Shared Article from AOL: Biden adds Big Tech critic Tim Wu to his economic staff


In the Antitrust Case against AT&T, it had to stay out of other businesses as part of the 1956 agreement. That limited the company’s ability to use bundling to spread its monopoly to other industries. The final case began in 1974, and it was decided against AT&T in 1982. When I got my Real Estate Licenses to sell Land in Florida it was through a Subsidiary of AT&T. Imagine a Company with that kind of Financial Backing involved in Real Estate. Imagine the Impact on the Real Estate Industry. Somewhere along the way the Greeneyed Monster broke the Chains of Monopoly Restrictions. Somewhere around 1980 while working for Solomon Brothers on Wall Street. I remember when Solomon got involved in Mergers and Acquisitions. They dedicated an entire Floor to the Mergers and Acquisitions Department.

I knew right then and there that this was the beginning of something Huge. The Movement of Big Fish small Pond moved quickly. I remember watching small Food Chain Companies being gobbled up by Mega Supermarket Chains. Small Operations either sold or Perish from not being able to sell at the Cost of the Goliath Companies buying up the entire products from Farmers. Better yet Buying the Farms and control the growing. Look at the Outcomes 45 years Later you can’t find a Family owned Grocery Store in the entire County. Delicatessens are gone, ran out of Business by Fast-food Franchises. These are just a few of my Observations. What about Pharmaceuticals, Electronics, the Media, the Medical Industry, Insurance , Computer Technology, IT, Software and let’s not forget Social Media. You want to make America Great Again? You take America away from the Carpetbaggers who Manufacture a Pair of Sneakers for Five Dollars and sell it for $250 and you Repeal the $3,000,000,000,000 Tax break to the Three Percent who owns America. Breakup the Monopolies and Raise minimum Wage from Slavewage by voting Special Interest Politicians out of Office. When Joe Biden got Elected, I told my Wife that if I was Joe I would not try to work with these Antagonistic People, I would just Ride them Roughshod. This is not a Government of the People by the People, they are all Opportunistic Career People. They don’t work for the People, they work for Lobbyists and P.A.C. 

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