Shared Article from AOL: Texas becomes biggest US state to lift COVID-19 mask mandate



This isn’t a safe Driving Blog but I would like to draw Parity with having Aversions. Some People will cut off their Right Hand to punish their Left Hand. Its done everyday in Driving. Many People end up having an Accident because they refuse to give up their Right of way. That’s a bad Aversion, better yet that’s being Pigheaded. It wasn’t long before I started Driving that I noticed that I was guilty. One Day getting on the Long Island Expressway, I positioned myself in the proper Lane in plenty of time. The Traffic was Bumper to Bumper. Twenty feet from the Ramp a Brand new Rolls Royce determinedly try to squeeze me over so he could get in front of me.

I was only Twenty One years old with plenty of Brass. I had made my Mind up that I wasn’t going to let him in, even if there was to be an Accident. He was more Determined than I. We rode within a Foot of each other for Twenty Feet. When we made it to the Ramp entrance we were six inches apart from each other and the Concrete Abutment. He had no choice but to give up on his Pigheadedness. I kept mine. We both had Aversions that could have ended up costly as in Road Rage. As with Driving and in Life, I have always made it my Business to learn from Yesterday’s Activities. One Day I was Driving through Downtown Manhattan in Chinatown. The Streets were extremely Cumbersome and the view at the end were obstructed.

I came to an Intersection with the Stop Sign facing the opposing Traffic. The Right of way was all mine.This was years after I had lost my Pigheaded Attitude. I couldn’t see five Feet into the opposing Street, even though I had the Right of way, I decided to Stop. As soon as I hit my Brakes a Truck came Barreling through the Intersection at a High Rate of Speed. If I had taken my Right of Way, it would have been the very last One. It would have taken me to the Cemetery. And there you have the Analogy of having Aversions. Not wearing a Mask is an Aversion that could get you killed or you Killing someone else. Over Twenty years ago a Famous N.B.A. Player announced that he had the H.I.V. Virus, however he was Asymptomatic, he felt good, he wasn’t sick so he continued playing Basketball and Maintained his Friskiness with the Ladies.

Today he is still alive and well. However my question is, how many people he infected along the way with his Promiscuous Lifestyle. As long as we are on the Subject of Asymptomatic, how is this for a reason to wear a Mask. One Day one of my Coworkers came to Work with a Fever of 102 Degrees. She was in the Building for Three Hours before she was sent Home and to go get tested. Naturally the results were positive. Another Coworker who she worked with side by side less than Four Feet was sent to get tested, her result came back Negative. One month ago she Buried her Mother- in- Law who died from Covid19 complications. It gets better, her Husband the Son of the Dead Woman tested positive and is Asymptomatic.

My Question is, is my Coworker and dear Friend who I talk with everyday Asymptomatic? and the Numerous Tests she had that came back Negative wrong. There was also another Coworker who tested negative and yet severely sick with all the Symptoms. H.R. made him go back and re- tested, this Time, positive. If I wasn’t wearing a Mask around all these People before the C.D.C. recommended it. No doubt in my Mind that I would have contracted it from one of them who gave it to the other. 99% of the People in the Building had an Aversion to wearing a Mask. When I started wearing one the first week of March when the Big Man said that it was a Hoax. All my fellow Employees 1100 strong thought that I was Stupid. They Smirked, Chuckled and Giggled. One of the Giggler’s wife was severely Ravaged by the Virus, today she has a Permanent Tracheostomy, he still don’t believe in wearing a Mask and Social Distancing. Now that’s what I call an Aversion.

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