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Excerpts from my Book

Facebook is where I posted my first Blog, 60 Words long. So I decided to share the good News  with them first about finding a Publisher. Excerpts from my upcoming Book Nonetheless Mother has always told us to ask Questions, two Questions I asked and the answers chased my Sugarplum Fairies away. What do I have to do, answer, deliver two pounds of Drugs per delivery. Still intrigued by the second Question, how long before I could quit, answer, never, after a period of time we would find something else for you to do in the Organization. One more Question what happened to the guy that was doing this Job? Answer, he is in the East River, he started spending his Money, drawing the Cops attention to the Organization. There he went using that word again, here I go again living my Life in a single minute. I thought to myself, I would be dead if I refused the offer after he had exposed himself to me, telling me about the Murder of my Predecessor. I continued thinking that taking the offer was a death wish anyway, either by the hands of the Cops or the Customer who didn’t want to pay for the Goods. One of my Cousins took a previous offer I turned down at seventeen. One Day delivering two Kilos the Customer took the Goods and paid him with several Bullets. He became Wealthy, but at what cost? I knew that this was not the Life for me, once again I had to refuse another Lucrative offer. Yeah do I walk through the Valley of the Shadows of Death. Like Pac said ” I Live a Dove Life”. Dancing with the Devil seemed to be a preoccupation of mine. 23 Road trip to Hell This time I believe that my Life was on the Line for knowing what I did about Drug Distribution in New York and who the Players were. I went Home and told Mother that I was going to Texas to live with my Cousin Connie and learn her Craft. Connie was a gifted Seamstress who had crafted Fabrics for many Affluent People including Jackie O and Mrs Guggenheim. Her Skills puts her next to the Best Designers. Maybe deep down I was running away from what I knew about Drug Distribution in N.Y. Anyway I found myself on a Greyhound Bus heading to Fort Worth. The ride was Scenic and relaxing, I felt like I was losing the Past and embarking on a wonderful Future. Wanting to learn to be a Designer wasn’t so far fetched. In High School the Group I hung with and myself Launched a Graduation Party no High School ever seen before. Earlier I mentioned that my Friend and I dressed G.Q. so did the other Members of the Group. Part of the Festivities included a Fashion Show, some of the Clothes I wore on Stage I designed and fabricated. The Show was a Royal success, one of the reasons was, we invited Smokey Robinson and he performed on our Auditorium Stage, ooh, ooh, ooh Baby Baby, we were Bad. So wanting to take my Talents to the next Level was a timely Idea in 1977. The Bus made so many stops in so many States I thought I should have taken a Plane. But then again if I did I wouldn’t have gotten to see the Good the Bad and the Ugly American. The Bus stopped in Tennessee, so I got off to stretch my Legs. The Trip was wearing on me so I decided to get some Beer for the rest of the trip. I walked across the Street from the Bus Depot to a Bar. Inside the Bar there were three or four Deliverance look-alike Patrons sitting at the Bar. I asked the Bartender if I could have a Six pack of my favorite Beer, he said no you can’t buy anything in here. Your Place is across the street, not here, as in a White Bar. I thought to myself this is America isn’t it, I became insistent, he began to reach under the Bar, I knew it was time to leave before I became another Statistic in America’s Hatred of the Blacks. What an Education, I came this way to learn Fashion, along the way I was seeing Ugly America at its worst. Again Arlo Guthrie’s song was playing in my Head ” This Land is your Land this Land is my Land, this Land was made for you and me”, a little voice interrupted, think again Arlo. Lets not forget that Memphis most Celebrated Resident, said that the only thing a Nigger can do for him, is shine his Shoes, am all shook up was one if his Songs. Lets not forget that this is where Martin Luther King was Assassinated. Like Naz echoed ” Things will never change, go ahead and Hate me now”. It’s a way of Life, it’s almost Patriotic for these people. When the Bus……..

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