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Tom Petty was Bullied in High School, they called him dirty Hippie
Tom Petty was Bullied in High School, they called him dirty Hippie




My Wife tells me that I am repetitious, guess what, I totally agree with her. While studying Drama, I learned that repetition was the only way to learn your Lines. Playing Basketball I also learned that taking a corner shot was perfected through repetition of the same set( the way you position your body) and Arm release. Later on in Life I further learned that repetition of Daily Activities allowed you to perform them effortlessly when you grow old and Diseases like Dementia sets in. With that said I can continue with this Blog which has nothing to do with one or the other. Except that Bullying is a Repetitious Behavior of taking advantage of someone weaker than yourself.

Wheather it’s Psychological or Physical, it’s still abuse. What activated this Train of thought, was reading about some Women Executives who lost their Jobs because they reported Sexual Harassment bestowed on them in the Workplace. The So-called Men who Terminated or facilitated their Departure from the Organization, are nothing short of Bullies themselves, or sympathizers. The ones who actually performed the dirty Deed of making the Women uncomfortable with their Lascivious Behavior are nothing but little Chicken- Shit Boys with out of control Testosterones. Here we are back to the Motivation for this Blog, Bullying. When a Child shows Characterics of being a Bully, it is for you the Parents to cure them of the Trait.

If you don’t they grow up to be Thorny Bushes( as a Twig is bent so shall it grows) Words of Wisdom. Two instances that I recalled that were handled differently. Sitting at the Kitchen Table having a Conversation with one of my Childhood Friend. Her young Son who was about six years old kept interrupting, as a result of her ignoring him. He mustered up all the strength his little hand could find, and he rung her Bell. He slapped her so hard her Face immediately turned red. She went off the deep end on him, She slapped his Face repeatedly,I did or said nothing to his defense, sometimes that’s what it takes to cure a future woman Beater. His Dad was an a Abusive Man, I don’t know if the Child was mimicking his Father.

The second occurrence, the settings could be a duplicate. The young son of eight years old said Mommy you are a Bitch, she asked him why do you say that, he replied Daddy says you are. Did I mention Psychological abuse. Those are two Bullies in the make. Women abusers are one and the same period. If you don’t deal with this Syndrome of attacking belittling and downright Physical abuse of others. You leave it up to People like me to Manner-up your little Indiscretions. Bullies thought me to be a Punishing Street Fighter. At Eleven years old my Mother sent us to School Dressed better than the Teachers. Our Clothes were Pristine, Shoes polished like a Marine.

In the Neighborhood there were Three older Brothers, I will never forget thei’r Names, The Higgins. Taking a Bus would take Three times longer than walking through a field One and a Half Mile wide. These Three Hooligans thought it was their Job to send us to School and Home Battered Bruised and dirty every single solitary Day. They never took a Vacation from jumping us. After a while I got sick of being Pounced on by Boys bigger and older than I was. My Brother and I developed fighting Techniques to offset the Three against Two unfairness. One of my Techniques were, giving my Brother my Books to put in his Backpack. I would then load Rocks in mine, the first one who came within striking distance went down hard, sometimes he didn’t get up, while his other two Brothers render First Aid, we went on our merry way not even looking back.

That’s how you break them from the Habit of abusing People. Another prompting for this Blog is, its Saturday Night the Place is just about under Lockdown. The Health Professionals say to avoid People. What else do I have to do but sit here, Write Blogs,drink a couple of Beers and Reminisce. At Fourteen I was an Accomplished Street Fighter able to beat Thirty years old Men. In Junior High I was tested by another Bully older than I. This was an up and coming Thug, his Two older Brothers were Gunmen who had Killed before. This Boy singled me out to beat my Brains out. The first five Minutes of the Fight, he punished me with his Elbows Knees and Head-butts. Just about to cry No Mas, I found a Two by Four piece of Wood. I beat that Boy within inches of Death.

