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Real Friends




I guess that it is true what they say about the writing 🐜 Bug, once you get it there is no stopping. My first Book is Due in the Bookstores before November published by Xlibris. Instead of stressing the outcome I have started on my second Book and have a Third and Fourth in mind.

Here are Excerpts from my first Draft –


Real Friends

One of the Great Mysteries of Life is a Child being born with Prodigious Skills in all Faucets in life. My Favorite Child Prodigy is a young man by the name of Mattie Stepanack. Mattie’s Mother was cursed with having Defective Children, all dying before they made it to Adolescent and Teenage. I believe that Mattie made it to Thirteen, I am not One hundred percent sure of that. Undoubtedly Mat was a child Prodigy, he started writing as early as Nine years old. Before the time of his early Demise, he was a Published Author and Speaker. It was not his Fame that Gravitated me to him, it was his deep Empathy and love for his Mother and his Grasp on the Workings of Life. Precisely how life is un-giving, uncertain and unfair. There is no doubt in my mind that he had seen his Mortality way early in his youthful Life. While most of us only Glimpse finality at the very end. Mattie came to mind while I decided to write about true friends and True Love. What brought on this Train of Thought was thinking of my first love and all the People in my life that called me Friend, then faded from my life. I was Twelve years old, Millicent was no more than Ten. That Child Professed her love to me in no uncertain manner and term, in front of both our Parents, I blushed. As if she was saying I belong to you and you are mine for Life. That was the last time I saw Millie, we were saying goodbye, I moved Fifty Miles away. Fifty years later I am asking the question, is there such a thing as a Prodigy of Love, could she have been my Juliet. I don’t know if I am getting ready to Die, but the things that I think about these Days are absolutely Riveting and Bewildering. The most Bewildering thought is, where are all my friends? What happened to Millie and I was beyond our control. But what happened to the People who I grew up with from the time of Millie and beyond. Some of them we made it through High School together. Then we all went our own ways and never looked back or tried to reach out to each other. If this is the way that life should be lived, then life certainly is cheap and is affected by the Impairment of normal Physical, Sociological and Psychological Functions. Living life like this reminds me of the time I rescued a Puppy moments after his mother had just given birth to it, then abandoned it to die. I gave it it’s first Meal, that Pup never had one sip of it’s Mother’s Milk. That was totally unbecoming of any Mother, Human or Dog. That should have been an Eye opener for me of the way things have become, Humans have become Animalistic and Animals shows Human Traits. Many young women have left their newborns on the Steps of Churches, or Dumpsters. All this gives Credence to the Phrase Dog eat Dog World.

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