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Be The Driver

Be the Driver

Every time I think that there is nothing left to be said about careless and recklessness behind the Wheel, you prove me wrong. Stay at Home Rule is in effect, the Roads are less congested by more than fifty percent. Yet this morning I woke up to the News that there was an early morning Fatal Crash in my Area. This brings to mind a Joke I told my Wife when I was teaching her to Drive. I told her that it doesn’t matter what time of Day it is, no matter where you are, Highway,  Rural or City. Always know where you are on the Road, who is in front, beside and behind you. The Joke went like this, I could be in the Desert at three A.M. no one in front of me for five miles and no one behind me for five miles yet I would still have an Accident.

She asked how so, I replied, they would fall from the Sky. No word of lie that’s how it is out there. These Days I go to work at the Courthouse, there is no Traffic on the Road, no Court in Session, yet there are Cars in the Parking Lot. The only Employees allowed to come to work are Clerks collecting Money for Fines. The only People coming there are People whose Fines are past Due. With no Traffic on the Roads People are still killing themselves and others,  by yielding to the temptation of Speeding. These People who are always heavy footed are clueless when it comes to Evasive Maneuvering. For instance your Car ends up on two Wheels, your Passenger side is in the Air, they don’t know that turning your Steering Wheel slightly to the right will set the Car back down on all four. Over compensating will flip it on the Passenger side.

One of my Neighbors killed himself and his two young Sons, his Wife has permanent Scars
The Driver of this Maserati killed himself and his two young Sons, his Wife severely injured.

Yet these same People are always Driving at Breakneck speed. In an earlier Blog I wrote about Harry, he Drove at Breakneck Speed all his Life crashing BMWS and the likes. All his bad crashes were caused by excessive speed, yet he learned nothing. His last and final crash, they had to cut the Car apart to remove his badly mangled Body from the Car. He broke his Neck in two places, his License revoked for all the other crashes that were charged to his recklessness. I am forever amazed by People like Harry blowing off my Doors, in a hurry to Calamity. My Car will be five years old in two months, I change my Oil religiously and frequently add Fuel injector cleaner to my Gasoline. The Car runs better than the Day I drove it of the New Car Lot, in Idle the Tachometer never leave 750 RPM.

One Night around two A.M. all by my Lonesome on the Bayside Bridge, I decided to exercise the Lifters and blow out the Combustion Chamber. I punched it slightly at sixty five, in the bat of an Eye the Speedometer read over 100. With all that Power I am still one of the most Civilized Driver on the Roadways. Traveling from Florida to South Carolina the Speedometer never passed eighty. Yet there were People leaving me in the Dust. The same ones who don’t know how to set the Car back down, avoiding a rollover. I think that it all Boils down to Respect, they don’t respect the Vehicle, it’s Engineering or its Capabilities. Most importantly they don’t respect their Privilege to Drive and their fellow Drivers. Why do you think that there are so many incidents of Road Rage.

It doesn’t matter if it is two A.M. or two P.m. you will always find these same Flighty People on the Roadways creating Havoc. Your Job is to know that they are out there in the Nevada Desert waiting for you at two A.M.  It’s for you to be (The Driver) the one who save Lives, the one who always make it back Home to the ones who love you. What I love most about writing Blogs about bad Drivers is, bad Drivers are like Alcoholics, they don’t like other people telling them about themselves. They resents it to no end. If you think I’m lying, next time you are the Passenger, ask why is he Driving like that. When I was a Teenager, whenever I was driving too fast, my Mother  would always ask me where is the Fire. Those words  always Irked me, Back Seat Drivers I mumbled to myself.

Nonetheless they taught me not to create Anxiety in my Passengers. My Friends call me Repetitious when I remind them of our young and Reckless Days. I do the same to my Readers in hope that one of them comes away with something that will save a Life. So here we go again. It was late Night on a Saturday. Five young Men partying the Night away. The oldest being twenty two, the youngest being me at seventeen. The two older Guys had just acquired Brand New Cars. We were Party hopping, each stop the Drivers had one to three mixed Drinks. After three stops on our way to the last, which almost became our final stop on this Earth. The Drivers decided to Race each other.