His Brothers who were looking for me were Executed Gang Style. I went to thei’r Funeral. If ever I had any Inclination of being Bad, I was looking at the Outcomes laying in thei’r Caskets. Bullies weren’t finished with me yet. Two Boys who became friends with me invited me to thei’r Home for Dinner, one was my Age the other Two years older. Both were Molested by thei’r older Brother, a Teacher. Sitting at the Dinner Table waiting for the Food, the Teacher led us into a Conversation about Sex. I became uncomfortable, stood up and started to leave. Teachie as he was called Pounced on me grabbing a Handful of my Testicles. He squeezed them so hard to put me in submission, I fought Tears. I blocked the pain by going into a Shaolin Meditation. With my Eyes closed I Visualized his Face in my Mind, I came up with a Knuckle Punch and nailed him in the right Eye, it immediately filled up with Blood. He released my Testicles as if they Burned his Hands.

How is that for Bullying, a grown Man bullying a Fourteen years old Kid into sex, a Rapist if you ask me. If you don’t cure Bullying, they grow up and think that they can do whatever they want to do. Look at Mike Epstein, Bill Cosby, Aaron Hernandez, O.J. Simpson. Parting Words for Bullies ” You are Fired”

P.S. Writing for me is Therapeutic. It’s like laying on someone’s Couch and Baring your Soul for a Hundred and Twenty five Dollars an Hour.

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Cowboy Mentality





Cowboy Country

That was the answer that a South Dakota Resident gave, when asked why are People in South Dakota so up against wearing Mask. He further explained, that’s how Cowboy Mentality works, whatever you tell them to do, they are going to do the opposite. That’s not Cowboy Mentality, that’s a Dumb Kid attitude. I ought to know that attitude very well. From eight years old to fourteen years old I lived that. My Mother was a Single Mom, I had that Bitch Attitude that no Woman is going to Rule me. Whatever she told me to do, I did the opposite regardless of Consequence. One simple request she made, that I choose not to comply, cost me several Ass-whipping. She said that she was the one working and there should be no reason for her to make it home before I did.

She said School was out at two thirty, that gave me four Hours to be in the House when she pushed the Door. I got a Beating just about every Day for my Cowboy Attitude. The Governor of South Dakota don’t believe in Imposing a Mask Mandate. Even though The State has, if not the greatest amount of Covid19 Deaths in the the World for  a whole Country, then close. Now that’s a Cowgirl’s Attitude, She reminds me of me of yesteryears. No Doubt that she will get her Spanking at the next Election. That Attitude looks more to me like Pigheadednes, than a Rotten Kid with a Chauvinist attitude.

From Day One that I heard about the Cruise Ship Anchored off the Coast of Florida with all those sick People Aboard, I knew that this was big. I also know how Governments operate, a lot was left unsaid in order not to create a Panic. Having worked in Hazmat for many years, without knowing if you could contract the Disease by Inhilation. Three Months before the CDC came out with Guidelines, I was wearing a Mask in the Courthouse where I work. They all thought that I was Hypo Something, they snickered behind my Back and in front of my Face. One of my Coworkers who gave me the Stupid Grin came down with the Virus. I think it took six or seven Test before she was cleared to come back to work. When she was finally Cleared to come back to work, her Job was taken.

She got transferred to a more demanding Job farther away from Home. Who is Snickering now, I haven’t missed one Day of work since March. There have to be at least fifty cases since Her’s, but I know how Government works, “Need to know”, but the fact that I see People come in there with a Tank on their Backs and a long Wand, spraying several times per Week, I know that it’s bad. Why would I listen to Cowboys, Cowboys are Dense People, who Talks with thei’r Gun. A Cowboy could make it to the Top of the World and barely able to Formulate a Sentence, Smile when you say that Partner. I know that as of lately I have taken many hardline Stances, guess what someone has to speak up against the Pied Piper Mentality. My biggest Beef with the Cowboy Mentality is, you could leave your House eight A.m. healthier than your 🐎 Horse, Twelve Noon eating Lunch at your favorite Watering Hole, You are now exposed to the Virus. Within a couple of Hours Incubation, you are now the Carrier and the Spreader. Hello! Put a Mask on your Horse and one on yourself, or ride  out of Town, Partner. I spent an entire Summer in Texas, I know what’s under that Ten Gallon, they also don’t Cotton to no Masks wearing.

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My Own Man



My Own Man

Rendering an Opinion is expressing your own Thoughts. There is a big Difference in Rendering as opposed to Echoing someone else’s. Rendering means that you are an Independent Thinker capable of formulating your own Thoughts and you don’t have Clone Mentality. It’s absolutely uncanny that when your Parents are Teaching and Training you that you don’t Recognize what they were trying to accomplish, until you all Grown up yourself. My Mother have never tried to Clone my Thinking to Her’s, even when I was Hell bent on self-destruction. She allowed me to burn myself out on that Path, until I came full circle with my Thinking.

