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The Black Plague

Sanitization / The Black Plague

When we were small Children my Mother told us, if you ever had an Accident, clean yourself up with your Drawers and throw it away. Do not go around stinking and un -Sanitary, also wash your Hands many times during the Day. So if my Mother can Indoctrinate us about Sanitary Practices at eight years old, why is the World so Nasty. People who don’t wash hands continuously and Properly. People who don’t know how to cover up when they Sneeze and Cough, some refuse to cover up at all. This Blog should be called, Strictly out of the Woods, or Maybe Still in the Caves. Because some People are just That. While working in Construction doing Interior Demolition on a College Dormitory. We were short Handed so we Hired some Immigrants from a Land I won’t name, not even mention their Geographical Proximity. If I did you would be Prejudicial to all People from this Hemisphere.

All the Electric and Water was turned off in the Building. Whatever Electricity we used came from our Generators, water we used we brought with us. Everyone was told that the Bathrooms were out of Service, including in their Native Language. In Disregard for Public Safety, these People found a Corner in one Bathroom and Piled it up. My English Literature Teacher Thought me how to Read what the Author is not Saying, I don’t like Guessing, they Evacuated in a Corner on the Bathroom Floor. My God this was 2006 not 1347, the year the Black Plague broke out, the Epidemic broke out in early July of that year. The Epidemic was caused by unsanitary Conditions caused by the same situation these Temporary Workers Perpetrated on that Bathroom in that College Dormitory.

The Epidemic ran For seven years killing fifty Million People, 60% of Europe’s entire Population back then. Kids probably returned  to School and Couldn’t understand why everyone in that Dormitory had a Wicked Virus that lasted Winter into Summer. That is the Motivation for this Blog. Unsanitary People, the Dorm was a Rare Occurrence. But guess what there is a large number of People around us that have poor Hand washing Etiquette, or none at all. You wonder where do I come up with all these Fantastic Occurrences. Well at sixty seven years old there is very little in this World that I haven’t done or Experienced. Also good Hygiene have kept me here So sit up and pay Attention. While Working for a Major Distribution Chain, with Products coming to your very Home, or you going to their World Wide outlet Stores.

Here I am in the Bathroom washing my Hands, when an Employee exited the Stall, Flushed behind himself, walked right past the Sinks and me. He proceeded to the Break Room where he began to eat his Sandwich with those Filthy Hands. He also never heard of the Black Plague. Sanitization is everyone’s Business, if as a Result of your Nastiness you come down with Berry Berry( joke) you put the General Public at Risk. Another time while working on Wall St One more time at the Sinks washing my Hands. I heard splashing in one of the Stalls, another Foreigner who worked for the same Company was using the Water from the Commode to wash his Behind. And you wonder why I stopped shaking Hands with People from his Hemisphere of the World forty years ago. Interacting with the Public is a Dangerous Venture. When I started working in the Food Industry while going to High School. I learned that washing your Hands 100 times per Day wasn’t enough. So ending this Loathsome Conversation I leave you with this. When I worked in a Nursing Home we were told that if we failed to ensure the Residents Health and a Virus or Bacteria broke out. Eventually the Staff would contract it. So there you have it what goes around comes right back at you. In Conclusion Please Wash your Hands as often as Possible. I hope you Guys appreciate my Technique of giving it to you fast and Furious without the Panoramic Painting. One Day I hope to write a Book on one Sheet of Paper, Ha, Ha.

Life, Pollution/ Conservation

Save The Land


Looking across the Bay, I see Bridges Built on the Ocean’s Floor, strong enough to endure most Natural Disasters. Distance further I see the Remnants of the Bridge before. I see all its Throwaways and abandonment . The idea of reusing  50% of what we throw away gives years to the Planet. We are killing the Planet with our Waste, eventually we will have no place to put it, and we will have to dig holes in the backyard or Burn it and further pollute the air. When I Lived in Pennsylvania one of the things that irked me was that we took in waste from other States. In a nature preserve in the Pocono mountains lies a quaint Village known as Huggy Bear. We were Homeowners looking to trade up, we came upon the most beautiful Home in our price range, sitting on three Acres, this was my dream Retreat nestled in luscious nature. Only to find out that as a result of a Landowner with a Crater on his Land decided to make some Money, by accepting Waste. Turned out that old Batteries were Dumped,  leaked contaminated Water for miles in the underground waterways . If you watered the Grass you would kill it. One Hundred and fourteen chemicals were found in the Water.

