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Shared Article from AOL: U.S. judiciary, shaped by Trump, thwarts his election challenges


In the Justice System where I work, there are Two pending Cases of Two Juveniles. Both Nine years old, One for Murder the other for attempted Murder. Personally I thought that they would be the most Resonating Cases of my Lifetime. But Trump appointing 53 Federal Appeals Judges and Three Supreme Court Justices, all in a Preconceived notions that they worked for Him, and not the People of the United States. The Judges by being Impartial and Objective shows Jurisprudence, and has Restored my Faith in our Justice System. God Bless America.



Justice Roberts is an Extraordinary Figure, I don’t think he is playing Politics. I believe that he is a Consummate Professional.



Follow the Link below and be Blown away by our Justice System working……

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Cowboy Mentality





Cowboy Country

That was the answer that a South Dakota Resident gave, when asked why are People in South Dakota so up against wearing Mask. He further explained, that’s how Cowboy Mentality works, whatever you tell them to do, they are going to do the opposite. That’s not Cowboy Mentality, that’s a Dumb Kid attitude. I ought to know that attitude very well. From eight years old to fourteen years old I lived that. My Mother was a Single Mom, I had that Bitch Attitude that no Woman is going to Rule me. Whatever she told me to do, I did the opposite regardless of Consequence. One simple request she made, that I choose not to comply, cost me several Ass-whipping. She said that she was the one working and there should be no reason for her to make it home before I did.

She said School was out at two thirty, that gave me four Hours to be in the House when she pushed the Door. I got a Beating just about every Day for my Cowboy Attitude. The Governor of South Dakota don’t believe in Imposing a Mask Mandate. Even though The State has, if not the greatest amount of Covid19 Deaths in the the World for  a whole Country, then close. Now that’s a Cowgirl’s Attitude, She reminds me of me of yesteryears. No Doubt that she will get her Spanking at the next Election. That Attitude looks more to me like Pigheadednes, than a Rotten Kid with a Chauvinist attitude.

From Day One that I heard about the Cruise Ship Anchored off the Coast of Florida with all those sick People Aboard, I knew that this was big. I also know how Governments operate, a lot was left unsaid in order not to create a Panic. Having worked in Hazmat for many years, without knowing if you could contract the Disease by Inhilation. Three Months before the CDC came out with Guidelines, I was wearing a Mask in the Courthouse where I work. They all thought that I was Hypo Something, they snickered behind my Back and in front of my Face. One of my Coworkers who gave me the Stupid Grin came down with the Virus. I think it took six or seven Test before she was cleared to come back to work. When she was finally Cleared to come back to work, her Job was taken.

She got transferred to a more demanding Job farther away from Home. Who is Snickering now, I haven’t missed one Day of work since March. There have to be at least fifty cases since Her’s, but I know how Government works, “Need to know”, but the fact that I see People come in there with a Tank on their Backs and a long Wand, spraying several times per Week, I know that it’s bad. Why would I listen to Cowboys, Cowboys are Dense People, who Talks with thei’r Gun. A Cowboy could make it to the Top of the World and barely able to Formulate a Sentence, Smile when you say that Partner. I know that as of lately I have taken many hardline Stances, guess what someone has to speak up against the Pied Piper Mentality. My biggest Beef with the Cowboy Mentality is, you could leave your House eight A.m. healthier than your 🐎 Horse, Twelve Noon eating Lunch at your favorite Watering Hole, You are now exposed to the Virus. Within a couple of Hours Incubation, you are now the Carrier and the Spreader. Hello! Put a Mask on your Horse and one on yourself, or ride  out of Town, Partner. I spent an entire Summer in Texas, I know what’s under that Ten Gallon, they also don’t Cotton to no Masks wearing.


Last Train To The Coast



Bye-bye, Miss American Pie”

Drove my Chevy to the levee, but the levee was dry

Them good old boys were drinking whiskey ‘n rye

Singin’, “This’ll be the day that I die”

“This’ll be the day that I die.”

These Verses from Bye Bye Miss American Pie says so much about so many different Scenarios. But most importantly, unbeknownst to Don McLean, He foresaw. The Most desperate Nov 3rd in the History of American Democracy. This was the Day American Democracy took the beating of her Life, by those most trusted with her Safeguards. I have known a lot of selfish People in my Lifetime. Yet none so selfish as those who would trample on the high Ideals of Democracy for personal Gains.

