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Tomorrow is already Here

Tomorrow is already Here

Today I met a young person Twelve Days old, I said hello and wished him well. As I walked away I wondered how will he turn out be. In an earlier Blog I wrote that young Children are like a sheet of blank paper. What is written on it dictates the rest of their life. Meaning whatever that is Taught by their Parents and whatever that is absorbed from their Environment, shapes the rest of their lives. People are so selfish that they don’t recognize that the little person is their responsibility to mold them into their very best. People are so self encrusted. The little people are always the Ones who suffer the most from a bad Relationship, or a bad home Environment. I once had a Conversation with a Two years old who asked me if I was F*****g kidding him. It has always been a preoccupation of mine to Eavesdrop on other People’s conversations since I was Two years old. That is how Children learn by listening to Grown-up people talk. When my kids were young, my wife and I would take our arguments downstairs to the Basement.

Some people exchange blows in front of Infants, not realizing what they are teaching. When I worked for the Resort I confided in a Guest that I wrote Blogs, sometimes about parenting and Relationships. She said I have a Problem that maybe you can help me with. She continued, my four years old loves me dearly. However there are times when he slaps my face repeatedly till it’s red, what should I do? Before I responded I collected my thoughts, if he loved Mommy so dearly, where is this coming from? The only time I ever seen someone getting slapped up, is watching Humphrey or Jimmy roughing someone up. Without being Bold enough to ask her if her Husband ever slapped her, I immediately knew where the Child got that from. Unwittingly his Father was creating a future Woman Beater. I played it off lightly and told her to seek Professional help. Remember the blank sheet of paper? It was filling up Fast with bad Emulations. As I walked away from the Twelve Days Old I wondered who his Parents were.

I wished him well again, hoping that they were Christian minded people who knew that they had a responsibility to fill the Page with Love and Happiness. Not exposing the impressionable Child with their own Bitterness, misery and Hate. I remembered being an Adolescent, watching many of my friends’ Parents who Hated each other, yet they stayed together, for the greater good of the Family. That is not something that I Champion, however it is a commendable gesture. Today people don’t try to mend Fences, they walk in a flash. Like No Doubt said, ” You came up with the Breeze without a warning”. Walking away from the Twelve Days Old I thought about Nikolas Cruz. His Parents separated and Abandoned him to a Family Member. Neither of them had a place for him in their Lives. He grew up in a Meteor Storm of Emotional Turmoil. He acted out at Home and in School. One Day he took his AK-47 to School and killed Seventeen and injured Seventeen. With a little Love and Devotion, that could have been avoided.

Nikolas Cruz
The Face of a clean cut American Kid
Nickolas Cruz

My God, how Incompetent and Neglecting of many of us who call Ourselves Parents. I wrote in my Book that Children Neglected, Feeling Dejected, grow up to be people who commit Hate Crimes. Not only is it important what we write on that blank page, but crumpling it up and tossing it in the garage, sometimes it comes back and starts a Firestorm. I could go on and on about this Subject, but my Followers know that if I can tell a Story with One Sentence, it’s a done Deal. So I leave you with my Favorite Quote, ” As a Tree I bent so shall it grow “.

P.S. Kids Absorbs your Values.

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