Column: Bill Cosby might be home, but he isn’t home free

As it happened, Cosby did incriminate himself during the course of four sworn depositions in Constand’s civil lawsuit.

He said the pills he gave Constand were Benadryl and claimed their interactions were consensual, but he also testified that in the past, he had illegally given Quaalude, a prescription sedative, to women he wanted to have sex with, a fact that was indeed used against him in the 2018 criminal trial.


1977 Colin Davis came home in the middle of the day and found his estranged wife with her lover. He shot and killed the lover, shot his wife and accidentally shot and killed his stepdaughter. He was worth slightly under One hundred million. He was found not guilty of all charges, they didn’t even find him guilty of negligent Homicide for his stepdaughter’s death. That’s Texas Justice, for that matter American Justice. After the Trial he wine and Dined the entire Twelve Jurors at his Hilltop Cafe, all for free. Makes you wonder how much was their true Reward. Justice is Blind Deaf and Dumb. A.D.

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