Shared Article from AOL: At least 11 dead on bloodiest day of Myanmar protests against coup


As the Song goes ” You don’t know how lucky you are Boy, back in the U.S.S.R.”. Living in a Democratic Society we take everything for granted. Free Speech, the right to bear Arms” Freedom of Worship and the Right to Vote. Over the years I have witnessed so many Atrocities in this World, I feel privileged living in the U.S.A. Showing my Appreciation I embrace the Ideological Phrase ” Ask not what your Country can do for you, but what can you do for your Country” taking that Ideology further ” Always support your Country, your Government only when deserving”. Falling in line and supporting a Government that is undeserving of your Vote and support is a dangerous thing. I am forever amazed how People don’t learn from History. Before the rise of the Third Reich the German People had a working Democracy. Out of Despair and disgust they decided to abandon their Established from of Government for a Glib Silver Tongue Talker promising to make Germany Great Again. Look at the Outcomes. When you entrust your Powers of Attorney to someone, make sure they are of sound Mind and have your best Interest at Heart and not thei’rs. Electing a President is giving that Person your Powers of Attorney. In Spanish the Words, Jesus salga y sana means Jesus saves and keep. A President is entrusted with the same Responsibilities. Putting his agenda over yours is Negligible. Putting Democracy at Risk is Negligible on your part. I am forever amazed how the most Educated among us can allow themselves to be Duped, Manipulated, Controlled and follow a Pied Piper over the Edge of Sanity. January Sixth tells me that our Government can be Toppled very easily. Hitler had the whole Country saying “Seik Heil”. Be careful of what you ask for America, you just might get it.

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