Rogue Cops

I haven’t posted in weeks, however I have been posting on my Social Networks. Here is a Tidbit I just posted on Facebook

At we write about safe Driving . when I was younger I drove recklessly, as I matured I became One of the Best Drivers in the World. That’s why I Blog about safe Driving. I take my Driving Heart Attack Seriously. Last August I was Racially Profiled, the Officer wrote me a Bogus Ticket. On the Ticket it said that I was doing 60 in a 45mph Zone. I have crossed that Bridge 3000 Times before. When he Clocked me I was doing slightly over 50mph. Next week I make my Third Appearance in front of a Judge, I have made a Federal Case out of it. Lesson Learned you need to Video record the minute you get in your Car, this is America, Bad Cops Rules.

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