That Training goes as far back to four years old, when I told her that I was cold she never told me that it was eighty Degree, how can you be cold. When I told her that I wasn’t hungry, she never told me that you haven’t eaten all Day, yes you are hungry and you are going to eat. That type of interaction went on all the way through our Lives. She was molding me into an Independent Thinker, which was oblivious to me. I always thought she was easygoing and soft. Like when I was fourteen and she found my Ounce of Weed. She didn’t go off the Deep End, several Days later she sat me down and Communicated with me. One of the Questions she ask me was, do you want to be a Bum or a Respectable Person that People looks up to.

She continued, the People you are Running with aren’t for you, doing what they are doing smothered your Individuality. I didn’t Raise you to Succumb to Peers Pressure, you are your own Person doing what they do makes you their Puppet. My God that Woman was wiser than Solomon. She had crafted a Passageway to my Mind. Whatever Problem I had throughout Life I could Discuss it with her, even Women trouble. During that Discussion she used a Phrase that stuck with me all my Life, ” Like Minded People” as soon as she uttered those Words, Zombies flashed in my Head. From there on I knew that I was an Independent Thinker.

I knew that I would never be one of the Mass, I wouldn’t belong to a Political Party, associated maybe, but not belong, no one Dictates to me. Even in my Work Life , once I learned my job and knew what was expected of me, leave me alone. I also knew that I would never join a Gang or a Cult. Today Party Affiliation resembles Cult to me. For Forty Seven years I have wondered why did I turned down the Offer to work for Organized Crime, making Huge Money atTwenty years old. Mother’s work was done, I was an Independent Thinker. The Neighborhood Drug Dealer who owned many six Stories Thirty Units Buildings, tried to make me like him, Filthy Rich. Today I am Poor and work in a Justice System and not Residing in a Cell.

The Black Muslims of Malcolm X tried to Indoctrinate me, they failed. The Black Panther Party tried to Recruit me they also failed. When you are an Independent Thinker you are Impervious to bad choices and Propaganda. No one can Whip you into a frenzy with Sugarplums and Misinformation. Four Days from my Twenty First Birthday, On November 18, 1978, Peoples Temple founder Jim Jones leads hundreds of his followers in a mass murder-suicide at their agricultural commune in a remote part of the South American nation of Guyana. All that did was to strengthen my Convictions not to be a Follower and let myself get Duped by some Charismatic Talker.

As I have said Over and again I have spent my entire Life Learning from other People’s Mistakes. 1933 the Beleaguered German People filled Stadiums Listening to a Characteristic Speaker. They decided to break away from thei’r Democratic Style Government and Elected the Charismatic Speaker as Chancellor, look at the Chaotic outcomes. I guess that was the Birth of Heard Mentality. It’s always a difficult task to break from the Norm, but it’s the only way to be truthfully Free. My Wife puts it Best ” You came into this World alone and you will leave it alone” I say you’ve got one Life to Live, don’t let someone else live your Life and don’t live someone else’s Life. As you know I don’t like beating my Gums more than necessary to get my Point across whatever you didn’t hear me say , is for you to Figure out. So I am ending it on the lite side. John Smith’s first Day in School was a Tear Jerker. The Teacher introduced herself and began Roll call. When she got to John, she called his name several times, he never answered. All the other kids were accounted for, so she walked over to the only Kid that wasn’t accounted for and asked him, are you John Smith? He answered yes. The Teacher asked him how come he didn’t answer Roll call, he replied that’s not what my Mother call me. The confused Teacher asked him what does she call you, He replied, Dumb Ass. So there you have the Moral for being an Independent Thinker, no one can call you that. Last Word goes to my favorite Thinker. The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. ~ Albert Einstein.


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We The People


The World's Greatest Daredevil



We The People

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

I have no Stomach for Politics, but Desperate Times call for Desperate Measures.