This was nothing short of The Young and Reckless, no respect for the Odometer reading one Thousand Miles. Sitting in the Passenger Seat I couldn’t help noticing the Needle teetering 115 MPH. When we got to the Exit Ramp we were going way too fast to negotiate the Ramp. Halfway through the Ramp I was sitting in the Drivers Lap. The Car was on two Wheels, I accidentally touched the steering Wheel to the right, which sat the Car back down. Eyes still glued to the Speedometer reading 90 MPH when it entered the Ramp, Halfway through, it only dropped down to 50. Well it must be true that the Lord looks out for Babies and Fools, otherwise I would not be here writing this Blog. I feel compelled to Reminisce these Tragic events hoping to save a Life. This one is for you Precious, my Friend Precious lost her Life at nineteen years old. The Driver taking her Home from a party was Intoxicated, he hit a Light pole sending her through the Windshield. Speaking out about Reckless People is something that’s been Bottled up in me for fifty years.  Parting words, ” Be the Driver, Be the Responsibile one” there are enough Reckless Drivers out there.


Life Had Passed Them By

To say the least it’s bad for your Skin

Users are Loosers

They say that when you are facing your Mortality you see your whole Life flashing in front of you. It has been described to be as if you are watching a Movie on the big Screen in fast forward. Personally I have had so many close calls that what’s going on Today doesn’t leave me shaking in my Boots. Certainly I am concerned and careful, but I am not Dreadful of watching the Movie. The reason for that is I have seen so many Plays that the Players missed their Cues on how to live this wonderful thing called Life. As the years progressed we acknowledge all of the Emotions that we feel, Some makes us Great some destroys us. How we deal with them, charts our Lives. The only way I can figure it all out is, through Osmosis we absorb our Environment. Our Environment finds its way into our Souls, then we have no time for the things that really matters. We serve everything but God. We serve Material things such as Money, he made all of this for us, the Rivers, the Oceans,  the Mountains and all the Beauty around us . Not showing appreciation for all that Life has to offer we become distracted by all the frivolous sidetracks that surrounds us such as Drugs, Alcohol and Promiscuous behavior, all obsessively done. Growing up in the Seventies, Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll Ruled.

At Eighteen years old I learned that Moderation was the Key to a lot of things, including good Health and Longevity. I learned that from a Junkie, strange but true. While involved in the Production of a Fashion Show for the Graduating Class of 72 at Taft High School. I was Introduced to a Photographer, startlingly enough he used Heroine. I was amazed that he could still hold a Camera steadily enough to create the Great Portraits posted on the walls in his Studio. He reminded me of Edgar Allan Poe.Then one Day while watching him shoot-up, I noticed the Quantity he would put to Flames. Then I realized that he was just  Dabbled, he wasn’t hard core. Nontheless a Dangerous Preoccupation.

Growing up using the Premier Gateway Drug I learned that I could end up like Bob Marley or Bruce Lee. Without strict moderation I could easily ended up using the Chemicals popping up around me. Cocaine was just beginning to become widespread. Designer Drugs was in its Inception. Not going Hog wild with anything you do, even Food, when the time comes you can walk away from it with minimal Collateral damage. My Best Friend in High School and I smoked a lot of Weed but never had any Inclination to progress to the hard Stuff. Many years after we parted company, one Day he looked me up. I was blown away that not only was he a Crack Head, so was his Wife. In High School this Girl wouldn’t even take one hit of Weed, yet she allowed herself to get Hooked up in the name of Love. In my mind’s Eye I can see her first hit on the Stem, him Prodding her ” If you Love me and want to be with me you will”. Peers Pressure have destroyed many Lives.

Remember me mentioning Obsessive? This Girl loved him Obsessively, when she was sixteen she forsaked all others. It probably would kill her if he Dumped her, so she pleased him and produced three Crack Babies. Not only was her Life destroyed, so was her three Children. Crack Babies never recovered from ingesting in the Womb. Then there was Puss, we called him Puss because we figured that all the Chemicals and Cheap Wines that ran through his Bloodstream, he was a walking Dead. Puss stopped going to School at seventeen. He was on the Property every Day, but never in a Classroom. He was one of the Greatest Shooter I have ever seen in my Life. Every Day he came to School he spent the entire Day outside getting Stoned and shooting Basketball.

He was sinking Half Court Shots before Three Points were Legal. He never got to play on the big Stage, his Life had passed him by while he lived in a Fog. Yet my Wife doesn’t understand why I Blog, If I didn’t Blog looking back on all the Tragedies I have seen I probably would be Compulsive Obsessive something. Living my life in Moderation I find time for everything including Embracing Life and Writing Blogs. Sometimes when I write it feels better than Baring my Soul to some Stranger for a Hundred and twenty Bucks an Hour. So there you have it Blogging is my Outlet. Many of the People I went to High School with had no Outlets so they became Products of their Environment. Not only did they loose their Dreams, they became lost in Dreams.

