The Big B

The Big B

Today in Italy Two young Americans lost their Freedom for Life. They were convicted of murdering an undercover Policeman. This occurred after them trying to buy Drugs in a Foreign Land where they didn’t even speak the Language. The Dealer who was also a Police Informant took their Money and didn’t deliver. One thing led to another, in a tussle with the Cops, One Officer was stabbed Eleven times. I am quite sure that these Young Men came from a good Family who Financed the Vacation. The young Men  were Eighteen and Nineteen when this happened Two years ago. All that this does is to Exemplify the Trend of the Cycle that we are living in, in America. They took it with them to Italy. These Days in America everyone has a Bitch Attitude, its like a Toxic Cloud have covered America. It starts at the Top and runs all the way down to our Children


Today while walking the Hallways in the Courthouse, I had an uncommon Experience. A drop dead Gorgeous Runway Type Woman said hello to me and asked how was I doing. I was floored. The people who comes here are usually people with Bitch Attitudes. Its usually that Attitude that got them in trouble with the Law in the first place. Wanting to stab somebody, even when a Cop is present in the immediate vicinity. While their Parents watched and even got involved, kicking a young Girl in the Head. Or even refusing to comply with an Order to get out of the Car, and a Trigger happy Cop Blast away. Many a times we Court avoidable Calamity. Usually when a Woman who is that Gorgeous, they usually have a Bitch Attitude. So there you have it, the Motivation for this Blog. Finer than fine with the humble Personality of a plain Jane. My whole life is all about meeting People who are the Salt of this Earth, genuinely Humble and Grateful for what they have.

Bitch Attitudes are running more Rampant than the Corona Virus. These days everyone have one. The former President had One, he thinks that he has redefined the Republican Party. To some Degree he has, the Majority of Congress also have Bitch Attitudes, latching on to Conspiracy Theories and cancelled Culture. They do nothing to transform us from the Climate of Dis-fragmentation as a People and a Country as a Whole. I guess that the Constitution that they have Sworn to protect is no longer an Agenda. Party’s Agenda and personal Agenda is beating Democracy to Death with the Ugly Stick of Hate, Divisiveness and fear Mongering. This Toxic Climate is Transcending into our Kids. They label the Democrats as the Socialist Party, yet the Republican Party haven’t come forward with any New agenda for moving forward to put this Country back on Track and leaving the Depression of the Pandemic and the Divisiveness of the ex-President behind. I use to think that a One Party Government was as close to Totalitarianism as it gets. But when you have Two Parties ripping at each other’s Throats, the People are the Ones who suffers, the Country bears the Brunt of the Discomposure and lags in Limbo.

They even have Internal Strife in Both Parties, far Right and far Left ripping the Guts out of Moderates who are dead Center of the Aisle. The Opportunists are so far Buried into the Trump Bitch-headedness they Ostracize upstanding Patriots like Liz Chaney whose Father was a Celebrated Patriot and Vice President of America, they have also Ostracized John Mccain’s Family. John Mccain was a Great American, none of them can walk in his Shoes, not even Trump. Now they want Mitch Romney to walk the Plank or to be Tarred and Feathered. They have gone way overboard with this new Culture of Bitch Attitudes. I have always Ascertained that People should get over themselves, we are only Heroes in our Own Minds, Trump and many of the Party Members not Excluded. America is Bigger than the Greatest among us. America is the World’s Melting Pot. Without the Technology of German Immigrants we would have no Bomb to drop on Hiroshima.

Without the Asian Immigrants we wouldn’t understand Artificial Intelligence. Yet Supremacists want their Country Back, also deep-rooted in Congress.  What are they going to do with it? Sit on the Porch Drinking Beer telling Off Color Jokes, While the World advances into Intellectual Intelligence.  Mediocre Minds are incapable of stepping out of the Box as many Members of Congress has Exhibited. This is not about Trump, this is not about Mccarthy, this is not about Mcconnell, this is not about Republicans or Democrats, its not even about Black and White, or even Rich and Poor” its about America. As the saying goes if you can’t leave it in a better condition than you found it, then leave it the way you found it. Don’t Destroy Centuries of a Perfect Democracy, all because you have a Bitch Attitude that your Ideals are all that Matters.

Here are excerpts from an Article by Politicos

The first competitive special of the new election cycle has quickly turned into a 2020 redux: It’s the Donald Trump show all over again.

Trump made a late foray in the 23-candidate scramble for a vacant congressional seat in North Texas, transforming a once-quiet race into a major test of his post-presidency king-making power. After endorsing Susan Wright, a Republican activist and widow of the late incumbent, Rep. Ron Wright (R-Texas), Trump joined her and the anti-tax Club for Growth at a tele-town hall on Thursday night to rail against his rival, President Joe Biden, and remind listeners of the stakes. What is at Stake is America’s wounded Democracy.

Excerpts from AOL News

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) was caught on a hot mic Tuesday complaining about Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), the party’s third highest-ranking House member, and her refusal to falsely describe the 2020 presidential election as fraudulent.

According to audio reviewed by Axios, McCarthy reportedly told “Fox & Friends” co-host Steve Doocy that Cheney has “got real problems.”

“I’ve had it with her,” McCarthy told Doocy during an off-air conversation, according to Axios. “You know, I’ve lost confidence … Well, someone just has to bring a motion, but I assume that will probably take place.”

The “motion” refers to attempts by House Republicans to remove Cheney from her leadership positions because she won’t promote the lie that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from former President Donald Trump.

Trump has continued to repeat the lie, saying in a statement Monday that the election he lost was “fraudulent.” It wasn’t.

“The 2020 presidential election was not stolen,” Cheney tweeted Monday in response to Trump. “Anyone who claims it was is spreading THE BIG LIE, turning their back on the rule of law, and poisoning our democratic system.”

Forty years ago I read an Article by an European Journalist who called Americans Sheepish People without a Mind of their own. Forty years ago I was offended, Today I a Screaming his Sentiments. ” Education makes Fools of those without Common Sense, which is by no means Common at all”. Parting Words belongs to Albert Einstein ” A Fool does things the same way without deviation, each time looking for different results”

P.S. The Cure puts it best, whenever I am alone with you, you make me feel like I am Home again. I will always Love you. America.

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