I have always mentained that Elected Government Officials were the Consensus of the Populous. I have Thought this way science I was fifteen sitting in my Social Studies Classes at William Howard Taft High School in the Bronx. During that Time I Observed National Civil Unrest, dealing with the Vietnam War and Black Issues. Many are still with us Fifty Three years later. Voter Suppression, Economic inequality and unfair Treatment by Cops are just a few that drew Protests back then. The Government did little to Squelch the Protests, except for the use of unnecessary Force. J. Edgar Hoover was an Enigma. Today I read that in Washington, Armed Neo Nazis were greeted with a Smile and a Nod by your Beloved Outgoing President who tries to hold on to Power like a Dictator.

Is Donald Trump’s Ideals the Consensus of the Populous? If that be the Case we need to have a Recall of every American Currency in Circulation. The reason for the Recall is to Issue New Currencies Omitting the Words ” In God we Trust” because if the Populous Buy into this Divisive Mentality and the Constitution means nothing, (We The People) then surely, Babylonia has Resurrected. I Draw Parity with the Great King Nebuchadnezzar. He Conquered Judah and Jerusalem and set the Jews into Exile. He was Credited with the Construction of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. The same one who threw Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego into a Roaring Furnace. They were protected by an Angel and so they Lived. All because they would not take part in his Sacrilege. We are in a Roaring Furnace of Pandemic, calling all Angles. Far be it for me a Sinner Preaching to you, I am just Citing Observations. The same Day he Acknowledged the Homegrown Terrorists while passing in his Motorcade, he Tweeted that the Washington Police should do thei’r Jobs breaking up the Opposing Protesters who were Protesting him ” Don’t Hold back” he told them.

Dejavue, Selme Alabama 1968 all over again. Ironic that since his Defeat he has been playing Golf everyday, holding Democracy Hostage and not doing the Job that he was Elected to do. The way he is spending his last Sixty Days in Office, is Equivalent to me giving my Company Notice that I was leaving in Two Months. However I had no plans of doing anything for the reminder of my stay, including not training the Person Slated to replace me, to do a Complicated and Challenging Job. While still drawing a Salary throughout the reminder of my stay. Did I mention Ineptness and Ineffectual Government. What is Congress doing? Many of his Brainwashed Supporters are Humoring him, Embellishing the Conspiracy Theories towards our Democracy. His Actions and that of many High Profile Elected Officials is as Un-American as it gets. I Believe in the Ideals of our Founding Fathers, not Donald Trump’s.

Denigrating the Democratic Process, does not make America Great, it Undermines the Ideals of the Architects of the Constitution. I can’t believe that he Tweeted ” Always support your Country, your Government, only when Deserving”. That is as Hypocritical as me a Sinner Preaching to you. He haven’t supported this Country since Covid19 Inundated Home sweet Home. His last Meeting with the Covid19 Think Tank was April, while he did his best to make it a Super-Spreader Event for Seven Months. People around us kept dropping while we turned the Imaginary ” Corner”.

Brings to mind when I was Traveling in a Remote part of Pennsylvania. I became lost and ask a Local for Directions, he told me that the Road that I was looking for was a Stone-throw around the Bend. I drove for Hours looking for the Bend. Seven Months later the Illusive Corner is a Mega-Pandemic, he is still playing Golf, while the Corner has turned into a Diameter. Will someone Explain to me what this Checks and Balance is all about when Both Parties undermines their Primary Objectives for Eight Years ( The People) while Filibustering and being Self Serving. Its for this Reason that Fifty Three years ago, sitting in Social Studies Class that I Equated Politics to a Country Club, they get on the Floor and beat each other down then spend the weekend knocking Glasses, if you Vote with me I’ll vote with you.

That’s how we get things done in Washington. The Economists say that a Stimulus is Detrimental to the recovery of our Economy, Small Business are Shutting down in great Numbers, people face Eviction in Huge Numbers, the Second Great Depression is the only thing that’s around the Corner, while the Senate 🎻 while Nero plays Golf. I didn’t start Blogging to get involved in Politics. I started Blogging to save Lives behind the Wheel. But watching my Beloved America Drowning in Complacency and Ambivalence, it forces me to Speak up. I am a Man of few Words, I try to make every Word counts ( there is that Word again “Count”) . I’ll leave you with words from my Blog Page.


You can never cross the Ocean unles you have the courage to lose sight of the Shore

A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing grows there,

The best and most beautiful things in the World can not be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the Heart.

Helen Keller

It’s not about perfect. It’s about effort, and when you bring that effort every single day that’s where transformation happens. That’s how change occurs.