If I had it to do all over again I would Immerse myself so deep in Creativity there would be no me only my Creations. In High School I Designed Clothes, I later thought myself to fix any and Everything. I probably could rebuild a Motor, I have done everything else to a Car. All my Life I kept myself busy so I never had time to be Compulsive Obsessive anything except a Worker. What do they say about Idle Hands. Not me I plan to write Blogs until I can’t remember what I am  writing about. This is my Revenge to myself, for Partying away my Learning years. For instance the Night I met Maria Von Dickenson. She was one of the Greatest Female Disk Jockey to ever hit the Airwaves. I met her through a Coworker at Solomon Brothers. I  got off work at twelve A.M. the same time she left the Airwaves went to my House in Queens stayed up till the Sun Rose Talking Music, as if we were Debating Theology.

Grateful Dead Forever
Grateful Dead/forever

Then there was Fred he was a well Educated Millionaire who befriended me. Years before Richard Nixon became President and was Impeached, he told me that Dick, as he called him was Crooked. We spent many Hours on Park Benches overlooking the East River smoking the finest Weed his Money could buy. He Educated me on how to live this Wonderful thing called Life. I might have Blown my window of Opportunity to be Noteworthy. But I didn’t Blow Living The Life. When Life had passed them by they lifted their Hands and Screamed to the Sky. Broken Dreams and Broken Promises are all part of Broken ❤❤. We acknowledge that we are only Dust in the wind and are given a short Portal to consume it all. Being a people watcher I observed many Great achievers who had short lifespans. Its as if they knew the end was near, they used the short time given and did what they had to do.  What if we all lived our lives in that manner, success would Certainly be guaranteed to all. So from me to you make Hay whilst the sun shines. Don’t live your Life in a Frivolous manner as I have done.

P.S. this is Dedicated to My 800 young Friends on Facebook.

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From eight years old to fifteen I was a Badass who was Destined to do Prison Time. I was a Rebel without a Cause who resented Authoritiy. What has kept my Destiny from being fulfilled was having a strong Willed Christian Woman for a Mother. The other Catalyst that changed what was Inevitable, is the fear of Confinement to be under Lockdown and being told what to do and when to do it. Now here I am fifty two years later realizing that I made the right decision at fifteen to walk the straight and narrow. Never before in my Life did I Embrace the Ideology of ” Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness to its full intent. Then one Day I woke up while watching the Morning News I learned that there was a Cruise Ship full of Sick People that weren’t allowed to Dock at its Port of choice.

A couple of Days later the News broke that the People on that Cruise Ship was suffering from a highly Contagious Virus. The Virus was later identified as Cov-id19. It started in China and Quickly spread to over one Hundred Countries. The Day before I started to write this Blog I read that the Epidemic was rapidly turning into a Pandemic, claiming 370,000 Lives. Up to that point I had been taking its seriousness with a grain of Salt, not overly serious and not slighting it’s capabilities. Then two weeks later the stark reality hit me that my Life was at risk, working in a Public Building. I immediately started taking measures to protect myself and others in the Building.

There are seven flight of Stairs in the Building, four Stories high. At first I Mapped my Route of Travel, which  Bathroom that would be the only one I would use, same for the Stairs. I was bent on staying safe, I wiped down every touchable Surface that I had to touch. Then I realized that the Housekeeping Department wasn’t addressing the situation with the Seriousness that I had adopted. So my next move was nothing short of Community Service work. I spread my Sanitizing effort to the entire Building, measuring two Football Fields long. I figured that if I only isolated a small area of the Building for my personal use and the rest of the Building was at Risk so was I.

Three weeks later my Liberty was Curtailed when the Government and the CDC started directing orders of Public Safety Ordinances, shutting down Borders and just about ordering us to stay at Home. What if those eight hours of going to work and being away from the Wife was something that I Relished( bad Wife joke) been Married for forty  years. Fun and Joke aside I love working it keeps me fit Mentally and Physically and puts extra cash in my Pocket. Then one Day they tell me that one of the most Beautiful Beaches in the World Clearwater Beach is closed to the Public due to Social Spacing that the CDC recommend to control the spread of the Virus.

Did I mention that I love my Liberty. I left the perfect Spring and Fall Nights of Pennsylvania for the Scorching hot Sands and perfectly Chilled Waters of Clearwater 🌴 Beach, going to the Racetrack, Casinos and Dining on the Waterfront. I am Happy that I live in America, because Americans are among the most Resilient People in the World. When the News broke of a possible Pandemic I was confident that Americans would not allow it to get to that point with its Ingenuity, such as what I did at the Courthouse where I work. Today I saw an Attorney with Bleach Wipes wiping down the Elevator Buttons, yeah Baby we did start the Fire, we are our Brother’s keeper. Social Spacing and staying at Home will stem the spread until a Vaccine is developed. I guess that those of you who take the time to read my Blogs knows that I won’t have anything to do with Much ado about Nothing, I have said what I had to say, protect me and yoursel. Now I am going out and find some Liberty and Libations. All my Friends know that I did not move to Florida to wait for my Dying, but instead to Live out my Life with a Bang until my Dying Day, chasing my Moby Dick.