It was at that point I realized that what the Environmentalists were saying was right all along. Protect the Earth through Conservation. In Huggy Bear it was evident that we were killing the Land. Very little is known or said about Huggy Bear, we know about Love Canal and Three Mile island. When I Lived in Wilkes Barre Pa, I used to see this ominous Cloud that hovered over the Nuclear Power plant. There were nothing Natural about this Cloud that would not dissipate and go away. Who am I to say what goes up must come down. What do I know, they don’t tell you anything anyway, except what you need to know. The oil spill in Louisiana will leave it’s Toll for Centuries on the Wildlife. So what are we doing about doing our part, as Consumers we refuse to recycle in any way shape or form. We dispose of our Garbage out the Car Window and just about anywhere we can find, including the Waterways.


Big Industries that we buy their products from, dump their waste water in Waterways that runs hundreds of Miles. We are looking good as an Industrialized World, but very poorly as Conservationists on a mission to save the Land. We need to teach the Kids to save the Land for their Kids. Since we started recycling Billions of dollars have been made and Longevity given to the Environment. All I am saying is, we are smart enough to Colonize the Moon, so we slowly kill Planet Earth, so we can move on to destroy the Moon. Hello!

Conservation and Environmental control will save us from our destruction !!!



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Red Tide


The state has wetlands that were built with taxpayer money and they’re doing a great job of cleaning the water. The problem is that less than a quarter of the water being treated there is actually from the lake, most of it is from sugar farms.

Author: WTSP Staff

Published: 10/29/18

It has not been a good year for Florida’s beaches. Red tide has killed thousands of tons of marine life. It has cost taxpayers millions of dollars in clean up efforts. It’s making Floridians sick, and it’s not over yet.

Red tide is a natural algae bloom made much worse by human activity.

“We’re feeding algae blooms with tons of fertilizer,” Peter Girard from, an environmental group, said. “That is not natural.”

Scientists point to pollution flowing into a major lake.

“This could be done by a kid in a science fair project. Take a red tide sample, just dump a little bit more polluted water in it. It will explode,” Dr. William Mitsch, Everglades Wetland Research Park professor, said.

He says the problem can’t be solved without Florida’s influential sugar industry doing its part.

“I’m sorry they’re the last ones standing that has that land,” Dr. Mitsch said.

And sugar farmers respond.

“When they’re trying to put us out of business because of something that might be their fault, then we’re going to fight back, we’re not going to allow it,” Alan Hammock, owner of Frierson Farms, said.

The problem starts in Lake Okeechobee, Florida’s largest freshwater lake. This summer it was covered in blue green algae.

“Lake Okeechobee has been called the liquid heart of Florida and it’s filthy right now,” Girard said.

Farm, septic tank, and fertilizer run off flows into the lake from the North. Then, that water is discharged into rivers to the east and west making its way to the coasts and feeding toxic algae.

Instead of being diverted to the coasts, activists wish that water flowed South, the way it naturally did more than a century ago before sugar companies converted wetlands into farmland.

“We’re trying to make a living, we’ve been doing it for more than a hundred years, you know,” Mr. Hammock said.

The Hammocks live on their farm. The same way their relatives passed on the company to them, they want to leave the land to their kids.

Ardis Hammock, owner of Frierson Farms, says she doesn’t like the term ‘Big Sugar’ because it is “a derogatory term that someone chose to label us.”

And it would be unfair to label the Hammocks’ 750 acres of farmland ‘Big Sugar.’ But activists use it to refer to companies like U.S. Sugar that give tens of millions of dollars in campaign donations to politicians from both parties. They own 230,000 acres of land and seem unwilling to sell any of it.

“This issue was addressed last year in the Florida legislature,” Judy Sanchez, U.S. Sugar’s spokesperson, wrote in an email to 10News. “There is no need to purchase additional farmland and to put farming communities out of business.”

Mrs. Hammock makes the point that sugar farmers are not responsible for the majority of the pollution going into the lake.

“Why aren’t you stopping it where the problem is? Why do you ever want it to come into the lake?” she said.

But even if the runoff from the North stopped flowing into the lake today, the water is already polluted and would continue feeding toxic algae for at least another decade, scientists say.

So, cleaning the water has to be part of the solution.