But worse are the People who chants ” Make America Great” they are Accessories to the Travesty. Those not directly involved in the Marauding, are equally guilty. The Bible says that we are Guilty by Thought Deed and Action, I will add Inaction and Blind Loyalty, undeserving. God I Love this Writing Business, I feel like I am Exercising my Freedom of Speech while being Judicious of wrongdoing. Yet I’m not being Judgemental, The Guilty Ones have Convicted Themselves with Deceit and Deception. This is the Story of the Pied Piper all over again, hopping on an Inglorious Train of Betrayal of our Democracy.

I know that I’m being Krass and unmercyful. But you brought out the Poison Pen. In a Court of Law, Ignorance is no Defense. For Four years the Atmosphere has been Fowled with the Air of Wrongdoings, while we danced to the Flute. If it smells like Fish, that isn’t Ignorance, that is Complicity. To bring all the Guilty Parties to Justice would Bankrupt the Economy. I use Albert’s Words like a Candle in the Dark, The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. ~ Albert Einstein. I am Done beating a Dead Horse. With some People, you can perform Lobotomy and you are not going to change thei’r Thinking and Behavior. So Bye Bye Miss American Pie.

P.S. “A Strong King will Forgo his Throne and Colonies to prevent Wars and Demoralizing his Kingdom” *A Dixon


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We The People


The World's Greatest Daredevil



We The People

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

I have no Stomach for Politics, but Desperate Times call for Desperate Measures.

I have always mentained that Elected Government Officials were the Consensus of the Populous. I have Thought this way science I was fifteen sitting in my Social Studies Classes at William Howard Taft High School in the Bronx. During that Time I Observed National Civil Unrest, dealing with the Vietnam War and Black Issues. Many are still with us Fifty Three years later. Voter Suppression, Economic inequality and unfair Treatment by Cops are just a few that drew Protests back then. The Government did little to Squelch the Protests, except for the use of unnecessary Force. J. Edgar Hoover was an Enigma. Today I read that in Washington, Armed Neo Nazis were greeted with a Smile and a Nod by your Beloved Outgoing President who tries to hold on to Power like a Dictator.

Is Donald Trump’s Ideals the Consensus of the Populous? If that be the Case we need to have a Recall of every American Currency in Circulation. The reason for the Recall is to Issue New Currencies Omitting the Words ” In God we Trust” because if the Populous Buy into this Divisive Mentality and the Constitution means nothing, (We The People) then surely, Babylonia has Resurrected. I Draw Parity with the Great King Nebuchadnezzar. He Conquered Judah and Jerusalem and set the Jews into Exile. He was Credited with the Construction of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. The same one who threw Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego into a Roaring Furnace. They were protected by an Angel and so they Lived. All because they would not take part in his Sacrilege. We are in a Roaring Furnace of Pandemic, calling all Angles. Far be it for me a Sinner Preaching to you, I am just Citing Observations. The same Day he Acknowledged the Homegrown Terrorists while passing in his Motorcade, he Tweeted that the Washington Police should do thei’r Jobs breaking up the Opposing Protesters who were Protesting him ” Don’t Hold back” he told them.

Dejavue, Selme Alabama 1968 all over again. Ironic that since his Defeat he has been playing Golf everyday, holding Democracy Hostage and not doing the Job that he was Elected to do. The way he is spending his last Sixty Days in Office, is Equivalent to me giving my Company Notice that I was leaving in Two Months. However I had no plans of doing anything for the reminder of my stay, including not training the Person Slated to replace me, to do a Complicated and Challenging Job. While still drawing a Salary throughout the reminder of my stay. Did I mention Ineptness and Ineffectual Government. What is Congress doing? Many of his Brainwashed Supporters are Humoring him, Embellishing the Conspiracy Theories towards our Democracy. His Actions and that of many High Profile Elected Officials is as Un-American as it gets. I Believe in the Ideals of our Founding Fathers, not Donald Trump’s.

