Three Cheers for Facebook

Five years ago I posted my First Blog on Facebook, Sixty Words long

Today I am Plugging my Book on Facebook, a short Thirty Six Thousand Words, enough to keep your Interest. On the Subject of Racism in America, are we ever going to have that Conversation?

Five years of writing Blogs, I should know how to write by now. Considering that my first Blog was on Facebook, sixty words long. Today I am Editing my Book Thirty Six Thousand Words. Not enough Words to beat a Dead Horse 🐴 It is very Controversial, I Criticize the Church, Government and the Community Overall for not having the Conversation of what are we going to do about Racism. Is it going to stay Status Quo, Is Hate The Norm? Are we Manipulated? was Born on Facebook. Three Cheers for Facebook. Keep your Ears to the Ground for Publishing.

This is all you are going to get for free, if you want to find out if I found the Shifter for Writing you have to Buy my Book. One Hundred Percent Money back Guaranteed by my Writing Skills

“My Daydream is that One Day I will wake up and the Daymares of Racism will be just a bad reoccurring Dream that I have been having for Fifty Three years. The Stark reality is that Dr King’s Dream is overshadowed by my Daymares. Fifteen years ago I began to think that I would like to write a book about Racism. Only problem was that I had no formal training in Writing. In High School I studied English Literature for Two Semesters. Shakespeare and Dickens steered me away from enjoying the Course with their Rambling and lengthy elaborate painting of Panoramic Verbalization with Ancient Words. Seven years ago I started teaching myself to write by Developing my own website and posting my Blogs. One of the Books I read on Blogging and Writing said that you are not a Writer until you have written One Million Words. Well, I have surpassed that and that’s why we are here. One of my Mentors in High School told me that I should never stop learning, when you stop learning, you start the process of Dying. At Sixty years Old I started teaching myself to write, at Seventeen I taught myself to fix Cars and everything I put my hands on. So here I am Today delivering my Greatest Do-It-Yourself Project. Writing about Racism in America and the world for that matter. Now there is a Word for all Seasons, MATTER!! We will discuss what really matters later.

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