America, Life

Shared Article from AOL: Marjorie Taylor Greene targets colleague’s trans daughter


Owning an Assault Rifle is the Fashion


Sometime in the Eighties a young Gay Man in Greenwich Village was chased and beaten. His Attackers were all Boys from good Homes. They all had Baseball Bats, they beat him to a Pulp, he did not survive the Attack. Just about the same Time a young Black man’s car broke down in Howard Beach. He went into the Neighborhood Pizzeria to make a Phone call. He was setup on by a Woolf- Pack of Haters all wielding Baseball Bats. The chased him to his Death crossing the Belt Parkway. These events happened Forty years ago and will happen again. When you have People like Marjorie Taylor in Governments, that is a Guarantee that Hate Crimes is as American as Apple Pie. Do not forget that Governments are a Representation of the Populous. Lets not forget that we’ve got a kinder gentle Machine Gun Hand. Did anyone noticed that those M.A.G.A. Boys all had Machine Guns. America the Choice is in your Vote.

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