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Walk in Filth



When a Person commits horrific Crimes, during competency test the Psychologist usually ask the question. Do you Hate your Parents? Why do they always believe that the Parents are at fault and to be Blamed for thei’r Kids turning out to be no good Bastards. I once knew a Minister’s Son in High School who sold his Affections. So go figure that in 1972 during all the Civil unrest I had White Friends who would Die for me protecting me from a Mob of Ku Klux Clan. On the other hand I had the Black Panther Party Cajoling me to join the Party. Well they almost succeeded having me as a Member.

The Day I was to be Inducted, my Mother who has always been a Vigilant Person, said to me. If you do what I suspect that you are going to do, don’t come back because you have no Home. She also said, ” If you walk in Filth, you will stink. When I contemplated joining the Black Panther Party they had turned violent from their original intent of Educating and serving the Black Community. Two reasons for them to turn to Extremists are, One to protect Black People marching with Dr King. Dr King rejected the Offer because he was a Man of peace and a Devout Christian. Reason number Two was to lash back at J. Edgar Hoover for trying to kill everyone that looked like a Militant Black. Anyway the Day of my Induction the Building I was directed to go, blew up, killing Two.

From that Day on I Listened to Mother. ” If you walk in shit you will stink”. During that same Period the Black Muslims also tried to Indoctrinate me. I could not allow myself to be Brainwashed that all White People were Devils as Malcolm Preached. At Twenty One years old Organized Crime tried to put me on thei’r Payroll to the Tune of Five Thousand Dollars a Week. They all took an Interest in me, because of the way I carried myself. My secret weapon was my Mother’s Teachings. She told me that I should never let anyone control me like a Puppetmaster, never let anyone bring you to the edge of Sanity or Disaster.

Today I am a poor Man who walks with Dignity, I work in a Justice System instead of being in One. Judges, Lawyers and Cops call me Mr Dixon, not because of my Age, but the way I present myself. The other Day I was in a Zoom Court for Speeding. The Judge found me Guilty, he commended me on my skillful Presentations of my Case. He continued, I am not your Lawyer so I shouldn’t be Counselling you. But if you file a Motion to Dismiss with New and Proper Evidence I will throw out my Ruling and Dismiss the Case. I am still waiting with positive emotions. Now I ask you, I am not an Attorney yet I know how to present myself in Court and get the Respect of a Judge. That is exactly how I have lived my entire life.

Even when I was a Dope Smoking Hippie who had offers to run the Streets of New York ragged with the finest Weed grown around the World. But I Listened to Ma now look at me working in a Justice System and not being in a Cell on the Complex. I am not going to be judgemental of all the People who allowed themselves to be Brainwashed and ended up marching to the Drums of Haters. What I am Judgemental about is the good People who followed like Zombies and gave our Democracy a Black Eye and a Fractured Spleen. Only Banana Republics pull Coup on they’re Government. I don’t care about your Hate, I have been living in it for Fifty Four years and don’t expect any changes for another 100 years. What I do expect is Civilized People acting accordingly and not like Pancho Bandidos. I must impart a Secret to you ” There was no Steal” Black People gave Biden the Election. You don’t believe me look at Georgia, Never before had a Black Senator. If Martin Luther King thought of running for the Senate back then they would have Lynched him, they Murdered him anyway for wanting Equality, and they are ready to kill again. That’s the American way.

That was just a Dream

They Killed Abe Lincoln for Abolishing Slavery, they Killed the Kennedy Brothers for wanting Social changes, now they Threatened Joe Biden, Barbarians I tell you, yet they go to Church on Sunday and talk about Praise the Lord. Don’t they Know that Satan Thought he was Greater than God. 99.99% of Black People Voted against Racist Ideologies. This is what Harriet Tubman said about the handful of Black People like Oprah and 50 Cent who Voted for Trump, ” I freed a Thousand Slaves, I could have freed a Thousand more, if only they knew that they were Slaves”. Einstein must have been Clairvoyant, he said that he was afraid that One Day we would have a Generation of Idiots. Parting Words don’t be a Slave for no One and Nothing, not even 💰 Money. If I had let myself become a Slave for Money, Today I would be using it for Toilet Paper. So guess what Today I don’t stink.

