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Political Correctness


Just to let you Guys know that I am back. I have taken the mean-spirited and unabashed Tone of my Blogs to the next level. I have just completed a Two Hundred plus Page Book on dealing with Racism in America for Fifty Three years. Those who Follow know that my Goal is to write a Blog in One Paragraph and a Book on One Page. Spielberg said that once you have gotten your point across everything else is Bullshit. So Two Hundred Pages is as close as I can get to getting it done on One Page, without all the Panoramic Verbalizations. Political correctness is absolutely Bullshit. Using Candy coated Words doesn’t change the underlying overtone,  Sentiment or it’s intended meaning. It’s like telling your four years old that Babies come from the Stork. Political Correctness is unintentional Deception, trying to shield someone from the harsh reality of the Truth. Life is what it is, a cold Hearted Orb, ( Circle)  So is Racism. For Fifty Three Years I have watched America and the World shied away from having the Discussion of what are we going to do about Racism. It’s like not having the Sex Talk with your Daughter and she gets Knocked up at Sixteen. It’s not the kid’s fault for Experimenting, when all the Kids around her dress like Hookers and flaunt it like a Billboard. 


The other day I was in the Supermarket, a Woman came in wearing an absolute see through Black Leggings and White Panties that looked like a G. String. Absolutely nothing left to the Imagination.This was not a Teenager, this was a Grown Woman about Thirty years old. That’s what Political Correctness stands for. The undertone is overshadowed by the Statement. She might as well just have left the Leggings at Home. That is what I resent about Political Correctness, it’s a verbal Sham. Back to the Book, on my Cover Page, I stated that to be a good Blogger one needs to be Observant to render an Opinion on anything. The Book is the Product of Fifty Three years of Observation of the Ugliness of Racism in America and the World as a whole. I haven’t decided if I should self publish or find a Publisher. If I choose to self publish with Amazon, they don’t like the idea of the Material being found elsewhere else.


So I have to be careful of what I give away. To show the Ugliness of the Neverending Brutality, I wrote about a Fifteen years old Boy, who took care of my Wife’s Two Boys, when she needed a Babysitter. One Day there was a Disturbance in her Building, the Boy lived there also. The Cops responded and squelched the disturbance. Another Cop coming on Duty Heard the call on the Radio, itching for Action he also responded after someone else had taken care of the call. The Babysitter who was a Gifted Student and an Artist came upon the Crowd and Squad cars. Being Jovial he asked Officer Robert Torsney if he was looking for him. The Officer uttered Expelativedelated Nigger Comments and shot the gifted young Artist Dead. 


This happened in the late Seventies, my Two Stepsons grown Men in their Fifties still cannot talk about the Incident. Now do you understand why I quit writing Bullshit on my website and is now Devoted to let the World know of America’s greatest Social Disorder. Also I have been hard on the Church for not being a Social Champion for Changes in the Community and inside the Walls of the Church. Instead they latches on to issues like Abortion and Homosexuality, which is none of their Business. Homelessness, Racism, Police Brutality, Division and Divisiveness should be their top Agendas, they are not. I stopped going to Church because after Fifty Three years of Observation, my Antenna picked up on the Social Disorder inside the Walls of the place that I went every Sunday and put good Money in their Offering Envelopes. I wish there was a way to get my most Devoted Following to Preview the Book and lend their Input before I decide to Publish.


 My Verbalizations have swung as far left as Fifty Three years of Frustration have taken me. John Morgan, the most Prominent Attorney in my Area and possibly the Country said ” when you have lived long enough to get to our Age, you have earned the Right to speak your mind on any Subject”. And so did I. For all intents and purposes this Book should be called Political In-Correctness. I emphasized that there were such lesser Minded People as Niggers and Rednecks. Being Black doesn’t automatically makes you a Nigger. They come from all walks of Life and are in every Race, Color and Ethnicity. It’s a way of Being, the way you Act and the lack of Character that makes you One. I also Emphasized that all White People aren’t Rednecks, the Title encompasses a certain White Socioeconomic, pre Civil War Mentally that believe Slavery should never have been Abolished. Years ago while listening to the world’s most Famous Talk Jock. One of his Guests called the show to voice his Opinion on Black People. The Jock was a Redneck to instigate the Guest’s Opinion. The Guest said that Slavery was a Good thing for Black People. The Host asks how so. The Guest replied, because they always need someone to take care of them. It’s a good thing that the Book isn’t already Published because I am going to add this Blog in it. I was riding with my Boss and someone who I consider my Friend who turned out to be nothing but another Redneck. They both broke out in a Self-satisfied Thunderous Laugh. Now that was Politically Incorrect. A Boss and a Friend? Now do you see why I have a bad case of the Poison Pen, it has gone on for far too long, and I am just the One to hang out your dirty White Sheets.  Now I ask you was this Worth waiting for. I believe it’s been six Months since I Posted.


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