P.S. Only the Strong Survive, we have to stand Strong, we are Positive People living in a World of Confusion. ( Lya Terra)


Over Tampa

Once again Perilous Times are with us, so I thought it was Appropriate to Re-Blog this one. Once again I ask the Lord to keep me Safe and warm from the Storm.

Over Tampa

Over Tampa

It is seven AM the day after Irma visited the tranquility of my Sanctuary called Home. The appearance of daybreak was bleak as late Dusk. Nonetheless I said a silent Prayer, giving God thanks for doing his thing of man-handling and controlling his atmosphere. The damage done in the southern hemisphere was catastrophic for many Islanders, the lost of lives due to the Havoc laid by a category five monster Hurricane was condolencing. For many days I was apprehensive as to wheather I made a mistake of not evacuating further North to safer ground. On the other hand the  me of years ago who lived the life of Tom Sawyer didn’t have the slightest intent of leaving and missing the greatest adventure of my life.

Moving from the Sanctuary of the Pocono mountains to the Flatlands of Florida was a willing choice four years ago. I could hear Tom’s voice as he Rafted the mighty Mississippi “you have lived all these years and have never experienced the life and death Rush of a Hurricane, now you are going to evacuate ” the twelve year old in me said you are in it for the Ride. My only concern was that of my Wife, I would not have made the decision to ride out the Storm if she wanted to leave. She had no intention of leaving, her reason far aloft of mine. Her reason  was you can’t circumnavigate the will of God. Her unshakable Faith was a Revelation for me

In my Community all the Homes are twenty two years old built to storm specifications, which gave most of my neighbors a feeling of false security, their preparation was miniscule. Not me , after following their lead for days, I finally decided to at least take minimal precautions. I spent an hour travelling to all the fair weather big names  Commercial outlets to find them all closed the day before the event. Lowes was the only one open to assist their faithful customers in their hour of need. Supplies had dwindled,  what was left was only of use to someone with MacGyver’s mentality, I took what was left,  went home and put my neighbors to shame with ingenuity. I prepared for the worst making the House airtight and waterproof.

When  Irma  made landfall one hundred and fifty miles from me it had sustained winds of one hundred and twenty MPH and a category four. Not the same as it was over Cuba, nonetheless enough to vanquish trees and Buildings. Before the crest the wind was fierce with sheeting Rain. Something I witnessed, with lasting memory, Lightening turning the Sky a perfect Turquoise Hue. I can still hear the song my wife kept singing all day long, God will take care of you. by the time it got to Tampa which was lined up to the Eye, it had withered to a category two. The song had given tranquility to my adventurous anticipation, I slept like a Baby when it passed over Tampa. my wife kept vigil.


I may have taken my first Hurricane lightly and delt with it in a Gregarious manner. However the Storm of the Cov19 is more Deadly than any Hurricane. I am not taking this Storm lightly or slighting it’s Dangers in the least. Four Months ago the Bacteria from Ptomaine Poisoning ran Ravaging through my Bloodstream and took me down like a fallen Tree. I know what its like to be knocking on Heaven’s Door. One Month later I had a Flu with Symptoms pretty much like the Corona. Never before have I ever experienced a Flu like that. While the Fever ran it’s course, I was changing there or four T-Shirts a Night. The way Governments operate by Divulging Information on a need to know basis makes me wonder. This was three Months ago, makes me wonder did I dodged the Bullet once again.

As I have said this time around I am not leaving anything up to chance. The Day the News broke about this Contagion, I immediately started to take defensive measures. Working in a Courthouse where Affluent People who Traveled frequently, to People who did Time in Prison made me extremely Cautious. In one of my many Jobs during my work Life, I worked closely with Hygienists. I learned how to Handle everything from Mercury, Bacteria and Blood Pathogens. So once the News broke I immediately started my own Sterilization Program at the Courthouse. Very few People there developed a routine to protect themselves, by wiping down Phones, Door knobs, Faucet Handles, Elevator Buttons and everything other People touched. Even tho it wasn’t my job, I did all the above, two and a half weeks later the Housekeeping Department caught up to my Bumper. Isn’t it a Shame that the Public have Emptied the Shelves, yet very few travel with a Bleach Wipe wiping down anywhere others have Touched. It wasn’t my Job to Sanitize the Building where I work, I did it to protect myself. Once again, keep me Safe and warm.