P.S don’t give me that Crap about Black Lives Matter. When I worked in the Building where the Chief Justice who is in charge of all the Judges in the County who had an entire Floor for himself. He had never once passed me without saying Hello. I have been working for the County as a Contractor for Five years, a good many Black People who make a little money with Degrees have never once spoke to me. So all of you go sell your Propaganda elsewhere. People are just whoever they Presume to be and that it doesn’t stink.

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Ebony And Ivory



Ebony And Ivory

Words means so much, even more so the lack of it, as in communication. People are so quick to draw conclusions and hold malice towards each other. That way of living can’t be healthy for the Psychological wellness. One would think that ill will is an Engine we run on. I should be a Life Coach on this matter, my Family thought me well. My Mother was the Third Child in a Family of Twelve Children. She was taken out of School at an early age to help raise her Siblings. She even helped raising her Siblings Children. It appears to me that having Kids back then was a popular pastime. All through my Childhood I noticed that this Family was not as Cohesive as the Walton’s Family. At no given Time all the Members of this Family was in Harmony.

There was always One who wasn’t speaking to that One for whatever reason. The One that struck my attention was her younger Sister. I described her in One of my earlier Blog as someone who had the J.R. Ewing syndrome ( Someone who isn’t happy unless the World was on fire). She took the he said she said Sword of Division to another level. The Recipients would Pregudically Hate the One presumed to have said whatever. This was a Christian Family, so I ask the question, if this can happen in a Christian Family, what of the World of So many Persuasions. All the Wars, Political Upheavals and Social Discords comes back to me as the answer. People relishing bad Blood goes back to Cain killing his Brother.

It’s a Curse that we have to live with, Rising above ourselves is the challenge of all Eternity. As I have stated over and again, I am a watcher of People, being that way all my Life, that’s how I learn how to live my Life, or how not to live my Life. When I dig deep within my Soul for Answers, I find comfort in knowing that they Stoned Jesus when he was on the Cross, Barbarism is here to stay. How we deal with our Inadequacies defines us. Now we come to the Motivation for this Blog. Sitting at my Mom’s bedside in a Nursing Home, we rehashed all the above mentioned. I told her that once she Passed, I was done with certain members of this Family. She Besieged me to change my Mind.

She made me promised that I would be the Peacemaker, I Promised her. A Promise that I renaged on. The long Traits of bad Blood continued. It has been Seven years since she has been gone. One of the People I Promised her that I would not have Ostracized, cut Ties with me the Week of her Death. Seven Years later not a Word has blown by us. Guess what? I haven’t lost any sleep, I have resided myself that this is my Legacy, their lost. So anyway last week I was agonizing that I haven’t spoken to my Cousin who lives in Miami for a whole year, all through this Pandemic. I said to myself that she also could have called. Nonetheless I made the call, she was elated to hear my voice. I have always known that she loved me. She told me that she also agonized from not hearing from me.

Where the Conversation went is exactly what prompted this Blog. This One goes out to the Ones I 💘 Love. This One goes out to the Ones I left behind. She told me that she was Battling for her Life, being treated for Cancer. I thought to myself, my God what a miserable existence we call living. If you go to the Shelter and bring home a Puppy and a Kitten. Living in the same household and growing up together. They would never know that they were different and they would never fight. Us Humans could take a Lesson form these lower Species. Working in a Nursing Home in Pennsylvania brought me Full Circle with my Mortality. It was there that I realized that all my years up to that point were wasted. Keeping Malice, having animosity and worried about the price of Tea in China is downright pissing your Life away.

This Earth is your Garden of Eden that we take for granted, these People around us are our Gifts, seek out the Good. In this Nursing Home they had 123 Beds, one belonging to a Black Woman. I was the Only Black on the Staff, I don’t need to spell it out for the Deaf, who only travels to the beat of the Drums. While working there I befriended many of the Residents. I would go to their rooms and break the stalemate of boredom and Degection. I communicated while listening to their Stories and they and they’re Families Loved me for doing so. My Favorite was an Irish Woman in her Eighties who had never interacted with a Black Person. Liz and I grew so tight we adopted each other as Mother and Son. When she Died I went to her Room and kissed her goodbye, for I knew that a part of me was gone. That’s how People should live, ” When you go to Bed angry you are saying Prayers to the Devil” you might not awake and so you take your Hate with you. Look deep in your Heart, what you see is exactly what God sees.

