelve years old and Fourteen years old and we needed to calm our nerves with Cannabis. He told me Stories of young Boys being Emasculated in the Building we sat behind. I decried him and told him that he was playing with my Head. Thirty years later the same Stories he told made Headlines, brought Prosecutions, Lawsuits and Resignations of Clergymen high up in the Hierarchy. Do you still wonder why Two Kids with strong Religious upbringing would seek refuge in Cannabis to cope with Corruption in the Church, Corruption in Government and a Society that had let us down by Casting a Blind Eye.

Letting wrong doers know that they are protected by indifference, the lack of Benevolence and Jurisprudence is a Horrible message for your Children. In retrospect I am amazed that we didn’t commit Suicide from what we knew was going on, yet unable to help the victims. Suicide among Kids is an awful reflection on Society. If we told our Parents with their Tunnel Vision, they would have us laying on a Couch telling a Shrink that we didn’t Hate our Parents. They would have us Kneeling, begging for Repentance. Junior told me that the Victims were told, if you tell anyone, God would punish you. Fifty years Later I learned that The Boys Club of America is Equally Guilty.

Fifty Three years later of living in a Shameless Society that lets wrongdoers skate. I now realize that I am only responsible for my Soul and my Conscience. The Headbanger Heavy Metal Group screams ” Save yourself cause I can’t even save myself ” The Singer Songwriter puts it like this, ” I don’t care what you do, I wouldn’t want to be like you”. That is why all the Mendacity that is going on Today don’t phase me. The Phrase He’ll on Earth, that’s when your Conscience attack you like a Burning Hemorrhoid. When I sit-up in Bed waiting to draw my last Breath, there will be no Hemorrhoid of Conscience. Only the Joy of Knowing that I was here. I was a late pregnancy who dodged the Bullet of being Aborted.I see my Ethereal presence looking down, laughing at those who never figured out the Secret of living this Wonderful thing we call Life.

The Secret is living your Life in a Childlike Wonder in this Garden called Earth. When I am Sixty Miles out in the Gulf and I can’t see the Shores, now I realize how insignificant my Life is, only Equivalent to a Grain of Sand on the Distant Shores. Like R.E.M. said ” Life is bigger than you or I “, ” That’s me in the Corner”. I will never lose my Religion, though a Sinner,  my Heart is Pure. People makes the World go round and will always be who they are. I share with you my Original Life’s Quote ” if you have lived long enough to grow Old and there is nothing you have to Offer to the next Generation, in Teaching and Learning, you have not truly lived, only existed. Sometimes I think that the Only reason I write Blogs, is to Vent my Frustrations, which keeps me from Drinking up all my Good Brandy. Parting Words, we are Guilty by Thoughts, Deeds and Actions, or inaction.

Words borrowed from the Emperor Haile Selassie

Today, we look to the future calmly, confidently, and courageously. We look to the vision of America not merely free but united. In facing this new challenge, we can take comfort and encouragement from the lessons of the past. We know that there are differences among us. Americans enjoy different cultures, distinctive values, special attributes. But we also know that unity can be and has been attained among men of the most disparate origins, that differences of race, of religion, of culture, of tradition, are no insuperable obstacles to the coming together of peoples. History teaches us that unity is strength.