Excerpts from my upcoming Book

Through Her Eyes.

The reasons why I didn’t enjoy English Literature was that Shakespeare and Dickens didn’t leave me breathless after reading the first Chapter of any of their Books. Doing my own editing on this Book, after reading it for over Twenty times, Chapter One Blows me away and leave me breathless. It Rips, it Roars, it flows and there’s no rambling. If the rest of the Book should fall apart, Chapter One have all the Characteristics of good Journalism. Fear not, the rest of the Book hold it’s own.

The Emphasis in the Book is that all Black People aren’t Niggers and all White People aren’t hateful Rednecks. Also casting a Blind Eye and Deaf Ears to the problem. The majority of us wants to Bury the past and move on to a higher Consciousness of Emotional Intelligence. The Minority wants to hold on to the past and groove to the Beat of the same old Drums. Here are Excerpts-

Now that Black People are crowding the Workforces, they want their Country back. I remembered years ago working for Two Brothers, they were worth Two Million Dollars. Nonetheless, Diehard Rednecks. Eavesdropping on their conversations, they made me feel like Shit, the way they Berated Black People, about how they were Lazy and Shiftless. Always looking for a Handout. One Day while Traveling in the Bosses’ car with a White Dude That I considered a Friend. A Famous Talk Jock had a call from One of his Listeners. The Caller told him that Black People were better off as Slaves. The Jock inquired, how so, the Caller replied, because they always needed someone to take care of them, as in Welfare. My Boss and the Redneck that I thought was my Friend, both broke out in a Hysterical Laugh. The Crap that Black People have to put up with in America, I am surprised that White People dominate the Mass Murderers List. One thing that I can tell you is that change comes from within the Ranks, One Individual at a time. You take control of your Education, Financial and Spiritual well-being on your own. No One else is going to do it for you, Church or Government, Not even your Own People. The Fortunate Blacks who make it up in the World, look back at you and say you’re not like me. Now you have Black on Black Prejudice. The Book is due in the Bookstores before the end of October.

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