The truth is still the truth even if no one believes it. A lie is still a lie, even if everyone believes it. – Unknown

P.P.S. The C.D.C has finally Double Down on what I have said in five earlier Blogs. There is no getting around wearing a Mask.

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Life Jackets




Life Jackets

I know that in my last Blog I told you Guys that I was taking a break from writing Blogs, so I can put more efforts into my Book. Then I reminis to my High School Days. Even though I struggled with Shakespeare and Dickens, I found time to spend four years learning Spanish. The People in my Inner Circle thought that I was Stupid spending an entire Class Period Deciphering the works of Shakespeare and Dickens. Then spend another Period learning a Language that I would never use. They were all wrong, from Burrowing into Mind of Shakespeare I learned how to use Conjecture to arrive at  Degrees in Quality or specifics in a Character. You don’t learn things like that in the Clubs. People who knew me back then knew that I was a party Animal, but I spread myself thin to do what I thought to be important In life also.

And so it is with Blogging about Social Upheavals. As it is with writing Blogs about safe Driving. I know that some People are Hell bent on doing things thei’r way or no way. Yet I continue to write Blogs about changing your Driving Habits. Ninety Nine percent of the time my efforts fall on Deaf Ears. However that one person who comes away with something and his actions save a Life down the Road, gives me Satisfaction and a feeling of Purpose. And so it is with Babbling about the Virus. My Wife worked in the Emergency Room of a Veteran Hospital for Twenty five Years. Yet she tells me that I am Fanatical in the way I Address Personal Protection.


If someone like her, can think like that, what can I expect from the Handful of People in Wall-Mart not wearing a Mask. Or for that Matter Multiplied by Millions. I met Many Veterans from World War One who told  me of how People pulled together back then. Even if they weren’t on the Front Lines putting thei’r Lives at risk they had what was known as the Home front Efforts. People doing whatever they could do to contribute to the War Effort. What about the War Effort of the Pandemic. Believe it or not this could possibly be the greatest War America have ever fought. Not only in Lives Lost , but a Potential Depression of our Economy with great Erosions. So why are so many People being so Agnostic in the way we Address the Problem.


Since the first Week of March I have been wearing a Mask for eight Hours a Day while I work in the Courthouse. The fact that I have C.O.P.D. and wearing a Mask all Day Diminish my Oxygen intake, sometimes near Claustrophobia. But I do what I have to do to stay alive while making a Living and keeping my Finances Liquid, not missing a Days work. I know People who have been home since the first Week of March and their Sanity teeters breaking point. The Prison next Door is Inundated with huge outbreaks, yet they bring these People in the Courthouse Daily, Crime does not take a Vacation. There is this one Wing of the Building that gets Fogged several times Weekly, we have four People that goes around wiping down Surfaces eight Hours a Day. Do you still think that I am Fanatical.


With C.O.P.D. the Ventilator would Kill me. Wearing a Mask have kept me from shutting down my Personal Finances and it could have done the same for the World’s Economy if only everyone had my Insights. ( wearing a Mask is your best protection) My Son who lives in Missouri who works for a Company who provide G.P.S. Logistics for the Government, tells me. If the Country goes under another Lockdown, he is out of work for good. I would prefer to wear a Mask indefinitely than to lose my Livelihood. But no!! I’ve got Rights, so I will cut off my Nose to spite my Face. This Virus is as Unpredictable as the Weather. I once found myself in One Hundred and fifty Yards Depth of Water, Fifty Miles from Shore. Out of the Blue a Storm came from nowhere and I was looking up at Waves Three Stories high, with no Life jacket on.


If the Boat had Capsized, I wouldn’t have made it to where the Life Jackets were kept. Wearing a Mask when I am in Public is my Life Jacket. For Three Days I have been dealing with a Sore Throat, Today I Sneezed a couple of times. Regardless I am confident because I have many Life Jackets, I Gargle with Listerine, I take One Thousand Milligrams Vitamin A, C and Garlic Daily and I wouldn’t be caught Dead without my Mask. This Virus is the Storm of the Century, we are in Deep Waters, no one is handing out Life Jackets, worst of all People are refusing to wear them. I knew that Reading Shakespeare would one Day come in handy, allowing me to Speak in such Allusive and Oblique terms while making a Suggestive and Disparaging Argument.