P.S. This may be my Best Blog, Blogging is delivering a Message and I believe that I did.

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Show me my Enemies




America the beautiful land of the free home of the Brave. Your Hour of Power is being tested by the Sword of Division your Luster and Glory they try to Tarnish. Deception, Divisiveness and Demagoguery is hovering your Skies. Your open Arms of Liberty wears a Cast of Isolation, your Immigrants from. England, Ireland, Africa and the World over, have taken you through Industrialization to the Internet Governance and Cyber Wars. Rebellions are your Legacies. Without them there would be no Constitution and Old Glory be trampled on. 




Some of your Critics are Emboldened with snickers, they believe that they see your Nakedness of Disarayment. Fear not America your Rainbow Collation shines from East to West, North to South. Look at Georgia, flipping from Red to Blue, assisting in giving you a Visionary to lead you through Pestilence ,Divisiveness and Enemies of Democracy. The Lights of the Kennedy’s and Dr King were Extinguished prematurely, but their Torches refused to be doused. This Kid watched the Turmoils of 1968 and grew strong and walked away from the Turbulence of Hate and is now Living the Dream. Two bad Rides, nice House and not worried about being Bankrupted but Covid19, plus the Freedom to Express myself. Why would I not Love you America? If I lost some of the Stuff you gave me I would still love you.







  In the Months before his Assassination Martin Luther King became increasingly concerned with the problem of economic inequality in America his concerns impacted my Life. That’s why Today I can stand up and be Proud of you America. You didn’t let me down. I have paid a Fortune in Taxes but I am not crying, my contributions have made you strong, yes you have protected me. Your Attackers are not afraid of your Millitary Might. What they fear most of you, is that you will spread Democracy to the Four Corners of the World, and even to thei’r Doors. To all your Detractors, thei’r Kids are watching just like I was watching at Fourteen years old and is now telling the  Kids of their Legacy of Hate. Let Justice and Democracy come crashing like a falling Meteor.


P.S. God, I Love this Writing Business, keep shining your ever loving light on me

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All God’s Children


A Little Piece of the Dream



All God’s Children

At fourteen years old my Mother told me that I should seek out the five Percent good People which I told her were all there were in the World. Since then I have discovered a greater Number than I thought at Fourteen. The fifty four percent that I have discovered, somehow seems to be a Minority. It appears to me that the forty six percent wants America to regress to nineteen sixty eight instead of moving on to be a kinder gentler Nation. Back then we had no Internet, so you couldn’t Tweet your Thoughts of Hate, you Demonstrated it with Force of Brutality on innocent Men Women and Children trying to cross the Selma Bridge.

The Dark Web has been a source of Light for me as of Late, finding out that People who I have Thought to be Enlightened Children of God, still harboring Governor Lester Maddox Mentality. My Faith in Religion is experiencing an Earthquake. Fifty four years of believing Mother that we are all God’s Children is Crumbling at the Foundation of my Spirituality. As long as I can remember, I have always given Mankind the benefit of My Doubts. I was only eight years old when I found out that Cain killed his Brother and I knew at that early age that Mankind was Flawed. Later on at Ten I heard that we were our Brother’s keeper. Then I found out that around six Hundred A.C. that the World was Divided, it still is.

Will someone work with me here? Where is a Figurative Mind supposed draw Conclusions. Einstein tells me that I should never stop wondering. Jesus tells me to turn the other Cheek, my Jaw hurts from the Backhand of Hate. How am I supposed to advance with my Spirituality with all my Doubts. I ask God for a Sign to keep me Focused and he sent Joe Biden, someone Enshrined with Empathy, a Child of God who wants to follow Jesus’s footsteps and Teach us how to Heal from within and without. Months before the Election Mr Trump Paved the way for his current behavior to undermine the Democratic Process. He persuaded People to Circumvent the Mail-Ballot, Citing Fraud, six Months before the first Ballot was cast.

