Ambition, Life

Book #4

These Eyes

These Eyes of mine have seen so much that it’s a wonder that I am not Blind.Its like looking directly into an Eclipse, I am talking about the glaring light of the harshness of life and the Evil that Mankind preoccupies themselves with. I look back on Sixty Eight years of living this Bitch called Life and I realize that there are no chance Occurrences in this life. We will start with the words of a Man who was accused of Molesting his Granddaughter. He said Mr D, that’s me, Everything is written in the Book of Destiny. He continued, when your time is up you Go, no matter how young or Old. Can you imagine someone that wise to quote something like that, yet not Decent and smart enough to keep his hands off a child. He also recounted to me an Eighteenth Century story of a man who was Beheaded for saying” God Damn and blast the King. He was beheaded before the last word came out. What the Victim was trying to say was ” God Damn and blast the King’s Enemies’ ‘. The Lessons from that is to always hear someone out before you Judge and Act. Such as the time I worked for one of the world’s largest and most prestigious Hotels and Hospitality Organization. I had to Audition for the Job as Cook, by making Lunch for The G.M. The Executive Chef, the Sous Chef and the Beverage Manager. That Job came to an abrupt end, when the G.M. accused me of the Sous Chef’s error. She wanted to hear nothing I had to say in my Defense. She called me a Liar, I told her that if she was a Man, I would put my Foot up her Ass. I guess that she had never heard of Innocence until proven guilty. One of the first lessons that I learned about keeping your hands to yourself, happened when I was Ten years old. It was Late afternoon with Evening approaching, I drifted from the watchful eye of Mother. This was a regular penchant of mine, it has gotten me in so much trouble and landed me in the wrong places at the wrong time, more times than I can remember. This particular Afternoon was prime example of being in the wrong place. I drifted a Hundred and Fifty yards from her watchful eye. On the Corner a Fight was developing, I made it to the Corner before Round One and the only Round of the fight began. This Tough Guy who had Pugilistic Skills nailed his unsuspecting Victim with one Punch, knocking him to the ground. A little stunned and equally Dazed, he got up and advised his Attacker not to go anywhere, because he would be right back. The overconfident Idiot did just that, instead of leaving the scene. Totally recovered from the Embarrassment, the looser of Round One, asked him to do that again. The Overconfident Pugilist swung the same exact punch. The returning looser pulled a Machete from under his Shirt and removed the Arm that had just knocked him silly with the Swing of a Ninja. Blood spurted like a broken Hose. I was Mortified, I ran the Hundred and Fifty yards Dash back home in Twelve Seconds. I bristled past everyone and into my room, not saying a word of what I just witnessed. If the Cops had come to my house, I would have told them I was a Hundred yards in the opposite direction. That Man was lousy with his Fists, but frightfully skilled with a Machete. The Lessons Learned from that Afternoon repeated itself Three times in years that was to have been lived, all instances ended in Deaths. That’s all that you are going to get. This is a First Draft of Book #4 they say that once you are Smitten by the Writing Bug you can’t out down the Pen

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