Denigrating the Democratic Process, does not make America Great, it Undermines the Ideals of the Architects of the Constitution. I can’t believe that he Tweeted ” Always support your Country, your Government, only when Deserving”. That is as Hypocritical as me a Sinner Preaching to you. He haven’t supported this Country since Covid19 Inundated Home sweet Home. His last Meeting with the Covid19 Think Tank was April, while he did his best to make it a Super-Spreader Event for Seven Months. People around us kept dropping while we turned the Imaginary ” Corner”.

Brings to mind when I was Traveling in a Remote part of Pennsylvania. I became lost and ask a Local for Directions, he told me that the Road that I was looking for was a Stone-throw around the Bend. I drove for Hours looking for the Bend. Seven Months later the Illusive Corner is a Mega-Pandemic, he is still playing Golf, while the Corner has turned into a Diameter. Will someone Explain to me what this Checks and Balance is all about when Both Parties undermines their Primary Objectives for Eight Years ( The People) while Filibustering and being Self Serving. Its for this Reason that Fifty Three years ago, sitting in Social Studies Class that I Equated Politics to a Country Club, they get on the Floor and beat each other down then spend the weekend knocking Glasses, if you Vote with me I’ll vote with you.

That’s how we get things done in Washington. The Economists say that a Stimulus is Detrimental to the recovery of our Economy, Small Business are Shutting down in great Numbers, people face Eviction in Huge Numbers, the Second Great Depression is the only thing that’s around the Corner, while the Senate 🎻 while Nero plays Golf. I didn’t start Blogging to get involved in Politics. I started Blogging to save Lives behind the Wheel. But watching my Beloved America Drowning in Complacency and Ambivalence, it forces me to Speak up. I am a Man of few Words, I try to make every Word counts ( there is that Word again “Count”) . I’ll leave you with words from my Blog Page.


You can never cross the Ocean unles you have the courage to lose sight of the Shore

A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing grows there,

The best and most beautiful things in the World can not be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the Heart.

Helen Keller

It’s not about perfect. It’s about effort, and when you bring that effort every single day that’s where transformation happens. That’s how change occurs.


The truth is still the truth even if no one believes it. A lie is still a lie, even if everyone believes it. – Unknown

P.P.S. The C.D.C has finally Double Down on what I have said in five earlier Blogs. There is no getting around wearing a Mask.

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All God’s Children


A Little Piece of the Dream



All God’s Children

At fourteen years old my Mother told me that I should seek out the five Percent good People which I told her were all there were in the World. Since then I have discovered a greater Number than I thought at Fourteen. The fifty four percent that I have discovered, somehow seems to be a Minority. It appears to me that the forty six percent wants America to regress to nineteen sixty eight instead of moving on to be a kinder gentler Nation. Back then we had no Internet, so you couldn’t Tweet your Thoughts of Hate, you Demonstrated it with Force of Brutality on innocent Men Women and Children trying to cross the Selma Bridge.

The Dark Web has been a source of Light for me as of Late, finding out that People who I have Thought to be Enlightened Children of God, still harboring Governor Lester Maddox Mentality. My Faith in Religion is experiencing an Earthquake. Fifty four years of believing Mother that we are all God’s Children is Crumbling at the Foundation of my Spirituality. As long as I can remember, I have always given Mankind the benefit of My Doubts. I was only eight years old when I found out that Cain killed his Brother and I knew at that early age that Mankind was Flawed. Later on at Ten I heard that we were our Brother’s keeper. Then I found out that around six Hundred A.C. that the World was Divided, it still is.

Will someone work with me here? Where is a Figurative Mind supposed draw Conclusions. Einstein tells me that I should never stop wondering. Jesus tells me to turn the other Cheek, my Jaw hurts from the Backhand of Hate. How am I supposed to advance with my Spirituality with all my Doubts. I ask God for a Sign to keep me Focused and he sent Joe Biden, someone Enshrined with Empathy, a Child of God who wants to follow Jesus’s footsteps and Teach us how to Heal from within and without. Months before the Election Mr Trump Paved the way for his current behavior to undermine the Democratic Process. He persuaded People to Circumvent the Mail-Ballot, Citing Fraud, six Months before the first Ballot was cast.