Today he holds the Democratic Process in Hostage Screaming Fraud. When in Reality he is the only one who have Committed Fraud. He Threatened to De-fund the Postal Service to hinder Mail in Ballots. The way he handled Cov19 is Reminiscent of Phil Collins song ” The Edge of Night” he did not lend a Hand in Stemming the Tide. Many of my Older Neighbors don’t even go out to shop for Food for fear of contracting the Virus and Die like Two Hundred and fifty Thousand Others. Yet he wanted them to go to Pooling Places and stand in Lines, Two Hundred and fifty Yards long. Hate Groups supporting him Threatened to Intimidate Voters, he Embraced them. Beleaguered Black People Protesting Sixty years of the Murdering of Black People at the Hands of Cops, were set- upon by Homegrown Terrorists.

The World's Greatest Daredevil

Instead of Denouncing them he told them to stand down, as if to say stay in Readiness. While Deploying Federal Goons to Smash the Protests. Fifty four years I have been waiting for Black People to use thei’r Votes and Finances correctly. Today they did, when Democrats ask for Money we gave. When Joe Biden was Drowning in a Sea of Red we Parted it with a Wall of Blue and gave him his Victory, Voting 99% Blue. As for the One percent of Black People who Voted for the Tweeter, Harriet Tubman spoke about them Three Hundred Years ago ” I have freed a Thousand Slaves, I could have freed a Thousand more if only they Knew they were Slaves”. Slavery is still Prevalent in this Country.

Mental Slavery is far more Damaging than Physical. Seven years ago I moved Down South, what was I Thinking? Joe Biden is met with the Resistance that Jesus met with Pontius Pilot. If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have Battled my Mother as a Teenager. She wanted me to be a Scholar, I wanted to be a Hippie, smoking Weed every Day. Now in the Winter of my Discontent I  realize what it means to be able to express myself in a Free Democracy. Back in the U.S.S.R. you don’t know how Lucky you are ” Boy” As the Man said ” I could have been a Contender”. Every time I want to Quit Blogging I realize that each Blog is a Chapter in my Book ” Through Her Eyes” the World through my Mother’s Eyes.

She saw Mankind as all God’s Children, I saw them as Minions. I am taking a Sabbatical from Blogging, what I have to say in my Book of me Enduring Fifty four years of Hate while paying Over One Million Dollars in Taxes and a Half a Million in Social Security, Funding a Government who Cast a Blind Eye on Racism. Many of them Hoist the Union Jack while Trampling on Old Glory. Like Through The Roots said ” I have had enough” Over the Years I have been Fortunate to have met some Great People, some just happened to be White, like Mark for instance, he was a great inspiration for me to start writing. I promised him many years ago that one Day I would write a Book and that he would be in it. It is Two Am and I am tired, this must be my writing Hour, Goodnight!

Here are Excerpts from the Book

Despite what the Rappers may say, I am not a Nigger. I’m Black and I am Proud. This Life has been a Time Travel for me, encountering Haters and Good People along the way. I have been Fortunate enough to call a lot of White People my Friends, some would stand Shoulders to Shoulder defending me against a Mob of Skinheads laying down their Lives for me if necessary. Yet there are Black People who would take my Life for a couple of Dollars and the Sneakers on my Foot. Like fifty Cent said ” you’re not like me” Back in Pennsylvania when I worked in Construction a Man of Polish Descendants and I became good Friends. Story told that one Day on a Jobsite in a School, one of my Coworkers were Badmouthing me calling me a Nigger up and down. They told me that Mark took two handfuls of his Hair and bounced his head along a Cinder Block Wall twenty feet long, do not talk about my Friend like that he Reprimanded him. Good company in a Journey makes the way seem shorter- Izaak Walton. So you see, Jesus is not Dead, his Spirit lives in some of us. His Spirit lives in all of us for that matter, yet some of us allows the Devil to Consume us with Hate. Satan was an Arc Angel who sat at the right Hand of God, he challenged God, he taught his Powers were greater than God’s. I have never professed myself to be a Religious Zealot, truthfully I am a Sinner,  ” Let he among you who isn’t a Sinner cast the first Stone”.

P.S. I didn’t start writing to take on Soft Issues to please my Readers with Hypocrisy, with the Sheeplike Mentality of not Rocking the Boat. Like Simon and Garfunkel said ” We all come to look for America, including the Pilgrims.

P.P.S. my Website is Approaching Two Million Hits, this is a great way to Publicize my Book. Taking a Vacation from Blogging and Social Media will speed things up.