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The Book / Through Her Eyes

Way back in 1910 People who had Children with Special needs would hide their Children away. Never to be seen in public, when they had visitors, the Children would be locked away in the Attic or Basement. Ignorance and Indifference was the norm. In 1972 my Twelve years old Buddy and I would sit in the back of the School near the Rectory. While the Sun faded in the Skyline, we would sit there smoking the Finest Marijuana grown around the World. He would tell me Stories about his Classmates being Emasculated in the Rectory. I would tell him that he was making up Stories. He would say Pope, the Name he called me, I Swear it’s true. Forty years later his Stories made Headlines. Back then you say something like that about the Church and your Parents would tell you to get down on your Knees and beg the Lord for Forgiveness. Back then speaking about Homosexuality was a Taboo. So was having an open Discussion about Racism. Our Parents would say, that’s just the way things are, leave it alone, end of Discussion. Fifty Three years later and the Mindset remains the same. In Fifty Three years of being in the Workforce, there has not been One Day that I never experienced some form of Racism. Yet my Friends, White and Black, look at me Queerly when I tell them what my Book is about. In other words like our Parents said Fifty Three years ago, leave it alone. What is up with People leaving an Important Discussion alone. Way back then people didn’t have that Sex Talk with their Children.

People went to Woodstock and slept in a different Tent with a different Partner for One Week. Look at the Outcome, Aids. At Fifteen years old my Mother had that Sex Talk with me. She said when you are feeling your Oats thinking that you are a Man, don’t forget to keep your Drawers up. She continued, you don’t have a Job or an Education. How are you going to take care of a Child? Furthermore, I am not going to raise your kids. She was not your average Mother. As far as Racism was concerned, she said, no One is better than you, more Privileged, better Educated and more Money, but no better. She continued, they may never accept you but they will always Respect you for the job you do. It was her Inspiration that kept my Head above the Muddy Waters of Racism growing up in the Seventies. And Today in appreciation for her Wisdom, I wrote my first Book, giving a Tribute to her. What else would I have Titled my Book? Through Her Eyes is due in the Barnes and Noble online Bookstore in October. I refuse to lock my Feelings away in the Attic and Basement of Indifference. If you don’t have needed Discussions, one day they will Explode in your Head and your Face.

For instance not Teaching your Kids Sensitivity. Many years ago in Greenwich Village in N.Y.C. a young Gay Man was beaten to a Pulp with Baseball Bats by Five Kids from Good Families. The Man Died of his Injuries, not knowing the reasons for his Attack. Through Her Eyes is the Recounting of Fifty Three years of Insensitivity. If we don’t have that Discussion now, Fifty Three years from now Innocent People will still be meeting their Death with Baseball Bats. Look where we’ve been and see where we are going. Through Her Eyes isn’t looking through Colored Glass, it’s One Blogger’s Journalistic Recounting of living in America. It’s a darn Shame that when you tell People the truth, you don’t know how they are going to react. So to my Followers if you really want to Know who I am you need to read my Book when it becomes available. After writing this I asked my Wife? How’s that for an Infomercial? She said I was only telling it like it is. She was Born in South Carolina, Twenty Miles from Sumter where the Civil War started. A War to keep Slavery intact. She went to a Blacks only School and couldn’t drink from a white only Water fountain if she was Dying of Thirst. She has not read my Book, the memories are still Haunting.

Nicolas Cruz
Killed 17 fellow Students

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