Today he holds the Democratic Process in Hostage Screaming Fraud. When in Reality he is the only one who have Committed Fraud. He Threatened to De-fund the Postal Service to hinder Mail in Ballots. The way he handled Cov19 is Reminiscent of Phil Collins song ” The Edge of Night” he did not lend a Hand in Stemming the Tide. Many of my Older Neighbors don’t even go out to shop for Food for fear of contracting the Virus and Die like Two Hundred and fifty Thousand Others. Yet he wanted them to go to Pooling Places and stand in Lines, Two Hundred and fifty Yards long. Hate Groups supporting him Threatened to Intimidate Voters, he Embraced them. Beleaguered Black People Protesting Sixty years of the Murdering of Black People at the Hands of Cops, were set- upon by Homegrown Terrorists.

The World's Greatest Daredevil

Instead of Denouncing them he told them to stand down, as if to say stay in Readiness. While Deploying Federal Goons to Smash the Protests. Fifty four years I have been waiting for Black People to use thei’r Votes and Finances correctly. Today they did, when Democrats ask for Money we gave. When Joe Biden was Drowning in a Sea of Red we Parted it with a Wall of Blue and gave him his Victory, Voting 99% Blue. As for the One percent of Black People who Voted for the Tweeter, Harriet Tubman spoke about them Three Hundred Years ago ” I have freed a Thousand Slaves, I could have freed a Thousand more if only they Knew they were Slaves”. Slavery is still Prevalent in this Country.

Mental Slavery is far more Damaging than Physical. Seven years ago I moved Down South, what was I Thinking? Joe Biden is met with the Resistance that Jesus met with Pontius Pilot. If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have Battled my Mother as a Teenager. She wanted me to be a Scholar, I wanted to be a Hippie, smoking Weed every Day. Now in the Winter of my Discontent I  realize what it means to be able to express myself in a Free Democracy. Back in the U.S.S.R. you don’t know how Lucky you are ” Boy” As the Man said ” I could have been a Contender”. Every time I want to Quit Blogging I realize that each Blog is a Chapter in my Book ” Through Her Eyes” the World through my Mother’s Eyes.

She saw Mankind as all God’s Children, I saw them as Minions. I am taking a Sabbatical from Blogging, what I have to say in my Book of me Enduring Fifty four years of Hate while paying Over One Million Dollars in Taxes and a Half a Million in Social Security, Funding a Government who Cast a Blind Eye on Racism. Many of them Hoist the Union Jack while Trampling on Old Glory. Like Through The Roots said ” I have had enough” Over the Years I have been Fortunate to have met some Great People, some just happened to be White, like Mark for instance, he was a great inspiration for me to start writing. I promised him many years ago that one Day I would write a Book and that he would be in it. It is Two Am and I am tired, this must be my writing Hour, Goodnight!

Here are Excerpts from the Book

Despite what the Rappers may say, I am not a Nigger. I’m Black and I am Proud. This Life has been a Time Travel for me, encountering Haters and Good People along the way. I have been Fortunate enough to call a lot of White People my Friends, some would stand Shoulders to Shoulder defending me against a Mob of Skinheads laying down their Lives for me if necessary. Yet there are Black People who would take my Life for a couple of Dollars and the Sneakers on my Foot. Like fifty Cent said ” you’re not like me” Back in Pennsylvania when I worked in Construction a Man of Polish Descendants and I became good Friends. Story told that one Day on a Jobsite in a School, one of my Coworkers were Badmouthing me calling me a Nigger up and down. They told me that Mark took two handfuls of his Hair and bounced his head along a Cinder Block Wall twenty feet long, do not talk about my Friend like that he Reprimanded him. Good company in a Journey makes the way seem shorter- Izaak Walton. So you see, Jesus is not Dead, his Spirit lives in some of us. His Spirit lives in all of us for that matter, yet some of us allows the Devil to Consume us with Hate. Satan was an Arc Angel who sat at the right Hand of God, he challenged God, he taught his Powers were greater than God’s. I have never professed myself to be a Religious Zealot, truthfully I am a Sinner,  ” Let he among you who isn’t a Sinner cast the first Stone”.

P.S. I didn’t start writing to take on Soft Issues to please my Readers with Hypocrisy, with the Sheeplike Mentality of not Rocking the Boat. Like Simon and Garfunkel said ” We all come to look for America, including the Pilgrims.

P.P.S. my Website is Approaching Two Million Hits, this is a great way to Publicize my Book. Taking a Vacation from Blogging and Social Media will speed things up.