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Through Her Eyes by Anthony Dixon | Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

THE American Dreaming. a Book about Hate / not a Book of Hate. Dreaming that One Day I don’t have to be Apprehensive of my color. Link to the Ebook Through Her Eyes By Anthony Dixon Through Her Eyes by Anthony Dixon | Paperback.
Wanting to be a better writer has been a penchant of mine since I wrote my first essay. I am not sure but I believe that it was in my fourth grade. The essay was filled with incomplete sentences, for instance, he me money, I wrote of my uncle giving me money. I omitted Gave. The kids called me, he me money for a long time. In High School I elected to take English literature, my friends called me lame, for wanting to discuss Shakespeare and Dickens for an entire period. They say that there are no chance meetings and that everything happens for a reason. Studying the old masters, I learned that extensively verbalizing and painting panoramic pictures, causes young readers to lose interest quickly. I picked up war and peace at fourteen years old and never finished reading the book. So when I started to Write my Objective was to tell my Story with as few words as possible. I have been blogging for seven years, I toy with my readers, telling them that my goal is to write a blog with one sentence and a book on one page. This book has been in the works in my mind for fifty three years. Since my first day in High School P.S. My High School was 85% White in 1968 during the heights of Racial unrest in America. It was a Nightmare, Fifty Three years later I am still living in the Daymares. This is not a Book of Hate, it’s a Book about Hate. The Movie The Bronx Tale happened near my High School. Read Full Overview

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