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Walmart temporarily shut nearly 60 U.S. stores for COVID cleaning in December

Mandates, Guidelines and Protocols should be followed. Usually the People making them are far more equipped and capable than our little minds and silly motions can concor. Especially dealing with Conspiracies and freedom of Choice. I once had a Conversation with a Judge who served on the Federal Circuit. We were discussing Mask wearing, we were both pro Mask . Her last word on the Subject was. After all this is America and everyone has the Right to be Stupid. A D. Excerpts from the shared Article- Dan Jacobs, co-owner of DanDan and two other Milwaukee restaurants, said his locations lost $80,000 of business between Christmas and New Year’s Day as staff caught COVID-19 or called out because they were afraid of getting sick. Walmart temporarily shut almost 60 U.S. stores in COVID-19 hotspots in December to sanitize them against the virus, in a sign the new Omicron variant is disrup…

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